The Cabin Ch. 03

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Jack’s eyes flew open in a panic by the third thunderous knock at cabin fourteen’s thick door. Layla pulled the sheets up over her bare breasts, as he crawled over her and got tangled in the comforter. He lurched forward as the pounding continued, his hands hitting the floor for balance. His mind was racing. Cops. Only cops pound on doors like that. He shook himself free of the thick burgundy material and scrambled for the door. Only to remember at the last moment that he was still quite naked himself.

He dodged back into the bedroom and grabbed a pair of jeans from the pile of clothes on the floor. He frantically pulled them up his aching thighs and made a path for the front door of the cabin. He grabbed the handle and swung the door open with a bleary smile, squinting as the bright midday sun bounced off of the windshield of the Range Rover in the drive and directly into his eyes.

“Jack?” Bill the cabin’s owner, leaned in and tried to peek over Jack’s broad shoulder. “There were a couple of fellas up here this mornin’ looking for that lady friend of yours from the other day. They looked to be Feds. I think that young lady’s in trouble. She isn’t still hangin’ about is she?”

“What?” Jack stammered. “Oh. No, she left… yesterday morning. Took off right after breakfast” He was lying through his teeth of course, but he didn’t know quite why. He didn’t even really know the girl. He knew most of her delicate curves. He knew what she smelled like when she was excited. What she tasted like, felt like. But what did he actually know about her? Not a whole hell of a lot. He thanked Ol’ Bill for the news flash and blocking his view inside, hastily shut the door on him.

He stumbled his way into the kitchen and started the coffee maker. His eyebrows colliding as his mind bounced through his skull looking for conclusions. He knew that Layla had secrets that she was keeping to herself. Hell, who didn’t? Jack had a few of his own that he wasn’t about to divulge. All this time he just figured that maybe she was on the run from an abusive ex or some shit like that. He was also now fully aware that he was falling for her like a sack of bricks off a river overpass.

Layla stifled a yawn from behind her hand, while she stepped through the bedroom door into the main room. Her long locks were stubbornly going off in every direction. She had one of the bed sheets wrapped around her stunning frame, holding the edges bunched together just below her shoulders. “Jack? What’s going on?” She murmured sleepily.

Jack turned and leaned back against the sink, steadying himself on his elbows. Biting his bottom lip and running his tongue along the healing flesh of the bite bahis firmaları mark, as he thought long and hard about how to launch into the burning questions. As well as how much information he was willing to give her.

“Well, it seems the Feds were in to see Ol’ Bill today. They were asking about you,” he said after a long pause and a deep breath. “Anything you feel the need to tell me?” He drummed his fingers rhythmically against the counter’s edge.

She lowered her nervous eyes to the floor and shook her head slowly, as she fought the urge to open the floodgates. There was plenty that she needed to tell him, things that would make his skin crawl and send him away for good. But she couldn’t bring any of it to the surface. Over the last forty-eight hours, her attraction to him had skipped right over infatuation and planted her firmly in love with the guy. He was so sweet and caring. He was a fantastic lover, attentive, forceful when the situation called for it. He fed her needs so skillfully, body and soul.

Oh God, she could still feel his hands all over her, making her skin burn with desire. She could still feel his convulsing manhood deep inside of her as it shot stream after glorious stream into her, stoking the flames of her core even further. Just the rushed memory of a few hours ago, had her wet all over again.

The drumming of Jack’s fingers grew louder and faster as his agitation surfaced further. The long tense moment stretched out for an eternity, until the coffee maker signaled to all that it’s task was complete. He poured a cup and blew across the rim, the steam drifted off and dissipated into the void between them. He sipped at the dark brew and glared at her over the cup, never taking his eyes off of her.

Layla crossed her arms at her chest and tried to shake off the glacial chill of his penetrating stare. Her lips quivering with the tight pout, while she fought the urge to tell him everything. That urge to surrender all her dark secrets about what brought her into his path.

He swirled the last inch of coffee in his ceramic mug, tipped his head back and let it fly down his throat. He held back a frustrated growl and stepped swiftly over to her. When she still refused to look up, he turned and stormed off into the bedroom, through the door and into the bathroom. The door didn’t slam, but the silence of it’s closing was deafening.

She leaned against the frame and rubbed her shoulder, trying to brush away the nervous tension that made her skin tingle. Lifted her delicate hand to knock on the door, but her will couldn’t bring it closer than an inch before it stalled. She cursed under her breath, steadied herself and reached kaçak iddaa for the knob instead. Gathering a deep breath into her lungs, she twisted the knob and slipped inside. The air was filled with steam so thick that she thought she might drown if she breathed too deep.

Jack had his head braced on his forearm as the pulsating streams beat down on his tensed and aching shoulders. How had things turned so dark so quickly? His muscular body ached for her, yearning to feel her touch again. Even if it were only one last time.

Startled, he winced for a moment as her arms wrapped around his waist from behind. She kissed him between the shoulder blades and brought her cheek to rest against his wet skin. “I’m so sorry, Jack,” she whispered against him. “So… so sorry.”

He thumped his head against the tiles three times before he turned in her arms and cupped her face in his hands. He locked his eyes into hers, they screamed of both acceptance and desire. He mashed his lips to hers in a kiss that was filled with affection, frustration and dark passion. Her full breasts crushed against his chest as she tightened her grip around him. Her smooth body melted into him and screamed with lustful yearning. His erection pressed tight and throbbed against her belly.

She arched away from him, lifting her left thigh above his hip and wrapped her leg around him, took his thickness in her hand and guided him into the slick, starved and agonized depths of her sweltering core. He thrust deep once and held her there, feeling her contract around his throbbing cock. Leaving it to linger, allowing her to build up the anticipation of a deep, hard fucking. His pubic bone pressed tight against her rigid clitoris, as he ground his hips against her. His thighs quivering as she brought her other leg up and locked her ankles, forcing him to support her weight.

He drew back and thrust again, sending electrical charges shooting straight through her and numbing her brain to everything but the imminent climax that would come all too soon and yet, not soon enough. Her skin hummed with greedy pleasure, flushing with animalistic craving. When his hard length claimed her once again, she cried out and shuddered against him, tremors quaking her entire being. He growled deep in his throat, with satisfaction as her sounds tickled his ears like a summer breeze. Instinctively, she bit into his shoulder and his knees almost gave out as he shrugged into her.

Forcing himself to relax his posture as the pain turned into purest pleasure, his invasions gave up all sense of pacing. He slammed into her with feral satisfaction, souls colliding as they both went teetering over the cliffs of madness that kaçak bahis came with intense orgasm. His body tightened and shook, as she clenched herself around him. His head fell back against the white tiles and he allowed a grateful moan to escape his lips, his eyes rolling back behind tightly pinched eyelids.

Layla’s body trembled as her own climax overtook her. Her pussy sucking greedily as she drained him of every last drop, she squeezed selfishly at his throbbing cock, not wanting him to ever take away the fullness she now felt. She cried against his hot skin, burying her face in his neck, as she realized how inevitable it was. Dammit, this was going to be so fucking hard.

Being the last day, Jack started gathering up and sorting their belongings. His mind reeled to find some way of convincing her to stay with him. Less than three days together and he was painfully aware of how much he needed her now. How incomplete he felt at the thought of being without her. Layla had become his grounding. His universe. From the way she held onto him in the shower, he knew for a fact that she felt the same. He bent low and pulled her cut-offs from atop a pair of his jeans.

And then he saw it. His blood stalled and turned to an icy slush in his veins. He suddenly knew why Layla had been so distant all this time. He knew now, the secret she’d been keeping from him. She was on the job. At his feet he saw her open wallet. Special Agent. Layla Parsons. F.B.I… He knew instantly, that he was busted.

“I’m so… so sorry, Jack, ” she said with quivering lips, as she raised the 9mm and pointed it at his chest. “I’m going to have to ask you to get to your knees and place your hands behind your head.”

He had to give her credit. She fought damned hard to keep the tears from falling down her beautiful cheeks. Without a single word, without a single protest, he sank to his knees and turned himself over. He gave up without a fight.

Layla hid her mouth behind her hand as she watched Jack get loaded into the back of the black Ford Bronco. His eyes were filled with regret and it shot her in the chest at point blank range and she flinched, turned her head away and stared at the door to the cabin.

Over at Jack’s truck, an agent was lifting a heavy duffel bag out of the wheel well that was supposed to house the spare tire. The Fifty thousand dollars that he’d embezzled from his company, less than a week ago.

David Jenkins, her friend and mentor, placed his hand on her shoulder and squeezed reassuringly. “You, gonna be okay, slick?” He asked with deep concern. She just nodded silently, not looking him in the eyes. He gave her one last gentle look and thankfully, turned away to go speak to the other agent. Layla stepped back inside the cabin, took one last look around and let the tears finally fall.

Outside, the sun was shining cloudlessly, for the first time in days.

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