Teaching Ch. 02

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Sue Johnson was tired and relieved. Tired, because her personal trainer, the one Cara had arranged, the one who demanded she visit the gym five times a week, had insisted on a particularly grueling workout ‘because you have the weekend to rest.’ And she was relieved, relieved because her daughter had surprised her. Tonight they were going to stay in and have popcorn and a movie; she wouldn’t have to shop, to spend hours with a hairdresser, or do all the other things her daughter had insisted, maniacally insisted she do over the past two weeks. ‘You need a break, mum,’ Cara had said, matter of factly, and Susan agreed.

So after dinner, with popcorn for desert, Susan spread out on the couch while Cara slipped in the video before sitting down in the chair beside her.

“What are we watching?” asked Susan Johnson, not really caring. She hadn’t seen a decent movie in years.

“You’ll see,” said Cara cryptically.

And she did. At first she thought it was a grade C romance — the music was tinny, the actors wooden and the dialogue stupid, but after only a few minutes she recognized it for what it was, pornography. She looked over at Cara, more confused then shocked, “Is this what I think it is?”

Cara smiled mischievously, “Have you ever seen one.”

“No, of course not,” she said getting to her feet, “and I’m not going to start now.”

“OK, Mum,” Cara said, getting to her feet. “You don’t have to, I’ll turn it off.” She pushed the eject button on the VCR then said, “I’ll see you later.”

“Later?” Susan Johnson looked at her daughter, “Where are you going?”

“I think I’ll go over to Tim’s house, or John’s or Peter’s.”

“But why? It’s getting late?”

Cara held up the video, “To watch this! I wanted to see it, I’ve never seen one before and if you don’t want to watch it with me, I will find somebody who will.” Then she added with a sly grin, “but, frankly, mum, I would have thought a responsible parent would prefer that her impressionable daughter watch films like this in the safety of her own home and with parental control and supervision.” She turned to leave.

“Cara …”

Cara turned back. “What?” she responded innocently.

“That’s blackmail.”

“Is it?” Cara hesitated for a moment, then said, “Well, call it what you will. I have never seen a porn flick before and I want to, you have never seen a porn flick before and it’s about time you did. I thought we could watch it together. Call it a bonding experience, but if you’re going to throw me to the wolves, throw me to John …”

Susan grabbed the video from her daughter’s hand and shoved it into the VCR then went back to the couch, sat down and looked sternly at her daughter, as if she was about to do some entirely against her will. And when Cara looked back at her with a look of defiant determination, Susan Johnson felt a flash of warmth course through her body, a hot bolt of love: I was never that bright and alive when I was 19, nor as devious, she thought, marveling at the girl who filled her life with so much joy.

They watched the film in silence. The first 15 minutes was a composite of multi-angled shots, fixated on a single fluid motion, the in and out of copulation. It was a film almost fit for biology class. The second section was longer and very different. Two women, they could have been mother and daughter, discovered an interest in each other’s bodies, slowly, passionately, exquisitely. It was near the end of the segment when Cara realized that she had been rubbing her crotch through her jeans and it was near the end, too, when she noticed that her mother’s breathing was unusually loud. And then it was over and the overly muscled man, and the impossibly bosomed woman were at it again, as if they hadn’t stopped, as if they were being paid by the stroke, in and out, in and out, God, Cara thought, do I have to look forward to a lifetime of that?

“So that’s fucking, eh?” Cara pressed the rewind button. “Frankly, mum, it doesn’t look like something I’ll be all that excited about.”

“No,” said her mother, with a little relief, “I don’t blame you. That wasn’t the best advertisements for having kids.”

Cara looked at her mother out of the corner of her eye, “But the women were hot.”


“I said the women were hot.”


“Mum, I said the women were hot,” and she looked directly and inquisitively at her mother.

Her mother smiled and said nothing.

“I’m going to watch that part again.”

“Fine,” escort bostancı said her mother getting up, “I’m going to bed.”

“I wonder which part John will like?” The words were quiet and packed with what sounded like genuine curiosity.

“Cara, really. You wanted me to watch it, I did. I don’t have to watch it time and time again.”

“Did you feel anything?” Cara watched her mother closely and when she shook her head, she knew she was lying. “The Lesbians? Ya,” Cara didn’t wait for her mother to say anything, “me too, that’s why I want us to see it again.” Cara smiled to herself when her mother sat back down, needing no more convincing.

They were pretty, the dark haired one with the glasses and the small perky breasts and the larger, blond woman with the big breasts and the pleasantly insistent aggression. Neither would turn a head, thought Cara, but what they were doing to each other, now that was hot, so hot that she quietly undid the top button of her jeans and silently pulled down the zipper and opened her legs. She wasn’t at all surprised at how wet she was. “Do you masturbate, mum?”

Her mother’s mind was elsewhere, “What, dear?”

“Do you masturbate?”

The answer was barely audible and there was a slight note of disappointment. “No.”

Cara took her hand from her panties and sat up in her chair and turned and looked at her mother, “No? Never?”

Sue Johnson didn’t look at her daughter and didn’t respond.

“Did you ever?”

Sue looked away from the screen, but not at her daughter, “No, not really.”


“No, Cara, I have never masturbated.” End of story.

To Cara, her mother’s confession sounded almost angry, but she didn’t care, she was interested, “But why not? I do it almost every day.”

Her mother looked at her in surprise then turned away. “These are different times then the one I went through.”

Cara put the two women on paused and turned more in her chair, the better to study her mother, “But no one can stop you from pleasuring yourself!”

“Maybe not, but there are forces out there that try, they … ah, take all the pleasure out of it.”


“God, parents, society — forces.”

“Are you telling me not to masturbate?”

“No, of course not,” she said quickly, then she smiled and added, “if you’re doing it every day now you wouldn’t stop even if I told you to.”

“No, I wouldn’t,” Cara agreed. “I love it, I love the way it makes me feel, it makes me feel beautiful and hot and I love the release it gives me.” She couldn’t understand why everyone didn’t do it, so she asked again, “Why didn’t you do it.”

“Because I haven’t.”

“But why don’t you do it now?”

“Old dogs new tricks, Cara, I probably wouldn’t even know how to do it, and I’d probably feel like it’d be a ticket to hell if I tried.”

“I do it. Do you think I’m going to hell?”


“No, nor do I,” Cara said with finality. “Stage, ah 4.”

“Stage 4?”

“Teach mum to masturbate.”

Sue Johnson jumped to her feet, “Oh no you don’t, missie, that’s just not going to happen.”

Cara leapt to her feet just as quickly and pretended anger, “Oh yes it is and if we can’t masturbate, I know where I can go …”

“Cara, for goodness sake …”

“Mum, for goodness sake!” She took her mother by the shoulders and led her back to the couch and gently pushed her down, then she sat down beside her.

It was then that Sue noticed that her daughter’s pants were open. “Have you already been masturbating,” she was shocked, shocked that her daughter would do it right there in that room, just a few feet from her own mother.

“No, I wasn’t,” she said, then quickly added, “but I wanted to, God, did I ever want to,” then she nudged her mother, “and I still want to. And I want to masturbate with you.”

“Come on, Cara, don’t …”

Cara pushed her mother back into the couch, got up, got the klicker, started the film again and as she sat down, she pushed her jeans down and kicked them off. “I’ll show you the basics.”

“Cara!” Susan turned away. She couldn’t look at her daughter.

Cara pulled her mother towards her, “Mum, look at me. I feel great when I masturbate, I enjoy it and I like myself when I do it, I feel I get to know myself better. You will too. And you need to. How can other people find out that you’re interesting and sexy if you won’t even touch you own friggin’ pussy?”

Silence. Susan still ümraniye escort couldn’t look at her daughter.


“Well what?”

“How can people find …”

“Yes, I heard you.”


“Well what?”

“Are we going to masturbate.”

Susan nodded in resignation, “I’ll try it tonight.”

“How will I know?”

“You’ll just have to trust me.”

Cara laughed, “Like hell I’ll trust you. If you haven’t done it in 40 years, I can’t trust you to do it tonight. We’ll do it here,” and she reached for the top of her mother’s pants.

“Cara, please.” But there was a hint of resignation in her voice, as if she knew she had to do as she was told.

Cara gently pushed her mother back on the couch again and said, “Just relax, mum.” And she undid the top button of her mother’s slacks and pulled the zipper down, surprised that her mother didn’t protest. Then she picked up the clicker again and grew anxious that her mother would bolt as she rewound the tape to when the two women first walked onto the screen, hand in hand. But she didn’t move, she just lay there, looking away, looking at nothing, waiting for whatever would happen next. Cara leaned over and gave her mother a long kiss on the cheek and said, “You’re beautiful, mum, you have to learn that.”

Cara’s mother didn’t move when Cara put her head on her shoulder and kissed her breast through the light material of her blouse. And she moved only slightly to catch a quick look when Cara moved her hand onto her own panties and slowly massaged her pussy as she watched on the screen as the daughter massage her mother’s sex. But Susan seemed almost to jump when Cara put her hand on the top of her mother’s red nylon panties but she settled quickly and with her eyes never leaving the screen she made herself more comfortable on the couch and let her legs fall open just a little more. Cara didn’t miss the signal. She reached down and was elated when she felt her mother lift her ass as she tugged at her slacks and pulled them off.

Cara started slowly. She lightly touched her mother’s belly and felt a rush of love as her mother’s muscles spasmed. Then she felt the elastic of her panties and slipped a finger under the waistband and moved along inside it teasingly before bringing her finger out and brushing them along the outside of the red nylon.

Her mother looked down at the head lying on her chest. “Should we be doing this?”

Cara been concentrating on the way the red nylon of her mother’s panties delicately shielded her rising mons and the way the delicate sexual colour magically disappeared into the tuffs of long brown hair that decorated her mother’s inner thighs. She looked up and could see a dreamy look in her mother’s eyes. “Yes, mum, you’re beautiful, we have to let you discover that.” Cara’s word were soft and sincere.

When her mother smiled Cara fell on top of her, with her hand cupping her mother’s sex.

“I love you mum. You’re beautiful, you’re sexy and I love that you’re my mother.”

Her mother remained quiet, but moved her hand to her daughter’s hair and gently stroked it.

“Would you open your shirt, mum? I’d like to suck on your breasts like they’re doing.”

Susan said nothing but in a moment started to undo the buttons of her blouse. “You’ll have to get up.”

Cara sprang from her mother and helped her take off her blouse, then helped her with her bra and as her mother lay back, she quickly took off her own top before crawling back to lay half on, half off her mother, loving the feeling of her skin mingling with her mother’s. “You’re wet, mum.”

“I wonder why?”

“Are you close to coming?”

“I hope not,” she said dreamily while squeezing her daughter, “I’d like this to last awhile.”

Cara scooted up and gave her mother a muscular kiss on the mouth then lay back down again, putting her hand back on the outside of her mother’s panties, “Put your breast in my mouth, mum.” And when she did Cara mumbled, “You’re beautiful, mum, you’re beautiful and sexy and I love you.”

Sue Johnson pulled her daughter into her, squeezing her, feeling her daughter’s skin and bones and sinew crush against her body, then she muttered almost to herself, “You make me feel beautiful, Cara.”

And then she gave in to her daughter, moaning lightly when Cara placed her hand under her mother’s panties and let her fingers play with her bushy hair before sinking her middle finger into her mother’s cunt. And that’s kartal escort bayan the way they lay there as the tape finally came to a stop, Cara sucking on her mother’s breast and running her finger outside, inside and deep within her mother’s wet, tight pussy. When Susan Johnson came the sounds from deep within her were so passionate, so uniquely her that Cara almost came as well. Instead, she let go of her mother’s tit and pulled herself up onto her mother and she took her mother’s head in her hands and kissed her, kissed her as deeply and as passionately as she knew how, letting her tongue slide along the outside of her mother’s lips, along her teeth and under her tongue.

“Do you feel beautiful, Mum?” Cara studied her mother’s face, trying to will a positive response.

“Oh, God Cara, I don’t know what I feel.”

Cara picked up her mothers breast and kissed it, sucked at the nipple, then bit at it gently. “Do your breasts feel good?”

Sue squirmed on the couch, “Oh, God Cara, yes.”

Then Cara put her hand on her mother’s panties, on her mother’s sex, feeling the wetness, savoring the swollen lips. “Does your pussy feel good, mum?”

“Oh, Cara.” She couldn’t look at her daughter.

Then Cara brought her fingers up to her own mouth and licked them before she played her fingers under her mother’s nose, then into her mouth. “You’ve never tasted yourself before, have you, mum? Do you like it?”

Sue Johnson let her daughter’s fingers enter her mouth and she dutifully licked and sucked on them, offended at first by the taste and the smell, then her daughter’s lips joined hers and they shared her juices, they sucked on her fingers together and she lost herself in the senses of touch, taste and smell, “God, Cara, oh Cara.”

Cara felt a hot rush of utter love for her mother. She kissed her, small little pecks on her cheek, her neck, her breast. “Now, I’ve shown you how it’s done, I want you to do it.”

Sue Johnson looked up at her daughter and kissed her warmly on the cheek, “Yes, yes, I want to. Here, move down here and let me …”

“No mum,” said Cara looking lovingly into her mothers eyes, eyes that were brighter then she had ever seem them before, eyes that were alive with excitement, “not to me, to yourself.” Cara saw her eyes cloud with embarrassed and she rushed to reassure her, “I want you to do that to me, mum, but later, now I want you to do it to yourself, and I want you to do it to yourself tonight, tomorrow and everyday until you find in yourself the beautiful, sexy woman you are. Will you, mum? Will you do that for me?”

Susan could see the pleading in her daughter’s eyes, there was almost pain in them, but there was hope, too. So for the first time in her life Sue Johnson put her hand under her panties and moved them cautiously towards the wet swollen lips of her sex, but before she reached it, her daughter jumped off the couch, grabbed at her mother’s panties and pulled them down and then pulled her mother’s ass to the edge of the couch and gently pushed her legs open.

Susan looked down along her body; she saw her firm and pendulous breasts resting on her ribs, she saw her flat, slightly quivering stomach end in a tall mound of thick brown hair which glistened with the jewels of her own mysterious juices and she saw her daughter’s face, twisted in concentration as she directed her mother’s fingers to discover the delicate complexity and the exquisite pleasure of her own cunt. When her fingers arrived in place, Cara gave them a gently, encouraging pat, then she kissed them.

“I love you,” said Susan to her daughter through eyes hooded with pleasure, “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome,” said Cara excitedly as she scooted on her knees so she could look down on her mother’s face. “Enjoy it, mum, feel the pleasure, think of the girls on the video or someone who makes you feel sexy. Give in to it, mum, give in to yourself. Fuck yourself, mum,” she could hear her mother’s sounds starting deep within her, “fuck yourself, mum, oh you look so beautiful, you look so beautiful.”

“Oh, Caraaaa,” she said, bucking her pussy at her fingers as if she had been doing it for years, and then her guttural moans turned to squeals of delight as her orgasm, the second in her life, and the second in just a few minutes coursed through her body in rapid, rolling spasms of a pleasure, pleasure she hadn’t known existed. And then, but for the heaving of her chest and the rasping of her panting, she was still.

Cara brought her mother’s hand to her mouth, “Lick them, mum, taste yourself.”

But Susan scarcely had the energy, so her daughter did it for her, and then she put a blanket on her sleeping mother, turned off the TV and went upstairs with her mother’s red, wet panties in her hand.

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