Sweet Loving

Nisan 17, 2021 0 Yazar: admin

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* An Erotic Short-Short *

Laying on my stomach deep in my sleep I am awoken by your familiar scent filling my room, I decide no need to move I will await your sensual touch, you approach silently thinking I still sleep,

I hear the sound of clothes falling to the floor & I feel the warmth of your breath as you approach my naked back, I feel your tongue slowly glide over the curvature of my spine brushing the cheeks of my arse like a wet feather, my breathing intensifies as your tongue continues its journey toward my neck my heart now beating out of my chest.

You start licking the length of my neck from my shoulders kartal escort bayan tracing back down my wanting flesh, back towards my arse, where you stop & take in my sweet smelling womanhood, I feel you nuzzle your nose into my wetness. Your tongue in one long stoke licks from my moist pink mound down the love trail to my sweet tight arse, you stop & start to probe my firm hole with your stiffened moist tongue, I gasp as you force your tongue deep inside. Suddenly stopping you grab my hips & roll me gently but abruptly onto my back.

Your tongue now finding again my wanting excited arse hole rhythmically escort maltepe thrusting in & out as I moan with delight you shoot your tongue back around to my moist pink womanhood without warning.

Now devouring my clit as you enclose it in your mouth sucking gently then allowing your tongue to drift downwards to taste my sweet nectar which is now running down my inner thighs, then gently & teasingly you lick my flaps & suck intently on my love nest, then I feel you again with your erect tongue thrusting deeply inside me I let out a gasp & you again take my clit in your mouth relentlessly sucking. pendik escort Then you firmly & forcefully insert a finger in my oozing wet sex, your finger rubbing the inner walls of my pussy as I squeeze it tightly you locate my g spot massaging it with your finger you suck intently on my clit not satisfied until I finally surrender to you & a scream of sheer pleasure escapes my lips, your mouth now quickly moving down to drink all my sweet cumm you drink me & savour every drop & then move to my wanting lips.

You lick the outline of my lips & I can smell my own sweet cumm on your lips, I desperately want to taste it, but you continue to tease me, tracing the outline of my full pouting lips, not allowing our tongues to meet as yet, not able to wait any longer I suck your tongue into my mouth tasting my sweetness.

Knowing that incredible fabulous flavour was well worth my wait.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32