The Chair

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Right now, it is not the handcuffs around my wrists, binding my arms behind the chair, that I’m focusing on. Likewise, the ropes around my ankles-tied to the legs of the chair and keeping my legs spread in front of you-are not what I’m thinking about. It is not even your beautiful, smooth legs, exposed to me as you stand in front of me in just a tiny black thong, that have my attention. At the moment, all I can focus on is your fingers as you slowly undo the buttons of your white blouse, revealing a bit more cleavage with each pop.

I can see that you aren’t wearing a bra, your already hard nipples straining against the thin fabric of your shirt. You lean in a little as you go, allowing me a great view of your breasts. When you get to the last button you straighten up, leaving your blouse on. I can only see the edges of your tits, your nipples not quite revealed. You look down at me, tied to the chair and naked in front of you, and smile a little coy smile. You can see from my hardening cock that you’re having the desired effect.

The chair is facing your bed, and you turn away from me and climb onto it. You seem to exaggerate this action, putting your hands, and then one knee, up on the mattress. You slowly put your other knee on the bed and for a couple of moments you are on all fours in front of me, ass in the air. The view from this position, the crotch of your panties fully exposed to me, causes me to make a little moaning sound.

You turn around and face me, sitting with your knees up and your back against the wall. You close your eyes and start slowly running your hands over your body. For a while it actually seems like you’ve forgotten I’m there, but when both your hands go under your shirt and start playing with your breasts, you open your eyes and look right at me.

You start running your fingers down your thighs, teasing yourself (and me) by getting closer and closer to your covered pussy each time. Eventually you run a finger across the crotch of your panties, and let out a little sigh. You continue touching yourself this way for a while, stroking, but not exposing yourself. You grab the edges of your panties and pull them tight against your pussy, using the friction to pleasure yourself. You play this way for a while, a few times almost, but not quite, giving me a view of your covered lips.

Then one of your hands ventures inside. You throw your head back, letting out a moan as your other hand squeezes one of your tits. Your fingers play and tease at what I can’t see as your breathing gets a little harder. You open you’re your eyes again and give me a teasing smile. You pull your hand out of your panties and put your fingers in your mouth, sucking on them. Involuntarily, I let out illegal bahis a little grunt.

You get up off the bed, and stand facing me on the small piece of floor that separates the chair from the bed. You take off your shirt, letting it fall from your shoulders and fully exposing your breasts to me. You lean forward, pulling your arms from the sleeves, and one of your nipples is so close to my mouth that I can almost bite it. Almost, but not quite. Your shirt hits the floor.

You play with your panties in front of me, looking at them and adjusting them. “I think maybe these are getting in the way”, you say as you turn around, facing away from me. You hook your thumbs into the sides and slowly, deliberately, pull your panties down. I can hardly stand it as I watch the thong travel down the crack of your ass, exposing more and more of you to me. You bend at the waist as you do it, and my hard cock twitches as the smooth damp lips of your pussy come into view, the sticky crotch of your panties pulling away from them. You pull them slowly down your legs so that I can enjoy this close up view for as long as possible.

Suddenly you’re behind me, out of my sight. I can feel your hot breath on my neck as you whisper in my ear. “Do you want me to continue?” I’m so turned on at this point that for a moment I don’t even understand the question. “Do you want me to keep going, or are you getting bored, just sitting there?” You run your tongue along the edge of my ear, and then bite my earlobe. “Keep going”, I manage to get out. “Say please”, you whisper. “Please”. “Good”.

You’re still behind my back. “Here”, I hear you say, and then suddenly your black panties are dangling in front of my face. Your mouth is right next my ear, like you’re telling me a secret. “These got a little damp. Can you smell me?” The crotch is right in front of my nose, and I inhale deeply, taking in the wonderful scent of your sex. It’s intoxicating. The thought of how close the crotch was to your wet pussy hits me, and I instinctively try and take them into my mouth, craving to experience you with all my senses. You teasingly pull them away, mock-sternly saying, “Uh uh, I didn’t say you could taste them.”

You get on your knees in front of me, looking down at my hard cock. You take your panties and ever so lightly brush them across my shaft. It’s the first contact you’ve made with me (except for my ear), and I feel like I could almost cum from how good it feels. You tease me this way for a bit, only your panties, not your hand, coming in contact with me. As if out of my control I am trying to thrust myself toward you, wanting more, but I can barely move so it’s no use.

You are teasing me, but I know deep down you are teasing illegal bahis siteleri yourself as well. I can see in your eyes that you are fighting the urge to bend down and take my cock in your mouth. I know that watching me squirm, trying to push myself closer to you is making you hungry-that you would really love to taste me, to run your tongue along my smooth balls and up my shaft, to take my head into your mouth, to suck and nibble and kiss and lick. You really want it-I can see by the way you’re staring, by the way you unknowingly bite your lip, as if trying to hold yourself back. This experience is all about you teasing me-about you playing with my desires, but in this moment I’m acutely aware that I have something that you want-and you want it badly, almost uncontrollably. Our eyes meet, you on your knees in front of me, and somehow this knowledge passes between us, and for the briefest of moments the power dynamic shifts. I know that even though I’m the one tied up, immobile, that for this quick instant I could tell you what to do and you would do it, unquestioningly. As you kneel in front of me, my cock inches from your face, I can see in this flash that that’s what you really want-you want to be subservient to me. I give you a tiny smile, acknowledging that you’re not quite as in control as you are pretending to be. You drop the pair of panties, leaving them wrapped around the base of my cock, and get up. The moment has passed as quickly as it was there-you’re back in control.

You go to your bedside table and open one of the drawers. You pull out a vibrator and place it on the bed. You sit down right in front of me, wetting your fingers in your mouth and then rubbing them over your nipples. After a few moments you lie back on the bed, your feet still on the floor in front of me. Your hands then travel down your body, from your tits, down your stomach, passed the sexy little tuft of pubic hair to your smooth, swollen lips. With one hand you pull back the hood of your clit, and with the other you start making little circles, moaning and squirming a little. Your fingers also start to probe your entrance, at first just a fingertip, then increasingly more. You play with yourself like this for a while with me staring longingly.

You put one leg up onto the bed, knee bent, to allow yourself to spread a little wider. If you weren’t already aware of what that would do to me, you beautiful pussy wide open right in front of me, my little moan lets you know.

You grab the vibrator and take it into your mouth, getting it wet. I imagine in that moment that you’re thinking about sucking something else. You take the vibe and start rubbing it over your pussy, everything getting slick. You start teasing canlı bahis siteleri your hole with it, and soon you are fucking yourself, the vibrator going in and out as I watch. You look up and see the longing in my face, and slowly pull the vibe out of yourself.

You sit up, leaning forward on the bed with the vibrator in your hand and hold it up to me. “Here…I know you want to”, you say as I take it in my mouth and suck your juices off of it. You lean further forward, your breast almost touching my shoulder and whisper, “Do I taste ok?” All I can do is grunt.

You switch the vibrator on and it starts humming in your hand. You turn around and get back on the bed, climbing up on all fours. You spread your legs and lower your chest to bed, you ass up in the air. There’s no way that you don’t know how turned on seeing you in this position will make me, and I involuntarily try to pull forward on the chair. No use. You take the vibrator and from underneath yourself start rubbing it over your pussy, paying particular attention to your clit. I want to taste and devour you so badly that I start imagining that the tip of the vibe is the tip of my tongue. As I’m thinking this you run it from your clit along your lips, past your opening back to your exposed asshole, which you just barely graze with it. Even with your head against the mattress, you hear me grunt.

You turn over, again putting your back against the wall, knees up. You’re really getting close now, and the vibe is doing its work against your clit. Your breathing fast and moaning and again it seems like you’ve forgotten I’m here. Just as you get to the brink, you summon great will power and stop, turning off the vibrator and climbing off the bed.

You lean over me and kiss me hard on the mouth. You pull away and look down at my cock, which feels like it’s ready to burst. You kneel down in front of me, and I close my eyes throw my head back and wait. I feel you lips take just the head in, but then I feel something else. You take the vibrator and push it under my balls, nuzzling it between them and the seat.

You take the tip of my cock out of your mouth and turn away from me. You straddle the chair, your ass almost against my chest and take my cock in your hand. You lower yourself down, guiding me toward your pussy. With your panties still around the base of my shaft, you push yourself down on me, gasping. I grunt out your name, unable to say anything else. You are riding me quickly, your orgasm so close. You put your hands on the bed and lean forward, giving me an incredible view of my cock entering you. I’m straining against the chair, trying so hard to thrust that my wrists hurt.

Knowing that you’re about to cum, you take a hand off the bed and put it between your legs. From my lust filled haze I assume you’re going for your clit, but then you turn the vibrator on. It’s too much pleasure for me to take, and as you buck against me orgasming, I cum like I’ve never cum before.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32