Surreptitious Love Ch. 099

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Chapter 99 — Anna and Ben meet again

“Ben, I don’t know if I can do that,” Anna said all of a sudden.

“You’re not on stage… you don’t need to perform,” I replied slowly, trying to ease her tension.

I took another drag of my cigarette and added: “You don’t really have to do anything in particular.”

Yes, suddenly Anna had grown pensive. We were sitting at the café where I had taken her in the story that I had written about us, imagining our first sensual encounter, before she had left to attend university in Saigon last year. A friend of her had discovered the story a few months back, however, and alerted her. Two weeks ago, Anna had confronted me about it, but we still had consumed our lust for each other. Which we wanted to do again today, but now she had doubts, and I wasn’t sure why.

Anna was a former student of mine, who was almost 19 and studying at some fancy university in Saigon. When she left our small town in Central Vietnam almost a year ago, I had been somewhat heartbroken, partially because we hadn’t seen each other before she had taken off. Well, what could I do? I sublimated my emotional energy and cobbled a flaming story together and posted it here on Literotica. Of course, we had to see each other again now, after we had had sex for the first time at a modest hotel at the nearby beach, after a two-hour-long talk, food, coffee, beer, and cigarettes. When we had parted close to her house two weeks back, we had agreed to see each other once every week or so, all the way through summer, but last week she had not been feeling well. And I had seen Hanh, my young, blind masseuse for her birthday cake ‘with cream’ anyway.

The Covid-19 situation had somewhat eased in our province: restaurants were open again, and that we would meet at the coffee house from the story that I had dedicated to her had been a given. I don’t think either of us was hoping to reenact the whole story, but Anna wanted to see the place at least once. And she didn’t want to go back to the beach, as she had done that the previous week with her family. It was still around 100 degrees around noon every day, too. Her mother was, purportedly, still sore that Anna had been gone for four hours during the semi-lockdown two weeks ago. Even 19-year-old Vietnamese women were still chaperoned and protected like children. This time, we had 90 minutes or two hours, max, Anna had told me, for which she probably had to lie and think of an alibi later.

“Are you feeling bad because of your mother?” I wanted to know and took a sip of my coffee.

“Maybe,” she replied a tad cryptically. “But I have never so blatantly arranged to meet for sex, either…” she added.

“Really, don’t sweat it. Don’t overthink it… once we’re alone, we’ll undress and lie down together. And start slowly. We’ll talk some more, and you jerk me off. You told me that you want to see a man come anyway…” I tried to alleviate her tension.

Ana had told me that she liked–in the story that I had written– that the protagonist, a young woman modeled after Anna herself, took her time to jerk off her teacher first, before he eventually came inside her. I still found it normal that a very young woman, who’s still very much exploring sex, wanted to see everything, approach things slowly and gently, and take her time. I suspected that there was more to Anna’s pensiveness, though.

“Are you sure, Ben, that your friend Nguyet won’t mind if we just show up at that old hotel?” she asked now.

My long-time affair Nguyet was a real-estate broker who was overseeing the change of ownership of a vintage Art Deco hotel in town, where right now, there weren’t any workers apart from her. She had to catalogue things and do inventory, but apart from that, we could do whatever there. It was still partially furnished, with running water and electricity. Before renovations would begin, we needed to set up multiple outrageous sexual adventures, Nguyet and I had already agreed. The hotel was not only classy and beautiful but almost mystical. And today, Nguyet had to do inventory on the ground floor, so that Anna and I could go up to the fourth or fifth and be completely undisturbed. When I had told Nguyet about Anna, she wanted to meet her.

“Oh, that’s what’s bothering you?! Oh, really, there’s no reason to worry. I’ll introduce you, and then we’ll go upstairs. There’s a nice little maidens’ chamber all the way under the roof. Nguyet is quite a sex-fiend, but she won’t snoop around. If she says she’ll stay down on the first floor, that’s it,” I tried again to mitigate Anna’s fears.

Of course, we could have gone to some other hotel and gotten a room for an hour but, for some reason, I didn’t want to do that, partially because I really found the old vintage hotel ideal. And many other hotels were closed because of Covid-19, like the one right here, across from the café. There simply were no tourist going anywhere in Vietnam right eryaman otele gelen escort now.

“Okay, then, I suppose,” she sighed while she was sipping her milk tea, looking at me over the rim of her glass.

Man, it was hot again. And sunnier that two weeks ago. Anna was wearing a light, dark-yellow summer dress with a gray pattern that looked like someone had drawn on the fabric with pencil. She looked tender, almost fragile. We had started to talk about sex about 30 minutes ago, and she had told me that she had brought her small dildo back from Saigon, with which she masturbated daily when her twin-sister wasn’t in the room. Or at night, next to her in bed, in the dark. It had been a fun little conversation, but now she was brooding a bit.

“Do you want to call the whole thing off?” I asked.

I mean, there was no point if she wasn’t really in.

“Oh, no, I’m just a little nervous,” she assured me. “No, I mean now that I have left the house… and Nguyet is expecting us. She would probably worry if we didn’t show up,” Anna added almost frenzied.

“Well, ok then. Do you want to take off? Or do you want another drink?”

“Ben, we don’t have much time today…” she reminded me.

I had assumed that Nguyet might not like it if I brought my new friend to her workplace, but she had told me that she was curious to meet her. And her current work place had enough space for the three of us. Anna reminded me of Tuyet, another young woman from our small town, who I had had an affair with three summers back. Tuyet and Nguyet had actually started a lesbian affair of their own, which was a first for the two them. I had a hunch that Nguyet was sometimes hankering to have another special lady-friend again. Tuyet wasn’t going to come back, though, as she was already engaged to get married in Saigon.

So, we finished our drinks and paid up. Walking towards the parking lot, the hot wind caught her slightly wavy hair, which was nice. Her gait exuded energy as well, but perhaps that was only because she was so light, perhaps 85 pounds, literally like a feather. We drove over to the old hotel, and while we were waiting for Nguyet to open the door, we kissed for the first time that day. While I was admiring her slender, young body, the scene where she had swung her long, slim thigh over her motorcycle and exposed her panties came back to my mind, because this was the dress she had been wearing that day. At some point, Nguyet pulled the door sideways from inside and let us in, but she immediately told us that she was super busy. I offered to help her but she dismissed it:

“You didn’t come here to work,” she laughed. “And Thuy’s coming after lunch.”

Thuy was a young colleague of Nguyet’s, with whom we had had sex a few times, sometimes the three of us and, at others, it had just been me and her. But that had been, with one exception, a long time ago. I introduced Anna to Nguyet and they shook hands. Nguyet looked cute and hot with her red bandana with polka dots, which reminded me of Hanh’s underwear. She was also wearing an old gray T-shirt, a simple dark skirt, and flip-flops. She was sweating quite a bit but that made her only look hotter, especially now that she was drying her forehead with the back of her hand. Her pussy must have smelled incredible, I immediately thought to myself.

“Is anyone else here? Vu, perhaps?” I asked Nguyet but she only shook her head. Her ‘No, we’re alone’ echoed a bit up the stairwell.

“But Thuy will be here at one-thirty or two,” Nguyet added now. ‘Hey, let’s go upstairs and sit down in the old bar for a few minutes.”

As we were walking upwards behind Nguyet, I took Anna’s hand, perhaps to comfort and ease her up some more. Well, yeah, I guess it was a tad strange for a young upper-middle class girl to arrange to meet for a fuck at an empty hotel, but this wasn’t the last time Anna would do something like that. Even we would see each other again the following week, probably here at the vintage hotel. Perhaps her mother would get a grip on herself at some point, though, and realize that her daughter was almost 19 now and that Corona wasn’t the fucking bubonic plaque. Ironically, Anna had already told me that she would find it ‘hot’ to have sex in her bedroom at her house, on the bed she shared with her twin-sister, ideally when her mother was downstairs. I wasn’t sure if that would materialize, though. But, sure, that would be something.

Up on the fourth floor, in the old bar, Nguyet offered us water.

“There’s nothing else, I’m afraid,” she said, laughing.

Anna took a sip and then passed the large bottle to me. Nguyet hadn’t shaved her legs for two weeks or so, and it started to show. I watched Anna take notice of Nguyet’s fluff. The two of them seemed interested in one another, even though this was a somewhat odd and awkward situation. But Nguyet certainly understood what fascinated me about Anna, as she resembled Tuyet so much. And sincan escort we all knew that the old vintage hotel here was our best bet for a brief sensual encounter. The two of them had begun talking in Vietnamese, so that I just lit a cigarette and went to the bathroom. To pee onto each other didn’t seem in the cards at that moment.

When I entered the bar again, Nguyet had already gotten up and was announcing that she had to go downstairs again to continue doing inventory. She laughed when she said goodbye and winked at Anna:

“You guys have fun, huh?”

Then she turned and eloped. I extended my hand, and Anna hopped off her barstool. We went further back in the hall, towards the stairs that led up to the maiden’s quarters directly under the roof. As she was walking in front of me on the narrow stairs, I fondled her tiny butt a bit. I felt the seams of her panties, before she turned around and giggled. Things looked brighter immediately. I was much more confident all of a sudden that I would be able to cheer her up.

Strangely, neither of us had said anything about the place yet, and so we turned the wrong way, first, and admired the view south, all over town, before we went in the opposite direction past the maid’s chamber and stepped onto the balcony facing north, all the way at the other hand of the hallway. We looked over the street and the park towards the river. I wrapped my arms around her and put my chin onto her head. I could smell the hair while I was caressing her belly through the fabric of her dress. Eventually, I nibbled on her ears a bit and let my hands travel all over her young, slender body. It was still very warm up here, even though the wind was blowing kind of strong.

“I’ve never been in such a large building with so few people,” she remarked.

“Same here. It’s pretty special… kinda weird, too,” I agreed.

“I find it a tad creepy, to be honest,” she admitted.

‘Oh’, I thought to myself and shrugged shoulders: “Well at night, maybe…”

“But I feel already better,” she assured me. “Nguyet’s nice… and you’re here, holding me,”

“Yeah, and you don’t need to worry that she’ll come up here during the next hour and spy on us…” I tried to relieve her once more.

“Oh, frankly, I’m not worried about that…”

Well, ok then. Everything really sounded so optimistic and positive that I let my hands complete another round on her nimble, lithe body. At some point, I ended up under her dress on her thighs. The last time at the beach, I hadn’t studied her slim, long legs much, even though they were one of her hottest assets. I unbuttoned my shirt to finally get our sensual game going properly, and decided to undress completely, here on the balcony on the fifth floor, way up high over any other building in the neighborhood and with no one in sight. I hung my clothes on the door handle, while she only was listening. She still hadn’t turned around, but she must have heard what I had done. When I looked at her from the side, I saw her smile through the strands of her hair that the wind was blowing around. Or, perhaps, since she could feel my throbbing glans on her back.

While I was massaging her little boobs from behind, I felt her bra much more than anything else–just like in the story I had written a year back. Nguyet was completely forgotten, when I reached heartily under her dress once more and squeezed her fine buttocks. Fuck it, I decided to pull down her panties to her knees, so that I could fondle her fresh pussy. I looked down on her and enjoyed the view of her simple white panties crossing her knees like a banner. I lifted up her dress some more to admire her little butt, on which I then rubbed my fat, pulsating glans. Finally, she giggled and turned around.

She wasn’t surprised to see my erect dick pointing at her belly; she grabbed it and stroked it for a few seconds, before she carefully draped her dress onto it. Then, she laughed at me, and we finally kissed profusely, for the first time that day. My whole body was instantly electrified, and my soul was filled with bliss and delight. We both looked at the twitching thing under the fabric and burst out laughing.

“C’mon, let’s go inside!” Anna suggested, licking her lips.

Frankly, I actually wanted to do it right there and then, on the balcony, but I didn’t want take the lead from her. At least, she relieved herself off her panties, before she took my clothes of the door handle. We went inside, and I closed the double door properly. She asked if I knew where a bathroom was, and so we looked for one together. We ended up in the third room on the right, as that door had already been open, and she passed the clothes to me, before she sat down on the toilet, without taking her dress off. I positioned myself close to her face and, sure enough she took my cock in her mouth while she was peeing.

The noise of her divine liquid hitting the porcelain and the water reservoir elvankent escort below was music to my ears, and I reached down on her briefly to push her dress close to her belly, so that I could see her slender thighs and lovely bush. Like I had reported last time, her pubic mound was slightly more substantial that I had envisioned it in the story a year ago, before I had actually seen her naked for the first time. Her urine had a fresh, endearing, savory smell to it, and so I thrusted exuberantly in her mouth for a minute, before she looked around and bemoaned that there was no toilet paper.

“That’s’ not a problem AT ALL,” I reassured her. “I’ll take care of that…”

She giggled, when I buried my nose in her underwear, which I was holding in one hand, to suck her subtle aroma deep into my lungs. She flushed eventually, and asked me to open the zipper on the back of her dress, without taking it off, though. Instead, she went out of the room in a hurry. I followed her and stopped in the doorframe of the maid’s bower that had the bed in it. Anna had originally passed that room. As she was sauntering back towards me now, she put on a sexy gait, and I imagined that I could see her bush through the thin fabric of her dress.

“Here?” I invited her, pointing at the bed.

She nodded, even though we could have fucked anywhere in the huge building. She could have leaned against the wall here in the hall or the stairwell. Anyway, I preferred the bed, too, as I wanted to lick her snazzy little cunt. As soon as she stepped into the chamber, she relieved herself of her dress and also took off her simple white bra. Slightly tipsy from the whole situation, she took her breasts in both hands, like she didn’t want me to see them, but then she formed a heart and, taking, turns, framed the cute little cushions, before she started dancing in some Tik-Tok fashion, bobbing her head along with it. I stepped closer, until my glans was touching her bellybutton, and she finally exposed her divine little titties.

Those flat, little cushions were really beguiling, and I finally had a chance to admire and caress them, after living in want for so long. They were soft yet also firm and almost perfectly round. I caressed her stiff nipples with my thenars, before I leaned forward to suck them. I ended up flicking the tip of my tongue over their tips at around the speed of light, which prompted her to moan delicately. She seemed utterly at ease, finally, and reached for my cock again.

“It’s quite big,” she remarked gingerly.

Well, compared to the dicks she was used to seeing, mine was probably a third thicker and longer, even though there was nothing impressive about it by American or European standards. But, next to her extremely slim frame, it looked big, sure; even I noticed that now. Her shoulders were maybe twelve inches wide, and her waist perhaps ten. But she was healthy and, as slender as she was, very elegant, actually. I thought of asking her if she wanted to do something outrageous, but then she sat down and let her upper body collapse onto the bed. I grabbed the only pillow and kneeled between her legs, while she crossed her arms behind her head, like she wanted to take a rest or think.

At first, I marveled at her blueish blood vessels here on her heavenly legs. I pecked both thighs upwards, towards her snatch, enjoying the subtle aroma that her treasure was exuding. Her smooth skin was simply divine, and now I also caught a whiff of her fresh urine. Sometimes, dreams do come true! I told myself. Finally, I could take my time and examine all the precious details of her glorious young body. From time to time, I looked at her labia, whose upper third had some hairs on it. There was nothing better than the pussy of a young woman, I thought to myself. Well, more mature women’s–like Nguyet downstairs or Mrs. Yen–were also beautiful and hot, but in different ways.

I liked that we weren’t talking much. Perhaps we would have only talked about the story again; although I was curious if she had read more of the stuff here on Literotica in the meantime. If so, she was familiar with all the crazy and wild things that Nguyet tended to do. But then, on the other hand, now that Anna and I had finally met, our relationship shouldn’t unravel according to some sort of script, I thought. Anna snorted and panted, wheezed and winced a bit, and when I looked above and beyond her pubic mound once more, I saw that her small breasts were already swollen, with her nipples pointing at the ceiling. They had decided that it was about time.

I turned away from her gorgeous thigh, more towards her pussy herself, and put my upper arms on her thighs, like I wanted to get out of a bathtub. I admired her divine young body once more; young and barely used as her pussy lips were, they were still closed, but some nectar was glistening between them, ready to lubricate our divine act. Her perineum seemed slightly sweaty, too. I liked that her inner labia weren’t crinkled, like Thanh’s, but Nguyet’s were hotter as they were black. Well, Nguyet also had quite some hair on her shins. And not just there. I briefly leaned over to Anna’s right thigh, when she suddenly pulled her pussy open with both index fingers.

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