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Tammy couldn’t believe this crap. She got her cousin, Angela, to loan Tammy her car to make a late night run to the burger joint and now the car was sitting in a field fifteen miles from where it was suppose to be. Tammy didn’t know what to do. This was Angela’s combination graduation and 18th birthday present. The worst part was Tammy wasn’t even driving. She had met her boyfriend and he wanted to see what the car would do. The next thing Tammy knew the damn thing was flying over a ditch and into some farmer’s field. Tammy couldn’t call her father, because she was already in trouble with him for her grades, and the last thing she needed in her first year of college was this. She begged her boyfriend to get some help, but he just called his friend to pick him up. He told Tammy to come with him, and they would say someone stole it. Tammy knew that wouldn’t fly and it wasn’t long before her asshole of a boyfriend was gone.

With a deep breath Tammy called Angela. To say that Angela was upset would be an understatement. She was crying and almost hysterical on the phone. Then Angela’s father picked up the phone. Tammy was scared of her father, but her Uncle Bob terrified her. He was a tough man who use to be a bouncer at a number of country and western bars around his town. He also had a way of looking at Tammy that made her squirm. She could never prove it, but there were several times since she moved to town for college, that she thought Uncle Bob was trying to catch her naked. He had a habit of opening her bedroom door without knocking.

Tammy tried to explain what happened but she could tell he wasn’t buying any of it. Finally he interrupted her and asked where she was, and said he was on his way. Tammy was hoping against hope that Angela was coming with him. After thirty minutes Tammy saw headlights coming and then saw her uncle’s red pickup. When he opened the door Tammy knew she was really screwed. He was alone.

“What the hell happened Tammy? How did this car end up fifty yards off the road in a damn field? I guess we need to call my so successful brother and tell him that his little daughter wrecked my little girl’s car!”

“Noooo! Please don’t call my daddy! I’m sorry Uncle Bob. I swerved to avoid a deer and I guess I hit the gas instead of the brakes.” Tammy said with tears streaming down her face.

“Try again little girl. Only this time make it the fucking truth!”

“Okay! Okay! I went to meet Brad and he wanted to drive it. Then the shit wanted to see how fast it would go, and he lost control.”

It took another hour to get a tow truck out to pull it out of the field and Tammy was shocked at the damage. She could see and hear her uncle fuming as he looked at it after they pulled it out. He stormed to the truck and slammed the door as he got in. Tammy was actually afraid right now. Maybe she should have called her father. They just sat there as Uncle Bob shook his head over and over. Finally he started the truck and they slowly started off down the road.

“I can’t wait to talk to my brother and tell him that his oh so perfect little girl snuck off to fuck a guy and then wrecked my little girl’s car. This time he is really going to pay for what you did.”?

Tammy sat in the passenger seat watching her uncle as he drove the truck The only thing going through her mind was how she was going to get out of this? Tammy had lived a charmed life. She had never once been in a situation that she couldn’t talk or flirt her way out of. In the worse case her daddy would see that she got out of whatever trouble she got into. Now she was sitting there trying to go through her options. She had flirted to get out of trouble before, even though she never would take it beyond flirting, but this was her uncle, and she detested him. Uncle Bob already knew the truth, so there was no way she could talk escort bostancı her way out of it. That only left her with her daddy, and she didn’t want to go that route. This was her first time away from home as an 18 year old college freshman. She was barely hanging onto her spring break vacation as it was. This would definitely make her daddy take that away.

“Please Uncle Bob. Don’t call my daddy tonight. Can’t we wait until you know how much it will cost? Then maybe I can pay you.”

The rest of the ride home was in complete silence. When they got home Tammy went straight to her room and was praying that Uncle Bob didn’t call her daddy. She didn’t sleep the entire night and was already up when her alarm clock went off for school. As she was getting dressed her door flew open and banged against the wall as Angela came storming in.

“I can’t believe you! Now I am the only 18 year old girl I know without a car. That car might not seem like much to you and your family, but that was how I got to work and school. Now I’m going to have to find rides to work. All because you wanted to get fucked. You are so going to regret the day you came to school here. My daddy was right, you are a stuck up bitch!”

After Angela stormed out Tammy sat on her bed with her head in her hands. She was completely fucked now. These country bumpkins were going to hang her out to dry and enjoy every minute of it. Why did her daddy demand that she go to this school anyway? Tammy didn’t care that her mother went here. She had always wanted to go to State with all her friends. Finally Tammy got up and snuck out of the house and went to class without seeing her uncle.

Every time her phone vibrated she was terrified it was her father, but she had made it through the day and no calls or messages from her daddy. She made it home and was surprised to find that she was the only person there. She decided to hop in the shower before her uncle got home. After her shower she slipped on a baggy sweatshirt and a pair of shorts like she usually did. Then she heard the door open and slam downstairs.

“Tammy! Get your ass out here!”

“Shit! Uncle bob is home” Tammy said to herself. She put her brush down and slipped on her flip flops and went downstairs. She finally found him in the kitchen sitting at the table.

“Hey Uncle Bob.” she said in a nervous whisper.

“I got the estimate for Angela’s car, and it ain’t pretty.” He reached into his coat pocket and puled out a folded piece of paper and slid it over.

Tammy unfolded it and looked at it. Her eyes got huge as she kept looking at it. “Five thousand dollars? That is crazy. That piece of shit isn’t even worth that.”

As soon as she said that Tammy wanted to eat those words. Her uncle just looked at her and she could see the veins in his neck throbbing.

“That piece of shit might not be much to you and my brother, but it is the best I could do for my little girl. I worked my ass off for that piece of shit.”

“I’m sorry Uncle Bob I didn’t mean it that way.” Tammy was almost crying again.

“Those tears work on my brother, but they’re not going to work on me, so just cut that out. I want five thousand dollars right now or I call your daddy.”

“I don’t have that kind of money. I might can get a couple thousand, but even that isn’t going to be easy. Please Uncle Bob. There has to be another way that doesn’t cost as much.”

“Get up to your room. I’ll be up in a little bit.”

Tammy didn’t know what his idea would be, but she knew she wasn’t going to like it. Tammy sat on her bed with her back against the wall waiting on his heavy footsteps to come down the hallway. It seemed like hours had passed, but was actually only thirty minutes.

Uncle Bob came in and sat on the edge of her bed looking at her. “There is only one way. ümraniye escort You get me two thousand by tomorrow, and you work off the rest around the house.”

Tammy perked up at this. “Okay, I can do chores and wash clothes, and such. I can even cook some, so I’ll do that.”

“There will be more chores than that around here.”

“I know. I’ll clean, do the yard work. Whatever you need.”

“Exactly, whatever the fuck I need, and right now I need a good blow job. I’ll be in my room waiting on you.”

Then he got up and walked down the hall to his room. Tammy just sat there thinking “he can’t really expect me to?” She sat there for a minute longer and finally got up and walked down the hall to ask him if he was serious. When she got to his open door she was shocked to see him laying on top of his bed completely naked.

“Uncle Bob!! What the hell?!” Tammy yelled as she turned her head.

“What part did you not understand, blow or job?”

“Geez, cover up. I can’t talk to you while you’re naked. You’re my uncle.”

“I told you what I want. You decide before Angela gets home in two hours if you want to work your problem out with me, or with your daddy.” While he said that he was stroking his hard cock.

Tammy had just caught sight of him doing that out of the corner of her eye. “Don’t be doing that while we’re talking.”

“You have two hours, and don’t worry, I won’t let you miss out on the full experience.”

Tammy turned and ran down the hall to her room and slammed the door. “What was she going to do?” Tammy thought. She wasn’t a virgin, but she also didn’t qualify as a slut. What kind of girl would submit to her uncle? God she was screwed. She picked up her phone a hundred times ready to call her daddy, but kept putting it down. She knew that a blow job would only be the beginning, and she dreaded thinking about what would come after that. After almost an hour Tammy decided that she could do this. She stood up and her legs were trembling she was so scared.

As she walked down the hall she got to his door and saw her uncle still laying on top of he bed. His cock looking huge as it rose from his groin. Tammy just stood at the door trembling. She didn’t want to do this.

“Oh God!! Please don’t make me do this. I’m your niece, I’m not some whore.”

Bob just laid there looking at Tammy and then he reached down and started moving his cock around with his hand. “Look at it Tammy. He wants you.”

Tammy closed her eyes and whispered “Please Uncle Bob” with tears running down her cheeks.

He just laid there wagging his hard cock at Tammy.

Trying to act brave Tammy started toward his bed. Once she was beside it she couldn’t look at her uncle’s face. She decided it would be easier if she just concentrated on the act itself, and not on her uncle. She sat on the bed and the old springs squeaked and this just addd to the humiliation. Every move she made that old bed would announce it throughout the entire room, and her face got redder from embarrassment.

“Come on Tammy. You know you want to be a good niece. Take your uncle’s cock in that little mouth of yours. I have been looking forward to those soft pink lips wrapping around me. Sucking me deep into your mouth. “

As the tears flowed Tammy reached over and Uncle Bob let go of his cock as Tammy’s small fingers wrapped around it. It was so hot Tammy felt like it would burn her. She slowly slid her hand up and down his shaft. She could have sworn that she could feel his heart beating through his cock.

“I think I asked for a blow job Tammy, not a hand job. Come on, wrap those lips around your uncle.”

Tammy was hoping he would quit talking. This was humiliating enough, he was just making it worse. Then Tammy closed her eyes and leaned over until his cock head brushed against kartal escort bayan her lips. She was fighting the urge to get sick so she had to go slow. She started out pursing her lips and lightly kissing all over his shaft. Finally she opened her mouth and started licking on it like a lollypop. She was making slow licks up and down the sides of the cock. Once she reached the head she opened her mouth and with a ragged breath she brought her lips around the head and began softly sucking.

“Oh yeah baby. That’s the way to suck your uncle’s cock. Yeah, just like that.” Bob knew Tammy was trying to block out who she was blowing, so he was going to remind her every chance he got. Bob also knew he wasn’t going to last with his 18 year old niece giving him a blow job.

Tammy was just trying to concentrate on the cock in her mouth and not on what her uncle was saying. With her lips sealed around his shaft Tammy began to slide further down his shaft. Each stroke of her her mouth brought a groan of pleasure from her uncle. Now she had built up a rhythm and was making sure to use more than enough saliva to get him off as fast as possible. Tammy used her hand to stroke the bottom of his shaft that she couldn’t get in her mouth. Then occasionally she would reach down and fondle his balls with her fingers.

“Oh yeah Tammy. Keep sucking your uncle’s cock. Just remember I expect you to swallow, so don’t make a mess.”

Tammy heard the last part, and she felt herself getting sick knowing that he was going to cum in her mouth. With a sudden determination she began sucking him deeper. She now was using her fingers just to play with his balls as she was taking most of his cock into her mouth. With her saliva running down around his balls Tammy heard a loud groan and then she felt his cock expanding in her mouth.

“Oh fuck yeah!! Here it comes baby. Drink all your uncle’s cum.”

Then Uncle Bob’s ass came off the bed and forced the rest of his cock down Tammy’s throat just as the first jet of cum shot out. Tammy tried her best to get it all to go straight down her throat so she wouldn’t taste it but Uncle Bob knew what she was up to and pulled her mouth off him so that just the head was in her mouth. Now each spurt was sliding over her tongue before she got the chance to swallow. Tammy was repulsed by this, but she kept sucking. It felt like he was never going to quit filling her mouth with his cum. Each time she thought he was through she felt another spurt slide over her tongue.

“At last” Tammy thought to herself as his cock stopped spasming inside her mouth. Then she carefully pulled off his cock.

“Are you sure that you’re only 18 years old? You must be a real slut to be that good at giving blow jobs. Now make sure you get it all.” Uncle Bob said.

Tammy held his cock in her fingers like it was a delicate instrument and made sure to lick all around it.

“There, you’re completely clean.” Tammy mumbled as she looked down. There was no way she could bring herself to look at him, not after this.

“Then I guess your first chore is done.”

Tammy got up and she didn’t know if her legs would hold up long enough for her to make it back to her room. She had to hold onto the wall all the way back, but she did make it to her room. Once there she ran to her bathroom and her retching sound was the only thing that drowned out the hysterical laughing of Uncle Bob.

After throwing up Tammy kneeled with her head resting on the rim of the toilet bowl and softly cried. “How could he do this? To his own 18 year old niece?” Tammy struggled to her feet and and leaned over the sink looking at her reflection in the mirror. This brought another wave of nauseousness to spread over her and she turned just in time to find the toilet. Tammy was having dry heaves when she finally stood back up. This time she didn’t even look at the mirror. She just opened the door so she couldn’t see it. Tammy spent the next brushing her teeth and gargling with mouth wash until she thought she had brushed all the enamel off her teeth. Then she staggered to her bed and collapsed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32