Somalian Women Are Hot

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Man, I simply can’t get enough of them Somali women. Seriously. The name is Sylvester Saint Pierre. A big and tall young Black man of Haitian descent living in the City of Ottawa, Province of Ontario. I lived in the town of Boston for most of my life and in the state of Massachusetts we don’t have too many Continental African immigrants. Most Black folks you see around the City of Boston are either straight up African-American or they’re from the Caribbean. I guess we’re missing certain ingredients in our demographic melting post, even though fifty percent of all Bostonians are a multicultural blend of Black, Asian or Hispanic.

As a Haitian-American student living in the City of Ottawa, I found myself bored most of the time. Simply put, Ottawa is the most boring City in the world. Most of the locals are fake-smiling bigots whom I don’t trust as far as I can throw them. Ottawa has one thing going for it. What is that, you may ask? Large numbers of single African ladies. I am fascinated by the ladies from Continental Africa, especially Somali women. They’re amazing. These ladies are insanely hot. I don’t think I’ve ever met a lady from Somaliland or Djibouti who wasn’t pretty. Where do they find all of these sexy brown ladies? The African Motherland, that’s where!

Sometimes it amazes me how little we who call ourselves African-American know about what many of us call the Motherland of Africa. Most of us Black folks living in the New World, whether we’re Haitians, Jamaicans, Trinidadians, Afro-Cubans, Afro-Brazilians or simply African-Americans, don’t know Jack about Africa. And that’s such a damn shame. In the seven months I’ve lived in the City of Ottawa, I learned more about Africa than I ever did living in America. Why the change in tune? I’m around real Africans for the first time in ages. And I must say I’m fascinated. For me, this is both cultural curiosity and something else. Don’t ask me what. I’m still trying to figure it out.

Cultural relativity is a concept many people struggle with. If you come someplace new and it seems strange to you, you must realize you seem equally strange to the locals in this new place. Canadians of all colors seem strange to me with their fake smiles, insecurity, extreme bigotry and weirdness. I guess as an American citizen, I must seem equally strange to them with my open mind, coolness and confidence. I almost feel bad for them but I don’t like them enough to allow myself to feel pity for them. I reserve my pity for a more deserving people. Simply put, I hate Canadians, folks.

My only beef with the African immigrants I run into in the Confederation of Canada is their supremely naive nature. In America, you’ve got to look long and hard to find a naive Black person. We’re finely adapted to living in a cutthroat environment. We know that White folks don’t like us and we don’t trust them as far as we can throw them. However, we step out into the world to earn a living. We care for our own. We care for our communities and our families. And we defend what’s ours. In America, Black folks are united…and since we don’t trust the Government or White folks, we’re not easy to fool. In Canada, the African immigrants bahis firmaları radically differ from us African-Americans. They’re actually buying into the completely false policies of diversity, inclusion and multiculturalism that White Canadians claim to espouse. What a load of crap.

There are many opportunities for foreign-born people of color in Canada but you’ve got to understand how things work around here. Canada is a deeply racist country, far worse than America, but their prejudice is mostly hidden and passive-aggressive. The typical Canadian of European descent is deeply bigoted, and can’t stand competition from educated people of color. That’s why Canadian institutions take forever to acknowledge the educational credentials of professionals from Latin America, the Caribbean, Africa, Asia and the Middle East. In America, if you’re talented, you’ll be given a chance no matter what color you are. Not because the American is a stalwart champion of diversity and inclusion but because he cares about money. If you can bring in the dollar, he’ll give you a chance. The Canadian won’t give you a chance even if it means his business will fail. That’s why Canada sucks and America rocks.

I am currently enrolled at Carleton University’s Institute of Criminal Justice and Criminology. I want to earn a bachelor’s degree in Criminology and return to America. Why am I in Canada? The costs of higher education in the state of Massachusetts are simply astronomical. And with the economy in the crapper, it’s too much of a strain on my finances. Since I’ve got family living in Ottawa, I thought I would give studying in Canada a shot. My uncle Leonard Saint Pierre lives in Ottawa with his wife Mildred and their daughters Anne and Marie. He’s an accountant and his wife is a schoolteacher. They do alright for themselves and like most immigrants, they’re completely blind to the wickedness and undying racism of so-called ‘mainstream’ Canadians. I see Canadians for what they are, essentially a nation of bigots. To use some of the local jargon, Canada is racist, eh! Heck yeah!

The only person in the City of Ottawa I found real is this thirty-something Somali woman named Monica Ahmed. I met her while checking my email inside this employment agency not far from downtown Ottawa. Tall, busty and big-bottomed, with light brown skin, long Black hair and pale brown eyes. Monica Ahmed was a truly fascinating lady. Educated at the University of Montreal, she had lived in Canada most of her life. And she was absolutely tired of it. Sometimes, I feel bad for Black folks living in the Confederation of Canada. Most of them are too brainwashed to see what’s wrong with the society they live in. And they’re not bold enough to move to America where a world of opportunities await them. That lack of boldness or entrepreneurial spirit in a Black person shocks me. Of course, we can’t all be like the fearless African-American supermen of the United States.

Monica Ahmed surprised me in many ways. Unlike the other African immigrants I met in the City of Ottawa, she wasn’t a wide-eyed naive person. Nor was she extremely disillusioned or bitter like some of the African immigrants I met. She kaçak iddaa was simply well-aware of who she was, where she had been and where she wanted to be. It saddens me when I realize how little Canada appreciates the skills of people of color with University degrees. They’ve got men and women ( of African, Asian, Hispanic and Middle Eastern descent) who hold University degrees, working at fast-food joints! In the United States of America, that doesn’t happen too often. Understand that America isn’t in love with highly educated people of color anymore than Canada is but in America, your skills are valued because we need the Almighty Dollar you’re contributing to the economy.

Monica Ahmed is simply amazing, folks. She taught me so much about African culture and history. Monica taught me about the Republic of Carthage, a proud African civilization which was destroyed by the treacherous Roman Empire. She also told me about Imperial Dahomey, also known as the modern-day Republic of Benin. Proud African empires where Black men and Black women reigned supreme. Monica showed me a world I knew existed but never truly visited. She had numerous books on ancient African civilizations in places like Carthage, Axum, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Imperial Nubia ( modern-day Sudan) and others. This woman is a wonder. Yet she’s working as Manager of a small restaurant even though she holds a Master’s degree in Sociology from the University of Montreal. Canadians of European descent don’t like to give worthwhile jobs to University-educated immigrants who aren’t White.

Folks, I think that I might be falling for Monica Ahmed. Growing up in America, most of the Black women I knew were loud, brash and downright rude. And they don’t like Black men at all. Black women in America think very little of the Black American male. Black men in America love Black women but the Black women of America don’t seem to want us. The Black women of Canada are really nice, friendly, educated and outgoing. It’s really too bad that Canada’s Black men don’t seem to want them. I think Black men from America would be really happy to meet Black women from Canada. Both are badly in need of love and appreciation. What a pair they’d make!

It’s Monica Ahmed who turned onto the unique loving that only an African woman can provide. This tall, curvy and big-bottomed sister showed up at my apartment near Baseline Station and laid it on me. So hard that I could barely walk the next day. Making love with her was an unforgettable experience. The lovely Somali goddess showed me how to worship her body. I laid her naked on my bed, my eyes basking in her loveliness. Folks, I kissed her lips gently and licked her from head to toe. I gently sucked her toes, then made my way to her pussy. I gently spread her thick, sexy legs and gave her pussy a good licking.

Monica Ahmed showed me the joy of licking pussy. And I enjoyed going down on her. Afterwards she sucked my eight-inch, uncircumcised Black dick. I thought she would have a problem with me being uncut since she’s a Muslim and all. I got to tell you, I think circumcision is dumb and pointless. Well, Monica liked me the way I am. And she sucked my big dick with gusto. kaçak bahis Man, watching this sexy mature Somali woman go down on me was amazing. When I came, she drank all of my manly seed. Then she climbed on top of me and we went for a ride. I wrapped my arms around her wide hips and thrust my cock into her snatch. Monica’s pussy gripped my dick like a vise. I slammed my cock up her cunt, and pumped it up until I came. Oh, yeah. It was tons of fun.

Monica Ahmed and I were still not sated. I convinced her to try some backdoor loving. Monica got on all fours, face down and ass up. I came up behind her, and caressed her big, heart-shaped ass. I gently bit her ass and she laughed. I spread Monica’s ass cheeks and applied lubricant all over her asshole. She complained about the lubricant being kind of cold. I smiled, then gently rubbed my dick against her backdoor. Slowly, I pushed it inside. Monica tensed as I began working my dick into her asshole. Inch by inch I slid my dick inside her hot, tight asshole.

Once most of it was inside, we began fucking. Monica’s asshole was really tight. My sexy mature Somali goddess wasn’t exactly a stranger to butt fucking but it’s definitely not something she did all the time. I took my sweet time as I gently fucked her in the ass. When you’re fucking a woman in the ass, you’ve got to remind yourself that she’s in a vulnerable position and you must be patient and understanding. If you do it wrong the first time, you may never get a shot at her ass again. Oh, and real women have specific directions, limits and preferences when it comes to what they will or will not allow in their butts. It’s not like a porno movie where a guy with a ridiculously large dick slams it into the butt hole of a porn starlet who’s smiling the entire time.

I asked Monica Ahmed how she was holding up and my sweet Somali goddess told me she felt fine. I continued fucking her, loving the way her sexy butt cheeks jiggled under the force of my thrusts. Nothing like a sexy Black woman with a big booty getting fucked in the ass, folks. Especially one of those conservative Somali women whose butts are among the best in Africa, land of sexy ladies with big beautiful booties. Monica and I continued to happily romp away until I came, flooding her asshole with my cum. She shrieked as my cum filled her ass. I held her tightly and kissed her afterwards. Monica told me she enjoyed anal sex, just like I thought she would. I love a woman who isn’t afraid to try new things in the bedroom. I told her how much she meant to me. Then we went to sleep.

When I return to the City of Boston next summer, I’m taking Monica Ahmed with me. This lady is a Canadian citizen with an advanced degree. I’m sure America will fully utilize her skills that Canada in its backwoods bigotry chose to ignore. All she needs is a place to stay and help from an employment agency. I’ll help her with that. I can’t wait to get my degree in Criminology from Carleton University and return to Boston. My conservative Haitian-American parents are going to feel weird about their adventurous, twenty-something son showing up with a thirty-something Somali woman in tow. Oh, well. I care about her too much to leave her in Canada, where every Black man is too busy chasing racist fat White chicks to appreciate a Black goddess. In America, we’ll treat her right. This is going to be a new life for both of us. A better life.

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