So THAT’S What Cheating Feels Like

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NOTE: this is my first attempt at writing erotica in close to a decade. I have just been working in an office, much like the one described here, and dying of lust, surrounded by all these amazingly gorgeous women. This story, which I hope to turn into a 13 part series: one for each of the women I am infatuated with. The names have been changed (or have they?) to protect my ass. But the descriptions of the women, both in personality and in looks, have remained generally unchanged, but perhaps embellished a touch. Obviously, I have never done more than hug any of these women, both due to my marital status as well as my desire to not get fired, but god DAMN do they make the day hard (lame pun intended). Comments are more than welcome.


After four long, grueling years of being unable to provide for my family due to a prolonged bout of unemployment, I finally, finally found a decent job in a large office of over a hundred employees. The pay was good, the work was respectable, and, as I would soon discover, the amenities available at the office were flat-out amazing. Fully stocked free vending machine. Sodas at the ready. On-site gym. All the pussy I can eat.

Prior to starting work at the office, I was a completely straight-and-narrow guy. Sure, I looked at other woman – what red-blooded man straight man doesn’t? – but I never strayed. Never got drunk at an office Christmas party and hit on the receptionist. I even once fought off the drunken advances of my ex-girlfriend when I ran into her at a bar. But at this office? You’d have to be gay to not take full advantage.

Now, I’m not saying the women are slutty. Far from it. With the exception of their intense libidos and desire to fuck married men, you’d never know they were anything other than normal, everyday women. A couple of them, like Kristen and Mia, are even good, married Christian girls. I don’t know if there’s something in the water cooler that turns them into closet nymphos, but all I know for sure is that I am NEVER quitting this job.

It all started about a week after my first day. Having been unemployed for so long, and having been fired from my last job, I was desperate to get in good at work. I kept to myself, buried my nose in my computer, and tried my hardest to be the perfect employee. I repressed as much of my naturally ebullient personality as I could, and devoted myself wholly to learning the ropes. I was trying to impress no one but myself, and with the exception of the half dozen people in my department, I spoke to no one, even at lunch, when surrounded by a wide cross section of people.

Being the new guy, I had the late shift: I didn’t get off until 8 pm. By that point, there was hardly anyone in the office, no one from my department, certainly, and those who were still there were clear on the other side of the room, around a corner and practically down the hall. I was busying entering in orders into the system, when I heard the door open. I looked up and saw Alexis walk into the department. I smiled at her, not entirely surprised to see her. She was wearing a thin tank top and yoga pants – shorts, really – with a towel around her neck, one headphone dangling from her left ear, and a small gym bag in her hand. “How was the workout?” I asked, looking at her. She regularly did this after work: go to the gym, exercise for an hour or two, then come back to her desk to get her purse.

She looked at me, her crystal blue eyes shimmering, as she pushed a strand of her long brown hair pendik escort behind her ear. “Oh, you know, same old, same old. Some guy was staring at me the whole time, watching me as I worked on the Stairmaster,” she said. “There’s always a guy watching me,” she said with a smile. She wasn’t conceited, this wasn’t bragging…it was merely truth. Alexis was a gorgeous young woman of 23. Her skin-tight clothes did not betray the truth that this girl had had a baby less than a year ago. She was tight, toned, and, truth be told, had an incredible chest, a 38 B, I would later learn, but on her slim body and with the bras she wore, they looked bigger. But as she spoke, her demeanor changed. “But, the guy I WANT to watch me never seems to…” she finished, taking a drink of water and looking right at me.

Now, I’ve been married well over a decade at this point, and I’m not the most slender guy in a room. But, I’m not bad looking – at 37, I look closer to thirty than forty – and I treat all the women I meet with respect. After having gotten in trouble for just telling sexually themed jokes at my last job, I was desperate to not make that mistake again. So, while I certainly noticed the buffet of eye candy around me, I never allowed myself to linger. Still, the way she looked that night, the cock of her hip just so, and the way the words hung on the air were beyond suggestive. Before I had a chance to really take her meaning, she had come around the cubicle, and sat down.

In my lap.

Where my cock was rock hard.

See, the entire time we’d been talking, Alexis’s nipples had been rock hard. The tank top was closer to a sports bra than anything…a very thin one, at that. And her thick, dark nipples were pointing right at me, daring me not to look. And now, those nipples were inches from my chest, pointing right at me.

She ran her hand through my short hair as she said, “Now, Chad, I know you’re married. But I’ve decided that I don’t care. Every other guy in this place looks at me like I’m a piece of meat. I see them staring at my tits all day long, and I kinda like it – that’s why I wear low cut shirts. I can feel their eyes on my tight ass when I walk. But not you. You’re a perfect gentleman.” I barely had time to register what was happening, as she moved her lips to mine, hovering less than an inch away. “And I LOVE gentlemen…” she finished, and closed the gap.

Her mouth crushed against mine, and I instinctively opened up. Her tongue danced with mine, and before I knew it, my arms were wrapped around her, feeling her slender body melt into me. Our tongues met, fighting for dominance in each other’s mouths, and I felt my vows of matrimony dissolve. I wanted this girl. I NEEDED her. My hands reached down her back, and pulled up her tiny top, our mouths detaching as her perfect little tits came into view.

My eyes grew wide as they feasted on the first new pair of breasts I’d had before me in 15 years. And then, my mouth followed suit. I inhaled her right nipple, as her hands went to my head, guiding me in. Her rock hard bud found my tongue, thicker than my wife’s, as I sucked like a child. When my suction increased, her hands found purchase in my hair and followed suit. Her moans were soft – she obviously didn’t want to draw any attention to what we were doing – but passionate. “Yes, Chad, suck on it…suck my hard nipple! God, it’s been so long…” she moaned, writhing in my lap, her covered pussy grinding against my hardness. Alexis was practically dry maltepe escort humping me, and even over the mild scent of a fresh workout, I could smell the unmistakable odor of a woman in complete lust.

I looked up at her and smiled, as my tongue danced around her nipple. “Oh…oh fuck…” she said, her hips moving back and forth on me, rubbing against the thick bulge in my slacks. She suddenly stopped, pulled her tit out of my mouth, and stood up. I thought for a moment maybe I’d done something wrong as she glared at me.

“Take it out,” she ordered, as she finished taking off her top. My hands had a mind of their own as she bent over, letting her precious little boobs dangle, so she could take off her tight pants. A very well trimmed pussy came into view, glistening for me to see as she hopped up on my desk, spreading her legs. “Give it to me, baby…give me that…mmm…fucking dick,” she said, rubbing her mound, spreading her juices around for me to see. Two fingers masturbated her pussy in circles, which she then brought up to her mouth, making a show of it for my benefit.

I stood up, and let my pants drop to the floor, but not stepping out – at least part of me, oddly, felt that I should remain in such a state so I could get dressed quickly, if need be. But, my healthy, thick 6-inch cock stood proudly out from my curly pubic mound, pointing right at her. She smiled as her eyes went wide. “God, that looks delicious…but I need to feel it in me…” she said, reaching out to grab my throbbing prick. In 15 years with my wife, I’d never felt as hard. Sure, I’d had cheating fantasies – who hadn’t? – but to actually be doing it? Holy fuck, was I turned on.

Her slender hand guided me into her pussy, jerking me as she pulled. “Come on big boy, give me that married dick…” she said, just as the tip touched her lips. “Ohhhh God…” she moaned as she rubbed it up and down her snatch, not quite letting me fuck her, just teasing the both of us. “God, I want it…I need it…give it to me, baby…fuck me…” she said, still just masturbating the pair of genitals with each other.

I looked at her gorgeous eyes, then down her little breasts, hovering over them, watching them glisten with sweat, and then, finally, to watch myself break my vow. I saw my cock, almost of its own volition, enter her pussy, the head breaking through her entrance, pushing inside her. I felt what cheating actually felt like, both physically and emotionally…and I loved it. My cock, that hadn’t been seen by another woman since the 90s, was penetrating another woman, while I was married. It was the most intense emotional experience as I reveled in my sin, a new world opening before my eyes. One where a nice guy, a married dad, was finally feeling what another woman felt like inside…and wondering who would be next.

She let out a deep, hearty breath as she felt it inside her, obviously getting what she needed. “I…mmm…I haven’t had a man in me since my son was conceived,” she said, as her hands went around my neck, pulling me in closer. Of course, my cock followed suit, inch after inch slowly pushing into her intensely tight vagina. There was no hint of looseness from the body that had left it a year ago. I held onto her tits – surprisingly close to a handful – as I slowly worked my cock in and out of her.

Her nails dug lightly into my flesh on my back. “Don’t…mmm…don’t worry…I won’t leave a mark,” she promised as the biggest smile I’ve ever seen on a woman flashed kartal escort across her face. “But please, Chad…fuck me…give me that thick married cock…I need all of it in me…” she said, practically begging, her carefully constructed exterior melting into almost that of a teenager, as her legs wrapped around me, pulling me deeper.

I was too far gone to think about teasing her, to try to expand the moment as long as I could. I had a sexy woman, one who hadn’t even started school by the time I had finished it, begging for more. So I gave it to her. With one healthy thrust, my entire dick was buried inside her. I’m not huge – only about six inches long – but I’m thick. When I am hard, I can’t get my cock inside a toilet paper tube. And all of that thickness was stretching Alexis out, her pussy barely able to accommodate me, but her legs still tightly wound around me. “Oh God, oh fuck, I didn’t know you were that thick…shit…” she cried, as my dick began to hammer her dripping little cunt, a small puddle forming under her ass.

Our eyes locked as my speed increased, my balls slapping against her as I pounded again and again. I usually had pretty good stamina, and could last quite a while, but this entire situation had me so erotically charged I knew I wasn’t long for an orgasm, and I knew I wouldn’t be able to get it up again soon. So, I quickly dropped my hands from her tits, watching her own reach up to cup them, as I brought a finger to her aching, neglected clit. That’s all it took. She opened her mouth, her breathing became faster, as her moans became louder…too loud. I covered her mouth quickly with my hand as she screamed in orgasm, barely muffled enough so as to not see anyone peek their head around the corner. Her eyes met mine, pleading, as the power of her intense orgasm subsided. When the danger had passed (I’d not stopped fucking the entire time) I dropped my hand.

“Pull out…I can’t have another baby,” she said, suddenly returning to reality.

I looked at her and smiled as I continued to pound away, only her words trying to stop me. “I haven’t been able to do that in over a decade,” I said, as I fucked her deeper, letting her feel every inch of me as far into her pussy as I could get.

The realization hit her, and she cooed, “Then do it, Chad. Cum in me. Cum inside my cunt. Give me that married jizz…” she said, caressing my back with her nails. And of course, in the state I was in, I did. That last little bit of dirty talk was all I needed to make my dick erupt inside her glistening cunt, the spurts shooting out hot, hard and strong.

I’d jacked off before, of course. One thing I’ve noticed in all my years of masturbatory experience is that, if I take my time, say, a couple of hours, having cybersex, for instance, then when I finally cum, the release is practically explosive. The jet of jizz will shoot out the tip of my cock, and land on my chest. I’ve even accidentally given myself a facial a time or too. This orgasm inside her silky, tight cunt was even bigger than that. The semen burst out my cock, filling her, letting her feel me explode fully inside her.

I looked at her, down at my cock, and then to her cunt as I pulled out of her. A long stream of cum held off the tip, attached to the cream pie I’d just given her. She reached a finger down to her soaked pussy, and took a big scoop of our mingled juices, and brought it to her lips. “Mmm…I can’t wait to tell Shannon about this…” she said as she savored the unusual beverage, twirling her tongue around her finger. She got up, kissed my cheek, and grabbed her clothes, dressing as she walked away.

What about Shannon? I wondered, as I watched her naked ass go around the corner.

To be continued…probably.

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