The Big Tipper

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Name: Marianna

Age: 25

Ethnic Background: Hispanic

Hair: Reddish Brown

Eyes: Hazel Green

Measurements: 38-24-36

My day started as any other workday has in the past 2 years. I am a guest services line-leader at a posh hotel in New York City. I am in charge of making sure that the rooms have been properly cleaned, the pillows fluffed, and the mint is placed exactly so on the bed by our cleaning staff. It isn’t so much a thrilling job as just a steady income.

This one night though, I went in to work my usual evening shift and my supervisor advised me that one of the room service attendants wasn’t able to make her shift so I would be required to fill in for her. I don’t mind helping out where I am needed and I am always up for showing I am a team player. However, I am required to wear the appropriate uniform for the job and that was one uniform that I didn’t especially care for. It was all black with a low, heart-shaped neckline, gold buttons running down the front, and a skirt that was shorter than any mini-skirt I had ever worn. I was never sure why the female staff uniforms had to be made this revealing but I guess it helps with getting tips from the customers.

I went in to the employee dressing area to change into the only uniform that was available from the stockroom. I quickly found that my generous curves weren’t quite fitting into the uniform properly. My long, full thighs seemed to be extremely exposed and I could feel a cool draft of air blowing between my thighs and whispering along my pussy. I had worn my black thong that barely covered my slit so I felt naughty that I might accidentally be showing off my privates if I leaned over too far. I had to make sure that I kept my body in an upright position for the night, no matter what I was doing. The top portion of the uniform showed my creamy breasts that bulged slightly from the neckline and filled out the uniform to a degree that the buttons were straining to contain my “girls”. There was nothing to do but to wear it the way it fit and do the job assigned, so I went out to the manager to get my first assignment.

Room Service was very quiet that evening with not many customers placing orders, as was usual. The four other male employees were hanging out in the lounge, playing cards while waiting for orders to come in. After hanging around with the guys a while and getting ribbed by them about my tight fitting uniform, the manager finally came to us and stated that there was a dinner order placed for a guest in room 483. The instructions read that the delivery attendant was supposed to knock three times on the door and then enter with the tray and place it on the bedside table. I offered to take this delivery so the guys could continue with their card game. They all agreed and I went off to the kitchen next door to wait for the order. Within 20 minutes I was on my way up to room 483.

Arriving at the door, I knocked three times and then used my passkey to enter the room. Closing the door firmly, I then walked across the thick, burgundy carpet to the nightstand on the nearest side of the large, king-sized bed. I cleared off a space for the tray and began to lay out the meal on the linens I brought with me. There was a dinner plate of salmon almandine, fresh steamed veggies and a small order of chocolate covered strawberries with a bowl of rich, frothy cream for dipping. The champagne bottle had already been delivered and was chilling in an ice bucket on the table. As I set up the meal, I could hear the shower just shutting off in the bathroom behind me. I figured I had better finish up soon so I could leave before the person came out. As I turned away bahis firmaları from the side table I noticed that the coverlet on the bed was slightly off-center, and being that it is usually my job to make sure our guests to have a neat and orderly room to relax in, I bent over the bed to straighten out the cover. It took me a minute or so to get it straight.

So involved was I in this task that I hadn’t heard the bathroom door opening or notice that the guest had been standing behind me for that entire minute. Here I was, bent over the king sized bed, my mini skirt hiked up, black, thigh-high stockings and thonged pussy exposed. I hear a definitely male groan of pleasure behind me. Quickly I straightened up and turn around to see the most handsome male specimen I had ever seen. He was wearing a towel around his hips that gaped a bit near his groin. I could see the dewy wetness of his skin, fresh from a shower, and the muscular thighs that I instantly knew could give a powerful thrust during sexual intercourse. My eyes widened and my pupils dilated with pleasure as my breasts seemed to instantly respond by hardening my nipples to small, pointy buds of pleasure. My body seemed to betray my professionalism in this job by quivering all over and making my slit begin to moisten. The guest could see my reaction as clear as I could see the towel he was wearing begin to flutter a bit in his groin area. Without a word he walked forward to stand directly in front of me. Our heavy breaths mingled and we could smell each other’s heated skin. The chemical attraction was instantaneous and no words were needed to express each other’s sexual interest.

He brought his hands up to release my hair that was loosely tied in a knot at the back of my head with a band. I shook my hair out as it was freed from its bonds and I could see his eyes widen with more pleasure as he saw how long and silky it was. With heavier breaths and hearts beating furtively in our chests, he lowered his well-shaped mouth to my slightly opened rose-colored lips and methodically and completely melted my body with his exquisite kiss. As he continued to kiss me, using his tongue to play with mine in wild abandonment, he placed his firm hands over my rounded butt cheeks and massaged them. After several moments of that he proceeded to run his fingers into the crack at the top of my ass and moving downward, he gently spread them apart as he thrust his towel-covered groin into mine. This stimulated me so much that my legs began to buckle and he helped lower me to the bed.

Standing over my heated body, he used one finger to unhook the towel from around his hips. It fell to the floor soundlessly as I lay there staring at the largest throbbing cock I had ever seen. It pulsated with power and was fully engorged with passion. As I continued to gaze at his massive meat, he leaned over to the tray I had set up on the bedside table, took a large, juicy-looking, chocolate covered strawberry and dipped it liberally into the thick cream. Placing one thigh on the bed beside mine, he leaned over me and brought the delicious gift towards my mouth. My tongue was reaching out from between my rosy lips as it drew nearer. He stopped just shy of my mouth and I reached my slim tongue out and with only the tip, began to lick the strawberry from one side to the next, underneath, and on top, until all of the cream was licked off. Only then did he let me take a bite of the strawberry.

As I chewed the morsel, he noticed that some cream had dripped onto my heaving breast. Without a word he put down the remainder of the strawberry and came back to my side, reaching for the top button of my uniform he unleashed my breasts kaçak iddaa from their tight confinement by methodically unbuttoning my top and ending at the skirt. Using a finger from each one of his hands, he sensuously pulls down the lacy portion of my bra covering each breast. My nipples spring free from their confinement and seem to point towards him, enticing him to touch and suckle them with pleasure. But he doesn’t touch them with his hands. Instead he lowers his mouth and licks the cream from my breast. After making completely sure the area of skin is clean he drags his lips over my left tit and slowly draws the puckered nipple into his warm, wet mouth. Swirling his tongue around the tip, he sucks the very essence from me. I groan with pleasure and close my eyes for a moment, only opening them when he removes his moist mouth and the cool air of the room blows across my extended nipple. He then moves to lavish his attention in the same way across my right nipple. My groans of excitement grow louder and I begin to move my pelvis against his thigh, trying to entice him to move his attention lower.

He willingly accepts my request and while still suckling my tight nipple, lowers one hand and grasps a piece of my thong. With one strong yank he rips it completely off my body and throws it to the side of the bed. His fingers move from the top edge of my small strip of pubic hair that is covering my pussy, and moves them downward until his middle finger glides smoothly into my slit. He doesn’t seem to be surprised that it is hot and moist, ready for his thick dick to penetrate my cunt. I aid him by spreading my thighs apart to give him more access to my pussy lips. He obliges me and while rubbing my external love button with his thumb, he slides two fingers into my canal, stroking me in and out. My first orgasm is quick and intense. I shudder with ecstasy; my body tightening with intense pleasure, as my pussy juices drench his fingers inside me and then flow out onto his hand between my thighs. He looks at me and gives me a wink. I smile and simply say “more”.

After removing his fingers from my wet cunt, he stands up and bends over me to grasp each side of my uniform and then slides it down, removing it completely from my curvy body. I now lay there on the bed wearing only my bra, my tits exposed, nipples still hard, my thigh-high black stockings covering me from mid-thigh to the my toes, and my black heeled pumps still on my feet. I decide that my shoes aren’t needed for traction so I drop them from each foot to the floor. Scooting a little farther onto the bed, I lie back again and bend my knees up a bit and spread my legs farther apart in a silent invitation. Standing before me I see that his huge dick is throbbing up and down and his love juice is beginning to seep from the head of his cock. My tongue peeps out of my mouth and strokes my lips, moistening them with anticipation. He instantly moves over my body and positions himself above me. Looking deeply into my eyes, he unerringly plunges his heated member into my slick pussy and I begin to cum with another strong orgasm. I can’t believe that I am already having another orgasm with so little effort on his part. As my body comes down from the intensity of the reaming I just got, he begins to stroke his big cock in and out of my pussy, not letting by body fully come down from that orgasm. While he is busy filling my vagina with his hot meat, his hands grasp the inside of my legs and push them even farther apart. This enables his balls to slap hard against my ass. With each contact of his balls hitting my anus opening, my body responds more intensely than I had ever dreamed it could. My breasts quiver and kaçak bahis I have to grab a handful of the bed covering in both fists in order to hang on.

He begins to move faster and harder with each thrust of his cock. My pussy juices are flowing so much that you can hear the suction noise pushing in and out of me. He reaches out and takes a handful of tit in each of his hands, and while squeezing them gently, he begins a new pattern of movement with his enormous dick. First he moves it in a circular fashion one way and then the reverse direction, with a few straight slams of his rod straight into me in-between. I can feel my body’s response and the heat from our body friction begins to make me pulsate with another orgasm emerging from within. I can feel his body tensing above me, and his dick becomes even larger, if that’s humanly possible, inside my slick canal. With each of us groaning loudly with the pleasurable sensations, I feel his cock stiffening inside me as my own body spasms with a strong orgasm. Our joined bodies make one last fulfilling thrust towards each other as if they are bonded together, dick to pussy. Our eyes connect and are both glazed with pleasure as we cum together. I can feel his cock exploding inside me, his semen hitting every crevice of my uterus. He gives my tits a hard squeeze and as our orgasms begin to ebb he presses his body down on top of me.

After a brief moment, he slides his semi-hard dick from between my pussy lips and raises his muscular body off of mine. He lies down next to me as we both try to calm our racing heartbeats and cool our flushed bodies. Turning our heads we glance into each other’s eyes and smile. There are no words needed at this moment. It is simply complete contentment after an intense bout of hot, animalistic sex.

As I slowly come to my senses and realize that I have to get dressed and get back to my job, I have to literally shake myself a bit to make my sluggish, sated body move. My manager might wonder what has happened to me and come to investigate and I wouldn’t want him finding me “servicing the guest”. Sliding off of the bed, he raises himself on one elbow and leisurely watches me try to find my clothing. Of course I can’t put on my thong since he ripped it, so I must make do with what I have and proceed to straighten my bra and cover my breasts. Next I find my shoes, still near the bed, and put them on. Raising one leg at a time onto the bed, I give him a good view of my love-swollen, slick pussy, while I pull my stockings back up my thighs and into place. Next, I locate my uniform near the bathroom door and grasp each side of it, step into the opening, and pull it up over my legs and place my arms into the sleeves. Slowly I begin to button up the buttons, beginning with the bottom so that he can view my tits just a little longer too. Finally, I see my hair band lying on the table and finish dressing by putting my hair back into its original knot.

With one last glance at the sensual male creature lying naked on the bed, I pick up the delivery tray and sway my ass towards the door. As I turn briefly to say goodbye, I decide that words should not be spoken, so I blow him a little kiss and lift my skirt to give him one last glance at my pussy. He gives me a big grin, winks at me, and his dick throbs once up and down as if waving goodbye to my pussy. With a smile on my face and my pussy full of his love juice, I go back down to the room service waiting area where I can freshen up from my sexual romp in the ladies room. Not until the next day do I find that the guest in room 483 has left me a huge tip for my services. With a smile on my face and my pussy still tingling, I begin yet another day.

I have decided that I now want to work solely in the room service department, hoping that one day my sexy customer will return for another session and give me another “big tip” for great service.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32