Susan’s Story Ch. 1

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David Jones loved big women but as a young man he didn’t get much opportunity to indulge his interest. The girls at school were either too skinny or, if they were plump, weren’t pretty. His mother was both plump and pretty but she was his Mum and he knew he shouldn’t think about her in that way. If only he didn’t keep seeing her coming out of the bathroom wearing a flimsy robe or glimpse her dressing through the half-open door of her bedroom.

Alone in his bed he couldn’t help but think about her glorious body, his cock becoming rock-hard as he imagined making love to his mother… but that was incest wasn’t it? He knew it was wicked but somehow that seemed to add to his excitement and he’d cum violently in his pyjamas. In the morning he would rinse them and bury them at the bottom of the wash-basket.

Little did David know that his mother Susan was also having a difficult time. Thirty-six years old, she’d been divorced from David’s father for three years and although her plump, 46DD-30-42 figure and good looks attracted more than her fair share of admirers and occasional lovers, she’d not found anyone she wanted to have a long-term relationship with. In the meantime she’d watched her son growing up.

From being an impetuous and childish youngster he’d become a considerate and thoughtful teenager, mature for his age, who always seemed to put her feelings first. She found herself becoming dependent on him almost in the same way she had with her ex-husband.

She’d discovered the semen stains on his pyjamas despite his attempts to wash them and although she knew how boys loved to masturbate it gave her a strange sensation to think that this was her David’s cum. Then she found a pile of magazines while she was tidying his bedroom. With titles like ‘Big Girls’ and ‘Heavy Honeys’ the contents were self-explanatory but the fact that they were David’s and that they all featured well-built women was oddly exciting.

It was the middle of the afternoon with some time before he got home from school. Going to her bedroom, Susan undressed, got out her dildo and lay down on the bed, opening one of the magazines. The women were all big and some were very pretty but she thought she compared favourably with most of them. She felt a familiar tingling in her pussy and rubbed the head of the big pink dildo up and down her outer lips…

Before she knew it was almost time for David to arrive home from school. Hastily replacing the magazines, she hadn’t had time to dress before she heard his voice from the hall so she quickly pulled on a robe and went downstairs to greet him.

“Hi Mum,” David said, wondering why his mother was dressed for bed in the afternoon, perhaps she’d been having a nap.

Almost without thinking Susan took him in her arms and kissed him on the mouth. It was a much warmer kiss than she’d ever given him before, even parting her lips before she realised what she was doing. She felt a stiffening in the front of her son’s trousers before she pulled away.

“Wow Mum, that was a nice hello,” David said, blushing red to the roots of his hair.

“It’s just so good to see you,” Susan replied, equally flustered but knowing suddenly that she wanted to go further. She didn’t know when the idea had first entered her head but she suspected it must have been lurking there for some time. They went into the kitchen and she made him a sandwich, asking him what kind of day he’d had, at the same time imagining seducing her son and then the next moment telling herself how wrong it was. Her imagination was winning.

They spent the evening watching TV, sitting close together on the sofa as they often did. Susan’s mind was in a turmoil. Should she? Shouldn’t she? Of course she shouldn’t but she wanted to so much. It would be so easy to canlı bahis lean over to David and kiss him like she’d done when he came home and tell him how much she wanted him but what if he rejected her?

Deciding to take the bull by the horns, so to speak, she said she had to go to the bathroom and while she was upstairs got his pile of magazines from his bedroom. When he saw them in her hand as she came back in the room his face went bright red again. Sitting down beside him she told him how she’d found them and not to be embarrassed; that she knew boys loved to look at pictures of naked women and she wanted to know which were his favourites. At first he was silent as she turned the pages but then he saw his eyes jump to a picture of a pretty, huge-busted girl shot from below, her tits dangling down towards the camera.

“You like that one David?” she asked. He nodded.

“Tell me why you like it.”

“Her… her tits… her breasts… you know. They look so….”

“So sexy you mean. What do you like to call them, tits or breasts?”

David was beginning to understand what was happening, though he could hardly believe it. His mother seemed to be coming on to him! He wondered if she was just teasing and how far she would go.

“Actually Mum, I like to call them bosoms.”

“That’s a sexy word. And what do you do when you look at pictures of bosoms? Do you wank?”

“Yes Mum.”

“Do you think about having them to play with?”

“No Mum, I think about yours.” There, it was out. Looking at his mother’s face, he saw she was smiling.

“Do you mean you’d like to see mine? You want to play with your own mother’s bosoms?”

“Oh yes Mum!”

Lifting the pile of magazines off their laps and throwing them to the floor, Susan saw that a considerable bulge had grown in David’s trousers. Opening her robe, she revealed her massive breasts covered in a substantial white brassiere which fastened down the front.

“You know this is very naughty don’t you David?” she asked as she began undoing the hooks and eyes holding the bra together.

The boy nodded, watching avidly as the garment parted, spilling its tightly-contained treasures. His mother’s breasts were even larger than he’d imagined, with enormous dark-brown nipples tipped with prominent rubbery-looking teats.

“Ooohh, It feels so good to let them loose,” Susan sighed, rubbing her naked tit-flesh with both hands. She smiled at the mesmerised look on the boy’s face. “Well here they are darling, you said you wanted to play with them. Why don’t you go ahead?”

Tentatively, he put a hand out to touch one massive globe and then the other and then he was all over them, stroking and pressing, his fingers tickling the teats into erection.

“You can kiss them too if you want to,” she said. He needed no second invitation. Bending his head down, he covered the upper slopes with wet kisses, moving nearer and nearer to her nipples until he slid his lips over one turgid teat. He sucked on it until he was out of breath and had to sit back, gasping for air.

Susan too was breathless but for a different reason. David’s attention to her breasts had caused the most exquisite sensations deep within her womb. It was almost as if it was calling out to the child she had given birth to. Gathering him in her arms, she kissed him full on the lips as she had this afternoon but this time there was no holding back on either side. Their tongues slithered wildly together and saliva dribbled from the corners of their sucking mouths onto her naked breasts.

There was an almost permeable sense of lust in the air when they broke apart.

“Take off your clothes darling,” Susan said, “Mummy wants to see you naked too.”

Standing in front of her, David stripped, bahis siteleri finally revealing the cock she had seen many times but never in such a state: rigid and pointing upwards at the ceiling, the foreskin pulled back from the bloated purple head. God, she thought, it must be at least eight inches long!

“Oh David, you are Mummy’s big boy aren’t you? Would you like to see Mummy’s pussy darling?”

“Oh yes,” he breathed.

She made him kneel before her and then, lifting her bottom off the sofa, slowly worked her panties over her big hips and thighs. When they were free of her feet she spread her legs, exposing her hairy crotch.

“Come closer,” she instructed and as the boy’s face came towards her she put her hand down and opened the outer lips with her fingers, revealing the glistening pink inner flesh with its stiff little bud.

“That’s where women like to be licked and sucked,” she said, rubbing her clitoris with a fingertip. “You can do it to me if you like.”

David didn’t need urging, just instruction. He placed his tongue where his mother’s finger had been and began to lick gently. His mind was a turmoil of erotic thoughts and emotions. He’d felt his Mum’s breasts… her busoms, and now he was licking her pussy! It was more than he’d ever dreamed possible. Would she let him go all the way? Would she let him fuck her? Fuck his mother?

The thought was too much for him. With a groan he came, shooting great wads of pent-up spunk all over the base of the sofa. Ashamed of himself, he hung his head but Susan was neither surprised nor annoyed. She’d been expecting it much earlier and was pleased that the inexperienced boy had lasted so long with the sexual stimulation he’d had. Putting her hands beneath his arms, she lifted him up and cuddled him against her.

“Did you enjoy that baby?” she asked. David nodded but didn’t look up at her. To her delight, she could feel his cock, which was pressed against her belly and still leaking cum, still as hard as before. Lifting his head up, she put a finger down to the puddle of cum in her navel and put it in her mouth.

“Mmm, you taste good,” she said, licking her lips. “Did you enjoy cumming while you licked your Mum’s pussy?” David gave a barely perceptible nod.

“Mummy loved it too. You know we’ve been very naughty tonight, don’t you darling?”

“Yes Mum, but I won’t ever tell anyone!”

“Good boy. Do you want to carry on do naughty things with me?”

“Yes please!”

“You can suck me again if you want and then if you’re very good I might let you…”

The boy’s eyes grew wide in expectation.

Susan laughed at his expression. “Yes baby, you can fuck me. I don’t know how I can think of such things, I must be a wicked mother!”

“Oh no Mum!”

“I am wicked, seducing my own son like this but it feels so good.”

Slipping back between her legs, David applied his tongue again to her clit and this time managed to make her cum, her big body writhing around on the sofa while she held his head in place with her hands and he grasped hold of her meaty thighs. As she orgasmed she shouted obscenities which he found exciting, never having heard his mother utter more than the mildest swear word before. At the same time his mouth was filled with salty fluid which he swallowed and went back for more.

After she’d recovered, Susan led her son up to her bedroom, lay down on the bed and pulled him on top of her. Taking hold of his still rigid cock, she guided him inside her slimy wet pussy.

“Now you can fuck your Mummy,” she said, putting her hands on his firm young bottom and forcing him deep inside her, “fuck your Mummy hard!”

As they built up the rhythm she bucked and thrust up against him.

“Ohhh yes baby! … stick your big bahis şirketleri cock up my dirty cunt! … Oh, I love it! Shoot your baby cum up me! Ohhh …ooohhhh ….yessss!”

Later they went to sleep in each other’s arms but Susan was awakened soon after by the feel of David’s hands stroking her breasts and they began again, eventually almost passing out exhausted. In the morning she woke up to find him cuddled against her back, his hard cock pressing between the cheeks of her bottom and couldn’t resist giving her hips a little jiggle…

In the days that followed David and his mother explored the delights of sex with each other. He couldn’t get enough of her and she was constantly thinking up new ways to tease and excite him.

He was fascinated with her underwear so she dressed up in revealing dresses, complete with jewelry, stockings, high heels and exotic lingerie and strutted around provocatively in front of him, loving the sight of his cock growing in his pants. Knowing his love of breasts, she chose brassieres which were one or two sizes too small, emphasising the objects of his desire.

While she paraded before him she made him undress and watch while she did a slow striptease which would drive him wild with lust.

Of course, breastplay was a regular part of their sexual repertoire. They would frequently fuck with David laying down and with his mother sitting on him with her pendulous breasts hanging over him. He loved to watch them swing and sway over him and in this position they could comfortably fuck while David sucked his mother’s swollen tits.

When David and his mother discovered the delights of anal sex, they found they could use the same position. David would stick his cock up his mother’s tight bottom while he sucked her breasts. She liked the control that this position gave them as he fucked her bottom and David thought this gave him the best of both worlds.

Always after sex they fell asleep in each other’s arms, usually with David’s head cradled on his mum’s breasts. Often if she woke up first she’d feel his stiff young cock pressing against her thigh or between her legs and would gently wake him by stroking his erection and then they would make love again.

If David woke before his mother he liked to play with her sleeping bare body, caressing her tits and then moving his hand down over her rounded belly into the hairy mound of her crotch, tickling his fingers until her legs parted and she pulled him on top of her into her warm wetness.

Other times he burrowed down beneath the bedclothes and started at her feet, kissing up the insides of her thighs which parted before his advancing tongue. By the time he got to her crotch she was wet and waiting for him, pulling him up on top of her and mashing her mouth against his while she guided him into her gaping pussy.

They found that talking dirty was a real turn-on for both of them. His mum used really foul language when she was excited which gave David a thrill. She told him she didn’t mind if he did it too. In fact, she loved to hear her son shouting obscenities when he came and she encouraged him.

“Mummy’s cuuummmming! …” she cried as he plunged in and out of her dripping pussy.

“Oh fuck Mum, I’m gonna shoot! …” David moaned.

“Come on baby, shoot all that lovely spunk up Mummy’s cunt …oh yes! I can feel you cumming up me!”

“Oh Mummy, Mummy …yessss!”

“You naughty boy! You just shot all your spunk up your Mummy’s cunt… ooohhh it feels so wonderful.”

Afterwards they cuddled up together, David cradled in his Mummy’s arms.

“I love you so much darling,” she whispered, “you’re so good at fucking your Mummy.”

“I love you too,” David said sleepily, his hand cupping her breast. “We’re being really naughty aren’t we Mummy?”

“Yes darling, very naughty,” she replied, a wicked look on her face, “and we’re going to do lots more rude things together.”

“Good,” David whispered with a contented smile.

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