Sneaking Out

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This is another story that not everyone will understand excepting those who have experienced passion with someone “forbidden”. Enjoy!


My eyes popped inexplicably open and in the dark I glanced over at my nightstand where my phone was alight; the blue light blinking. I opened the case, squinted at the brightness of my screen and saw that it was 2:45am. The message from him was simple.

“Come outside.”

My stomach immediately started flipping, nervous butterflies dancing around with giddy anticipation. The loud snoring next to me assured me I was safe to move and I did so, deftly hopping out of bed, pulling my t-shirt over my head and tossing it into the corner hamper, replacing it with the pink sundress I had hanging loosely in the closet. No bra, pink thong and silver flip flops on my feet.

A quick trip to the bathroom to brush my hair and teeth best I could in the dark and then I tip toed through the room and out into the darkness of the living room. I listened for a second, assuring myself that it was safe before heading out the front door, quietly closing it behind me.

A set of headlights flashed briefly, summoning me towards him, not that it was needed, the pull between us was ridiculously strong, but it was a helpful guide. I scampered across the street and pulled the handle on the passenger side and slid into the car. We looked over at one another, identical smug smiles plastered on our faces.

“All clear?” He asked, placing his hand on my knee and sliding up quickly but stopping short. Immediately, I felt myself get wet from his touch.

“I think so, he’s snoring away. She’s asleep too…” I replied, guilt sneaking up briefly but evaporating when he suddenly reached in to kiss my lips. All thoughts of anything other than the taste of his lips left my mind. My own parted and our tongues touched, heaven found again. Being with him made all the struggles of day to day life all but disappear.

As we passionately kissed his hands wandered to my breasts and he cupped them, thumbs grazing nipples; a low moan escaped me. He abruptly pulled away and turned back towards the steering wheel and turned the engine over.

“Not yet.” He said as he put the car in gear and pulled onto the road.

“Where are we going?” I asked, not that I cared, but I was curious. He could’ve taken me right there in front of my house, hell, he could take me in front an audience, whatever he wanted made me happy and turned me on.

“You’ll see.” Wow, he was extra chatty tonight. His hand on my leg, however, spoke volumes as it roamed up and down, getting closer and closer to my pussy each time. His fingers stretched the elastic of my thong, reaching in briefly before moving back down my leg slowly and sensually rubbing as he went, turning me on as I leaned back in the seat, spread my legs slightly and bit my lip, eyes closing in pleasure.

“Wax?” He asked, fingers coming back to rub just above where I wanted him to, before dipping ever so briefly into my now soaking pussy.

“Oh god… yes, last weekend..mmmm that feels so good…” I managed to get out as he found my clit with his fingers and teased it, getting me to just the edge before pulling back, wiping his hand on my dress before quickly down-shifting, preparing to make a left hand turn into what appeared to be a park. He pulled into the deserted parking lot and stopped the car.

“Get out.” He said, his mood apparently shifted for a reason I’m sure I would soon discover. I obediently got out of the car; as strange as it was, the edginess he often emanated was one of the things that turned me on the most. I guess I loved knowing I drove him a little crazy.

We met at the trunk, he grabbed a black duffle bag from within it and slung it over his shoulder. He slammed the trunk, took my hand in his and started walking towards a dark path.

He didn’t speak as we walked, I stayed quiet as well but hummed under my breath, so happy to be close to him and anxiously anticipating what was to come. We walked several hundred feet pendik escort through trees with low hanging branches that we had to duck and dodge until we reached a clearing.

He dropped my hand and unzipped the bag, he pulled out a blanket that he handed to me. I spread it out on the ground then turned on the flashlight feature on my phone, holding it up to give him light.

He dropped to his knees, still fumbling through the bag and came out with a bottle of wine and two glasses. He set them on the blanket then turned his phone to play some soft music. I set about pouring the wine, my heart swelling with the obvious care and planning he had put into this.

Though I could tell something was bothering him, I hoped it wouldn’t affect the precious time we had together.

“Last weekend, huh?” He said and instantly I knew what was wrong.

“Yes, Saturday,” I said, looking at his face and finding his eyes in the dark. We held the gaze for several seconds as he debated what to say next. I knew what he was thinking.

I saw the emotions pass over his face and felt each one with him. We hadn’t been together in over a week and I knew he wondered what I did when he wasn’t around. It was so unfair and sometimes impossible, the way we felt and the situation we had created.

But walking away was not an option. All the petty jealousy and the bitterness that often crept in was made better by the intense way we felt for one another. It was something we never talked about but nonetheless existed for both of us. I wasn’t sure now was the right time to delve into it. I just wanted to make his doubts and insecurities disappear. By making sure he knew what he meant to me.

“I don’t do it for him. I do it for us. For you.” I accentuated my statement by kissing him. He hesitated, deciding, I thought, whether to pursue the conversation or let it go and enjoy the evening. A split second later the decision was made, he kissed me back, harder, the dominating side of him taking over as he pushed me back onto the blanket. He stopped for a second to down his glass of wine and set mine aside.

He then moved on top of me, roughly pulling up my dress, exposing my breasts, before kissing me again, possessing me in the way only he could do. His hand wandered up and grabbed my left breast, squeezed it roughly, then brought his mouth down, lips encircling my nipple as he sucked in.

“Fuck,” I said, so quickly ecstasy taking over my mind. My hands moved to his head, running through the luscious hair on his head as he moved his mouth back and forth between my nipples, sucking each one, teeth grazing occasionally, marks inevitable, but I didn’t care. I loved letting him take me.

“What do you want?” He asked, his voice deep with desire, pulling me out of my mind and his head off of my breasts as his hands wandered my face and neck, tracing some invisible pattern only he could see. My hands stayed in his hair, pulling softly as I considered what he meant.

So many different answers played on my tongue just as I knew the question was meant in a hundred different ways. I decided to keep us in the moment, putting off the inevitable conversation, and said, “I want you to lick it, baby, make me cum with your mouth…”

Again, in the dark, our eyes met and held briefly before he began to comply, easing down my body, kissing my warm abdomen and pelvis as he went. My fingers lingered in his hair as he moved and I squirmed eagerly as he got closer.

He spread my legs apart and blew on my moist pussy before diving in, moving aside the string of my thong and darting his tongue out to flick at my clit. Electric bolts of pleasure went through my body as he moved his tongue quickly across my clit.

“Oh Yes baby that feels so good,” I called out, feeling him move his tongue lower to dive in and out of my opening, every flick of his tongue taking me higher and higher. When I felt his hand slide up my skin up to reach and rub my nipple I started to slip into orgasm, quicker than I wanted but unable to control myself maltepe escort as he licked and rubbed like a man possessed.

“Fuuuuuuck, I’m cumming fuuck that feels so good, you lick my pussy so good!” I stuttered out, lost in ecstasy, and he kept going as my body pulsated and shook and my toes curled with the powerful sensations rushing through my mind and body. My hands stayed still on his head, frozen in pleasure. He kept his mouth in place, drinking in all my juices until I stopped moving.

He then crawled back towards my head to kiss my lips; I eagerly kissed him back, tasting myself on his hot sweet lips as our tongues danced again. The pleasure he gave me was so unique and over the top amazing that it felt surreal, that made it twice as delicious.

I reached down between his legs, loving how hard his cock was for me. “What do you want?” I asked, reluctantly prying my mouth is off his, turning the tables, as the fingers of one hand rubbed his hard on through his jeans, the other played with his ear, lightly rubbing around the lobe and down toward his neck as I waited for his response.

“First, I want to shove my dick in your mouth,” he started, “then I want to take your ass.” He finished decisively, sitting up to undo his belt and easing his pants and boxers down his shapely thighs. “For tonight anyway.” He added, looking at me with a lustful smirk.

“Ask and you shall receive,” I replied sluttily, reaching over to stroke the cock he had conveniently placed by my face. I immensely enjoyed orally pleasuring him and opened my lips to allow him to slide in my mouth.

“Fuck babe, yesssss,” he hissed, as my tongue slid over the head of his engorged cock and my lips wrapped around it, sucking in hard. Slowly I released him and he eased in as my tongue dragged down the shaft he pushed further into my mouth.

He was such a gentlemen but in times like this he took what he wanted, greedily using me for his pleasure that I willingly gave him. He pushed back into my throat and I moaned, gagging a little but fighting it, keeping him there, swallowing and allowing him to push further.

“Good girl, that’s it baby, your mouth feels amazing,” he lovingly told me as he started moving in and out faster. I brought my hand to his ass to rub gently as he fucked my face, finding his spot and manipulating it with my finger. I could taste the precum in my mouth and a deep moan came from his lips as I continue sucking on him and slowly moving my finger around his asshole.

“Oh yesss! Oh my god how do you do that? Fucking feels so good!” He asked as his hips pulsed faster and faster pushing his dick further and further into my mouth before he suddenly stopped and pulled back.

“Turn over.” He ordered, pulling out a condom from the bag and a tube of lube as well. I quickly moved, desperate to have his cock in me. He pulled the condom over the length of his cock as I moved onto all fours. He came behind me, still on his knees and roughly shoved his hard cock into my wet pussy.

At the same time he placed a lube coated finger on my rosebud and shoved it in and out of my ass in time with his cock. The mixed sensations felt spectacular. “Yes please give me your cock, oh yes! yes! yes!” I called out, caught up in the moment. I felt my ass loosening up as his finger worked in and out. This was something I only shared with him and he knew it.

“Can I fuck your ass? I need to fuck your ass!” He asked, not really a question but I knew what he wanted to hear.

“Yes, please fuck my ass, I want it so bad!” And I did, he was able to raise my level of arousal to a point where anything went. Anything.

He immediately pulled out of my pussy and placed his cock where his finger had been and slowly pushed it into my tight ass. His hand reached around to rub my clit as he worked it in and soon we were both moaning and panting as he slammed his hard, long cock in and out of my ass.

His finger was expertly working my clit and soon I felt another orgasm hit my body. “Oh shit I’m cumming kartal escort baby, don’t stop!” I cried out, my body shaking against him, he responded by fucking my ass harder and harder, grunting and groaning until he was cumming. He pushed forward several more times enjoying every second of the hard hitting orgasm.

“Oooooooh my god, your ass is amazing!” He said as he collapsed down next to me, sexy eyes closing from exertion. I reached down to remove the condom, putting it in a small bag and placing it aside. The crack of dawn was upon us but I wasn’t ready to let go of him yet.

I laid down beside him on my side, he lifted his head so my arm could slide beneath him, his arms snaked around my body as we enjoyed the time we had left together. I ran my free hand up and down his body, softly and slowly as our mouths met again, and we kissed gently but fervently, our minds and hearts becoming one as we blocked out the rest of the world.

“I love you,” I whispered when we parted, such bittersweet emotions flowing through me now.

“I love you too,” he replied, and I my heart leapt as it always did when I heard those words from him. No other words were necessary, although many hung unsaid between us.

We returned to our kissing, my hand moved to his cock that was returning to life. “Do we have time?” He asked, hopeful, and I replied by rubbing him harder.

“If you can be fast,” I said, “well maybe not too fast..” I added, feeling him grow in my hand as I softly stroked him. He laughed and rolled over so that he was on top of me, I felt his cock pressing into my stomach as he kissed my neck.

I felt so wet, so open and soon he was sliding into me. It took a moment to realize he wasn’t wearing a condom but it felt so good that I didn’t care. “Just pull out, ok?” I whispered, looking into his eyes, captivated, as the pleasure rolled across his face.

He nodded and our eyes locked for several seconds and he fucked me gently until something animal in him took over and he grabbed my legs and shoved them up and over my head, his cock impossibly deep and right up against my g-spot. He stopped moving for a second then began pounding me slowly, torturously building me up with every stroke.

He hands were on my legs, pushing them back and to each side, just painful enough to feel good. “Play with your nipples please,” he asked politely and I complied. I felt his eyes on me as I fondled my own breasts, teasing my nipples with my fingers as I cried out how good he was making me feel.

“Ooooh myyy godddd you are fucking me so good please don’t stop!” I begged, and then I was cumming, harder than I ever had before. And then again and again and again with every thrust of his cock. My body was trembling and releasing at a rapid pace, eyes squeezed shut as the orgasms overtook my mind and body completely.

When I felt him grow larger my mind returned to earth; my eyes popped open to see his beautiful face contort in pleasure, and before I could remind him to pull out, he came, deep inside me. Just as he did he seemed to wake up and cursed himself.

“Fuck, I’m so sorry, I just couldn’t…” He looked at me apologetically, a sheepish grin on his face. He let my legs go they dropped down on either side of him.

“It’s ok, I’m sure it’ll be fine,” I said, “felt fucking fantastic!” I finished, smiling at him. Wasn’t like I was with anyone else and I was pretty sure he wasn’t either. I’d do some calculating later.

By now the sun was peeking in and I knew we had to go. “What are you going to say this time?” I asked him as we gathered clothes and other belongings.

“Not sure…” He looked at me as he said it and I knew we both wished that things were different, that the lies and the deceit could disappear. And hopefully someday they would. But for now if that was the price we had to pay to steal time for each other… it was just the way it was.

We walked back to the car, hand in hand, both happy and sad, satisfied but still needing the thing only we could give each other. He drove me home in silence; when we reached my house gave me a kiss and a final, longing look as I got out of his car.

I smiled and blew him a kiss as he drove away. I turned the knob to my house and the sound of snoring welcomed me back to reality…

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