Tell Me Ch. 03

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Rick shook his head quickly and let out a gasp of air. His fingers loosened on the steering wheel as he drove away from his mother in law’s house.

“You okay?” Karen asked as she watched the row of familiar houses slip past through the car window.

“Yeah,” Rick replied, “I wasn’t sure how long I could face your mom though.”

“So do you really have to go back to work?”

“No,” Rick answered guiltily. “We just couldn’t stand there and pretend we didn’t hear what we heard though,” he added defensively. “I don’t know about you but I was going to crack sooner or later.” Karen smiled with her face turned towards the window.

“Guess Mom is just as bad as me,” she said.

“Could be,” Rick chuckled. “But I wouldn’t want it any other way,” he said smiling at his wife.

Karen turned, her eyes alight with adoration. Her gaze lowered to Rick’s lap and saw that his cock was pressing against his pants. Reaching for the bulge she curled her fingers around his hard flesh.

“Oh babe,” Rick sighed. “You really are naughty.” He enjoyed the sensations of her fingers squeezing and rubbing his erection as he drove onto the freeway. “I can’t believe you convinced me to do that last night.”

“I thought you liked my little games?” Karen whispered into his ear, her hot breath sending a twitch to his groin. “Don’t you like it when mommy makes you feel good?”

“I do,” he answered truthfully. “When you first got pregnant and started on this ‘Mommy’ trip I was scared to admit to you that I liked it. I was afraid you’d think I was perverted or something.”

“I told my mom it was your idea,” Karen laughed. Rick’s eyes grew wide with horror.

“You didn’t!” he exclaimed.

“I did. I told her you convinced me to play the games and that I was feeling uncomfortable with it.”

“What did she say?” Rick was aghast.

“She said that whatever two people do who love each other is their own business,” Karen answered with a grin.

“Your mom must think I’m a pervert,” Rick sighed.

“Well if she does then she must think I’m perverted too. But after last night I don’t think she’s really going to bring it up.”

“I still can’t believe they did-“. Rick wasn’t sure exactly what had happened last night between Eric and Rachel, but he was certain both had climaxed. “Do you think that listening to us was all it took to push them over the edge?”

“Well after Eric saw mom naked and admitting that he liked the way she looked and mom not having any in so long I figured it wouldn’t take much.” Karen pulled the zipper down on Rick’s pants. Fishing for a moment she pulled his cock out and began to stroke it properly.

“You totally set them up, huh?” Rick said glancing at her.

“I did. Does that make me bad?”

“Very bad. What do you think will happen now?”

“If I know mom she will try to pretend it didn’t happen and Eric is still too naïve to press the issue. He could get in her pants anytime he wanted to now that the ice has been broken, but I doubt he’ll try.” Karen was silent awhile, idly stroking her husband’s cock, luxuriating in the feel of it in her hand.

“You’re plotting aren’t you?” Rick asked after a time.

“Aren’t I always?” Karen replied huskily.

Eric arrived home from school and approached the front door with a mixture of longing and apprehension. After what happened last night he wasn’t sure how his mother would react to him. Would she want to continue where they had left off as he so desperately hoped? Would she be mad at him for taking advantage of her? Could the guilt be killing her? With a deep breath he entered the house.

Rachel heard the front door open and close. Her heart began to beat faster, fear welled up in her stomach and she desperately wanted to flee. She could hear his footsteps crossing the hardwood floors as he approached the kitchen where she was standing at the sink looking out on the backyard.

“Hi mom,” Eric said softly. For a minute neither moved. Finally Eric stepped closer to her. “I was thinking we might talk-”

“What would you like for dinner, dear?” Rachel interrupted. She spun around and opened the refrigerator and began to rummage through the shelves.

“Uh- whatever you want is fine with me mom,” he answered simply. Eric stood numbly as his mother began to prepare dinner, bustling around him as if he wasn’t even there. “I’m going to go do my homework,” he said leaving the kitchen in a daze.

Eric walked slowly to his room. Confusion settled in as he tried to make sense of his mother’s reaction. Too afraid to talk to her, Eric tried to do his homework.

For a couple of days the awkward feeling persisted between mother and son. Eric tried looking for opportunities to bring up what had happened between them but Rachel quickly changed the subject and pretended not to hear him. After a time Eric gave up and tried to ignore the memory of what they had done. Except at night when he closed his eyes he could once again see her face buried in his lap, his cock lodged in her mouth. He would masturbate dreaming of kartal escort her coming into his room and offering to help. During the time he was in the house with her he tried to pretend, like his mother, that nothing had happened.

Rachel was a tightly wound ball of nerves whenever her son was in the same room. She could feel his eyes upon her body almost like a soft hand caressing every inch of her. The torture of it was tearing her apart. She could feel her nipples becoming stiff underneath her heavy clothing. She had stopped wearing the flattering clothes that had led up to the incident in the first place so as not to encourage her son.

“Mother’s do not have sex with their son’s. It wasn’t right. It was a horrible thing I did to him when I was drunk,” Rachel told herself.

But she hadn’t been drunk. The effects of the wine had worn off long before she climbed the stairs and her daughter had suggested she go in and talk to Eric. Guilt would well up in her anew each time she recalled sucking her son’s cock, hearing those deliciously dirty words he had spoken to her. She felt shame that her daughter and son in law had heard the encounter between mother and son in the next room. When they had to cut their trip short she was relieved not to have to face them and their ‘pretending not to know’ stares.

At night Rachel too dreamed of the encounter with her son. Except in her dream when she looked up after satisfying her son, Karen was standing in the doorway, a disgusted look on her face. The arousing and agonizing dreams were leaving Rachel more exhausted than before she had gone to sleep. By the time a week had gone by since that fateful night Rachel was a mess. So much so that Eric called his sister, alarmed by his mom’s condition.

“Hello,” Karen said into the phone.

“Karen? Oh god, I’m glad you’re home,” Eric said worriedly.

“Hey Tiger, how come it took you so long to call me?” Karen giggled.

“Huh? What do you mean?”

“You know, after that night you and mom-,” Karen let the pause speak volumes. “Anyways before I left I put a note on your bed telling you to call me cuz it sounded like you had a great time. Figured you could use someone to talk to about it. Not the kind of thing you can go talking to your buddies about.”

Karen’s words crashed into Eric and he crumpled to the kitchen floor. “Oh god,” was all he could say.

“Eric? ERIC? Are you okay?” Karen felt panic rising.

“Yeah,” Eric replied softly. He kind of suspected his sister had heard them but he had never fully thought it through what it would mean if she had. After his mother had tried to pretend it never happened he had assumed his sister would to. “So you left a note on my bed?”

“Yeah, didn’t you get it?”

“No, I never got it.” The words came out mechanically, like someone else was speaking them. Karen was silent for a minute trying to come up with any other reason why the note would not have been where she left it except for her mother finding it. When she couldn’t she remembered that her brother had called her and he was relieved to hear her voice, like something had happened.

“Why are you calling now? What’s wrong?” Karen demanded.

“Its mom, something’s not right.”

“What do you mean?” The worry was rising in her voice.

“She looks terrible, like she’s not sleeping or something. I hardly see her eat and she’s piling on the clothes like its freezing in the house.” Eric lay back on the cool tile floor, still stunned from what his sister had told him. “It kind of makes sense now. She knows you know what we did.”

“Did you guys ever talk about what happened?” Karen inquired.

“I tried for a couple of days, but she didn’t want to. She acted like she didn’t hear me, so I gave up.”

“I’m coming home Eric. Whatever is bothering mom can’t be fixed over the phone. I’ll be there in a couple of hours.”

“Thanks sis,” Eric said with a sigh of relief. “I’ll let mom know you are coming.”

“No, don’t,” Karen ordered. “Just trust me.”

Karen packed a small overnight bag and headed out right away. She called Rick at his office and told him that she would be at her mother’s for a couple days and not too worry. When she finally arrived Eric let her in.

“Where is mom?” Karen asked looking about for her.

“She won’t be home for a while yet. She’s been out of the house a lot lately.”

“I never asked you, how are you doing?” Karen asked softly, tilting his chin up to make him look into her eyes.

“I’m doing okay,” he replied, embarrassed at being caught staring at her chest again.

“Their big, huh?” Karen asked with a twinkle in her eye.

“What are?” Eric said, trying to sound like he didn’t know what she could be referring to.

“These.” Karen took his hands and placed them upon her breasts. At first he tried to pull back but she held him firm. She pressed his fingers into the soft flesh of her bosom in a kneading fashion.

“Karen, we can’t do this! You’re my sister!” Eric had stopped pulling away and began to eagerly maltepe escort bayan cop a feel.

“And you’re my brother and I can’t think of anyone I’ve ever wanted to touch them more than you,” she stated with certainty. “Well, maybe one…” she added softly under her breath.

“Why? Why now?” he asked, confusion mixing with arousal evident in his face.

“Because mom got the first piece of you, now I want mine.”

“You can’t be serious,” Eric gasped.

Karen began to unbutton her blouse from the top down. With each fastener undone more and more flesh was being revealed. She watched her brothers gaze fall to the middle of her chest and she smiled in self satisfaction when she pulled the garment free, leaving her bra covered breasts exposed to him. Stepping closer to him she pulled his head down into the valley of flesh between her tits and held him there.

“It opens in the front,” she whispered softly into his ear. She felt his fingers fumble with the clasp uncertainly. She waited patiently until he got it undone and then it popped free. His hot breath on her flesh caused goose bumps to spread across her skin until her nipples tightened into painfully hardened nubs.

“Oh Eric,” she breathed as his tongue tentatively flicked across one nipple as he tenderly pinched the other. “How I’ve dreamt of this day. Take me to your room.”

Eric only nodded and took her hand as he headed toward his bedroom. Karen sat on his bed and made him stand before her. She traced the outline of his erection with a single finger through his pants. She looked up at him as she felt his cock through the clothing and watched his expression pass through pain, anticipation and pleasure all within a second.

“Tell me Eric, have you ever dreamed of this?”

“Yes,” he whispered through gasps.

“Tell me, how did it happen in your dreams?” Karen pressed one palm against his hardness and pushed her other hand up under his shirt and began to stroke his chest.

“I would be passing by your room and your door would be open and I would see you in your nightgown lying on your bed. You would be playing with yourself. Just before you would cum you would open your eyes and see me standing there. You would crook your finger, asking me to come in. When I would walk forward you wouldn’t say anything you would just open your legs wide and I would crawl on top of you.”

“Ooh, if I had only known it would have been that easy, I would have had you a hundred times.”

“Really?” Eric asked, nearly choking.

“Yes,” Karen said. She placed both hands on his ass and pulled him closer so that her face was pressed up against his crotch. He could feel her hot breath through his clothes, his cock aching to be freed. “Now, tell me what you and mom did that night?”

“We heard you and Rick and we just stared at each other. Neither one of us could move.”

“Did you get turned on?” Karen asked.

“Uh, well yeah, I did,” Eric replied, embarrassed.

“It’s okay. I would have been disappointed if you hadn’t. Then what happened.”

“When you guys got done I wasn’t the only one turned on. Mom touched me and realized how hard I was and then she pulled off the sheet and I was naked underneath.”

“Ooh,” Karen said as she gripped his erection through his pants again. She lowered his zipper and undid the button on his pants, pulling them down. “Just like you are now?” she asked as she held him through his boxers.

“Yes,” Eric groaned.

“And then what?” she prodded.

“Mom took me in her mouth and began to suck me,” Eric gasped as his sister reenacted his words. Her hot mouth engulfed his dick, taking it deep into her mouth so only the last half inch was uncovered by her lips. He could feel her tongue snake along the underside of his dick. For a few seconds she played with him and then pulled off of him.

“What did you say to her while she was sucking on you?”

“I called her a slut mommy and asked her to swallow my cum,” Eric panted.

“Did she like that?” Karen wanted to know.

“I think so, she sucked harder and faster when I called her that. She said she liked being naughty.”

“Do you like being naughty Eric? Do you like being naughty with your sister?” Her fingers squeezed his balls gently, rolling them around in her hand.

“Oh god, I do. I love it!” Eric roared. His hands found the back of her head and he pulled her face towards his groin. Karen accepted his direction and opened her mouth to take him in and allowed him to thrust into her face. She fluttered her tongue close to the base of his cock and then the ridge of the head as he pulled out. She prepared for each lunge and was able to take him in readily enough. A few times he pressed too far and she choked a little but her discomfort didn’t seem to sway Eric’s enthusiasm. She could feel his orgasm building and she pushed him away.

Eric’s face was crestfallen as he looked down with imploring eyes. Karen sat up straight and pressed her full bosom up to his groin and wrapped her breasts around his escort pendik jutting cock. She spat upon his already slippery cock and then began to slide her chest up and down his cock.

“Fuck my tits Eric. You know you’ve always wanted to.” She smiled when his eyes rolled back in his head as the new sensation was overcoming his ability to hold back. “Cum on my tits brother, cum on your big sis.”

Eric grunted and strained. Just as the first spurt was rocketing up his cock he forced his eyes open and watched as it came blasting out of him and onto her creamy flesh. Karen sighed happily as her chest was covered in the hot sticky discharge. Eric stumbled back and held himself up by the edge of his dresser. When he could see clearly again Karen was atop his bed on her hands and knees, her naked ass pointed straight at him. Her pants were on a pile next to the bed along with her shirt.

“Come on big boy, my turn,” Karen said with a lascivious grin.

Eric approached his sister slowly smelling her wanton arousal. He lowered his face to her bare pussy and began to lick as he had done with his mother. ‘This is my sister’ he thought and a growl emanated from his throat as he attacked the tender folds of her flesh with his tongue.

Karen squealed in delight for a moment and then lowered her bottom to the bed forcing Eric back.

“I don’t want you to go down on me, now. I want you to fuck me Eric. Fuck your sister.” Once again she raised her ass off the bed and presented him with her waiting pussy.

“But you’re my sister, we can’t do that,” Eric stammered.

“Why not? I can’t get anymore pregnant.” She turned her face back towards the wall and wiggled her ass invitingly at him. A moment later she felt him climb up on to the bed and his hands grabbed her hips. Reaching back Karen guided his dick into the wetness of her cunt.

“Oh my god,” Eric moaned, “I never imagined.” For a moment he just let himself be in her. The utter warm wetness engulfing him was beyond anything he had ever imagined. He finally understood that movie about sex being like warm apple pie. Only this was so much more that words failed.

Karen leaned forward slowly and then pushed back. He could feel the squishy walls of her pussy sliding over the head of his cock only to grasp the shaft as he passed through. It was like a thousand fingers knowing exactly where to touch to make him feel wonderful. If he hadn’t come just a minute ago he would have lost control in just a few seconds.

He pulled out again and pressed just the head of his cock up against her vaginal lips; pushing them to the side and feeling them kiss the tip. Karen whimpered softly and he thrust back into her forcefully and for the first time he heard the slap of skin on skin. He grabbed her hips and began a rough rhythm of pulling almost all the way out and then slamming back in.

He watched in awe as her ass rippled beneath his hands on each thrust into her body. His fingers pressed into her flesh deeply, causing red marks to form on the pale skin. Karen leaned forward, resting her weight on her arms crossed before her so that her ass was sticking up further into the air.

Eric lunged into her at an irregular pace; enjoying each of the dizzying sensations he was feeling. His hands slipped on her sweaty backside and he caught his grip with his thumb atop her asshole. Before he could pull his hand away Karen groaned and thrust back against him. Tenderly he pressed down with his thumb, never quite penetrating her. She obviously liked what he was doing as she began to buck her hips back against him.

Though it had only been a couple of minutes since he had entered her he could feel the orgasm building and he didn’t know how to hold it off.

“Karen, I’m going to cum,” he whined.

“It’s okay baby, cum in me. Give me your cum,” Karen coaxed. She jerked her hips back and forth, their skin slapping out a steady beat that reverberated throughout the room. Eric pulled back on her ass as he thrust forward, trying to get his cock as deep into her as possible. With each thrust he felt the wetness spread from her pussy onto his groin and down both of their legs. The walls of her pussy seemed to contract and at last he could no longer control his desire.

“OH GOD!” he bellowed and then the exquisite torture of orgasm was ripping through his loins. He felt his sister’s pussy grip him tightly and pulse around his shaft as she too flooded their coupled bodies with her own climax. Eric slumped against her, sliding off of her back and onto the bed next to her heaving body. He thought he heard the click of heels but it was drowned out by the beating of his heart pounding in his ears.

Karen heard the heels as well and was waiting patiently. Her plump ass was still propped up in the air, cum dribbling obscenely from her well fucked cunt. She leaned over her brother’s sprawled body and kissed him noisily on the mouth, exploring him with her tongue. She didn’t let up until she heard the small squeal that announced her mother’s arrival.

Turning slowly she looked at her mother standing in the doorway. Rachel leaned heavily against the doorframe, one hand grasping her chest and the other over her mouth. Karen slipped off the bed and began to close the distance. Rachel backed away until she was stopped by the wall behind her.

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