Spice Up Your Life! Ch. 01

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Penny was thankful to see her husband relaxed and in a good mood. He had been joking with their eldest son during dinner earlier, and that was comforting. Their marital relationship had been a little strained lately, partly because Wong’s business had been experiencing some problems financially. Coming home late regularly, he had been short-tempered with his family members, and Penny was his target especially when they were alone in their bedroom.

On a few occasions he had tried to patch things up after that, eventually making love to her, but for the past month, the man had somehow failed to achieve a decent erection. That made it even worse for both of them when Wong became embarrassed by it and had lately tried to avoid being intimate with his wife of 23 years. He would seldom go into the bedroom at the same time with her, and their private conversations had lessened drastically.

Wanting to console him, Penny had a few times tried to discuss this problem with her husband, but he would just shrug and blame it on the stress his business was bringing him. “This is only temporary…” he assured her, and the woman would just then smile in support. She knew that although they were both already in their forties, they had been enjoying an active sex life together, and she would always accommodate her husband’s frequent demands and desires, sometimes in the wee hours of the morning when he got back.

It was already past 11.00 p.m., and after watching TV with their other four offspring, Wong got up from the sofa and walked up the stairs. Penny reminded her children not to lock the front wooden door, as their eldest brother, who had gone out after dinner, had not come home yet. She also made sure that her two young daughters, aged 10 and 8, went to bed as well, although the following day was Sunday. “Aww… Mum!!” they protested, looking at their sniggering teenage brothers, but obeyed her nevertheless.

Opening the bedroom door, she saw her husband already on the king-sized bed, but surprisingly he was reading a book, a hobby he never seemed to have time for nowadays. After brushing her teeth, she climbed onto her side, pulling the covers a little. “I hope the light isn’t bothering you, honey,” he smiled, and Penny smiled back, kissing his cheek.

“Of course not, darling,” she said, sensing that he was still in a good state of mind. She watched his bespectacled face that was showing aging lines as he continued reading, and gently put her hand on his shoulder. “I hope things are improving with your business…” She paused, waiting for his reaction. The man put down his book, and looked at her.

Penny touched his arms. “It always makes me unhappy to see you burdened with problems, and I miss your loving…” she half-whispered, realizing a tear was beginning to form in her left eye. Wong was touched by her words of concern, and bent to kiss the eventual trickle on her face.

“I’m sorry for being so mean and difficult lately, honey,” he apologized, and his wife responded by slipping her hand underneath his shirt and started caressing the paunch tenderly, feeling his deep navel with her nimble fingers. “Why don’t we try again tonight…?” he suggested to her immediately, sensing the sudden urgency they both were feeling. They got off the bed to remove their pajamas hurriedly, looking at each other’s body they had been so used to after more than two decades together. Penny had maintained her trim figure more or less, but the same cannot be said of her husband who was steadily forming a round stomach that the woman simply adored.

Naked, they lay down again and continued caressing and kissing, and normally this would have already made Wong aroused and ready for penetration. However, this night was no better that any of those occasions they had attempted for the past month, and the man as a result, got angry.

Not wanting to spoil the mood they were originally in, Penny, who was also naturally disappointed, persuaded her husband to relax, but after another ten minutes, there were no signs of improvement.

“Darling, tell me what you want me to do,” she offered, before kissing his lips to assure him of her genuine intentions. Exasperated at his persisting problem, Wong refused to say a word as he looked at his shriveled cock lost among the long pubic hairs, while his wife caressed his thighs, waiting for his instructions.

Finally he spoke up, but his eyes avoided hers. “Suck me,” he told her, much to her surprise. All these years, not only had she not done that before, she also almost never touched his cock at all because the man was always ready to fuck her with his erection. He had never suggested this to her ever, and she in turn had never offered to do it, or felt any desire for it.

But she had heard him correctly a few seconds ago, and Wong was now seeing her straight in the eyes, pleading for her utmost patience and understanding. To help him overcome his problem and restore his ego, the woman was faced with a decision that she was forced to make at erotik film izle that instant. “I’ll do it, because I love you…,” she told him finally, kissing him again on the lips, but the man did not return her smile. Slowly, she slid down while Wong parted his legs and rested his back on the bed head set, until she was in between his thighs.

She looked up at him for guidance and support, but again the man’s face was serious and unhelpful. Penny had seen a few pornographic books and videos when the couple were much younger, and knew generally what was expected of her, but she was still rather apprehensive. The familiar male odor was very strong as her nose was just inches away from the source, but she eventually touched the small organ.

Wong jerked his body a little at the contact, but remained silent. His wife started playing more with his dense growth rather than his cock, but he knew that she was slowly trying to build up her courage. She then caressed the droopy balls before slowly going higher, her fingers nimbly touching the shriveled but sensitive skin.

“Aahh…” the man sighed, and she could feel the cock stirring a little. She touched the tip of the prepuce and continued playing with the organ, secretly hoping that her husband would ultimately have a nice, stiff erection for both of them that night.

Her persistence paid off when the man slowly got aroused, although it was taking quite some time. “Suck it,” he told her again, and Penny took out her tongue gingerly. Touching the foreskin with it, she then quickly retracted, but upon seeing the disappointment on her husband’s face of her repulsion, the woman tried again, this time bravely licking along the length once.

Much to their pleasure, the cock got harder, and after a few more licks, Penny grew confident and parted her lips to finally allow her husband’s organ in. The taste was salty and funny, not withstanding the pungent smell, but the positive signs that were showing encouraged her.

Starting slowly, the patient wife let the warm cock slide up and down between her lips, careful not to squeeze it too hard or to scratch the skin with her teeth, but as Wong got more aroused and began moaning, she moved faster, her right hand holding the base of the cock firmly as she bobbed her head. The long wiry hairs which she surprisingly noticed were beginning to gray here and there, started to tickle her lips and cheeks, but Penny too was excited at having succeeded in making the man big and hard to let the slight problem bother her.

Finally, she let it go and was extremely pleased to see the stubby cock standing proud and wet in her hand, that she giggled in delight. “Jerk it, honey,” advised the also delighted man, and they both watched the loose skin slip up and down the glans. Penny, without being told, then resumed sucking the thickened organ, enjoying for the first time the delightful pleasure of having a cock in her mouth after all those married years.

“Come on, honey. I want to fuck you!!” Wong impatiently told her in a husky voice, eager to use his weapon now that it was working again, and his wife willingly lay on the bed and spread her legs wide for him. Climbing on top of her, he lowered his 105kg body and penetrated her already moist pussy. He was surprised that she let out a loud passionate moan, and quickly realized that between them, she was the one who had gone without sex for a long time now.

As he pressed his belly against her body and began to thrust, he felt guilty and silently admitted that he was having this temporary impotency problem only with his own wife and not the string of young ladies at the karaoke lounges he had been regularly bedding. If she ever found out that the main reason why he came back late at night most of the time was purely because of drinking and women, she would never forgive him. But as to why he was not able to get aroused with his wife, he did not have a clue.

Looking at the ecstatic face below him now, Wong knew that she was now capable and willing to give him a blowjob as she had seen the positive results of her effort. He began to wonder whether she would be considering other things as well, and he would find all that out before the night was over.

He withdrew and Penny looked disappointed as she was enjoying herself, and that was the only position that they practiced as husband and wife, the way that he impregnated her five times during their marriage, not counting the one which happened five years ago. It unfortunately ended with an advised abortion upon the third month when she kept falling ill.

Wong looked at her and winked cheekily. “Since I’ve got this old cock up, and you are fully responsible for restoring it for me, without the wonder drug Viagra, mind you, why don’t we do it some other way, okay? Let me see you kneeling on all fours, and stick your sexy buttocks up high for me, baby!!”

Penny giggled when he talked dirty like that, reminiscent of their younger days. Wanting to keep him happy so that their marital film izle relationship would grow in strength, she dutifully obeyed him. She clutched a pillow, delighted about this new position and did not look back as he knelt behind her, and gave a cry of pleasure when he entered her pussy. She could feel her husband’s belly pummel against her buttocks each time he humped forward as she held her jiggling breasts.

“I love you, honey,” the man kept on repeating as he moved his groin back and forth, and she responded by smiling to herself, happy that this night was working out, and it hopefully spelt happier times for them in and out of bed in the future.

Once again Wong disengaged from her, and she waited in anticipation for his next move. She could feel his hard cock teasing and rubbing along the cleft of her buttock, wetting the puckered area with her pussy juice. “Do you know you have a very cute asshole, honey? Have I ever told you that?”

“No, darling. Do you think so? It’s just a dirty little hole for ‘it’ to come out,” she frankly replied.

“Yes, but it’s still a hole, and right now it really looks very sexy and inviting to me,” he told her back. “And I love you so much, honey, that I strongly feel I want to love you here too…”

“What are you saying?” Penny began to worry as her husband kept on circling and pressing her anus with his warm and insistent cock head. “Oh, Penny… I’ve always wanted to do this with you because I love you so much. I feel this is one way of expressing my love for you…”

The woman continued to be alarmed at the suggestion as her husband persuaded her to give in. “Do you love me too, honey?”

“Of course, dear. You know that, but…”

He cut her off. “So will you let me love you this way… please, honey?” He begged her as he started to push, and the woman could feel her tight little pucker giving way and opening up. “I want to fuck you deep inside your private hole… your buttocks… aahh… oh yess!!”

The cock head was already in, and the woman let out a terrified scream, feeling the pain and discomfort of having the alien flesh plunge into her anus. “Ooww!!! That hurts, darling! Please stop!! Take it out!!” she pleaded as she breathed faster, but knew that her cries were in vain as the cock pushed in further. She continued to cry, but Wong was not going to retract now.

Feeling the snugness of the dark forbidden hole, the man began to thrust slowly, while his wife endured the agony. The pussy juice around the rim of the opening as well as on the male organ helped as it lubricated the movements, although she was finding it difficult to get accustomed to it. She realized that her cheeks were wet with fresh tearstains. She strained her neck to look back at Wong whose bespectacled face was showing utter pleasure and ecstasy, that the woman, being a faithful wife, emotionally dug deep inside her heart, and was surprised to find herself condoning to this animalistic act if only to make her man happy and satisfied.

Amid the act of having him taking her virgin ass, Penny thus gave her verbal consent. “I love you so much as well, my darling. Uurghh…” she groaned as the cock stretched and rubbed against her anal opening. “If you want to love me this way, I will let you, because you are my one and only lover and husband, and the father of our children.”

“I’m so touched,” said Wong, pleasantly surprised and relieved that his ambush very easily led to her consent, and secretly thankful that now he would be able to have his share of anal sex at home as well, apart from the tighter buttocks of younger women he frequently went for. “I am so happy that you care for me… that you appreciate this emotion I have so deep inside,” he said, as he gladly drove with a clear conscience deep into her rectum, pulling out after a few more minutes. “Come on,” he called on to her to suck him. “Taste my butt-fresh cock, before we fuck again.”

Because Wong seemed very much confident now that he had gotten over his month-long impotency, the woman followed what he wanted of her. She opened her mouth and took the short but thick erection in. She did not want to think that it had just been probing into her own otherwise cock-free anal passage as she obediently sucked it. Moaning in appreciation, the kneeling man caressed the hair of his wife, entertaining the prospect that he was now able to enjoy much more varied sexual acts with her.

To Penny, although she was reassured that her husband’s problem had been successfully resolved, she wondered why he was introducing all these ‘new’ things to her only at this stage of their marriage of over two decades. She had asked herself many times before whether he had been sleeping around, and although she suspected that he had, she did not dare bring the matter up. She had never found any tell-tale evidence, but now here he was doing these things to her as if he had been practicing them with familiarity elsewhere before…

“Lie down again, honey,” he smiled at her as she released seks filmi izle his rigid organ from her mouth. He kissed her lips before lowering himself back onto her, once again entering her pussy. Penny sighed as her husband started a slow rhythm, and gradually he brought down his entire frame on her body, grasping her shoulders. They began kissing passionately, something they had missed doing for a long, long time.

Penny sobbed again, happy that things were working out between the two of them, while Wong concentrated on his strokes below. As she was relaxed and positively taking in the rush of events, the man’s efforts were rewarded not long after that when she shuddered and moaned, reaching her orgasm deliciously while her fingernails dug into the pale skin of his broad shoulders. He kept on thrusting, enjoying the wetness of the pussy as a result of her climax.

“Mmm… That was really great, darling…” she thanked him in a breathy voice although she had a hunch that he was not finished yet. Wong’s glasses were slightly fogged up as his smile accentuated the lines at the edge of his eyes, adding charm to his attractive matured face. He lifted his body off her as the woman watched him fold his pillow and placed it underneath her buttocks. Jerking his wet cock, he looked at her lovingly, displaying his hairless beer paunch that was glistening with sweat.

He helped her spread her legs wider and pushed them higher. “I still want to love you the back way, honey,” he kept on smiling, coming closer to the elevated target until Penny felt the push, opening up her anus again. “Nnghh…” she clenched her teeth and looked below as her husband guided his cock inside her with his left hand and stretched wide her alimentary orifice, shoving it firmly forward. Supporting his upper frame then with his outstretched arms above her, Wong took his time to fuck her in this pseudo-missionary position.

Grimacing, the woman held his thick waist and caressed it, following his unhurried tempo and trying to relax as he moved. As it gave him a sense of sadistic power, Wong loved to watch his partner’s pained facial expression when he had the chance, whoever he might be doing it with, when he was royally fucking the forbidden back door. Sweat was running profusely down his face and trickled onto the woman below, as they remained united in that fashion. Penny moved her grasp to his buttocks, goading him to thrust deeper into her.

His arms feeling slightly tired, Wong once again laid his entire body on his wife, his mouth slightly parted and his eyes half closed in ecstasy. “Oohh…” he was gently moaning at each push, planting the whole length of his stub inside her rectum. Her soft inner buttock skin was crushed and tickled by his pubic hairs, which were moist with a mixture of sweat and coital juice.

Wong continued to emit low, throaty sounds as he mechanically pumped into the woman’s anal passage, eventually getting louder. Tonight her husband was like a new man, Penny thought, doing things he had never done before with renewed vigor. The man picked up speed, and the bed he had bought as a replacement to their old one five years ago began to creak a little.

The woman hugged his body tightly, grasping his shoulders while he pummeled her ass with force. “I love you, honey… I love you!!” he groaned before suddenly shooting a load of thick sperm inside her dark bowels. Penny squeezed her buttocks when she felt for the first time the warm fluid filling her rear, making her husband groan louder and spew even more.

The last of his semen seeped out of his fast shrinking cock, but the man remained on top of his wife, still plugged in. He caressed her face and kissed her lips, his actions obviously a gesture of gratitude for making him happy and sexually satisfied. He gently removed his bulk from her, his now soft cock popping out of the hole that he had vigorously used and abused.

Penny lowered down her weary legs and stayed silent, watching him quickly fall asleep within a few minutes beside her. Gently, she removed the glasses from his peaceful and tired face, and taking the blanket, she carefully spread it over the lower half of his naked body. Twice before, the morning when he was still fast asleep following a night of lovemaking, the children had by accident seen him in the raw on the bed with a full erection jutting out obscenely from among the matted bush. They were astonished, and then walked away giggling, much to their mother’s embarrassment, and Penny would try to make sure that their bedroom door was always closed if he was sleeping like that. The problem was, however, they always came in without knocking, and the parents in turn never bothered to lock the door…

She stepped down to pick their clothes up from the floor and proceeded to put on hers, hanging the man’s garments on the rack. She looked again at her husband’s calm sleeping face, and suddenly realized her buttocks were starting to ache. He had really given her a thorough anal plumbing tonight on the bed, and knew that this was the beginning of a series of sexual discovery for both of them. Sighing in resignation, she walked to the light switch to turn it off before taking her place on the bed, falling asleep as easily as the man.

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