So, What do You Think? Pt. 01

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“So.” My pause went a little long, hesitant. “What do you think?”

Patricia and I had met as seniors in high school, stayed together when we went off to colleges three hours away from each other. We’d made out, gotten to second base after her senior prom -man, back in the day those panty girdles were better than chastity belts- and zoomed off to my New York City dorm room during the first Thanksgiving vacation to lose our mutual virginity to more than happy results. Over the years we’d discovered how to give her an orgasm, given me my first blow job (yes, to climax), done it in almost every place and tried almost everything we had heard of. But there was still more to come.

“It could be fun, I guess. Is it something you’ve been wanting to try for a while?”

I loved touching her. Everywhere. Over the years I’d learned a lot and finally figured out that as slow as my finger could graze across her clit, moving even slower was way better. That my tongue flick had to be oh so tender, and then even *more* soft, to get her to her frenzy a second, third, tenth time. (Yes, ten was pretty common. I know. Wow.) And even when my tongue traveled south, her moans were pretty encouraging.

“Uh, yeah, I guess. Yeah, I’ve been wanting to try for *quite* a while.” I smiled, and she smiled back.

When I was on top, Patricia would sometimes reach around to (gently) clutch my balls, every once in awhile she’d swish across my butt, and then my asshole. I liked it, and she knew I liked it, but she’d rarely go further. When she was on top, I’d grasp her hips across her cheeks, spread them out to hear her whimper and then I’d slip a finger across her pucker -and then, again- and she’d start wriggling faster and her bliss was, well I guess you could say, euphoric.

“I thought so. You certainly have been paying more attention to my pooper lately.”

Did I mention how gross Patricia could be when she was in a playful mood?

We were out at dinner at our favorite neighborhood joint, and luckily it was crowded and noisy enough that when talk wandered towards our sex life, no one really noticed. Patricia had just told me again about her fantasy outdoors on our one acre, out in the open front lawn (she never really wanted to try it. “Too many bugs!” she thought) and I decided to venture into mine.

Fucking her ass. I really wanted to fuck her fucking ass.

“I was thinking that I wanted to ask you… I wanted to ask you if we could, maybe try some anal sex sometime.” I let a beat go by. “If you’d be into it, I mean.”

I was nervous. Because as good, giving, and game as she could be -pretty wild, really- I had to worry that a soft touch was one thing, but my hard cock in her back door might be another entirely.

She was kind of quiet.

“So. What do you think.”

“It could be fun, I guess. Is it something you’ve been wanting to try for a while?”

“Well, I like it. Your ass, you know, I’ve always liked it.”

“And I love it that you like my giant fat jiggling Jello ass.”

“Stop it sweetheart, you’re beautiful.”

“Thank you, my dear, I know you love me. *And* my big ole butt.”

She started humming “Pull Up To The Bumper” right there at the restaurant table, the way she did every time she got up on her knees and asked me to take her from behind. “Grab hold of my udders and pinch my nipples to ecstasy,” she’d yell. “Fuck my cooter hard! Make my slimy pussy come hard!”

“You know I can’t keep my hands off of it, and when you wrap it in those jeans…” I trailed off.

“I know. I can always feel your eyes boring a hole in me.” She gave me a big grin. “But it sounds like you can’t wait to bore my big… I mean, I guess it’s my *little* hole. You want to take that thick smelly sausage of yours and stretch my tiny, diminutive, itsy-bitsy smelly shit hole with it. Which reminds me… Aren’t you scared of, I don’t know, getting a little, like, too dirty? That’s the only thing that has worried me about anal.”

“Well, if you don’t want to…” I started back pedaling.

“No no no Stevie, no! I really want to try. I told you, I think we could have fun with it. I just… I don’t know, we’ve done a lot of things, but pee and shit, we haven’t gone there.”

“No shit, Patty,” I smirked. “I don’t want to go there either. Look, too many people do anal for that to be too big an issue, right? There’s got to be a way to … you know, be clean, dontcha think?”

“Oh sure baby, I’m just stalling. The way you’ve been rubbing up against me lately I thought it might come up -and in!- soon. I’m just trying to slow my head down a bit while I process.”


“Stevie, I think I could do anything with you, even pee and shit…”

“I didn’t say that!”

“…even pee and shit if we wanted. So, what’s a little ass sex between lovers, lover? Let’s just take it erotik film izle a little slow. You know, let’s work up to it. So when we get there, it’ll be great.”

“It’ll be great!” I repeated. I could dream, couldn’t I?

. . . . .

Patricia and I had always fucked a lot, and the fucking always good. Actually, it was usually magnificent, for both of us. And “fucked” is what I mean. Sure, we made love, we loved each other, but there was something about our sex that was truly joyful. And intense. And wackily thrilling. We reveled in each other’s ability to find a new way to make orgasms more than just climaxes. We went crazy for coming -cumming?- trying to find yet another, and more and more ways to turn each other on. Penis-in-vagina, couples vibrators, fantasies, dirty talk… no, *filthy* talk, we looked for all the ways we could think of to get each other off.

But, when we were on the precipice of something new -like now- at first things would completely slow down, and as we turned up our heat they’d get utterly crazy. Our fucking went from several times a week, to sometimes several times a day as we ramped up our mutual ass action. It started out almost hesitantly.

“Steven, don’t rub it too hard, OK?” she’d say as she crawled on top and steadily lowered herself onto my cock, which splayed her hips and cheeks across me. “Just get me used to you there. Yeeessssssssss…”

Patricia would reciprocate delicately when our bodies were reversed.

“Ooh Patty, your hand… there…” I would sigh when her finger traced around my pucker. “Oohh yeah, oh oh oh oooooooohhhh…”

At first, it only took the touch to set each of us off on a searing orgasm.

When we would kiss each other downtown we took to pushing legs back so that an asshole was exposed while genitals were being hummed and slurped.

“Baby stop,” she’d say, “stop eating my cunt baby, move down. Warm me up down there with your wet tongue. Make me wet everywhere, make me hot. Yes, yes, there, lick me… there!” she’d almost growl with a low, ferocious snarl. “Lick my ass more.”

My ass was a different story.

“It’s hard for me baby. You’re so… so hairy downtown.”

“And your pussy…?” Patricia never shaved, much to my delight. I loved her full bush and she knew it. “But… but it’s your assho… Oh. I guess you’re right.” she conceded. “I’ll get used to it, just give me a little time. I guess if you’re going to kiss my ass Steven Ronald, I’m sure as shit -hah!- going to have to get used to kissing your hairy ass too. Fair is fair.”

Soon enough, she was rimming so good that once I shot my load without her even touching my cock.

“Go Stevie! Go GO GO! Shoot it all over, shoot your stuff everywhere!! What a giant load! Wheeeee!!” I told you she could be wild.

The rimming moved us forward, it would loosen us both up enough that soon enough fingers came into play. If Patricia had a glass of wine, or her favorite martini -I don’t drink- the fingers could even go deep.

“Oh baby,” we’d moan. “Your finger is deep in my ass! I can’t believe you’re finger fucking my ass! Ooohhh!!” My come would shoot out at her wildly, and her screams would almost deafen me.

. . . . .

“Look Stevie!” She was excited as I got home from work. ” Steven! Look what I bought.”

On the bed were three butt plugs, different colors, sizes and shapes, and a giant new bottle of lube.

“Oh my baby, don’t they look good?! I can’t wait for us to try them. If these can’t get me ready for your boner, what could?!” Her adrenaline was in high gear. “I bet we’re both going to love them. I’m going to get cleaned up after dinner and we’ll see what we can see.”

She came out of the shower all glow-y and pink.

“Baby, what do I do? How do we use these things anyway?” she said. “Why don’t you try me first?” I volunteered. That way you can figure out what will work best for you.”

“I’ll start with the small one, the green one, right?” “I would hope so.” Even the smallest one, which was pretty thin, looked kind of big when I thought about where it was going to go. “OK big boy. Strip! And on your knees.”

I pulled out my shirt tails and unbuttoned my pants.

“Slowly, lover, slowly. Let me watch your cock get hard for me.” She was pretty much leering. “Is it rising fast, thinking about what I’m going to be doing to your ass? My slit is definitely gushing imagining you all spread open for me.”

Sooner than she wanted I was naked -“Oh my big boy, your big boy is soooo big for little me.”- and on all fours, with her staring at my back side.

“Your big dick is straight up, but your big, hairy balls are hanging down, just like I love seeing them.” She started to fondle them. “Are they filling up for me baby? Is your sperm filling up your ball sack, waiting for me to pull it out?”

While I film izle was getting undressed, she’d let her towel drop, which by itself was enough motivation for my cock to come to attention, but watching her lube up her hand was… well, it was amazing I didn’t blow out my come before we even started.

Her lubed up fingers starting probing my hind quarters and snaked right in.

“Ooo yes Steven. My finger is up your heinie, getting it ready to split it open with this… this… this thing that I’m going to shove up your teeny hole.”

“Don’t shove Patty, please don’t shove it,” I was imploring. What had I started?

“Wrong word baby. I’m going to… ease it up your ass.” She pushed it a little. “There. It’s in! How does it feel baby?”

“Give me a minute. It’s big.” I took a deep breath. Thank goodness for pilates. “OK, that’s it. What now?”

“Well, fuck me baby. Fuck my poon with your hard pecker. Make us come while your butt plug is fucking your asshole.”

I did. And I have to say, my come was bigger than usual. Maybe there was something to this prostate stuff.

It took her a little longer to get used to the plug. I had to finger her longer, and she asked me to lube up a couple of fingers inside her before I put it in, but once it was up there she was totally into it.

“Oh Steven, I feel so dirty, so… so shameless! I’ve got a butt plug up my ass and I love it! Come on, fuck me with this plug up my anus. Can you feel it? Is my hoo hoo tighter? Is it hotter for you?”

I could totally feel her hoo hoo being tighter. And she was altogether hotter, rubbing her pussy button, pinching her own nipples until they were sticking out so far, and coming coming coming…

“Ooooooohhhh, fuuuucccckkkkkkk meeeeeee Steeeevvviiiieeeeee!! Oooooowwwwwww!”

A few days later, she told me that she’d brought to work and put it in during lunch, wore it the rest of the day. She turned around and flipped up her skirts.

“Pull my underpants down. See it? It’s been up my brown hole all day, stretching me out for your fat dickhead. Can you take it out now and lick it to make it feel better baby?” I did and her ass stayed open enough that it snapped down around my tongue.

By the time we got to the third, and biggest, butt plug -the vibrating red one- we’d both totally gotten into ass play. There was no more talk about if it was “wrong,” about whether there’d be an anal mess, no. We both got ready for more. The only talk was about when. When were we going to be ready to do the real dirty deed?

. . . . .

Patricia had always battled her weight. At least, she thought she had to battle her weight. Sure, she was a little round, but really, she was round in all the right ways.

Her breasts were large-ish, and they hung down a little. They were amazing in my hands the first time I went up her blouse -I’d only felt up tiny titted girls before her- I loved the way I could hold them up, they were really juggs. I was a bit surprised they sagged when she was naked -I just thought they were big- but the way life goes, “saggy tits” became a hot internet search for me from then on.

Her waist flared out beautifully to her big-ish hips, I could really grab onto them when she was humping me, and they really bucked when she had her passionate orgasms. Her gluteus was truly maximus, it was indeed her “jiggling Jello ass” when I was bumping her from the back. The medium size plug had a red jewel at its end, and it glinted in my eyes when I had her on her knees and my cock was impaling her pussy.

“Why do you like my fat ass so much Steven? Look at it.” She turned her naked ass my way. “It’s so big, so wobbly. Do you really want to fuck it there? Isn’t it too ugly to fuck? Do you really want to fuck me where my sh… you know, where it comes out? Isn’t it too brown down there for your hard thing?”

We were going a little backwards. My wild -sometimes even gross- lover was getting cold feet.

“I love your ugly, fat, wobbly brown asshole Patricia. You know I love you and your ass so much.” She nodded. “I’m nervous too. We don’t have to do this, we can wait. Or we can put off the menu entirely. We found some new ways to play, we like our fingers there, we like our tongues there, we like our vibrators there. But that can be that. Whatever is good for you baby.”

She melted into my arms then, rubbing her spread legs against mine, quietly, slowly humping her way to a come.

“Oh Steven, my Stevie. Make me come lover. Make me feel good the way you know how.” She as moving slowly, but she was determined. “Make it gush baby, make it run all over your legs, make it… ooooofff, oohhh.” Her orgasm was quiet, but it was big, her body was warm, and for sure, she was leaking all over my legs.

I stroked her hair the way she liked it.

As she came down, she cooed, “Oh baby, you make seks filmi izle me feel so good.” She was breathing deeply, but contentedly. “Can you stroke it for a minute? Gently?” “Your back door? Really? Maybe we should wait.”

“No Stevie, I’m ready. I don’t know what got into me. I was just getting a little scared, you know, about *you* getting into me. There. Here, let me suck on your finger, make it wet. Now, touch me there.” First I rubbed her front. Here’s bush was completely soaked with her come juices and I pushed between her folds, deep inside. She did a big inhale when I touch her G-spot and was breathing with that sound. You know, the sex breath. When her juice was running again I gradually pulled out and reached around her backside, slipping my fingers between the clefts of her ass.

“Oh yesss, just like that baby.” I was massaging her pucker. “Open me, get me ready for you. For you to…”

Patricia took a deep, cleansing breath.

She almost whispered to me. “Get me ready for you to put your big, hard, thick penis in my ass, and make us both come. The way you always wanted to. The way we both want you to.”

We snuggled like that for a long minute.

“I want it on my knees, with my head down, with me sticking out. It’s how I always pictured it. Is that OK with you?” “Whatever works for you baby, it’ll work for me.”

I clicked open the lube bottle and squeezed some onto my hands, rubbing them together to warm everything up. Then I put some into her hands, and she knew what I wanted. She kissed the head of my dick, and put her lubed hands all over it, rubbing it into the head, the shaft, my balls.

“Don’t make it too warm, we don’t want me going off too soon.”

“No baby, we don’t want that.” She was perking up, whatever reluctance that had been there dissipating into the air. “There’s only one place we want you to shoot today, and that’s right up my tushy!” She giggled. “Tushy! I want to you plug your hard dickie into my giant tushy and make us both come until we scream!”

With that, Patricia scrambled onto her knees, head down like she promised, butt protruding, almost begging to be taken. “Lube it up honey, make it as smooth as my honey pot is for you.” I did as she asked and pointed my hard on at her ass.

“You sure you’re ready Patty?”

“I am so ready Stevie. My cunt is pouring juices everywhere, waiting for you. Put it in now.” We both took a deep breath and I put the head up against her. “Here it comes baby.” And I pushed.

There was a little resistance. “Push it in baby. Your cock hungry slut wants your dick up her ass. Give it to me.”

And it popped in. I was in her ass!

“Slow baby. Let it sit there for a minute, let me get used to it.” She was breathing hard, but regularly. “It feels so good there baby. I’m rubbing my pussy, it’s gushing for you.” Another breath. “Push it in more, I can take more of it now.”

I bottomed out, my cock was all the way in, and I stayed that way for a bit.

“I can feel you, I’m so filled up. Slow baby, start fucking me. Start fucking my ass with your cock.” I did, and soon she was pushing back against me, fucking me while I was fucking her.

“I’m… you’re… I can’t… Stevie! Stevie! You’re in my ass! I can’t believe it!! You’re really up my ass!! Fucking my big ass with your big dick! You’re ass fucking me, for real!!”

Patricia was really going at it now. We were both pumping furiously, ecstatic at our newfound wanton behavior, getting off on getting off. I could feel her rubbing her pussy and while I held onto her hip, my other hand clutched her breast, and I tweaked her nipple the way she liked it.

“Owwww! Yessss baby. Fuck me, pinch me, fuck my fucking ass! You’re doing it you’re fucking my fucking asshole with your fucking cock giving it to me good giving it to me hard. Ooooh baby ooooohhhhh baaaaaabbbbbyyyyy fuck me more fuck my assssssssss…ooooooooooooooo wwwwwweeeeeee!” “I can’t… I can’t hold back, I’m coming Patty I’m coming in your assssss!! Oooooooo!!”

“Do it do it do it come inside me, make your big dick shoot in my ass! Fill my asshole with your dirty coooommmmmeeeee!!”

Oh is right. Oh my God. Oh. My. God. I was, I was coming in my lover’s asshole, just like I’d always imagined. And. It. Was. Good. Really. Good.

. . . . .

Later, we were sprawled across the bed. The totally soaked bed. Like we noticed.

“That was pretty good Steven. What do you think took us so long baby?”

“I don’t know that it was so long Patricia. To me it felt like just long enough.” “You always know what to say to a girl buddy. ‘Long enough.’ You’re long enough mister. Long enough to fit into all my holes.” She smiled a giant, dirty, gross smile. One of her best smiles.

“Soon we’re going to have to turn the tables.”

“Huh? What?” I was still in a post orgasmic haze. “Turn what tables?” “Well, I saw this rockin’ harness at the online sex store…”

She turned and looked up at me, with a twinkle in her eye.

“So.” Her pause went a little long, hesitant. “What do you think?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32