Step Sister Seduction Ch. 02

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I was desperate to get more of my beautiful stepsister but no chance arose during the following day, and in the evening we all went to the club on the site. Dad and Jill had a few drinks and were getting quite merry, Debbie and I had been on cokes. Then I had an idea, I offered to get another round in, which I did. I knew Dad and Jill would sleep heavily after the drinks they’d had, so I added double vodka to Debbie’s coke to help her sleep.

After we had all been in bed for over an hour, I listened at Dads bedroom door, I could hear then breathing soundly. Then I gently opened the door to Debbie’s small room. A light outside lit the room enough to see that she was sound asleep. She lay on her back, and as it was a warm night, she had just a thin sheet covering most of her body. Her right arm was down by her side, her left arm lay across her stomach as if holding the sheet. Her left leg lay straight in the bed, but her right one was lying on its side and bent at the knee. Most of this leg was not covered by the sheet and I could see she was wearing pyjamas. They looked pink in the dim light, but I couldn’t care less what colour they were, I just wanted to get into them.

I knelt down and ran my hand along her silk covered inner thigh, straight to the special place between her legs. I could tell she had panties on as I rubbed my hand, up and down her thighs and over her pussy. I looked at her gorgeous sleeping face, which did not change even when I began to trace her slit with my fingers. I then turned my attention elsewhere; folding back the sheet I squeezed her small tit very gently. Then with one finger I traced her nipple, circling it, and then dragging my finger across it. She did not have a bra on, and soon the bud started to respond to my touch. I loved the way her lovely big right nipple stood firm and proud.

Then gently lifting her arm slightly by the cuff of her pyjama top, I tugged the sheet down to her feet. She still did not move. That double vodka was a good idea. Next I pulled on the cord at the waistband of her pyjama bottoms, which obligingly came undone easily. This allowed me to slip my hand inside, and rub her pussy over her panties. This time I traced her slit and rubbed my finger the full length of her pussy which caused her to move slightly. That made me jump at first, but she still looked soundly asleep, so I slipped my hand inside her panties and went in search of her sensitive clit.

I ran my finger across it and at the same time I massaged her tit. She started to moan as I continued to stimulate her. I was just thinking of unbuttoning her top when she suddenly woke up.

“What the umm,” was all she said before my right hand flew from inside her panties to clamp over her mouth.

“Quiet,” I told her, in a stern whisper.

“Ummm, ummm,” she started again.

“Shut the fuck up, or bahis firmaları you’ll wake them up.”


“And if they do come in, imagine the embarrassment you’ll feel when I show them the pictures from yesterday that I’ve got on my phone.”

That seemed to quieten her down, and she just stared at me with those lovely big eyes.

“That’s better, now I’m going to take my hand away, and you are going to be quiet, right?” She nodded her head in agreement. As I took my hand away she rolled onto her side, and sat up slightly, using her elbow to support her.

“You shouldn’t be in here, now just go.”

“But I haven’t got what I came for yet,” I replied.

“What do you want?” She asked, and I grinned.

“I want these,” I said grabbing her left tit, and at the same time catching her off-balance, pushing her onto her back.

“But you…” she said but I interrupted her and quickly pushed my other hand back inside her pyjama bottoms, and squeezed her pussy firmly, while looking her straight into her eyes.

“What I really want is your pussy,” and to make the point I squeezed it again. She had a hand holding on to each of my arms but not with any great purpose. Although my right hand was outside her panties, I could still rub her with two fingers. I kissed her on her pretty lips, and told her. “You are going to be a good girl, you are going to do as you’re told, and only speak to answer questions” I told her.

She made one last feeble attempt to struggle free, almost as a gesture, without success, as I leant across her. In fact, it worked against her, as I used the opportunity to get my hand inside her panties again, and started to search out her clit. Neither of us said anything, just stared at each other while my fingers played with her clit. I saw her eyes close a couple of times as I pressed her swelling love bud. Her hands where just resting on my arms now, not even holding them.

“Like I said, you are going to be a good girl, aren’t you?” I said breaking the silence.

She closed her eyes as she replied; ‘Yes’.

“‘Yes’ what, tell me!”

“I….I am going to be a good girl.”

“Who’s in charge?”

“You …are.”

“That’s better, now I want you to put your hands above your head,” I instructed, and she slowly did as I told her. “Now let’s get this top undone,” I said and she just watched as I undid the buttons on her pyjama top. Pulling it open, I saw her lovely tits, and my fingers were soon dancing on her nipples. She turned her head to the side but I ordered her to look at me, and again she obeyed. I stuck out my tongue and lowered it to her stiff right nipple. She caught her breath as I started to lap at the bud, and as it grew I could not stop myself lightly biting it. “Ummm… your tits are tasty Debbie,” I said as I lightly bit on the left nipple. “You know kaçak iddaa what these nipples are made for, don’t you Debbie?”

“N…No,” she said Horsely.

“These nipples are made to be sucked. What are they made for?”

“They’re made to be s…sucked.”

“Ummm,” I said as I sucked on first one, and then the other nipple.

“I’m going to take your pyjama bottoms off now Debbie, so be a good girl and lift your bottom”, I told her as I grabbed them. She lifted her bum off the bed enough for me to slip them down her pretty legs. Into view came her lovely legs and her green panties with two little flowers on them. They were what I call practical panties, not that sexy. Rubbing my hand over her panties, I asked her if she normally wore panties in bed, and she told me that she did. As I rubbed the garment into the slit of her pussy, she squirmed and I moved her legs further apart. This allowed me to pull her panties aside and insert a finger into her.

She looked away again as her breathing increased along with my slow finger fuck.

“I told you to look at me Debbie,” she did. “Look at me as I finger fuck your sexy pussy.”

She gave a little whimper as I slid a second finger inside her.

“Your pussy is so fuckin’ tight, Debbie,” I told her as I slowly pushed my fingers in and out of her. Her breathing became faster and shallower as I worked her up. “Shall we take your panties off now?”

“Wh…whatever,” she panted in response. She moaned as I withdrew my fingers from her wet pussy, and let her panties slip back into place. She pushed her hips towards my hand as they roamed over her panties. Then I lifted the waistband.

“So are they coming off Debbie?”

“Yes,” she whispered shyly “OK.”

I didn’t give her a chance to change her mind, and I whipped them off.

I pulled her into a sitting position and got her to sit on the edge of the bed. I pushed her back until her shoulders and head rested against the wall. I held her knees and pushed her legs wide apart, and then ran my hands along her inner thighs until they met at her pussy. I used my fingers to spread her pussy lips wide, and bent down to slowly lick her. As my tongue was dragging across her swollen clit, I worked a finger in and out of her damp hole. She was trying desperately hard not to make too much noise as her pleasure grew. It became harder for me to keep my rhythm as she started to buck as an orgasm drew nearer. When it finally hit her, the poor girl’s whole body went into convulsions for what seemed like an age before she flopped onto the bed.

I was not going to let her rest there too long as I wanted something this time. So I pulled her back into a sitting poison on the edge of the bed. Her red face was inches away from my stiff cock that made a tent in my boxers.

“Take it out Debbie, take my cock out,” kaçak bahis I told her. She looked up at me with almost pleading eyes. “I told you to take out my cock, do it now,” I ordered this time. She lifted both her hands and gripped the waistband of my boxers as if she was clinging to a ledge. Then she tugged downwards, and my cock sprung free, and she pulled back her head just before it hit her on the nose. It felt rock hard, and I told her, “your sexy body’s done that, you have got my cock rock hard Debbie. Come on feel how hard you’ve made it”.

She just stared at it, “You have not seen a hard cock in the flesh before have you?” She just shook her head in response. “Go on get hold of it, don’t worry it won’t bite.” She looked up pleadingly again but I was getting impatient, so I grabbed her hand and pushed it against my throbbing cock. I ordered her to wrap her fingers around it, which she did. “Push you hand up and down it, yeah that’s it.” She soon got into a rhythm, “You know what you’re doing to me, don’t you Debbie?” She again just nodded, “tell me, tell me what you’re doing.” I loved getting her to talk dirty, knowing it was something she would not normally do.

“I’m masturbating you”, she replied and I laughed.

“You’re wanking my cock. Now say it again.”

She looked down and spoke softly, “I…I’m wanking your cock.”

“Good girl, you’re doing a good job too, now lean forward and kiss it.”

“I…I can’t I can’t do that.”

“It wasn’t a request.”

“B…But that is really dirty.”

“It’s no dirtier than me eating your pussy, and you enjoyed that, so kiss my cock,” I ordered again and pulled her head towards it. She closed her eyes as her licks touched the end of my cock. I had an electric-shock experience as I felt them touch my cock for the first time.

“Now open your mouth,” I said grabbing a handful of her brown, shoulder length hair. I was almost surprised as her lips parted, and my cock edged in. “Good girl, now suck it.” She clapped her lips around it and I used my grip on her hair to get her into a rhythm.

“Yes, that’s it Debbie, suck that fuckin’ hard cock.”

She stuck to her task well, but I’ve had had better blow jobs. I knew she would get better and I was planning to give her practice at every opportunity.

Ohhh yeah, Debbie, you are doing great, you are going to make a great fuckin’ cocksucker.”

I thought it better not to cum in her mouth this time, so as I got near, I told her to lay down and to wank my cock , as I knelt beside her on the bed. As she did that I started to rub her pussy, and she soon started to get worked up again. This girl had so muck sex just wanting to get out. I did not have time to get her off again as I sprayed her tits with my hot cum.

“That was fantastic Debbie; you have talented hands and a really talented mouth.” I reached over and wiped my cum from her tits with a tissue, dwelling on her hard nipples.

“Better get some sleep now, my little cocksucker.” I said planting a kiss on her lips.

“See you in the morning.”

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