Smile For The Camera Ch. 01

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Big thanks to KenjiSato for editing this.

“Nick!” my sister yelled, from the next room. “I need a hand.” Ugh.

My twin sister, Mia. Despite being my twin, she didn’t look anything like me. Her blonde hair usually pulled in a ponytail, apart from the usual pair of tendrils that hung down in front of her face. I had dark brown hair, cut short. I was just over six foot, she was barely five foot five.

She was funny, kind, and just a little bit stupid. Don’t get me wrong — I love her — but sometimes, she just seems to lack common sense. Just last week, she needed help working the toaster — we don’t even have a toaster.

Even with her ditziness, she was still fun to be around, and I was lucky enough to have a pretty good relationship with her. Mom died giving birth to us (a fact that always gets a ‘so sorry’, but I never knew her, so I don’t really miss her), and Dad had to work long hours to manage both of us on his own. This meant that many nights, we were left to our own devices. This wasn’t a big deal, we were both eighteen, in the last year of school — and like I said, we got along pretty well.

“What is it now?” I asked, stepping into her room.

“How do–” she paused for a second, as her bright blue eyes rose from her laptop. “Why aren’t you wearing anything?”

“Shut up, I’m wearing a towel. You can’t be surprised; you just heard me get out of the shower.” I didn’t know it at the time, but she had done more than hear me.

“Whatever. Why isn’t my laptop working?” She turned the screen to face me.

“You’re gonna need to be more specific than that.”

“Okay. I want to get all my school files onto this USB,” she said, as I sat down next to her on the double bed.

“Okay. Well, it helps if you plug it in,” I mocked, snatching it from her and slotting it into the computer. “Can you do me a favour? I’ve not had my morning coffee yet; can you go make me one, while I sort this out?”

She hesitated, a look of — hmm, somewhere between shame and fear — flashed across her face, before she finally rose from the bed and left.

“Just everything in the file ‘SCHOOL?'” I shouted through to the kitchen.

“Yep! Just that one. No other ones!”

Knowing how to work a USB stick, it took little over thirty seconds to set it up. “It’s gonna take an hour,” I announced, slightly surprised at how slow it was going.

“Fuck. I’ve gotta leave for school in twenty minutes. Can you make it go any faster?” came the reply.

“I’m not a miracle wor–” I was cut off by the sound of the kettle boiling. “Okay, let’s see what I can do,” I said under my breath. “Maybe if you close some of these tabs, shit how many do you need at any one time?” I asked, to no one in particular. I decided to see if I could get rid of any, to help it speed up. Xbox app: closed. History homework: ctrl+s, closed. Steam: closed. Video of Nick jerking off: clo– wait! …what the fuck?

Holy fucking shit. Why the fuck did my sister have a video of me beating my meat in the shower? And, perhaps more pressingly, how? I had to confront her about this, I couldn’t just ignore it.

“Have you got it yet?” my sister asked, coming back into her room.

“Wh– Err… Yeah. No. Sorry, I can’t speed it up that much,” I spluttered, changing the screen back, so it showed the slow moving bar of file transfers.

“Ugh. You’re useless, you are,” bahis siteleri she insulted. “Now get out of my room, it’s fifteen minutes until I have to go, and I’m still in my pyjamas.”

For the whole of that school day, I couldn’t stop thinking about what I had seen. Had she planted a camera in our bathroom? Why would she do that? When did she do that? Jesus Christ. I needed more answers. Fortunately, she had tennis after school, which gave me an hour alone in the house.

First thing’s first, finding the camera. I could work out roughly where it was, but I needed to check. After a bit of investigation, I finally found it. She had taken apart the toilet roll holder, slotted the camera into the horizontal bar, and put everything back together in such a way that it had a clear view of the shower. Disgusting? maybe. Illegal? definitely. Smart? surprisingly so.

I quickly worked out that she couldn’t see me at the sink, but if I stood up to pee, or if I was in the shower, she would be able to watch. The camera itself was small, looked quite expensive, but didn’t seem to have a microphone. How much money had she invested into being a perv? No. Maybe there was some other explanation. There had to be, she was my sister.

Her laptop was locked, but ‘Password1’ wasn’t all that hard to guess, especially when it was on a Post-it on her mirror. I really needed to give this girl a lesson on internet safety, right after the lesson on why spying on your brother is fucked up.

Okay. So. The camera was Bluetooth, connected to some app I’d never heard of. Opening it quickly, showed me that the footage was live, and it only recorded if you told it to. I opened up her files, trying to find how much she had. GAMES, HOLIDAY PHOTOS, New folder, New folder, PHOTOS, SCHOOL, SECRET (DO NOT OPEN). Gotcha.

I opened up the folder to see a frankly disturbing number of video files. Thirty seven, to be exact. The furthest one back was about two months ago — hey, at least I was eighteen by that point. Sure she was an incestuous perv, but at least she didn’t have child porn.

I opened one at random: a video of me showering, at one point my dick started to grow, and I began to wank. Shock and horror coursed through me, as I watched my own privacy be violated. To my further surprise, however, these emotions were quickly joined by something else: arousal. Not at the video itself — I’m not that narcissistic — but at the thought of what Mia had done, while watching it. Had she been watching me, touching herself at the sight of my cock? Had she ever came thinking about my body? Had she ever fantasised that she could join me, or that I could join her? Her fantasies were now mine, as I let my mind wander and my cock grow.

No. Stop. This was wrong, I couldn’t think about my sister that way, it’s wrong. Just because she’s a perv doesn’t make it okay for me to be one, too. I had to confront her about it. This had to stop.

However, every time I went to talk to her about it, I stopped myself. I mean how the hell do I tell my own sister I know about her pervy habits? Eventually, Dad came home and my chance to bring it up with her that day was gone; he didn’t need to find out about it. Mia had her shower (she showered at night for some reason, while I went in the mornings), and we all fucked off to bed. Only, I couldn’t sleep. Thoughts of my sister swarmed my brain, canlı bahis siteleri as I pondered what to do. No matter how long I considered it, I couldn’t work out a way to bring it up with her, without ruining my relationship with her. But then again, I couldn’t just let it keep happening, could I?

Morning came at last, and I rose from bed, sluggishly shuffling towards the bathroom. I took a shit, brushed my teeth and shaved on autopilot, as I slowly woke up. It was only when I stripped naked, about to step under the shower, that I remembered I might be being watched. I stood there for a few seconds before realising that I had no choice: if I didn’t take a shower she’d figure out I was onto her. I stepped into the shower and turned it on, allowing the warm water to cascade down onto my exposed body.

I couldn’t help but occasionally glance towards the camera. Was she watching me now? Even recording me? My privacy was being comprehensively violated, but much to my surprise, I wasn’t feeling disgusted. I was aroused. I found myself hoping she was watching, imagining her watching me. My cock grew hard, and I wasn’t embarrassed. If anything, I made sure she could see, the thought of my own sister being aware of my arousal excited me to no end.

And so, fully aware of my potential witness, I began to masturbate. I took long, firm strokes up and down my shaft, closing my eyes to imagine Mia watching me. She was on her bed — or at least she was, in my imagination — one hand down her pyjama bottoms, touching herself as she watched me jerk off. I wondered if she was shaved or not. Would she prefer to rub herself softly, or finger herself furiously?

My metronome of strokes grew faster, and I let out a few involuntary grunts as my mind’s eye continued to present me with my sister, her other hand now rubbing her small, firm breasts. I pictured her speeding up, staring at her screen as she fucked herself. Then, I pictured her cumming. The sight of my own sister’s orgasm, though fictitious, sent me over the edge. Spurts of cum shot rapidly out of my cock, as I grunted and groaned. Shot after shot escaped my throbbing dick, as I imagined what her reaction must have been.

I was torn. Half of my brain was desperately yelling out how wrong this was. She was my fucking sister. Everything about this situation was wrong. But the other half told me a different story. ‘You’re both adults. She clearly wants you back. And let’s be fair, she’s fucking hot.’ It told me, filling my brain with various images of Mia in revealing clothing. That little voice in my head wouldn’t shut up all day. And the more I thought about her petite, yet curvy, figure — her round ass and firm tits; the more I found myself agreeing with the voice.

“Imma go take a shower,” Mia announced, as we sat and watched TV. It wasn’t uncommon for her to shower earlier rather than later; it meant that she had more time to spend with dad when he finally got home from work each day. She went upstairs and I was left alone with my thoughts and an advert for Cillit Bang. As Barry Scott’s voice rattled away, I became potently aware of the opportunity that had arisen for me. No. This was crossing a line. But, I wasn’t the one who crossed it. That makes it okay, right? No. She’s my sister. But she did it to me first. “Fuck it.” I said aloud, switching the TV off and climbing the stairs. Halfway canlı bahis up, I heard the shower turn on — now was my chance.

I creeped into Mia’s bedroom, to find her laptop on charge, sitting on her bed. I lay down on my sister’s bed and logged on to her computer. The ‘secret’ folder was open, and sure enough, a new file had been added that morning. But that’s not what I was there for. I found the Bluetooth connection, and brought up the video feed. Holy shit. I was actually doing this. I was actually going through with this.

There stood my sister, facing away from the camera, completely naked. Her hands massaged her soaking hair, as shampoo flowed down her bare body. Suds passed down her athletic shoulders, down her slightly-arched back, over her juicy, curvy ass. My cock hardened and my eyes grew wide as I examined my sibling’s form. I watched closely as she washed her body.

“Turn around. Please. Show me your body, Mia,” I whispered to myself, as my cock strained against the fabric of my underwear. Should I give in to my urges? Could I get away with it? These questions crossed my mind, but were given no thought. I simply pushed them aside and took out my hard cock. I started taking long strokes of my cock, as my eyes remained trained on the screen. And then, she turned around.

That fucking body.

At that moment, I was more turned on by my sister than I had been by any woman before. Her perky breasts were firm and perfectly sculpted. Her petite, athletic chest had me almost begging for the chance to kiss every inch of her body. Her clean-shaven pussy was perfectly symmetrical; an inviting slit of pleasure, I wanted nothing more than to be inside. I pumped my cock faster, wishing I could join her in the bathroom. I could give her an experience she would never fucking forget. I could fuck her so fucking hard. Shit, I could cum on those perfect tits and leave her begging, pleading for more.

I felt my balls clench, as I watched my sister scrub her body. Fuck. I was going to cum. Oh shit. I frantically looked around, searching for a box of tissues. I opened the chest on her bedside table with my free hand as I continued to jerk off violently with the other. No luck, the only thing there was a purple dildo. Shit. There had to be something, Mia’s bedroom had so much shit on the floor you’d have thought a bomb went off. There had to be something.

Fuck. I didn’t have long. I was reaching orgasm fast and I didn’t have the willpower to stop myself — Mia’s body was too irresistible. And so, I took the only option I had. I grabbed a thong from further down on the bed. Maybe it was used, maybe it wasn’t. I pulled it over my dick and looked back at the screen to see my beautiful sister’s body once more.

At that moment, I came. ‘Came’ is perhaps not the best word for what I did. Closer to an eruption. Cum blasted from my cock, splattering loudly onto my sister’s underwear. Rope upon rope of my seed pumped into her thong, as I watched her scrub herself down.

When I caught my breath, I looked down at what I had done. I knew I should’ve been ashamed, but I wasn’t. I was… almost proud. I closed the application and logged off her laptop, put my dick back in my jeans and left her room. I kept the underwear; I couldn’t exactly have just left it behind, could I? I was back in my room, scrolling Twitter by the time the shower stopped and she emerged from the bathroom, unaware of the act of pure lust I had just committed in her name.

I opened up Amazon and searched for ‘tiny hidden camera’. £60. Was it worth sixty quid to watch my sister put that dildo to use?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32