Taylor’s Relief

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Ron loves to look at sexy women, loves asses, but tits are his favorite. He’d been seeing a woman at work, but she’d called it quits. He was back on the market and he’d been horny as fuck ever since. He hadn’t even gotten a goodbye fuck from her.

Today he had to work and his dick was just throbbing! He took ten minutes in the bathroom to beat himself off, but as soon as he’d gotten in the door, his secretary, Taylor had spoken to him and his cock was raging hard again.

Taylor was not only his secretary, but she was also his daughter in law. She had married his son Peter three years ago and was pregnant with his first grandchild. She was almost eight months along, her belly was swollen and her breasts had grown three sizes. She had been leaking recently, he’d noticed the wet spots around her swollen nipples. She had tried to hide it with sweaters and scarves, but he’d already seen.

He made his way to his office quickly, covering his hard on with his briefcase. He swung the door part way closed and sat at the desk. He adjusted his cock to be less noticeable and started his computer. He liked to put up a slide show of photos of Taylor he’d found on Peter’s laptop. Taylor, pre-pregnancy, had posed naked in hundreds of poses.

His favorites were the ones of her laying on the hood of Peter’s sports car, her with Peter’s cock deep down her throat and a shot of her tits sprayed with cum. He brought up the slides and leaned back in his chair, as the naked images of his daughter in law filled the screen, she entered his office too.

He bolted upright and quickly shut off the monitor. She smiled shyly and called him the nickname she had given him, “Papa?”

He smiled, every time she said that, he melted inside. She could ask him for anything and he’d do it.

“My doctor had prescribed ice packs every twenty minutes to alleviate the swelling I have, can I use your private escort bostancı bathroom?”

“Sure Taylor, anything for you,” he smiled at her.

She went in and closed the door, he could hear her in there. He leaned back, stroking his cock, thinking of her in there.

The rest of the day was the same, she went in every twenty minutes and he thought about her and beat off.

Around four, most of the employees were off for the day. He stayed til six and Taylor stayed til five or five thirty, depending on how she was feeling. Today she was in the bathroom, he could hear her crying now.

Knocking on the door, he asked, “Taylor? You okay in there?”

She didn’t answer, just continued sobbing. He pushed on the door, to his surprise it opened! He stepped inside the door and saw Taylor, bare chested, sobbing in her hands.

He quickly moved to her side, “Taylor, what’s wrong? What can Papa do?”

She gasped and sputtered, “Papa, my breasts are so swollen! I am so sore! The doctor suggested that Peter suckle my nipples and relieve them, but he thinks it’s disgusting and he wouldn’t. The ice packs aren’t helping and I’m going to die if I don’t get any relief!”

Instantly, Ron’s cock grew hard. He led her to the toilet. Sitting down, he pulled her into his lap. “Why didn’t you say so Tay? I used to do it for Peter’s mother, I could help you.”

He cupped one of her beautiful breasts and put his lips over her nipple. She gasped, then groaned. His cock hardened, knowing he was turning her on by his act of kindness.

She spread her legs, adjusting her position. His tongue flicked over her nipple, sucking her sweet juices into his mouth. He didn’t spit it out, he swallowed every drop of her. His lips released one nipple and found their way to the other, taking it into his mouth and suckling.

Suddenly, Taylor stood, pulling away. She ümraniye escort cried, “I can’t do this, it isn’t right.”

He pulled her close to him, “I know it seems wrong, but you need relief. You’re hurting, I can’t stand to see you hurting. Hell, you might like what this old man can do,” he joked.

She hurriedly tugged on her shirt and rushed from the room.

Ron stood and undid his pants, letting his cock loose. He quickly stroked himself before going back. He packed up and went home for the day, seeing that Taylor had done the same thing.

The next morning, he awoke with a stiff one. He jerked him off to the thought of naked Taylor in his lap, her nipples hard and near his face. He groaned loudly as he sprayed his pillow, imagining Taylor’s swollen breasts.

After his morning erection, he ran to get Taylor’s favorite juice smoothie and cinnamon buns.

When he got to work, she wasn’t there yet. He left his gift on her desk and went to his office. Around nine, he looked up to find Taylor in the doorway. She looked so sweet and innocent.

“Papa, can we talk?” she asked as she closed the door behind her.

He nodded and she began, changing his life and hers forever.

“Papa, I’m sorry about yesterday. I really freaked when you tried to help. I didn’t expect to be so turned on by it.”

His cock grew, tightening his pants around it. “I’m sorry too Taylor, my intentions were only to help relieve your pain.”

She smiled shyly, “I know Papa, I was hoping you could help today? I felt so much better after the few moments yesterday.”

He grinned, “Of course Taylor, anything you need.”

She led him to the bathroom and locked the door behind them. This time she stood in front of him while he sat on the toilet. She pulled her sweater and shirt off to reveal a silky black bra, he helped her tug her swollen breasts out of it. kartal escort bayan

Each nipple hard, she cried out in pain as he suckled her nipple. She closed her eyes and leaned her head back. Tears rolled down her cheeks, his fingers gently massaged her other breast.

After a few minutes, he switched sides, giving the other side much needed relief. She pulled him closer, his teeth tugging on her nipple, her juices filling his mouth. He used his free hand to stay steady, cupping her bottom, her smooth baby bump between them.

Switching breasts again, he moved his other hand to press her closer. Again he put a hand on her bottom and pushed her closer. His mouth suckled and his tongue massaged her nipples.

Gently, every couple minutes he’d switch. He could feel her body shiver against him. He could tell she was near orgasm and her scent drifted to his nose.

His hand left her bottom and found the edge of her skirt. Her legs were close together, but as he ran a hand up her leg, they opened. His fingers found her wet panties, pushing them to the side and teasing along her wet slit.

She dripped cum, his fingers were soaked instantly. He rubbed along her clit a moment longer and then inserted it in her pussy.

Her legs shook and wobbled. He used the hand on her bottom to press her tight to him. He continued to suck one side then, the other. Her drenched cunt dripping onto his hand and his fingers felt inside her and his thumb rubbed her clit.

She moaned this time, shaking and holding onto his shoulders to stay upright. She finally spoke out, “Papa, I’ve come over and over. I need to go sit.”

He took one last swipe of her cunt and let her go. She pulled on her shirt and went back to her desk.

He was so hard from that encounter that he went back to his office, shut the door and turned on the slide show. He pulled his cock out and beat off to all the photos of Taylor he had.

Half way through the show the second time, he saw a photo of Taylor’s pussy up close. He could imagine his tongue tasting her and he blew his load all over the underside of his desk.

He couldn’t wait to help Taylor again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32