Somewhere in SouthBank

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We arrive at the hotel and go to the room. The room is modern, clean and on the 20th floor. Has modern furniture and even a relaxing sofa by the window. The view is looking directly over the river towards the city. I start to unpack some things and you go into the bathroom to freshen up.

Minutes later you walk out of the bathroom wearing a black shelf bra or corset type item that pushes up them sexy tits. You are wearing black stockings with suspenders and high heels with ankle straps. You have a black g-string in your hand but you put that down on the desk as you will wear that later. You wear your outfit proud and with confidence knowing it’s turning me on.

I look at you in awe as I haven’t seen anything so fucking hot before.. My mind races thinking about all the pleasures I want to share with you.

I kiss you passionately as I feel and explore your body with my hands. My hands feel your smooth shaved pussy. The pressure in my pants increase.

I pull out my cock and you automatically go on your knees.

You place your hands behind your back and you get me hard using your mouth and tongue.

You suck and worship my cock with pleasure.

As you feel my cock getting harder and larger in your mouth you moan a little and you let me take your head/hair in my hands and slide my cock in and out of your mouth.

As I increase my speed. The head of my cock gags you a little as it reaches the back of your throat. You rest and catch your breath. Once you are ready again you hungrily open your mouth eager for more. You take my cock deeper the next time and love the perverted passion which turns you on.

I resist the urge to cum so I stop and take you by the hand and have you lay down on the edge of the bed on your back.. With your hands you pull your knees back towards you to raise your pussy and arse higher in air.

I put my mouth onto your bald smooth waiting pussy and use my tongue to get you highly turned on… You want to cum but I don’t let you.

I grab pendik escort some numbing lube and rub it on your arse. I use my finger to lightly massage it.. After a few minutes of that I lightly finger fuck your hole while still exploring your pussy with my tongue. You moan in pleasure and excitement.

After sometime I grab a diamond butt plug and slowly work it into your arse till it sits flush.

At first you resist. But you relax and with the help of the lube you welcome your new arse jewelry.

I let you get used to the intrusion your arse has now been forced to take.

I finger your pussy and lightly lick and suck on your erect nipples. I kiss you some more and tell you how much I love you.

Once you are all turned on I get you up off the bed and we get dressed…

I watch you walk over to get your black g-string panties on which also helps the plug stay in place for the evening.

You wear your sexy outfit under your clothes and jacket.

We go to dinner and have nice romantic time.

After a nice dinner on south bank we wonder back towards the hotel room.

In the elevator I admire how sexy you are and as we get into the room you freshen up.

You come out again only wearing your sexy outfit.

I tell you how sexy/hot and fuckable you are as you stand in the middle of the room. You tell me that being dressed like this makes you feel slutty and more eager to please me. You can’t wait to be owned.

I explore your body once more with my hands while I kiss your lips and neck while telling you how much I love you and how amazing you look.

I take your g-string off and play with the plug in your arse and rub your pussy.

I get a soft silky blind fold and cover your eyes to build excitement for you by heightening your other senses.

I grab 2x nipple clamps with a chain that links them together.

Place them on your erect nipples and you let out a little moan. You look the ultimate sex fantasy standing there.

I walk maltepe escort you over to the bed and I lay down on my back. You drop to your knees and Hungrily take my cock with your mouth. I look down and watch the chain moving around on your tits is an amazing view as you sucking my cock.

I put you up on the bed on all fours.

I rub your wet pussy with my now erect cock. I slide my cock back and forth over your clit and pussy which gets you wild. I ease into your pussy and watch the head of my cock disappear into you and begin to increase pace to finally be fucking you hard…looking down having my hard cock ramming away into your pussy and a nice diamond arse jewelry really sets it off. I pound and pound away at your pussy and show little mercy.

I hold onto your hair and pull your head back to meet my thrusts.

We move onto positions from doggie style, to cow girl and missionary.

I hear you moan as you love what’s being done to you and it turns me on more which encourages me to pound your pussy harder.

You take my cock in your mouth once more.

I get you on all fours again and slowly pull your diamond plug out of your arse that’s now got used to being relaxed and full at the same time.

I lube your arse up well using my fingers… I play with your arse till you feel relaxed and are wanting your arse to be fucked after I have been rubbing your clit the whole time.

I place the chain in your mouth to hold onto which pulls your tits up to attention.

I move behind you and smack your arse a little.

I ease and slowly enter your arse from behind. I wait till you are relaxed and can enjoy it. I slide slowly in and out and slowly get deeper and harder till I’m using your arse as a 2nd fuckhole.. I make sure my whole shaft is buried as deep as possible and gradually increase thrusting while asking you how much you love being fucked like this?

You receive extra pleasure from your tits as they are bouncing back and forth from my cock kartal escort slamming into your arse and my balls slapping your pussy with every thrust. With this the chain still in your teeth tightens and it give you a rush.

You straddle me cow girl style where you get to ram my cock deep into your arse while I play with your pussy and bouncing tits. It turns me on watching you ride away enjoying it all with blind fold on and mouth open breathing heavy in ecstasy.

We stop for a moment and I get you on all fours with your head facing the wall. I place a dildo with a suction cup on it so I can stick to a flat surface.

I grab your hair and lead you to suck on the other cock while on all fours.

I admire the view for a moment.

I slide the plug back into your arse and fuck your pussy listening to your moans as your pussy and mouth get used.

We swap around so you are backed up with the wall dildo in your pussy and you sucking my cock.

When we are done I move us over to the chair by the end of the room.

I release your clamps and remove your plug from your well used arse.

I put the dildo on the chair/sofa and get you to straddle it cow girl style. I tell you to fuck it while I passionately kiss you.

I lube you up again and push my cock into your arse once more.

It’s an amazing feeling having both of your holes filled at the same time. We get a rhythm going with one cock fucking your pussy while I’m pumping your arse and I’m getting closer to cumming. You moan loudly and love being used this way. I grab your shoulders and pull you down on the dildo harder while I slam your arse hard.

The fucking puts me over the edge and I need to explode. I pull from your well fucked arse and while still sitting on the dildo that’s still deep in your pussy. I release my load after load over your face, mouth and watch my cum drip down onto your tits.

I take you by the hand and we go back to the bed. I lay you on your back and spread your legs wide. I use 2 fingers to milk your g spot till you cum very hard.

I let you rest and lay there looking magnificent. I take your blind fold off and kiss you. I take you to the shower. Wash your body and tell you how amazing you were and how much I love you.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32