Spontaneous Combustion

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Have you experienced an orgasm that was so intense that you went into total sensory overload, to the point that you almost fainted? I have… That’s what I think it could be like with you, Natasha. Such sweet imaginings… Wildly erotic day dreams I’m having about you, right now…

The best sex is often spontaneous. It just happens. A mutual gaze into each others eyes… held long, and longingly. A simultaneous move closer together… A shared stare with an unmistakable meaning… And like a dam of desire breaking, rushing together for that first impassioned kiss! Lips meeting in an uncontrollably deep lovers kiss as I hug you so tightly against my chest! We kiss again and our tongues entwine and wrap around each other, as we drink in each others deepest need. My excitement heightens as I feel your hand on my cock, rubbing it through my jeans, as we embrace on the couch together.

I squeeze your full round cheeks inside your jeans while we kiss… then my hands move upwards to the sides of your breasts, massaging them through your blouse… feeling the texture of the lace on your bra. Now I gently kiss your eyelids while stroking my finger tips down the sides of your neck. I feel you shiver ever so slightly from my touch.

As we kiss deeply, you unbutton my shirt all the way down and take it off…You rub your hands on the back of my shoulders and arms, and massage my muscular chest. You lower your face to my chest, press your parted lips there and then lick and suck my nipples. Oh God!!! That was unexpected, and I shiver with hot excitement! You’ve always been one for the sudden, sensual surprise.

Hugging me close on the couch, you open and unzip my jeans, putting your hand inside and feeling the bulge of my sex through the cloth of my boxers… With your head resting on my chest, your hand slides down inside the waistband and takes hold of my cock. You pull it up, giving it room to grow, as it becomes bigger and gets harder. Your fingers glide across my shaft and grasp it, feeling the blood rushing into it, as it grows warm to your touch and expands. Your touch is silken smooth, warm and magic! Oh Natasha! What are you doing to me? I came to take you, and suddenly I feel like the one being taken. Again I’m surprised, now by your boldness; but I really don’t mind. It might be nice to be the one taken for a change…

You kneel in front of me and pull my open jeans down my legs, down to my ankles. My shoes come off and you finish taking off my jeans, throwing them on the floor next to us. You run your fingers up the inside of my thigh, feeling me suck my breath in sharply, as you slide them under the open leg of my boxers and caress my balls, and then up higher…

You tell me that you like to feel my cock growing inside my shorts, as your finger tips play up and down my shaft and caress my pulsating head. By now it’s fully erect, huge and throbbing hard! You pull down on the waistband of my boxers and begin to take them off. My big thick cock springs up and out of the waistband of my lowered boxers, and bobs slightly up and down a couple times as my groin spasms it into movement.

You tell me that you love to look at my cock, imagining how it will feel pushed deep inside you. It’s rock hard and my groin contracts as I feel your silken touch. You tell me that you are getting sooo wet…You take my boxers all the way off, tossing them aside, and take in the sight of my completely naked body, your eyes giving me a slow and hungry up and down, lingering on the places that excite you.

Now it’s your turn. Hugging you to me, I kiss you passionately, as my fingers start on the buttons of your blouse. But you gently pull my hand away. My eyes once again show surprise, but before I can speak you place two fingers on my lips to quiet me. “I want to give you a show.” you tell me. “Just stretch that sexy naked body of yours out on the couch and enjoy… But lay on your side and keep that big sexy cock out where I can see it.” You add with a devilish smile.

So I lay on my side and rest my head on my hand, leaning on my elbow to watch you as you stand up. You kick off your shoes and begin to unbutton your blouse. You look at me with eyes full of want, as you lick your full and sensuous lips.

When three buttons are open, I admire the large twin roundness of your full cleavage, pushed together in an alluringly deep narrow canyon by your bra. You continue to slowly unbutton your blouse as the sides fall open so I can see the large cups of your white lace bra, holding in the fullness of your breasts. I can’t wait for their release…

You pull the blouse out of your jeans, undo the last two buttons and let the blouse fall completely open. Then your fingers slide up the open sides of the fabric, up to your shoulders and you pull it back, so the blouse slides off your shoulders and falls down to the floor behind you. Your eyes glow with increasing arousal as you watch me watching you undress.

Then your hands drop down to bahis firmaları your jeans… You unbutton them and pull down the zipper slowly. As you open your jeans and begin to push them down over your hips, I see the light purple lavender panties you’re wearing. My eyes are now riveted on the lavender triangle between your inner thighs as the jeans drop to your knees. You push them down lower, and as they fall to your ankles, you step out of them and kick them aside.

Your tongue wetly licks your full lips again, your eyes intently focused and full of anticipation as your hands move behind your back and release the clasp of your bra. I watch your breasts push forward as they are freed, the bra straps sliding slowly down your shoulders and arms… Your index finger catches the center of the fabric between the cups and pulls down… the bra falls away and your full and wonderful breasts are completely naked and exposed before my gaze… your large pink nipples erect and just begging to be touched.

I want to jump up and hug those incredible breasts and nipples tightly to my chest, my hands and fingers begging to massage and caress them. I start to move, but you motion me back down, saying seductively, “The show is not over yet, so stay where you are. Uh, Chris? You look like you need to do something with your hands. How about stroking that big cock up and down for me? That should keep you occupied.”

I think you’re kidding, until you shoot me a look and say “Do it.” in a no nonsense tone of voice. “Wrap your fingers around your cock and stroke it for me; up and down like you mean it! It’s your turn to give me something to watch.” So I make a fist around my shaft and stroke my cock up and down, the sensation immediately intense and even more so when I see the way you are watching me, with an expression that can only be called lust.

And you are right; the show is definitely not over… You show me just how much, as you raise one breast up to your lips so you can lick and suck on the nipple. Then you do the same with the other… Watching you play with your large and naked breasts is stunning! Your big pink nipples fill me with an all consuming desire! You continue to watch me stroke my cock, somewhat slowly at first, then more quickly as you now roll those incredible nipples between your finger tips. You’re driving me crazy!

Now nearly naked, except for the lavender panties, you walk across the room and grab the arms of a blue plush upholstered chair. As you bend down towards the chair, you give me a provocative profile view of your big pointed breasts leaning forward and swaying back and forth as you grab the chair and push it towards the center of the room and set it directly in front of me.

You sit down in the chair and I watch your breasts rise and fall with each rapid breath you take in and out. Your chest is splotched with lightly red colored skin that seems almost unevenly sunburned, and you look feverish with desire and intense excitement. Your eyes are almost glowing and your pupils look slightly larger as your chest continues to rise and fall with rapidly excited breathing.

You tell me to stroke my cock harder and faster so you can watch me getting really hot and very turned on. Your eyes stare intently as you admire my efforts, but you tell me to not cum too soon, because you’ve got bigger and better plans for me… A drop of glistening pre-cum is oozing from the tip of my cock as you watch me.

Sitting in the chair and staring into my eyes, you spread your thighs wide open, stretching the thin lavender fabric of the crotch of your panties, as you rock your hips slightly up, as though you want your crotch spread as wide open and as much in view as possible. One knee moves slightly back and forth as though in anticipation…

Gawd, you are a sight to just churn up my insides, and make my entire groin feel ready to erupt right up and out of me! I have no choice but to stop stroking my cock right now, or I know I’ll blow my load!

Still with your eyes locked on mine, you move one hand up to massage and stroke your left breast, while your other hand travels slowly down between your breasts, down your bare stomach and then slowly pushes your fingers down inside the spread open crotch of your panties. You work the fingers up and down, back and forth beneath the thin fabric rubbing your sex, as your other hand strokes your breast and plays with the nipple.

You exhale suddenly and loudly as you close your eyes and start to arch your back up away from the chair. You’re now panting as your sexual heat is turned up high. Your fingers now more vigorously massage your crotch in a circular motion, as you begin to moan and gasp with each breath.

Clearly now lost in the heat of your runaway passion, the hand on your left breast quickly moves down to your crotch and pulls the lavender fabric away to one side, exposing dark public hair and a view of swollen pussy lips.

With one hand pulling the fabric aside, kaçak iddaa your other hand uses two fingers to stroke up and down your glistening wet, pink inner lips. Your finger tips push a little deeper between those lips, sliding up and down their slippery wetness, but not to the point of penetration. You use your thumb to gently draw circles around your clit, while your other fingers continue the up and down slide between your lips. Then you use your palm and all your fingers to rapidly rub your pussy up and down and around in circles.

I see the inside of your thighs quiver and begin to slightly shake as you now rock your pelvis rhythmically up and down with more movement as your sexual excitement mounts. With your eyes still closed and open lips parted, you shake your head from side to side, moaning and gasping more loudly with each exhalation. The moaning becomes much louder now, as your fingers continue to rub your pussy vigorously up and down, back and forth. I am astounded as I watch you on the verge of losing all control.

You seem like you no longer know what you’re doing now, as you push two fingers inside your entrance, shallowly to begin with, but soon all the way in as deeply as you can reach. Your hole dripping wet, you begin to finger fuck yourself, with both fingers thrusting rapidly in and out of your pussy.

Loud gasping cries now rise up from your throat with each breath in and out. Within less than two minutes of finger fucking, you rock your hips high and hard upwards and your whole body shudders and shakes with the rush of your orgasm as you cry out loud with a high and long exclamation of shock combined with a rolling wave of incredible pleasure!

Once you are still, you look dazed as you look at me, pausing to gain some coherence and regain some composure, and then you smile and say “Was it good for you?” We both burst out laughing! Ahh, Natasha… never at a loss for words! Then I quickly answer, “Well it could be good for me, if you’d let me join in with your one woman self performance! Have a heart, Natasha! Yer killin’ me here!” Your face softens as you beckon me forward to you. “Come here, Sweetheart! Show my girls what you got for them, okay?” No further invitation was needed!

The sight of your full naked breasts and big pink nipples mesmerizes me again as I reach forward to grab and massage them, run my hands all over them and twist your nipples between my finger tips, then take one into my mouth, sucking eagerly, while my tongue wetly licks circles around your areola, sucking it again more deeply into my warm wet mouth and then flicking the tip of my tongue rapidly around the tip of your nipple, while my hand massages and caresses your other breast.

Soon I switch sides, your other nipple now sucked deeply into my mouth and repeatedly licked and played with by my tongue, while the first breast is now traded into the massaging grasp of my hand and the stroking caress of my finger tips. You moan and groan loudly again, crying out in pleasured joy at the overload of sensory excitement inflamed by all that I’m doing to you.

In the overwhelming heat of all this action, I feel like I can barely control all the intensity flooding through me and exciting every nerve ending in my body. My gaze is transfixed by your panties, and with a sudden explosion of pent up lust, my hands grab for the waistband and rip it upwards, excited by the sound of tearing fabric and elastic as your panties are ripped into torn wide open cloth pulled away in shreds and cast aside.

You are now totally and completely stark naked before me, with your most intimate place in full view for my voyeuristic excitement and pleasure. Your dark triangle of fur grows just above and around your reddish pink and swollen sex. Your pussy lips now so swollen and hot that your cum juices ooze out of the base of your open hole, and drip down the skin between the inside of where your inner thighs and cheeks come together, and trickle into the puckered center of another hole… I’ve never seen you so dripping wet.

You are clearly excited by the shock of suddenly having your panties ripped away, leaving you stripped naked and completely exposed… If you are excited, I am on the verge of going completely wild! I am throbbing hard, and desperate to take you! You can tell I want nothing more than to plunge deep inside you and fuck you like a wild man possessed!

But you have other plans… You tell me that it’s now time for some dessert, and you have this powerful craving for cream filled donuts. I am speechless, and more than just a little frustrated, but also very curious by what you are up to.

As you turn your back to me, I watch your full and perfectly shaped ass walk on long slender legs over to a box on the coffee table, and bend over to pick it up. As you pick up something inside, I am crazed with desire as I stare at your incredible ass, bending over and revealing the rear view of your pussy lips pressed together, just above kaçak bahis the thin open space between your inner thighs.

It’s all I can do to not set upon you and take you by force from behind, but that is only a fantasy, and a line I could never really cross. Soon you return with your large breasts swaying as you walk towards me, your face sultry and beautiful and your eyes alight with an intensely sexual glow.

You ask me to lie down on my back on the couch, facing you, as you kneel over me, holding a cream filled donut…

You take a few small bites from the donut while leaning over me. Using your tongue, you extract the first of the cream from the middle of the donut and spread it across your lips. With long, slow strokes, you wipe the cream off your lips with your tongue and taste its sweetness.

Then you reach between my legs and rub the donut against the underside of my cock, leaving a trail of cream from the base to the tip. You must be careful at this point because I am close to climax already. So you take short, quick licks.

First from the base, then your tongue moving higher, on upward until you reach the swollen head of my cock. Here, the cream is mixed with a couple drops of pre-cum and you wrap your lips around my cock, sucking up and down as your tongue licks it clean.

The feel of my warm, pulsating cock in your mouth is wonderful… more wonderful than I can finally control and I involuntarily blow a huge load of hot cum right into your mouth. But except for what leaks down from the corners of your mouth, you swallow it all down along with big bites of sweet cream filled donuts.

I apologize for what happened, but you don’t seem upset as you tell me that soon, you’ll want me deep inside of you, plunged deeply into another very hot, wet and intensely aroused entrance, more suited for that kind of action.

But first, I get another treat. The cream from more donuts is spread on each of your breasts, covering your nipples in a white delight. Straddling me, you bend down until your right breast is inches from my mouth. I eagerly await my treat as you tell me not to touch you with my hands. Only until my tongue licks clean all the cream from your breast and nipple, will you let me fondle you again.

Your breast is sucked into my mouth. My tongue licks rapidly back and forth, up and down. Your nipple responds by sending waves of hot pleasure down to your pussy. A few minutes later I am sucking and licking clean your left breast, and you are getting wetter; both above and below the waist.

When you pull back, I look at you in expectation of what’s to come. You lie down on top of me and feel the hardness of my cock under your pussy. You press your body down and rub your wet, slippery pussy lips up and down my shaft, making contact with your clit. You moan long and loudly and your inner thighs quiver. You realize that you now want much more than just sweet teasing treats, and you’ve got to have what you really need deep inside you right now!

You take my shaft in your hand and guide the bulging head of my cock to your swollen, fevered lips, as you straddle me above. I am pressing upward with my hips, but you lift up, not allowing me to enter.

You bend down and whisper in my ear that you want me to just lay back and relax and let you do everything for me. I smile… You put the tip of my cock against your hot dripping entrance, and push down.

The first three inches slide inside as you lower yourself onto me… My eyes are closed, then open when you pause. Then another two inches, exquisitely and slowly glide into the incredible hot wetness as your pussy lowers and wraps firmly around me, and I feel your inner sex contracting around mine. I am dazed by mind reeling pleasure!

As you take the last three inches of my shaft all the way in, you feel your ass rest on my thighs, and I am inside you as deeply as you can push down on me. You squeeze your inner sex around my cock, squeeze and release… squeeze and release again, as your inner muscles milk my cock. I gasp out loud in pleasured shock!

You smile down on me, enjoying all the power you hold over me now… You could make me cum right now, but you stop, because what you really need is to feel me thrusting hard inside you!

Since this is the next round for me, we both know that I can last as long as you need, to fulfill all your orgasmic adventures. I have your wonderful ass in my hands, squeezing it and pulling you towards me.

You start a slow, rhythmic rocking motion, positioned so that my cock pushes and pulls the inner lips of your entrance near your clit and stimulates it… radiating waves of pleasure welling up from deep within you and increasing with intensity as the stimulation builds.

We go leisurely at first, enjoying the sensations and making it last. Every minute or so, you squeeze me inside again with a series of rapid contractions. You can see my body beginning to tremble. My forehead is damp with sweat. You lean over, your breasts nearly touching my face. Your lips breathing in my ear, you whisper, “Fuck me… Please fuck me…” then your voice louder, more urgent, “Fuck me! Fuck me hard! Oh God!!! Please fuck me now!!!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32