Springtime of Youth Ch. 04

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Part 4 of Lexi and Sean Adventures in the Springtime of Youth.

For backstory into the characters, please read Ch. 01 of Springtime of Youth.

Lexi and Sean clean themselves up in the shower.


He set my trembling body down on the counter giving me a loving kiss on the forehead as I recovered from the insanity of those consecutive orgasms during our last fuck. He looked down with a caring look in his eyes “How are you feeling?” He sounded concerned that he may have gone overboard.

Smiling at him after I gave him a quick kiss “Amazing really! But I need a little break cause that was a lot. That was amazing though, thank god I found you because I don’t know if my life would be complete if I wasn’t having that good of sex.” Giving him a smirk, I playfully added “But… there is a small problem.”

His eyes widened as his mind raced to try to figure out what was the problem. “Did I hurt you?” he said taking a shot in the dark.

I began to laugh out loud “No, you didn’t hurt me. God, you’re so silly sometimes.” Wiping the tears from my eyes then while biting my bottom lip to look innocent and sexy at the same time “I think I may become addicted to that dick of yours.”

He smirked back at me and replied with that deep sexy bedroom voice of his that turned me on “Don’t you worry, you can always come back for more. It’s always ready for you and this new addiction of yours.” Pulling me into a fiery kiss that made me moan into his mouth.

I pulled back “Ok easy their big boy.” Giggling at him and his witty response. “Shower first.” He grumbled under his breath in disappointment and turned away from me to start up the shower.

In my shower, there are two shower heads near the top of two different walls that point down diagonally and are adjustable, one on the ceiling that has a very wide head and feels like gentle rain, and finally a detachable showerhead near the bench. There are multiple knobs and settings to create different water temperatures and shower types which often confuses people.

He walked in and looked at the knobs, scratching the back of his head trying to figure out how to turn on the shower. He stayed like that for a solid minute before turning around and smiled at me with a clueless look “I have no clue how to turn this on.”

I burst out laughing. I walked him through how to use the knobs and turn on the shower following step by step until finally succeeding in my favorite shower.

He closed the door to the shower making it steam up from the heat of the water and walked toward me “To think I’d need a Ph.D. to use that.” he said chuckling to himself.

Reaching me, he began to trail kisses from my forehead down my body making me giggle and moan depending on the part. He got to my socks and pulled them down my leg as he kissed every new inch of exposed skin and repeating this same treatment on my other leg. He backed up and put one hand on his chest and the other offering it out to me bowing slightly looking like a butler, he cleared his throat “Shall we m’lady.”

Feeling like a princess I blushed and pulled my hair tie out of my ponytail and let my hair fall and flow around me. I took his hand and smiled “We shall.”

He helped me down off the counter and led me to the awaiting steamy shower opening the door for me. As soon as I stepped in, I already began to relax as the steam and heat help to loosen and relieve my body from any soreness from our last fuck. I stuck out my hand testing the water to see if it was too hot or cold and found it to be the perfect temperature. I walked into the water and let it cascade over me as I sighed happily knowing nothing beats a good hot shower after exercise.

I ran my hands through my hair getting out any little knots and moving it out of my face letting it fall down my back. Lost in my own train of thought of how nice this all felt I heard a groan behind me, and it registered in my brain that he hadn’t even stepped in the shower yet. I looked at him quizzingly “What’s wrong?”

He just smiled speaking confidently “I’m just can’t help but admire how sexy my girlfriend looks right now.” Before stepping a bit to the left letting me see myself in the bathroom mirror across the bathroom.

I blushed at his compliment but couldn’t help but agree with him once I saw myself. Even with no makeup, my natural beauty shined showcasing how beautiful I was. The water ran down every crease and curve of my body running off my erect nipples down my toned stomach and flowing over my juicy ass and sexy legs. My hair was wet and turned a darker shade of blonde that gave me an erotic look as it stuck to my body. The steam had the effect of making my body look smooth and supple while the water made you want to run your hands on every inch of my body to explore and memorize it.

Wanting to make him remember this I ran my hands down my body groping my breasts and ass as they traveled across them making sure to bite my bottom lip and look as sexy canlı bahis as possible. He gave a growl in approval as I saw his dick harden at just the sight of me making me giggle before I grabbed his hand and pulled him into the shower. He closed the door on the way inside and grabbed my waist pulling me into a watery passionate kiss as the water hit us from all directions making me give a small moan for cute moments like this with him.

I pulled away and looked up and him “I do your back you do mine?”

He smiled back “Sounds good to me babe.” I giggled at the pet name and reached for the shampoo.

We took turns putting the soap in each other’s hair and messaging it as I gave happy groans at this spa-like treatment. Finally, we finished with our hair and he grabbed the soft bath sponge off the wall loading it with soap. He stepped to a spot where he was being covered with water and began to soap his body making it looked so yummy as his body glistened with soap and water highlighting his slim physique. He handed me the sponge and turned his back to me letting me wash his back.

I took my time as I got to admire each individual muscle in his back giving it the occasional peck from my lips. After I felt his back was washed enough, I wanted to tease him a little, so I proceeded to put the sponge between my boobs and hug him, circling my body up and down his back and rubbing my breasts all over giving him every mans dream come true.

He looked over his shoulder giving me a smirk before I just casually replied “Just want to make sure it’s properly washed; people often miss these spots.”

When I finished my little spa treatment, I grabbed the sponge and began to wash my body. When he turned around, I gave a little gasp seeing his dick rock hard as he gave me a smirk “You seem to have this effect on me.”

Letting out a quiet moan, I washed the front of my body and handed him the sponge, and turned around wondering what his move would be in response.

He grabbed me and bent down a little until he was able to position his dick between my thigh gap and inserted it between my legs so that it would grind against the outside of my pussy teasing me. His length never ceased to amaze me as even between my legs there was still quite a bit sticking out. Feeling the sexual tension rising I ground my ass on his dick as he washed my back and turned my head every now and then kissing him.


I moaned at the sudden behavior as he growled out “Careful, you’re teasing me.”

I looked back at him putting a finger on my chin to seem innocent “Oh, am I?” then giving him a sexy look “What are you gonna do about it?”


He looked down and smirked, “You asked for it.” He put the sponge back and went to the bench sitting himself down letting his monolithic pillar point straight in the air turning me on. “Alright slut, get to riding. Ass to me if you would be so kind.” He said with an air of arrogance as he made himself comfortable.

I walked through the water emerging from the curtain of water like a goddess trying to look as sexy as possible for him while running my hands through my hair and down to my mouthwatering ass. I turned and position myself between his legs letting his dick go in front of my wet pussy. I used my hands to balance myself on his thighs and knees and began to grind myself over his abs.

Wanting to ramp it up I started to spout dirty thoughts as I twerked up and down “You like this? You like my ass just grinding all over you? So soft and spankable. Do you like knowing how much control you have over me? That I am at your beck and call? That if you told me to blow you right now, I would obey like an obedient slut and let you cum straight down my throat. You like knowing you have the hottest girlfriend and that no matter what you put me in I can put any girl to shame?”


“Mmmmmmm, Yessss! Do you like how dirty I am? How just you spanking me turns me on so fucking much? I wonder Sean, what’s wetter? Me? Or the shower?” I moaned out.

Growling out “God you teasing little minx. Yes, I’ve never seen an ass that could compare to yours. Your body drives me crazy and I know how lucky I am to be with you. I’m sure every guy hates me, and every girl is jealous that they don’t look like you. I found the perfect slut.”


“Now get to riding slut!” groaning out as he spanked me over and over doing nothing but moaning at his aggressive behavior.

Feeling the time had come, I had to stand up just so I could position his huge dick at my entrance from how tall it stood. With caution, I started my descent as the full feeling returned inside me from every inch he claimed inside me. I moaned out as I finally bottomed and hit his abs with my butt. I took a second to get used to him again before I began riding his dick.

He just laid back and enjoyed as I started to go faster and faster making a wet bahis siteleri slapping sound that sent droplets of water spraying into the air with each impact of our skin against each other. I began moaning as my orgasm started to build within me from all the pleasurable spots that he hit inside of me.

I experimented a bit finding which spots inside me that sent a rush of pleasure into my body and made me groan out “Ughhhh yess!” I looked back at him to gauge his reaction only to find him smiling and watching my rear end bounce and jiggle with each collision. He reached around me and began to fondle my boobs and give kissed me down my back that sent tingles throughout my body. I moaned out “Mhmmmmm Yesss! Shit your dick is so huge!” as our fuck started to get as steamy as this shower.


“Ohhhhhh!!” moaning out but not surprised that since my ass did look divine riding him like this.

“Come on slut. I know you’re fit and athletic and with an ass like your, frankly, I thought you could ride me better.” Challenging me as he gave me a smirk.

Retorting back “Ohhhh, I just didn’t want to hurt your dick, so I was taking it easy on you. But if that’s how you feel I guess I can let loose!” not backing down from his challenge I steadied myself and rode him as fast as possible.


“That’s it slut! That’s what I was expecting! Fuck that such a good pussy!” he groaned out at my new pace.

I focused and redoubled my efforts riding his dick wildly as my body began a blur on his dick. I was panting heavily from the exertion of effort and the pleasure that surged in me from his dick making my pussy go crazy as it hit my spots setting it on fire. Moaning out “Ohhhh fuck! God your dick feels so good inside me! It’s so big! I love your dick!”

The small space amplified our sounds as the clapping sound of our wet fuck and my moans reverberated in our ears playing a naughty symphony.

He played with my boobs again pinching and squeezing my erect nipples between his fingers making me groan out in pleasure. My orgasm was coming closer as I kept riding him moaning out in pleasure.

I rode hard for a while feeling my orgasm on the edge and my legs burning from having to go up and down in a squatting position for so long just to ride the entirety of his massive dick. “Fuck Sean! I’m so close! Fuck your dick fills me so good! My body goes crazy from how much you stretch and reshape my pussy to your cock! Fuckkkk!!”

He let go of one of my boobs and started to play with my needy clit “Then cum slut! Cum on my dick!” he growled out.

As he played with my boobs and clit the pleasure rose and rose until with one thrust, he powered up into me nailing my g-spot as I came down and plunged in so deep i swear he hit my womb setting my orgasm off. “FUCKKK!! I’M CUMMINGGG!! YESSSS!! OHHHHHH SHITTT!!” My eyes closed in pleasure and I had to stop riding him as the pleasure coursed through my body making my legs go weak. I braced his legs trying my best to hold myself up as my body turned to jelly again from cumming around his dick.

After a couple seconds I came down from my high panting loudly due to the effects of the orgasm and riding him so hard. I turned my head and gave him a kiss moaning into his mouth as my body recovered. I was feeling so good from a nice orgasm and the perfect shower that just rejuvenated my body no matter what.

He pulled away from the kiss looking down at me with a smirk “That was a good warm-up round.”

His smugness shocked me. Was he disappointed in me? Did I not ride him properly? Warm-up round?

“You seem confused, let me clarify. That was very hot, but we’re just getting started. You’re not too tired right?” In the same smug tone that sent my blood boiling at his challenge.

Panting out “You seem confident that I would even be tired after that.” Pouting at him but secretly thankful for this small reprieve.

He chuckled “That’s my girl, never backs down from a challenge. Another reason why I love you.” Leaning down to give me a kiss.

I narrowed my eyes smirking at him “Do your worst.” Wondering what he was thinking.

“With pleasure.” He scooted himself forward so that his butt was off the edge of the bench and leaned back until he was leaning onto his back. He took both his arms and wrapped them around my waist hugging me close to him and keeping me locked in place. He positioned his legs so mine were dangling in the air over his and unable to touch the floor. The only place I could get purchase was on his own legs.

Then pulled himself out to the tip whispered into my ear “Now, shall we get started?” and thrust into me powerfully making me gasp out. He built up an assertive rhythm grazing my g-spot with each thrust and slamming in every inch of his bitch breaking cock into me making me moan out like crazy. I could feel an orgasm began to build inside of me as he hit that deep spot inside me that made me see stars and make my toes curl in bahis şirketleri pleasure.

He began to buck his hips up into me faster making me moan out “Ughhhh Fuck! Yes! That it! God your dick feels so good! Fuck you’re coring me out! Ohhhh shit! Fuck me!” He grunted out in my ear from the effort and groaned from my pussy contracting tightly around his dick.

Pleasure built within me as I was helpless and could do nothing but take his dick deep inside me. As he fucked me harder and harder, his balls, filled with a load of hot cum, would smack into my clit from the intensity of the fuck making me groan out. “Oh fuck, Sean! Yes! Yes! Yes! Fuck! Ohhhhh fuck yeah! Keep fucking me… ughhhh shit! Fuck Sean I’m gonna cum! Don’t stop baby! Fuck! Yeah! Fuck! Fuck me with… mhmmmm that huge… OHHHH cock of yours!!”

His pace was relentless causing my orgasm to well up inside me as my body was wracked with ecstasy. All I could do was brace myself as he fucked my defenseless pussy. He would lean into my ear growling out dirty thoughts that sent my head spinning “That’s it, Lexi, cum for me. Feel my massive dick deep inside you, hitting every spot that makes you scream out. Fuck your pussy feels so tights around me. Cum for me slut. Scream out how much you love me fucking you.”

With my pussy on fire I cried out “Fuck! Ohhh! Fuck! Ohh! Yes! I’m close… uhhh fuck so close, Sean! My pussy loves your dick so much! Shitttt! Fuck you hit… ahhhhhh all those spots… ughhhhh in me baby!! Don’t stop! I’m… fuck! So… shit! CLOSE… YESSS!!” Then screaming out for his pleasure “FUCK SEAN! I LOVE… OHHHH WHEN YOU… AHHHH FUCK MEEEEEE!!”

He chuckled, pleased with himself and with me for making me scream out as he pounded in and out of me like a jackhammer.

My body was tingling with each spark from my pussy as he ravaged my pussy and claimed every inch as his own. I could feel my juices leaking out and coating his dick and balls making this fuck nasty even though we were supposed to be getting “clean” in the shower. He moved his arms from around my waist to one up my body and the other down my body, still trapping me. Then he proceeded to play with my clit and erect nipples and my body exploded in pleasure.

I was a panting, moaning, groaning mess who could only scream out “Fuck me!”, “Yes!”, and “Huge dick!” with the occasional lung full of oxygen I would get. Knowing I was on the edge of my orgasm now, I felt him kick it into overdrive and pound me within an inch of my life as fast and hard as he could while continuously playing with my sensitive clit and nipples.

“OH, FUCK I’M CUMMINGGGG!! FUCK ME!! DON’T STOP!! AHHHHHH!! SHITTTT!! FUCK YOUR BIG DICK IS MAKING ME CUMMMMM!!” screaming out in pure ecstasy as he fucked me through my orgasm. My body shook and withered in his grasp, but he didn’t let up one bit making me see stars. I could feel my throat becoming raw from screaming out “AHHHHHHHHHHH!! FUCK!!” in pleasure as I gasped for oxygen as my orgasm ripped through me.

Over and over my body was wracked with convulsions that had me twisting, turning, shaking, shuddering, and arching my back as Sean continued to ram his 10-inch dick deep inside me. My pussy was squirting as it showered us with my gushing juices making it hard to even find purchase on his legs. Wailing out “FUCK!! SEAN!! AHHHHHHHH! OHHHH MYYYY GODDDD!! I CAN’T STOP CUMMINNGGGG!! AHHHHHHHHHHH!! HOLY SHITTTT!!” as my orgasm climbed higher making my eyes roll into the back of my head.

He slammed into me over and over tearing my mind apart as his dick remolded my pussy. He plunged in and out of me so fast that our fuck sounded like and audience clapping after an awe-inspiring performance. He pounded me so viscously that my boobs and ass bounced wildly misting the air with water from the droplets on my skin.

Feeling like I couldn’t take anymore and about to plead for him to slow down, he let go of my boob letting my body slowly come down from the high since he still kept up that ridiculous pace of his.

He grabbed one of the removable shower heads from the walls and turned it to the pulsing setting. Then brought it down to my pussy and while fingering my clit, spread my lips as far as they could and turned the dial to on letting water flow from the showerhead.

My eyes flew open as I threw my head back and shrieked out “OHHHHH SHITTTTT!!” arching my back in the process. This new sensation made my hypersensitive clit and pussy ignite again making my body explode into a second orgasm.

All the pleasure from my first orgasm came rushing back and doubling in intensity from what he was doing to my body. My vision began to turn fuzzy as my mind melted into mush. My pussy was squirting out my juices constantly as my body twitched in his arms. I could barely keep up as he fucked me through my second orgasm.

He whispered in my ear “That’s right slut. Cum for me.” He plunged in and out of me so fast his body was a blur. My legs flailed desperately in the air from being hit like a freight train by this intense orgasm or try to find purchase on his legs to get away from his orgasm granting dick, only to fail miserably and slip because of the water and my squirting juices.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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