Slutty Gym Rat

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It was late at night and I’d had a long day. The last thing I wanted to do was train another client. Well, that is, if it had been anyone else. But this was Amy, easily my favorite client. And there were several reasons why she was my favorite. But I’ll get to those.

Amy had texted me earlier that day that she had had something come up in her regular time slot and asked if she could reschedule her workout to the evening. I obliged, but let her know that my only free time was after hours and that she’d have to pay extra for the session. She replied that that was fine and we agreed to meet late in the evening to begin the workout.

She arrived, and immediately I remembered why I loved my job. She was dressed in a tight gray sports bra that accentuated her curves and black yoga pants that hugged her firm ass. It was all I could do not to comment on her beauty, but I had to stay professional. And I did, despite the difficulty. So we finished our workout in a good time and I breathed a sigh of relief that I hadn’t slipped up and told her what I was really thinking about when she did squats and stretches.

“I want to thank you for letting me train after hours,” Amy said as we refilled our waterbottles. “I just had to get a workout in tonight.”

“I know what you mean,” I responded. “I feel like I’m in the gym 24/7 anyway so this isn’t a big imposition. Anytime you need me to stay late for you, just give me enough notice and I’m happy to do it.”

“That’s great to hear,” Amy said, screwing the top back on to her waterbottle. “I wish I could live at the gym sometimes, but I’m sure you get tired of it.”

“It takes some doing, but yes, I do.” I smiled. “Do you want to grab anything at the vending machines? I could go for a protein bar right now.”

“Sure, I’ll join you for that. But then I’ve got to shower and get out of here.”

“Sweet. I won’t keep you too long.”

Our protein bars were soon washed down by the waters we had refilled and Amy undid her red hair from its ponytail in anticipation of her shower. “I have got to get under some hot water now,” she said, standing up from the table where we were sitting. “I just feel so sweaty after working out.”

“Me, too,” I concurred. “And I’ve helped ten people work out today. So I imagine I’m not exactly fresh either. Let’s head to the showers.”

We threw away the protein bar wrappers and walked down the hallway to the other hallway that led to the locker rooms. I quickly realized something was up when I saw that the women’s locker room door was open. “What’s going on?” I asked Amy, who was peeking into the locker room just then.

“It’s being cleaned,” she answered. “No one is allowed in while they clean it.”

“Oh, shit…” I trailed off as I realized something. “I forgot to ask the janitors to hold off on cleaning the locker rooms until we were done using them.”

“Is the men’s locker room still available?” Amy asked.

“Yes, it looks that way. They usually do only one at a time. If you want to go first, you can use that one and then I’ll go after you.”

“Nonsense,” Amy said, shaking her head. “That would take way too long. We’d still yenimahalle escort just get in the way of the janitors. Look, we’re both professionals. I think we can be professional about this and use the locker room at the same time.”

“Are you sure? I don’t want to make you feel uncomfortable.”

“Of course I’m sure. I mean, if you can’t be professional, I don’t know who can. You never make comments about me, even though you’re a red-blooded man and I look like this.” She gestured to her alluring body as she spoke the last word.

“Well, you’ve got a point,” I replied, thanking my stars that I’d kept my mouth shut when I could have made risqué comments about the way she looked. “And I mean, we’re both adults. We should be able to be nude in front of each other and not make it sexual. It’s just our bodies.”

“Exactly. Now let’s get in there and take our clothes off and get under that hot, steamy water in a completely platonic manner.” She giggled as she opened the door to the men’s locker room.

“Oh, look who’s staying professional,” I huffed as I followed her.

“I have to tease a little bit,” came her reply.

“OK,” I answered, “but then I get to tease back when you do. Deal?”


“So… should I go ahead and turn the water on so it gets hot by the time we get in there? It’s notorious for taking forever to heat up.”

“Go ahead,” Amy replied.

“And should I turn on two stalls or just one?” I said, grinning.

“OK, well played on the tease-back.” Amy pulled her sports bra over her head as I went into the shower area to turn on the water.

“Just one, actually,” Amy called after me.

I poked my head back into the locker room. Amy was topless, standing beside a bench with her duffel bag on the bench beside her, looking me square in the eye.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t catch that,” I said, my breath catching nervously in my throat.

“I said, just turn on one,” Amy insisted, her green eyes staring a hole through mine.

“Are — are you taking a cold shower?” I stammered.

“No,” Amy said huskily. “We’re saving water. Unless you don’t think you can handle being naked in the shower with me.”

“Oh, oh — no, I can handle it. I can handle it just fine.”

“Just one shower then.”

“Uh-huh,” I mumbled as I went to turn on the water again. Was I the luckiest man alive or was this an elaborate joke she was playing? Either way, I was going to see her naked, so even if she pretended to be into me and pulled back at the last possible second, leaving me hanging… still felt like a net win.

I came back and Amy was digging around in her duffel bag, bent over, with her back to me. She was sticking her ass out, too, and it looked like it would be heaven to spank that ass. But I refrained. Then she brought her hands to her waist and began to slowly peel down her leggings, revealing her silky, smooth skin, puckered little asshole, and tight, glistening cunt to me.

“Oh, come on, that’s too much,” I protested, in reply to which she just wiggled her ass. My cock was rapidly hardening and I ran my fingers through my thick hair.

Naked, eryaman escort Amy turned around and sat down on a towel on the bench. “It’s just nudity, Mike,” she said quietly, “don’t take it too seriously. Come on, let’s see what you’re working with.”

I sighed and removed my shirt. Amy bit her lip in response to my six-pack and well-built upper body.

“Now the shorts,” she prodded.

“Were you… not wearing panties all day?” I asked, changing the subject.

“Took you long enough to notice,” Amy said, rolling her eyes. “Now, come on, take it all off.”

I removed my shorts, leaving myself in just my boxer briefs, which were now bulging quite conspicuously.

“Mmm…” Amy moaned, getting down on her knees and crawling toward me. “Is that for me?” she said, pointing to my sizable erection.

“Yes, it’s for you.” I sighed again.

She licked her lips. “No one’s ever gotten an erection for me before.”

I started, unsure if she was serious. “You’re fucking kidding, right? I would think it’s a daily occurrence for you.”

“Yeah, I’m kidding. It’s happened hundreds of times. But… mmm. I don’t think there’s ever been one this thick and big before. Not that I’ve seen, anyhow. Come on, pick me up and carry me to the shower.”


“Come on, do it. I want you to pick me up and carry me to the shower. I know you’re strong enough to do it.”

She was right. She couldn’t be much more than 120 pounds, and she was barely 5’4″. I could carry her, and she stood up just then and basically fell into my arms, so I picked her up and brought her to the shower and placed her under the water.

She fell to her knees and immediately peeled my underwear down. My hard 8″ cock came to life in front of her face. She tossed my underwear across the room and opened her mouth wide, engulfing my cock. She took just the tip in her mouth at first, teasing its sensitive head with her lips and tongue, but then she began to choke and gag on it. At first, I thought she couldn’t deepthroat so I grabbed a hold of her wet hair and thrusted violently into her eager mouth, fucking her face with a vengeance.

Ack! Guh! Nngh! The sounds of my cockhead hitting her throat made me even harder as she took my hard thrusting in her mouth. Her face was wet with tears as I fucked her mouth relentlessly, but she kept going like a slut. But then she pulled back off of my cock and caught her breath. Smiling, she said, “That was awesome. Now force it down my throat.”

“Are you sure?” I queried, “Can you take it?”

“I can take it,” she responded, grinning seductively.

So I entered her wet mouth again and forced my way into her throat. She took me easily until the last three inches, but she stayed steady and let me force the last part of my cock deep into her throat. Her nose was deep in my pubes as I held her down on my cock for a full minute before letting her back up for air. She gasped for breath and immediately enveloped my cock in her throat again. Another minute passed and she showed no signs of letting up. Finally, I pulled my cock out.

“I — could — have — kept — going,” ankara escort she gasped.

“I don’t know, Amy, you were dangerously close there,” I responded. “Besides, I don’t want to come yet, and I was pretty close myself.”

“Fine,” she conceded, “but you had better fuck me good then.”

“Oh, I will,” I said, smiling.

She stood up and looked me deep in the eyes. “I want you to fuck me like the filthy little whore I am,” she said huskily.

“Get on the floor, Slut,” I said to her, moving out of the way of the direct stream of water so we could fuck more easily. She got on her knees again, this time facing away from me. “What do you want, Slut?” I asked her.

“I want you to fuck my cunt,” she said quietly.

“I didn’t hear you,” I replied.

“I want you to fuck my cunt!” she said, more loudly this time.

This time I spanked her ass hard and said more sternly, “What the fuck did you say, Slut?”

She turned her head toward me and motioned for me to lean down and listen to her closely. She whispered hoarsely into my ear, “I want to fuck me like a dirty whore right in my tight little cunt and then spray your cum all over my face. Do you fucking hear me now, Sir?”

I decided to respond with action instead of words. I got down on one knee and lined my cock up with her dripping cunt. I entered her slowly, my cockhead teasing her soaking folds.

“Mmm,” she moaned. “Give it to me, Sir,” she begged me.

Instead, I spanked her ass very hard on both ass cheeks — repeatedly, until her ass turned red. Every spanking made her wetter and made her moan a little, so I knew I was on the right track. I began to enter her cunt more deeply, plowing her innermost part with my thick, monster cock. I thrusted deep in her cunt, filling her up completely, and she responded by rubbing her clit and telling me “you’re so fucking deep inside me, Sir.”

This turned me on even more and I began to pound her cunt with quick powerful strokes. I thrust into her with everything I had and she began to squeal in delight every time I would spank her ass. Finally I couldn’t hold on any longer and I knew I was about to cum. But not before she did, yelling out to me that she was cumming “so hard on your big cock, Sir.”

“Cum on my pretty little face, Sir, mark me as your little slut,” she said, and I wasn’t going to say No to that. I pulled out and went to stand over her, her face looking up at me, mouth open to receive my cum. I exploded on her face in a series of streams that got into her hair but also dripped down onto her generous tits.

She sank back onto the floor, exhausted, until I picked her up again. “Is that what you wanted, Slut?” I asked her, whispering into her ear.

She nodded, whispering back, “Yes, Sir. Thank you for fucking my cunt like the little whore I am. Now help me clean up.”

We had forgotten to grab soap so I went back to get it from the locker room. I came back to see her standing under the shower, touching the folds of her cunt lightly with her fingers. I came up behind her and pressed my still-hard cock into her ass crack.

“I want you to fuck me after every session from now on,” she requested.

“You don’t get to make the rules, Slut,” I whispered into her ear.

“I’m sorry, Sir.”

I was silent for a moment. Then I whispered again. “I want you to make time after every appointment so I can fuck you like a little slut.”

She smiled. “Yes, Sir.”

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