Tables Turn

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My girlfriend and I have always been very experimental in our sexual relationship.

One evening after arriving back at our flat, she was greeted to foam filled bubble bath. We didn’t speak but I lathered her up after undressing her and I washed her body from head to toe, scrubbing her body up and down before shaving her pussy clean we she enjoyed.

After the bath when she was all relaxed, I wrapped her up in a huge white fluffy warm towel. I then lead her to the bedroom and spread her on the huge double bed where I gave her a full body massage.

She then rolled on to her back where I came up from behind her and blindfolded her, then took hold of her wrists and handcuffed her to the bed posts, also spreading her legs out.

Once done, I begun to tease and torment her and watched her body rise to my every touch. I took a nipple in my mouth gently and nibbled and suck away whilst my hands roamed all over her body making her feel very loved and wanted.

My mouth worked all the way down her body, teasing each nipple in turn, pass her belly button and to stop and pause at her wet pussy. She then began to wrestle with the cuffs crying out aloud as erotik film izle I begun to slowly slide my tongue inside her shaved pussy.

She moaned out aloud and her breaths quickened as I slid more of my tongue in. I let my tongue work in deeper and deeper, until she was moaning out loud before I withdrew and disappeared to the kitchen to get an ice cube.

I ran the ice cube gently over her throbbing clitoris, hearing her scream my name in ecstasy. I discarded the ice cube then she felt my hot mouth again around her throbbing pussy. Sucking her in, drinking her, gently nibbling on her smooth love nest until I could feel her getting closer and closer before she let loose a powerful orgasm, filling my mouth all of a sudden.

Still on the high of her 1st orgasm I alternated my position so that we were in a 69. Her legs wrapped tightly around me, pulling me deeper and deeper into her. I sucked long and hard on her pussy. She began to slowly lick my cock whilst the blindfold was still on, finding her way with touch alone. My tongue continued its onslaught, until it was too much and she could not hold back and she came again, very hard.

She continued film izle to devour my cock as her legs shuddered around my head but she stopped short, making sure my cock was really lubricated and hard.

I un cuffed her and left her panting on the bed, to my surprise she threw me down on the bed, not realising I had worked her up so much and her pussy was still throbbing from before, she then took revenge on me, cuffing me to the bed.

She took off the blindfold and placed it on me. She left me for a moment and I could hear that she went to the bathroom, listening intently as she went through the bathroom drawer before returning.

She took my cock in her mouth sucking me in, making me full and hard before I felt a wet feeling around my arse, she whispers “its baby oil” whilst massaging it into my bum. This is a different feeling for me, never experienced and I got more and more excited by it.

She continued to play with my ass whilst sucking on my cock and my cock just grew in size. She expertly sucked my cock but more importantly kept teasing my ass. By now I was getting really turned on by what she was doing and my balls began to tighten.

It seks filmi izle was not long when I began to moan her name and started to cum. She slid a finger in my butt and finger fucked me whilst I cum which in turn made me cum even harder. After she sucked the last droplets of cum from my hard throbbing cock, she took the blindfold off and started to masturbate in front of me.

Although I was tired from before, her body was awesome and it was not long before my cock rose again. She turned and bent over, squirting some baby oil and massaging it in to her own ass. She used her fingers and slid it in her butt, making low sighs as she did so. She continued until her butt was glistening from the sleek baby oil, she got on top of the bed, parted her legs and guided my solid rock cock into her sweet ass.

I let out a cry as I entered her ass, it felt really tight, and then she moved up and down on me, her butt slamming into my cock. I could see her hands rubbing her clitoris furiously as she continued moving her ass on my cock slow at first but then working up more and more pace.

This kept going until we could no longer take any more and I was shooting hot cum up her ass. Watching her collapse on my body as she also climaxed. She took her cum filled hand and slid it in my mouth as she released my hands, our bodies collapsing to the bed. It was an experience I will never forget.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32