The Bitch

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She was a bitch. I was so glad that I didn’t have to work for her or have her working for me. We were department heads but we did have to work together. On the outside this was a stunning woman. I mean drop dead gorgeous, but she was still a first class bitch.

Well I shouldn’t say she was a bitch all the time. It was just when we had a difference of opinion. It seems like she would never back down from her position. Unfortunately most of the time she was right. I guess I just couldn’t give up my male position without a fight so maybe I had something to do with her bitchiness at times.

Now for instance this morning at the leaders meeting. That’s what our CEO likes to call department head meetings. She was sitting at the end of the front table were the officers all sit. Now imagine our tables erected in the shape of a triangle with the officers at the head but in a row across the top and she was sitting on my side at the end of the execs table.

She is always very stylish in her dress and today was no exception, except for one thing. She was sitting there with her legs crossed, left over right, and the top leg slightly swinging. A couple of times I have seen her with no hose but with spray painted tan on her very lovely legs.

Today she had hose on and I had to wonder. Were these panty hose or maybe thigh high and maybe with a garter. I had to bet on the last two and hopefully just the thigh highs.

Now being still single, I must admit I have seen many women sitting down in dresses that came above their knees. I keep wondering if I am a pervert or a healthy male. The skirt always slides further up the leg and revealing a lot of thigh. Now if she was wearing shorts that’s ok. But in a skirt, an area of the body, that should normally be covered, is open for observation and admiration, and that really turns me on.

All through the meeting I kept glancing at her and it seemed she kept looking at me. At one point when I was day dreaming and enjoying the exposed areas of her thighs she re-crossed her legs and turned a little more towards me. I caught a brief glimpse of more interior leg and she settled now facing me directly.

I had no idea what the Chairman was saying and hoped he wouldn’t call on me. But he did and before I could answer she interrupted and redirected the question for me, which he accepted. Then she looked back at me with a look like, “now you owe me one”.

At the last years office Christmas party, she and I sat together at the table of eight. A one strap gown that passed over her right shoulder. I was sitting to her left and often caught a glimpse of top part of her breast and a couple of times I was certain she knew where my eyes where but she didn’t let on.

Several times during the dinner, she touched my arms gently as she was telling a story about one of our fights in a humorous manner which drew laughter from the other six people at our table. The way she told it was like to little kids arguing just because they loved to argue.

Throughout the evening and when we danced she gave me looks that were so sensual, I thought. This women really had my number. I had so many fantasies about her, it was unhealthy for a single guy like me.

Back to the present and after the leaders meeting.

We had both stayed after hours and we were the only two in the office. And we were still arguing over one point on the next campaign. At one point she stepped close to me, like an ‘in your face’ kind of remark. I am not even sure of what she said. The only thing I could think of was putting my lips to hers and kissing her passionately.

She stopped her tirade and I put one hand on each cheek and pulled her to my hungry lips. Her eyes flashed that, what’s going on look. Then I crushed hers so she could say nothing. She pulled back from me and gave me a look that could kill. Before she could say anything else I pulled her to me again but this time my tongue found its way into her mouth and soon I could feel her joining in.

I pulled back as she grasped my hair with her hands and pulled me to her. Now she was kissing me back, hot and wet and with an urgency mixed with moans of want and need from deep inside her.

“I knew you wanted this as much as I did,” I whispered in her ear before I licked and tugged on her ear lob. Again I joined her in deeply passionate kisses melting any hesitation either of us had. Her no’s held no truth as her tongue continued to search me out.

Our kisses were longer and now I pushed her against the wall my body pressed hard against hers. I spun her around to face the wall and then raised her arms and held them against the wall with one hand. I pressed tightly against her. My erection pushing against the crack of her cheeks. I could feel her pushing back at me.

I released her hands but they stayed there. Each of my hands were at her neck and then they started their journey down her back and sides and then both hands found their way to her breasts. I squeezed them hard and bahis firmaları she gasped and thrust back against me. I spun her around.

I opened her blouse and traced the exposed area left by a low rise lace bra. I could see the color surrounding her erect nipples which I pinched and played with. She kept saying don’t, don’t but her moans of pleasure overrode her words.

My hands wondered down her sides to her firm ass and explored it. I could feel no panty line. Either she had none on or was wearing a thong. She continued to push against me and breathing quickly and with excitement.

My hands moved down the outside of her waist and to her hips then continued down the outside of her thighs. One hand started to work its way up under her skirt with the fabric pilling up with the journey. Her skin was silky smooth and I could tell from her increased short breathing I was getting close to that spot of wonder.

Yes it was a thong. Tightly fitting over that favored spot. She had trimmed her hair but I could feel its softness as my fingers roamed down and began to caress the opening through her thong. Sliding one finger under it I found the entrance and reached for that sensitive clit which was now so moist. Just a few caresses to it and I could hear her moaning with more anxiety and her continued pleas of no, no.. She came quickly. Not an earth crashing one but I could tell I had aroused her to a fine edge.

I could feel her sort of collapse against the wall. Her hands slide down to shoulder height. I was still pressed up against her. I waited a couple of minutes till her breathing returned to normal. I leaned forward and started to kiss her neck.

“Don’t touch me. Don’t ever touch me again.” She turned to me and pushed me back. “If you ever touch me again I will kill you.”

“What? You didn’t seem to mind me touching you a minute ago.”

“I want you to leave, Now!”

I walked to the door and opened it. “Who are you really mad at? Me or yourself.”

“Out! Get out of here. Now.”

“From the first moment we met each other, you knew this was going to happen, in spite of all the arguments we have had.”

“None of that is true. Now get out of here.”

I left and headed for home totally confused. I needed a drink and time to think about this. I stopped at a favorite watering hole, had a couple of drinks and a steak sandwich. I could not figure this woman out. Absolute beauty. Could have any man in the world. A shell that seemed to surround her that was like a stone castle with no point of entry although it seemed I had opened it but then she slammed it shut. On the other hand tonight I had witnessed a hidden passion.

I went home and took of my shoes and kicked them into the corner. Damn, I wish I had never touched her. I poured myself another drink I turned the TV on but none of it caught my attention. I kept thinking about her.

The door bell rang. Oh crap. Who in the hell could that be? I turned off the TV and went to the door and opened it.

It was the bitch. She pushed right past me to the center of the room then turned facing me with her hands on her hips and her legs slightly spread. She looked at me and took a step forward and then slapped me, not real hard but it stung. Then she grabbed me around my neck and planted an open mouth kiss on me. Her tongue went deep into my mouth and then she was biting me lightly on the lower lip.

She looked up at me and said, “Now lets complete what you started earlier. I want you to know that you are a bastard. You attacked me, got me all hot and ready in a place where we had no chance of filling our desires. Then you walked off and left me and you never called me or came to my apartment. Now your going to pay for it. We are going to do it my way and will continue until you beg me to stop.”

Now she backed off and grabbed my shirt and ripped it open. She looked up at me, those eyes flashing in such an evil but promising way. “I always wanted to rip a guys shirt off. That was fun.” She leaned down and took one nipple in her mouth, sucking on it and then biting it. I flinched. “There that is for some of the pain I have been feeling.”

Her hands were now active on my belt and then unzipping my pants and she pushed them down to the floor. I stood there, amazed as to what was happening.

“You better have something good in these briefs to make this all worth while.”

Now she stepped back and pulled her shirt over her head: no bra. Next she unzipped her skirt and it too fell to the floor: no panties. Before I even had a good look she dropped to the floor and pulled my socks off. “Here step out of these.”

Then she stood up and wraped her arms around my neck. Her tongue dancing all over my mouth and then finding my tongues she sucked on it drawing it in to her mouth. Oh god this was crazy, but I didn’t want it to stop. She lightly bit down on my tongue and scrapped her teeth as she pulled back.

“Now lets see what you are bringing to the game.” She kaçak iddaa yanked my shorts off and the wrapped her hand around my fully aroused cock. “Umm, I do believe that with a little extra work on my part this tool of yours will do the job very nicely.”

She got down on her knees, her hand still around my throbbing cock. She held it close to her mouth and then she rubbed the tip of it over her lips depositing a small amount of pre-cum. She licked her lips, “Umm nice flavor.”

She lifted my cock straight up and put her tongue down at the base and then slowly licked her way up my cock and stopping at the top underside, a very sensitive area. She flicked her tongue back and forth but very lightly, kind of like you do to a girls clit.

Damn, this girl knew what she was doing but I hoped she would stop before I would shoot my wad as I had desires of filling her pussy with my cum.

Then she began to dance her tongue all over the tip of my cock and with her other hand she began to massage my balls. Slowly she guided my cock into her mouth and all the time her tongue kept going over and around my cock as it entered. Her hand closed in on my balls and squeezed them, and not softly at all. I gasped. She pulled my cock out of her mouth and looked up with me with that evil but sexy smile.

“Remember from pain you can find pleasure and with pleasure there can also be pain.”

Her mouth opened and my cock, all of it, disappeared in her mouth. She moved her head back and forth until I joined the action like I was fucking her mouth. I am not sure how she does it, but her tongue was pressing against the underside of my cock and pressing it against the roof of her mouth. This was an oral pussy I had never experienced before. Then after a few minutes her finger found the one spot right behind my balls and began rubbing and pressing that spot and then I went over the edge. Shot after shot of hot cum filled her mouth but she took every bit of it until I was emptied.

Slowly she slid my cock out until just the tip was in her mouth. Now she sucked and licked me draining every last drop out of me. This girl is magical. I have never cum so quickly from a BJ and so hard too.

She stood up and rubbed her tits, side to side against my chest. Her face close to mine and now her tongue pushed its way into my mouth. I could taste my cum and I knew she wanted me to taste it. Then her lips pressed against mine and we just continued to tongue fuck each other.

“Take me to your bedroom, love.”

I picked her up. Her legs immediately wraped around my waist and her arms around my neck.. My somewhat soft cock pressed against her very wet pussy. I walked into the bedroom and to the bed and however I could find my way was a miracle as she was kissing me all the way blocking off all sight.

At the bed I leaned over and took her hands away from my neck and she fell down laughing. Her legs still spread. Her pussy, tits and whole naked body totally exposed. She scooted back on the bed some but I put my hands just above her knees and held her there so that her legs folded at the edge of the bed.

“Don’t move. Stay just where you are. I want to see this exotic creature in all her glory. So many times I have wondered what you looked like without any clothes on and now I am going to take my time viewing and exploring this sex toy who is laying on my bed.” I laid down beside her and leaned forward as my lips approached hers. My hand immediately came to rest on her tummy.

“Put your hands up over your head and leave them there,” I whispered

She did and then looked at me with a kind of smirk on her face like she was showing me something I had never seen before. It was absolutely beautiful.

I slid my hand upwards till it rested just below one breast. With one finger I drew circles around the nipple and then I pressed against it. “I would say a very nice and firm B cup. And from feeling the firmness of your tummy I would say this woman is also active in some Health Center. A size B is the size I really favor.” As I said this my hand was covering her breast and squeezing it just a little.

“It just fills my hand perfectly and when it is accented by hard nipples that just stand out, so erectly, that is an added plus.”

I rolled the nipple between my thumb and fore finger as she softly moaned. Not a sound I could understand, but just a moan and grown of sexual excitement.

“Hard nipples like yours are so inviting to lick, to suck on and to pinch.”

I did all this to the other breast. As I pinched her nipple with my teeth she responded with a surprised , “Oh, oh god. oh. That drives me crazy.”

“Remember from pain you can find pleasure and with pleasure there can also be pain.”

I leaned to her lips but not pressing mine to hers. Instead I wiped her lips with my tongue and she continued to moan softly. With my two fingers I rolled her nipple but this time even harder while my mouth returned now to suck her other nipple and I continued kaçak bahis doing that as I slid my hand down her chest to her tummy and to her mound which I covered with my hand and began to caress it. Her legs closed together trapping my hand.

I slid off the bed and spread her legs and got between them. With my hand in place I let one finger move up and down the opening to her sex.

“I love the way you have styled your hair. Just a slim and thin trace of your brown hair. Like a pathway to your lovely pussy. Your pussy is so beautiful with those full labia on each side. I just have to taste you.”

I bent down, supporting myself on my arms. Her labia were wet. I put both fingers in the opening and then spread her lips revealing the womanly treasurer. I leaned forward and licked up and down between her outer labia. Then I blew on this area I had just licked. Again she gasped. I licked again and blew again and then sucked each deep in my mouth.

“Oh, oh god, oh that feels so cold. Umm but I like it.”

I let go of her lips but not for long as I sucked one into my mouth and pinched it lightly with my lips. Then the other one. Then my tongue plunged deep into her pussy and moved back to that sensitive clit and I began to tease it in every direction and occasionally sucking it into my mouth as I spread her opening wide.

She responded with gasps, with whimpers, with moans and sucked in air through her teeth. Then she put both hands on my head nudging me to where her pleasure was maximized and she emphasized those places with louder gasps.

I had one hand on her tummy and I started to feel a quiver as she began to approach her moment. I moved my hand down and two fingers now entered and I curled them. She gasped again more like a long wail and I knew she was approaching her orgasm. She thrust herself towards my hand trying to get more penetration into her shivering pussy.

Now she was biting her lower lip. She was so close and that is what I wanted. I withdrew my fingers. She gasped, “Oh no. Oh my god oh no, no, no.” She tilted her head up and saw the grin on my face. “You bastard you, oh I hate you. I was so ready to cum for you.”

“Love, you will cum when I want you to.”

Her juices had thoroughly soaked my lips and my mouth was loaded with more honey. I raised up to her face and pressed against her lips which opened immediately and she could no longer complain. I plunged my honey coated tongue deep in her mouth and at the same time I rammed my cock deep into her.

“Ump,” was all she could say. As I pumped into her she drove her fingernails into my back and scratched me all the way down to my ass and as best as she could she pinched my ass.

I began to laugh which made her even more mad so I rolled over taking her with me till she was on top pressing against my cock . In return she bit my lower lip, just enough to draw a little blood.

“Damn you, I was so close and I wanted to cum so badly.” She sat up and I took my cock and pointed it at her opening.”

“Ride me cow girl. Ride my big hard cock and cum again and again for me. We are going to fuck all night.”

“Is that a promise my King Bastard? Do you have it in you? Can you keep it hard all night long?” Again there was that devilish sneer and challenge as she began to move up and down on my cock with force.

I knew right then that this was going to be a fuck session like I had never had. After about ten or fifteen of her bouncing on my cock she rose up turned around and then facing away from me slid down on me, taking me as deep as possible.

Now her actions were different. Instead of up and down on me she started moving her ass around in circles. First one way then the other and then up and down. All the time I was deep inside her. She would lean forward and grasp my balls and squeeze them. The pain erotic and exciting.

“Remember from pain you can find pleasure and with pleasure there can also be pain.”

Every once in a while she would return to the up and down I could feel her finger returning to that spot that shot me off real quick. That’s when I rolled her off and then twisted her over and then pulled her up on her knees and I behind her.

God what a beautiful sight. That smaller hole which some day I would explore and then that beautiful entrance into a pussy that I was ready to file with my cum.

I drove into her with force and I kept slamming into her. My balls slapping her ass and then my hand reach down and under her and two fingers entering her and now I fucked the hell out of her while I teased her clit and she moaned and gasped the whole time until I could feel my balls filling with cum and the pressure building in my cock, that wonderful painful feeling as my cum filled my channel and also the excitement of getting ready to spread my seed.

At the same time she is gasping and crying out, “Oh, oh, oh, Oh don’t stop now, ah oh god I am so close yes, yes.” Then she was practically hyperventilating, pushing back at me with force as I plunged into her. Together we were moving at a new temp. I was pounding her fast and hard and each time she would loudly grunt. This was no longer just sex – this was a true hard core fuck.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32