Spalding and Cousin Starla

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Everyone in this story is over twenty-one years old.


Spalding knelt, knees pressed painfully into the hardwood floor as he wiped his mouth.

“No hands, Spal, honey.” said Spalding’s cousin Starla, as she lounged in the LaZ-Boy recliner Spal had purchased for her birthday.

Was she going to flash her boobs at him? Spal remembered a heavenly afternoon, when she’d been in a generous mood, and he’d gotten to see a nipple while she sat and he jerked off onto the floor before, of course, using his tongue to clean it up.

Now, she was businesslike in front of her annoying new boyfriend, Parks “Porky” Peterson, who Spalding had just fellated.

Spalding swallowed, and looked up with loathing at Porky.

So humiliating. When Spalding had started up at Yale Law School, he, his cousin Sterling, also a law student, and Porky had been great buddies.

Spal and Porky had been co-captains of the Rugby team, and had had a lot of laughs, although Porky had been puzzled that Spal never came out at night.

They’d been President and Vice-Prez of the Yale Young Republicans, and the Student Conservatives and both on the rowing team, all that good shit.

And Spalding was famous around campus for being a fifth degree black belt, for teaching women’s kickboxing…but the macho thing is gone now.

Starla, Sterling’s sister and Spalding’s adorable cousin was a senior at Yale, and would often meet the boys for beer and chips at the Rathskeller.

At the time, Porky had no idea that at home, Spal’s cousins kept him naked and servile.

Starla’s friends had been made aware of Spalding’s state, and had enjoyed it immensely.

Star didn’t live in the Kappa Kappa Delta house, but she was still a sorority member, and had brought home her “sisters” to enjoy Spalding’s energetic tongue.

Danae, Danita and Cezanne had really enjoyed the treatment, pressing the remote to the shocking testicle collar to zap him into licking faster…

But this was the first time he’d been exposed to one of his own friends!

There would be no more throwing the Frisbee and laughing it up, he thought.

Spalding had never considered Porky’s knowing his enslaved status.

Star really should have discussed it with him first. You want your classmates to respect you, as they may be lawyers with valuable business contacts later on.

Once, a bunch of friends had been out backpacking, and Star had gotten annoyed on a hike because Spal had forgotten to bring some Deer Park water. She’d taken him away from the group into the deep woods, and cut a switch…

Spal had stripped obediently, but had wisely put his jockey shorts in his mouth to keep from screaming, so no one would know of the humiliating punishment-fifty lashes across his back, buttocks and thighs…

When they’d returned to their friends, Porky had asked why Spal was all teared up, and he blamed it that time, on allergies, as Star had snickered.

There were a few others who knew about Spal, but just because they were in the same boat. Neville and Nestor Nesbitt, the wealthy middle aged twins who bankrolled the Student Conservative Association and the Yale student right-wing newspaper, of which Spal was a columnist, had fallen under Star’s spell…

One day Spal had come in to see the old guys side by side on their knees, Neville licking Star’s twat as Nestor sucked Sterling’s dick…both old geezers covered in welts from a piece of barbed wire Star had cut from their property…

It was a great form of second income, and of course the Nesbitts would never reveal Spal’s involvement in the femdom life…

But what would Porky do?

Now, Porky, zipping himself up now while relaxing on the couch, smiled sheepishly at Starla, somewhat hypnotized by her cleavage, which bounced when she chortled.

And Star was a mirthful girl!

“I can’t believe I just went through that.” Porky said, looking critically at his old buddy kneeling silently on the floor.

“Best BJ you’ve ever had, I bet.”

“It was really good, yes”

“That’s thanks to my intensive training, and my Aunt Rosalie’s before that.”

“Spalding’s a regular guy, Starla. He’s k kicked my ass when we’ve wrestled and stuff. So he’s bisexual, or a fag?”

Starla tossed a blonde curl. “No, Spal’s completely straight, but as a submissive this is part of his regimen. I’ve put him in full drag and makeup and had him service jar heads from the Marine base.”

Porky’s jaw dropped. “His regimen?”

“Yeah. my brother Sterling and I aren’t from the really wealthy branch of the Tyll family, though I am almost sure Spal’s dad stole the patent from my dad for the money they live on.”

Star gave Spalding a wicked grin, and leaned down and slapped him hard across the face.

“I’m still kinda pissed about that, we grew up on welfare and all, and I take it out on Spal all the time.”

“That’s too bad.” Porky said, giving Spalding a reproving look.

“We wouldn’t have been able to afford Yale, though our test izmir escort bayan scores were really high, if Spalding hadn’t contacted us because he functions better when, er-“

“Being kinky?” Porky looked a little doubtful.

“Spal grew up in a female dominated household and lived at home when he was in college back in Buttermilk Falls. His mom, my Aunt Rosalie and his sister Maisie looked after his needs then, but here in Connecticut, he was at a loss.”

Porky looked pityingly at Spalding, who began getting enraged.

How dare this geek who can’t break a C in Intellectual Property seminar pity me?

But, despite his healthy ego being assaulted, the humiliation of the whole thing made Spal’s dick squeeze painfully, pushing against the tight chastity cage.

This new device was different than the one Spal was used to. This cage had a piercing that, if another lock was added, prevented the wearer from being able to urinate.

So, in addition to whippings, enemas, strap-on rape, orgasm denial and other tortures, Spal’s cousins could also lock his cock so he couldn’t use the toilet until he was weeping and his bladder was about to explode.

Sometimes Star locked it and sent him off to school, and he had to drink very little before running home after classes and hoping she’d relinquish the “pee key”.

It really kept Spalding in his place.

The device also had about fifty little needles inside, that pressed against Spal’s dick when he got erect, and watching Star’s long legs in the cut-offs was no help, really.

But Spalding really hated this humiliation in front of Porky, who was really a douche.

Starla was still animatedly discussing Spalding’s difficulties

“My Aunt Rosalie kinda kept a tight ship back home, but Spalding came here for law school and had no supervision, you know?”

Spalding looked longingly now at Star’s legs. Sometimes she would tease him by putting his hard cock between the soft folds of both thighs and then swish them up and down until he was near bursting.

“Sure, my folks could be strict sometimes, but he’s a man of twenty-three now.” Porky objected. “I remember my dad bought me a used BMW instead of a new one when I turned sixteen, so I’d understand how hard things could be.”

Porky paused. “So he didn’t want to you know, get away and live it up.”

“The Amish call that rumspringa, the time when the kids get to see what it’s like to be in the outside world, and Spal tried it, but it really didn’t last.”

Starla yawned and both men watched her breasts shift. “With a subbie, they really need close supervision, or it all goes to hell. Spal’s grades began tanking, he got caught up in cocaine and prostitutes, all this other crap.”

“Wow” Porky said, but Spalding got the idea Porky wasn’t really paying much attention as his eyes were transfixed buy Starla’s exuberant cleavage.

“So Spalding’s mom-my Aunt Rosalie contacted us, and made Sterling and I an amazing offer-we could quit our crappy state college existence and enroll at Yale, since we had the scores to get in, just no dinero.”

Starla was idly patting Porky on the knee, which seemed to make him a little drooly. One of her blue nails crept towards his crotch, and tapped it a bit, regenerating it, since most of the previous semen had gone into Cousin Spalding’s mouth.

“So we moved in, and I began checking Spal’s grades, whipping him if they were too crappy, and if he could make a 3.8 at least on the end of semester exams-“

“You’d screw him?” Porky asked hopefully.

“No, no, but he’d get to jerk off. After a four month chaste semester, that’s a treat.”

“He’s kept in that horrible thing for four months at a time?”

Amused at Porky’s horror, Star continued. “Sure. They say that the prostate is harmed by excessive semen buildup, and back home Spal’s sister Maisie would milk him from the ass to lessen the pressure-“

Porky made a face, and Spalding really wanted to get up and kick him.

“But my theory is, if you tease the cock a lot, the semen will come out in pre-ejaculate.”

Starla smiled.

“Sometimes I take the casing off the belt and then Spal’s cock is just locked to his balls, and I just play with it as is, without even unlocking it. It’s a little painful, but he gets excited enough, and the precum just oozes, you know?”

“You’re a depraved young woman” Porky said, but he leaned closer to the beautiful girl.

Starla crossed her long legs, tightly encased in cut off denim shorts and fishnet stockiongs. She grinned broadly.

“That’s one interpretation. When he’s left pierced, I can tease Spalding without tying him up, but usually I have him spread-eagled, locked to the posts on my Princess bed, and I unlock the piercing and give him a long tickling hand job with my nails, all that good shit, and I put his chastity belt in the dishwasher. “

Spalding’s dick swelled in his device, remembering the last time this had happened, Starla had been dressed, but in a cute little beige body stocking…

“I escort izmir also bathe his dick and shave off his pubic hair, that kind of important maintenance. And I rub him until he’s throbbing and desperate, and I feed him his pre-cum with a spoon.”

Porky looked a little non-plussed. “I guess all this works. Spalding is the only second-year student who consistently makes the Dean’s List…

And four judges want him to clerk for them at the State Supreme Court.”

“You’ve always been dominating Spalding?”

“No, when we were about nineteen and sharing a ski vacation in Boulder with Spalding’s family, my cousins, Spal’s sister Maisie and cousin Randa and Hetty and Camilla…”

Starla stopped and snickered.

“I’m sorry, it was so funny. I had never been on a ski vacation with the rich cousins, and then I found out how weird they were. Cousin Randa ordered Spalding to take off all his clothes and go out in the snow, and then us girls, we were all bundled up, and we went out and threw snowballs at each other…”

“Really?” Porky was horrified.

“Mostly we were throwing them at each other, and Spal had to stand in the middle, getting belted with these hard little balls until he was blue with cold. Then we made him come back inside and kiss our feet.”

Spalding remembered this. His cousin Starla had never treated him with any sort of respect after that memorable day at the ski lodge.

But now his penis still swelled at the thought of the shame and punishment of being pelted by the snowballs, and the humiliation of being naked in the snow, with all those pretty clothed relatives laughing at him.

Suddenly the front door opened, and Sterling walked in, breezily tossing the car keys to Spal, who caught them in his mouth.

“So,Spal, you faggot you forgot to pick up my dry cleaning this afternoon.” Sterling came up to where Spal was kneeling on the floor, and kicked him violently in the stomach.”

Spalding spit out the car keys, moaned, and looked up at his sadistic cousin.

” I’m sorry, Master Sterling, but you did borrow my car, and I didn’t want to have to carry your heavy coats on the bus, sir.”

“I don’t give a shit!” Sterling kicked his prone relative again, this time between Spal’s legs.

Sterling began removing his belt. “Get across that footstool, you little bitch.”

Spalding appealed to his cousin. “P-please, we have company.”

“Oh shut up, Cuz, lie over the ottoman, you little coward.” Starla said boredly.

“You just sucked “Company’s” dick so there’s little that will surprise him now, am I right, Porky?”

Spalding begat to weep, but Porky grabbed him by the ear and dragged Spal across the footstool.

Sterling then forced Spal’s legs apart and pulled his penis and balls so they were sticking on the outside of his buttocks.

“Now I have serious access.” Sterling said, giving the folk on the couch a wink.


Porky was amazed as Spal was quite muscled, and could’ve easily risen and kicked Sterling’s ass, as Sterling was pudgy and was two inches shorter.

Spalding gritted his teeth as he felt the belt hitting his butt, and then the nasty flicks on his cock and balls. Star could deliver a mean flogging, but Sterling was far stronger.

Spal knew that Sterling bitterly resented it that Spal was a superior student-athlete and was far more popular with the cute lady law students.

Not, of course that Spal ever asked any of them out-he had to be in the house right after classes to start the cleaning.

Finally, Sterling put his belt back on. “It’s so much fun hitting you buckle first, Spal…you whine like a little bitch.”

Sterling thought about the dry cleaning again. “You’ll get the dry cleaning tonight, I should really make you go get it naked. You think your knees hurt from kneeling now?”

Sterling kicked Spal again, knocking him off the footstool. “I’m putting you in the kneeling stocks for three hours tonight, and your legs will be NUMB.”

Sterling leaned over and whacked Spal across the side of the head. “That will help you remember your duties.”

And then, to Porky’s revulsion, Sterling realized he had to pee and urinated into Spalding’s mouth, and forced his cousin to then suck him to orgasm.

As Spalding slurped away, his jaws nearly paralyzed, for this was his fourth fellatio that day, he listened to Starla chattering away to Porky.

“Spalding’s always nude but he’s never seen either of us, me or Sterling in the nude, although he’s sucked us both off, sometimes while blindfolded.”

Porky looked surprised. “I wouldn’t think you’d be the modest type.”

“It’s inappropriate for my male cousin to see me naked, but of course since he’s a submissive, like a baby, why shouldn’t I see him in his birthday suit?”

She paused, watching Spal’s cheeks turn scarlet with humiliation as he finished Sterling off, and let Sterling pull out and shoot semen all over his cousin’s face.

“Sterling also has a female submissive izmir escort named Eunice, you might know her? She’s the bursar of the Law School?”

Porky nodded.

“Eunice has never been fucked by Sterling, he’s only cum in her mouth or her ass.

Last month she had a UTI-urinary tract infection? And he didn’t suffer at all, nor does he when she’s menstruating, because her mouth has full duty, as does Spalding’s.”

“It must be really embarrassing for Spal to be put this kind of situation, to say nothing of Eunice, who always seems kind of stuck up.”

“Oh, yeah.” Starla snickered. “I even put Spalding in adult diapers when I’m pissed off at him, and I give him enemas. It’s really been good for his ego deflation.”

Spal bit his lip in further embarrassment.

Spalding’s anus and scrotum still stung from being snapped with Sterling’s belt buckle, but now he was bitterly focusing on how his girl cousin was humiliating him in front of this shmuck.

Sterling had since zipped up and walked into the kitchen, whistling, so that problem was over until later, of course when Spalding would be locked in the kneeling stocks.

Thinking of his humiliation and the punishment still coming, Spal’s dick began struggling against the cruel chastity piercing.

He was fortunate that the metal shell over the piercing was not the one with the big, heavy needles.

Starla got a real kick out of putting her cousin in the really harsh device and then sending out to look at passing coeds, teenyboppers and hot little secretaries.

When Spalding’s penis bulged against the cruel pins, sometimes he would bend over in acute pain.

But it did arouse Spal that his beautiful cousin could manipulate him like this, and he studied harder, not just to avoid the whip, but to impress her.

And Spal worked out at the gym like a maniac, with the hope that Starla might one day disrobe for him, he’d get to see the beautiful nipples…

And maybe suck on them, who knows?

Unfortunately, all that had happened so far was, Starla was still teasing her brother Sterling about his gut, comparing him unfavorably to their muscular cousin.

And then Sterling would kick Spal’s ass!

So that being the only consequence of working out, made Spalding a little depressed.

It probably pissed Sterling off that Spal was hot stuff at the university gym, that he taught a Saturday morning spin class and also martial arts, and many girls had crushes…

Ah well.

Recently, Sterling had asked a cute girl out, Brittany, and she’d turned him down, right there in front of everyone in the sauna, and then she’d asked Sterling if he could set her up with Spal…

And when Spalding had gotten home, an enraged Sterling had tied Spalding to the ceiling beam of the garage, stark naked, and whipped him with a cut off piece of garden hose.

After this, Starla had stripped down to her powder blue bra and panties and taken Spal to the bedroom and rubbed cooling liniment all over Spal’s bruised muscles.

After a bit, Starla had tied Spalding spread eagled to the bedposts, and gently lubed up her manicured fingers and given him a long, wet hand job.

But, just as Spalding was about to have an orgasm, Sterling had run in and jumped on the bed and kicked Spalding in the nuts, hard, and he and Starla had left the room.

Spalding realized later that just as he’d been about to blow, Starla had tapped her heel hard against the floor, and that was the signal for her brother to come in and ruin everything.

It was so frustrating. Of course Spalding could have kicked Sterling’s ass with one hand behind his back, but he was a submissive, and thus was under his cousin’s spell, and had to take as many ass-whippings as he could tolerate…

It really hurt, though, that Starla would betray him like this. After all, when they were young, Spalding had pushed Starla on the swing and defended her from bullies-buying his pretty cousin all sorts of Valentine’s gifts and other presents!

Once, when a date had gone too far with Starla when she was in high school, and she’d come home in tears, Spalding had gone and beaten the guy up! He had been her knight in shining armor.

But becoming the submissive meant that she would no longer give him that sort of respect, and she would also encourage her brother to mistreat him.

And now she was flirting with this dork, Porky!

But, whenever Spal finally told himself he would give up on trying to change things with his pretty relative, Starla would take Spal’s head in her arms as he lay on her lap, her cleavage pushing against his sweaty face, and she’d tell him he was her sweet baby.

But then, when he’d get excited again, Star would become offended and pound his testicles with her high heel!

But this Porky thing was the worst.

Why, oh why did Starla have to start dating someone from their law school? What if Porky began telling other students about the freaky relationship that Spal had with his cousins?

Spalding had endured it with Star’s other boyfriends, who didn’t go to Yale. When they’d found it entertaining to watch Star butt-fuck Spal with a strap-on…

And then she’d allow her boyfriends to rape his rear with “the real thing”.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32