The Book – Mom-Dolls Ch. 01

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‘It all starts with the sound of drums’.

Steve was running along his local beach when he heard the drumbeat. Looking around, it seemed only he could hear it. It seemed to come from a spot in the sand. After a bit of digging, an ancient book was revealed and the drums stopped. The leather covers looked weathered and it was secured by an old belt. Being the irresponsible boy that he was, he tucked the book under his arm and ran home with it. However, he didn’t notice the note that came out with the book.

‘To whoever digs up this book,

May God have mercy on your soul’

There was no signature and the paper was carbon-dated the 19th century.

He arrived home and ran straight to his room. The buckle was rusted but he soon had the belt undone and opened the book to a random page. The whole thing was written in Latin, Nordic and Celtic runes, and yet (maybe it was his Dyslexia) it made sense to him. The page he had turned to was entitled ‘SPELLS OF THE MIND’. The first of which introduced him to the idea of having a personal love-doll, although why that was a spell of the mind he didn’t know (at the time).

Reading the directions of the spell told him to think of any woman, the first woman that comes to mind, and say the incantation aloud. At that moment, he couldn’t think of anyone, not even that teacher he had a crush on. Just for fun, he started speaking the incantation, the words coming as naturally to him as Shakespeare’s household words. Just then, his mother entered his room without knocking

“Have you thought about what you want for dinner, Steven?” She asked.

He was about to reply with “Mom, what did we say about knocking?” but her interruption had got him thinking about her. Reading his thoughts, the words of the spell in the book began to glow red and red wind swirled around his mother. Her mouth fell open and her eyes widened as she froze in place. When the wind died, Steve just stared at his mother as she stared back at him.

“Mom, are you okay?” He asked her, but he didn’t get an answer. “Mom?” He asked as he got a closer look. He tried tugging her hair and when that didn’t get a reaction, he tried finding a pulse, but her skin had become hard and cold as plastic. He nodded to himself as he realised the scope of what he had done: he had inadvertently turned his mother to Silicon. She had become a Silicon Love Doll. But he was to find out there was more to the spell than that.

He felt so ashamed by what he had done, he slammed the book shut and went to bed early, before the sun went down, to think about what he was gonna do tomorrow. He looked at his Love-Doll mother in the chair in the corner of the room one last time as he settled.

He was woken by an odd feeling between his legs. He had been dreaming about his teacher again and she was giving him a hand-job bahis firmaları in his dream, so he thought this was part of it. But soon he realised he wasn’t dreaming, someone was really giving him a hand-job. He open his eyes and even though it was dark, he could clearly see his mother laying on top of him, his dick getting squeezed in her hand.

“Hey, baby,” she whispered, seductively. “Did I wake you up?” When he couldn’t answer, she smiled. “I’ll take that as a yes.”

At last, Steve remembered how to use his tongue and found his voice again.

“This is so weird,” he said, but he remembered he was getting pleasure from it. “But, it’s so good.”

“Yeah,” his mother whispered. “You like me rubbing your cock, don’t ya?” He silently nodded and she winked. “And you’ll love me sucking your cock even more.”

“Mom…” He was going to say, but she gently placed her finger over his lips.

“Shhh,” she whispered. “I’m not ‘mommy’ anymore. Now, I am ‘Slave Darla’.”

His jaw dropped; she had just called herself a slave. Did she mean HIS slave? His stunned silence increased as his dick, already erect, disappeared into his mother’s mouth. She seemed a natural as she sucked him, giving that only had sex twice and avoided blow-jobs like the plague. What had he done? When he came in her mouth, she kept sucking until he was dry. Then she lifted her head up (removing his dick from her mouth), sat up and wiped her mouth with the back of her hand.

“Tastes like chicken,” she whispered, “I love it.”

He didn’t know what came over him, but when she said she loved the taste of his cum, he pulled back his bed sheets.

“Come join me, Darla,” he told her.

“With pleasure, Master,” she whispered and she crawled over to the empty space beside him.

Her calling him ‘Master’ really sent him over the edge. She was flat on her back, under his weight.

“How did you get so strong?” She asked him, in that same seductive whisper.

She was still wearing the blue polo shirt and black jeans, but he soon had both of those off. Her embroidered bra and lingerie panties soon followed. Her pussy was still as perfect as the it was the day she had given birth to him, over 20 years ago. He teased her by poking her entrance with the head of his dick. She licked her lips hungrily.

“Beg me to, Slave,” he told her, without hating himself for calling her ‘Slave’.

“I beg you, Master,” she whispered.

“Call me that again,” he commanded.

“Master,” she whispered.

“One more time,” he whispered in her ear.

“MASTER!” She yelled, while keeping her voice to a whisper.

Then he penetrated her. He pumped and pumped until they were both gasping for breath. When he came, she absorbed it just as well as she did with the blow-job.

“Your turn,” he said, and he rolled kaçak iddaa onto his own back while his mother hopped up and down on his dick.

After both of them came, she collapsed on top of him. He rolled them on their sides so they could cuddle under the sheets. With her arms wrapped around the back of his neck, they gazed into each other’s eyes as he pinched one of her nipples; it was soft, she had turned back into flesh and blood. She closed her eyes as he rubbed more of her breasts, to ensure it wasn’t just the nipple.

“I thought you were turned to Silicon,” he whispered.

“I was,” she whispered back. “But now the sun is down, I can live again. And for the first time in my life, I’m happy.”

“How?” Steve asked her, knowing that for as long as he could remember, she would complain about anything and everything.

“I’m happy, because I now have someone strong and handsome,” she whispered as she played with the hair of his fringe, “to take care of me at night.”

No more was said before the kissing began, unlike other kisses between these two (which were filled with motherly-love), these were filled with passion and romantic fury.

He woke next morning to feel the light of the sun on his face. As he sat up, his first instinct was to apologise to his still naked mother for fucking her last night, but she had already turned back into Silicon. First thing he did when he got out of bed was open the book at the Index and looked up the Love-Doll spell.

‘Dolls will turn to slaves at night and revert back to Silicon after daybreak. They will become attached and obedient to the closest male to them or the caster of the spell, who will become their master and who they can’t live without.’

Then in red ink, it added, ‘WARNING: THIS SPELL IS IRREVERSABLE!’

“Strange Effect,” Steve said to himself, “the warnings come after the spells.”

Under that in green ink, it added, ‘Recommended cycle: two nights with sex, one night sex free’.

The day was quiet without his mother, but he soon found something to do.

Before he knew it, it was close to nightfall. She was still naked but back in the chair, at least despite her sudden species change, she was still poseable. This time, he was looking out the window to watch the sunset. He turned back to his mother as the last trace of the sun disappeared into the horizon. The moment it was gone, she blinked and closed her mouth. She stood up and stretched her arms into the air, as if being made of Silicon all day caused a little stiffness. She smiled a wide smile when she saw him.

He started the night by shaking his finger at her.

“Seducing your only son,” he said, trying to sound like he was scolding her (and failing), “that’s very naughty.”

“Uh oh,” she whispered, “Master gonna spank me?”

“Master is,” he replied kaçak bahis and he clicked and pointed towards the bed.

She crossed to the bed and leant forward, so her hands were supporting her weight. The first lot of smacks came as left cheek with left palm, right cheek with left back with 5-10 second gaps. After 10 smacks each, he pressed the head to her asshole. When she felt this, she froze and got excited at the same time. Once he was inside her, the smacking resumed, this time right cheek with right palm, left cheek right back every 5-10 seconds. After another 10 of these, he began pumping. Both of them groaned and panted as he pumped her in the ass like there was no tomorrow. And when they both came, they were so exhausted, she fell onto his bed and he fell on top of her. Once he had rested a little, he climbed over her to get to the other side of the bed. Once he got settled there, he pulled her towards him and cradled her, the way she used to.

“If only I could ask you to marry me,” he whispered to her.

“And because I was your mother, you can’t?” she asked, whispering.

“You still are,” he whispered.

“Maybe for you,” she whispered back. “But for me, I’m your slave. If you prefer to, you can think of me as your wife.”

“What about during the day?” He asked with a whisper.

“I wouldn’t mind,” she whispered back.

They shared a short kiss after that. Then, he remembered to conditions of the spell.

“So, you wouldn’t mind if we don’t have sex tomorrow night?” He asked with a whisper.

“You would have to tie me up,” she told him with a whisper. Something she would never say before.

While still cradling her, her began to massage her breasts, they felt so soft.

“Why wouldn’t you let me see or touch these when you were my mother?” He asked, still whispering.

“You weren’t my master back then,” she replied, whispering.

They made love again and tried to get some sleep, which was much better for her because he couldn’t nod off until the sun came up. Even after sleeping until after midday, he just wanted to stay in bed and cuddle his mom-doll all day, but soon realised if he did, they’d still be cuddling when night fell and it wasn’t a good idea to have sex three nights in a row.

First thing he had to do was dress his doll, although he kept the bra off. Once she was seated in her chair, he wrapped duct tape around her wrists and ankles (securing her limbs to the limbs of the chair. Next, he folded up an old, clean sock and inserted it into her open mouth and wrapped more duct tape around her head (moving her hair out of the way).

The following night, he gave his mother a kiss goodnight on her forehead before he went to bed. Through her gag, it sounded like she was saying “good night”. That night, he dreamt about the things he was going to do with his new slave. A slave he would have if it wasn’t for that book, which he would never have found if it wasn’t for those drums. The same drums that he thought he heard coming from the book on his table, right now.

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