The Beauty of Grown Children Ch. 03

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I had heard rumors in my town that there was an exclusive club, dedicated to incest. I made discreet inquiries and found out that it was true. The price of admission was sharing one of your children with several of the members in an initiation ceremony.

I talked it over with Janine, and she was hesitant. She loved the sex between us and was afraid it would somehow change things. I told her that nothing could change the special love we had between us, and that life was all about sharing and experiencing different things. Reluctantly, she agreed.

We had a meeting with one of the members and he shared the rules of the club. Absolute discretion was assured. Every member had to be tested and cleared of all diseases on a regular basis. All personal preferences were respected, though most of the membership was actively bisexual. Beyond the initiation ceremony, everyone had complete control over their choice of partners. Several of the members were trying to conceive children, so condoms were required to respect these wishes.

As prospective initiates, we were to host the initiation ceremony at our house. I contacted my caterers and ordered an impressive spread for the big night.

Next, I took Janine shopping. We got her a black bra-and-panty set, and a highly slit black dress. She had her hair done special for the event. We were both nervous and excited as the evening approached.

It wouldn’t be a full meeting, so only three men showed up, each escorted by their own daughters. I was told that, once the ceremony was over, I would have my choice of the girls. I shook hands with each man and got a kiss from each of the daughters.

We had a little food and drink, then the leader indicated that it was time. I led them all to bedroom. I had brought in several chairs and put them around güvenilir bahis the bed. The girls and I sat down as the men led Janine to the bed.

Slowly they removed her clothes. I leaned forward, shocked at my own excitement as I watched these men begin to make love to my little girl.

Don, the oldest of the three made the first move. He stripped out of his clothes, reveling an already hard cock. He got between Janine’s legs and proceeded to eat her pussy. The other two men got naked as well and knelt on either side of Janine’s head. The contrast of the two men’s organs made me giggle. Jeff, who I had known when I played football against him in high school, was big and athletic looking, had a tiny penis. He looked like a little boy between the legs except for the pubic hair.

Alan, though, was just the opposite. He couldn’t have been more than five-four, probably about 120 soaking wet. But his trouser snake had to have measured nearly a foot-long.

Janine took turns on the two cocks as Don lapped away at her cunt. She let out little moans as her orgasm built up, Don being a master pussy eater. Once she had come, Don asked her which man she wanted first. No surprise, she chose Alan.

Part of the ceremony was that I was to place each man’s cock into my daughter in turn. I grabbed a condom, slid it over his monster penis and placed the tip at my daughter’s entrance. He slowly sunk all of his meat into her. Even though he tried to be gentle, his initial thrust took her breathe away, making her gasp.

I retreated to my chair and watched him fuck her with powerful thrusts. Her breasts jiggled invitingly and he leaned down to suckle them. Jeff and Don stroked themselves on the bed, Janine too entranced with the fucking to take care of them. She cried out and cursed as Alan filled türkçe bahis her with cockmeat. He cried out himself as he unloaded his sperm into her. He gave her a kiss, then withdrew. Jeff was next.

I repeated the process, rolling a condom onto his member and placing it in her cunt. Since he was so small, there was none of the gasping. But Jeff was a sensitive lover, and he managed to rub her clit as he thrust. Janine orgasmed again as he did.

Don, the leader of the group, next approached for his turn. He took his time, bending Janine to his lovemaking. He put her legs on his shoulders, wanting to penetrate as deeply as possible. There was a tenderness to his fucking of my little girl. Alan had been an animal, Jeff fucked like he was trying to impress the room with his technique. Don fucked as if he was in love with my daughter, though they had only just met. I felt a twinge of jealousy at this, but put it out of my mind.

Finally, Don climaxed and withdrew. The three men turned to me.

“Thank you, Joe. And welcome to the club!” The three naked men patted me on the shoulders and in turn kissed Janine. My daughter was the picture of a well-fucked young girl, lying back on the bed, tired and sated. I went to her and gave her a passionate kiss.

“You alright, baby girl?”

“Yes, daddy. How about you?”

“Horny. You going to be alright watching me fuck one of these girls?”

“It’s only fair.”

Janine got up and put her clothes back on, as did the men. Then the three girls came over. Don came over to me.

“Okay, Joe. Which one would you like? Tammy here is about two months pregnant. Cindy and Becky are on the pill and not trying to get pregnant so you don’t have to worry about condoms.”

I eyed the girls, trying to make a choice. Tammy was a very busty redhead, güvenilir bahis siteleri but the thought a doing a pregnant girl didn’t turn me on at the moment. Cindy was a tiny blonde with a great ass. Becky was a dirty-blonde, about average in body was easily the prettiest of the three. Thinking for a moment, I held my hand out to Cindy, who joined me on the bed.

We got undressed and I looked over her naked body. Her breasts were high and firm, tipped with small pink nipples. Her stomach was flat and her pussy covered with sparse, fine hairs as blonde as those on her head. I took her in my arms and kissed her.

“You ready?” I asked.

“For anything,” she replied.

Just as I had symbolically “given” my girl to the men, Cindy’s father, Don, placed his hand on my penis and guided it into his daughter’s pussy. I wanted to go slow and show these guy’s and this girl that I knew what I was about when I came to fucking. I propped myself up on my arms and slowly worked my cock in and out of Cindy’s cunt. I looked down at our pubic hairs mingling as a got all nine inches into her hole.

Cindy put her hands behind my head and looked up into my eyes. We held our gaze as we coupled. This girl had great muscle control and milked my invading member as I thrust.

When I felt her starting to cum I placed me hands on her ass and lifted her up to meet my cock. I wiggled a finger into her ass which seemed to heighten her orgasm. Feeling myself close I turned on the afterburners and wildly flung my cock into her, slamming it as hard as I could. This brought her to another screaming climax as I shot my load of sperm into her. After I withdrew her father came over and ate my sperm out of his daughter.

The ceremony over the men and their girls bid us good night, giving us the time and place for the next meeting. Once they had left I took Janine in my arms and carried her to bed. We had wild, animal sex all night, bringing each other off several times before we fell asleep in each other’s arms as dawn approached.

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