The Bullet

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I was home alone and it was raining horribly outside like it would never stop. The gray of the sky, the gloom of the day and the sound of the rain against my house had turned my quiet afternoon, working on proposals for work, to one interrupted by the swell and throbbing of my mound.

I probably would not have been so easily distracted had I been sitting in my office at my desk-but as soon as the rain started, I gathered my work, opened the front door and sat here on the couch facing outside so that I could enjoy Nature’s splendor. I don’t know what it is about rain that causes my body to become so sensitive and my own rivers to start flowing. I soon realized that I would not be able to continue work like this. Even my nipples had joined my body’s ‘rain dance.’

I set the proposals next to me on the couch and reached in my briefcase for the greatest executive gadget I had ever purchased. I removed the silver egg shaped device or bullet as the packaging said when I brought it from the adult store I visited last week. Unraveled the cord from around it and turned the dial slightly to make sure the batteries were still strong and fresh. The hum of the vibration confirmed that every nerve in my body was aware of the joy to come….

I had just placed the bullet in my panties on the tip of my clit and turned the dial to a slow pace, when I opened my eyes and saw you at my screen door.

I jumped, not because I was busted, for I had been using my friend undetected at the office and on the train while commuting for days. I was startled because you were the very face I saw behind my closed eyelids as the pleasure began its journey through my body.

“Hey lady” you screamed through the screen, “taking a mental break?” I just smiled at you and nodded. I was too embarrassed to speak right then. “Are you busy?” you asked already on your way in the bahis firmaları door. You have been my neighbor for the last year or so and although we flirt and entertain each other sometimes…we just didn’t go there with anything. You became friends with my now ex when he was living with me, and you two still speak. The sexual tension is strong between us though.

You bend to kiss me on the cheek, you have just returned from a business trip. “Just doing some work” I answered, praying that you couldn’t feel the subtle movement of the bullet.

I guess when I stretched up to hug you back the movement caused the bullet to fall further down into my panties. It was now resting completely on my clit and the vibrations were sending pleasure directly to my spot.

You are sitting directly across from me on the other couch. I realize just how intimate I have made this space. I turn the dial, realizing that it is much easier to be discreet when the attention is not focused directly on me, especially when the focus is by someone I have wanted to touch for so long.

You may have missed the first moan, but when I turned the dial the wrong way, increasing the pulses full speed first, before getting it back to off. Arching my back and closing my eyes, letting out a moan that I can’t control, you think something is wrong. You come quickly to my side, touching my back asking if I am ok, looking to find something wrong.

I am busted now! You just smile at the sight of the cord coming from out of my shorts and say “Oh, I guess you are better than OK!” “Did you finish?” you ask. Again too embarrassed to speak, I just shake my head no. “Well go ahead” you say, “I’ll just watch and stop my rambling” You lean back against the couch across from me, with your hands behind your head, staring at me, willing me to move. Brazenly, I pull my hand and the dial from kaçak iddaa under the cushion, silently admitting my guilt. We are still staring at each other, you with a smirk. I turn the dial and reach my other hand into my panties to place it back on my spot. Between the movement on my kitten and the intensity of your eyes, I can no longer keep mine open.

I glance back over at you, you are in the same position, but one of your hands is now on your shorts. It is evident how aroused you are by watching me. I get chills looking at the height of your dick through your shorts.

“Let me see” I say in a voice so deep that I don’t even recognize it, “Please” I beg. You are fighting with your zipper, trying to get it over the lump, I attempt to help you, but you yell “No, Don’t Move” You stand and pull your shorts down, you don’t have on anything else. Just the size of your dick almost finishes me off. I want to taste it, but I am paralyzed by the pleasure I am giving myself.

“May I help” you ask. You step directly in front of me with your dick within reach. I lick my fingers and touch the tip of it. You start to kneel. My moans are louder now and between the rain and the smell of my own essence, I am about to cum. You are on your knees in front of me. You take the dial from my hands, turning it to almost off-it doesn’t even matter anymore. I want to feel you in me!

You remove my shorts and panties and place the bullet back on my fat, swollen clit, holding it in place, turning it on and placing your fingers inside me all at the same time. I want to cry out. I want to scream, but instead you kiss me, forcing your tongue in my mouth, showing your desire for me. You stop the kiss as quickly as you started it. Staring at me as I fuck your hand.

You bite my nipples through my t-shirt. There is no bra so they are easily found. I try to see you dick. kaçak bahis I want it! But you move it out of my reach. I’m confused and totally consumed with passion. You are sucking on my breasts still through the shirt, leaving wet marks down the front of it. I want to feel your mouth on my skin but you never lift the shirt. You are blowing on my clit, inhaling my heat and moaning yourself. You lick her gently and then suck on her. You move the bullet inside of me and speed it up. You release the dial and take both of your hands under my shirt-squeezing my breasts right to the point between pleasure and pain.

I am trying to get away, so much is going on and I feel my heart pounding in my chest. Damn! Shit! Fuck!! No words can display what I am feeling.

“Please” I whisper.

“Please what” you bark at me. I don’t even have an answer.

You pull the bullet out of me, lick it and place it back on my bud. You come up, kissing me and telling me how long you have wanted to feel me.

“I’m about to cum” is the only response I have for you. You raise up and put your dick right at my opening. In one smooth move you are in. I am so wet! Tears are flowing down my face and I lock my legs around you, making sure I can get it all. “Harder, please harder” I plead.

I feel the orgasm start at the tips of my fingers so I put them in your mouth. You devour them. I am completely off the couch now, arched as close as I can get to you. You are holding me so tight, the bullet is lodged between us. My screams are scaring me. I have never felt so out of control. I cum again, and again and again, before my body becomes so weak. And just that quickly I feel you grow rigid. My walls squeeze around you, your are ripping at my ass with your hands, slamming into my body. I cum again, but this time so do you. Hard, Rough and Loud!

We are drenched in sweat and we just lay there for minutes holding each other. When our breathing steadies we both hear it, yet it is no longer between us. We laugh. Realizing we had given each other the greatest bang either had ever felt.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32