Skip the Groceries

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Despite the fact that we’d been together for several years, one of the favourite activities for my wife and me on a Saturday afternoon is to drive around town doing our errands for the week.

Tunes blasting, good conversation, lots of flirting with each other and the occasional inappropriate remark made for hours of fun. Yes, this fun was interrupted by stops at the dry cleaner, the hardware store, the grocery store, etc. etc. But that was all background noise to these very early stages of foreplay to great fun together on Saturday nights.

This particular Saturday wasn’t much different. It was now about 3 o’clock and we’d been in the car and various shops for a couple of hours. Our prior stop had been way out in the suburbs to pick up a replacement part for a light fixture, and the last stop of the day was the grocery store just a couple of miles from our house.

As we both rocked out to the tunes coming from the car stereo, my hand rested absently on my wife’s thigh, just above the knee. I say absently, because I didn’t really appreciate that I was squeezing her leg in time with the music and had been for a couple of minutes. Apparently, this rhythmic pressure was much less part of the background to her than to me, as was evidenced by a small flex in her quad, following by a little squirm in her seat and a contented sounding little purr.

When I looked over at her, I saw that look in her eye. That look that said, please feel free to move your hand a bit further north if you’d like. Instead, I left my hand where it was, smiled at her and made a bit of small-talk about what groceries we needed for dinner……. a little teasing before dinner always whets the appetite.

Since I didn’t seem interested in taking the lead, my wife put her hand on my leg, the same place as I had mine, and squeezed a couple of times herself. Looking down at our two arms crossed across the center of the car, noting the difference in size with my large hand on her petite, taught leg compared to her delicate hand squeezing my knee through my jeans was certainly an effective way to get the juices flowing. Images went through my mind of the night before, lifting her up by her slender waist and placing her on the bathroom counter……. but I digress.

While my mind had been wandering, so had her hand. Looking over I could see the mischievous grin on her face as her hand came to rest between my legs and continued to squeeze my now expanding package through my jeans.

With a couple more squeezes, things began to get decidedly too tight, but she had a solution for that too. As I sat waiting for the next red light to turn green, I could feel a tug and heard the unmistakable sound of my zipper being slowly pulled down.

Somewhat quizzically, I looked over at her. It was 3:00 in the afternoon, bright sunlight and a little old lady in the car next to us. Really? She smiled in her brazenness and now reached inside the unzipped jeans to squeeze again. Really. I could now feel the pressure of her fingers through my boxers. We pulled away from the light, and her deft fingers maneuvered a bit more to find the opening in my shorts, allowing me to feel the brush of her soft fingertips against my penis.

Gasping slightly, I shifted in my seat to improve her access. Next thing I knew, there I am, driving on a bright Saturday afternoon with my wife firmly squeezing my naked prick from the passenger seat. I wasn’t exactly sure what she had in mind next, but it wasn’t exactly the moment to care.

As we pulled up to the next red light she took things one step further. We were still rolling to a stop when I heard the click of her seatbelt unbuckling and she scrambled in her seat to lean over as far as she could, her mouth aimed straight for my straining member.

Now, at this point, let me formally document something for the automotive engineers out there. We really appreciate all of the things you’ve managed to put into the console between the front seats of our 2014 sedan. However, is there not a single one of you who has ever been offered a blowjob while driving? Short of being a contortionist, my wife and I now recognize this is a very difficult task. Being the determined type that she is, she did manage to get up onto her knees in the passenger seat and lean over far enough to give a couple of long, delicious licks across my glans followed by one quick, loud suck before the car behind us honked and I needed to hit the accelerator. The sudden motion resulting in one glorious moment of her mouth pulling on the head of my prick while she lost her balance and tumbled onto the console, her prize slipping out of her grasp.

With a laugh at her predicament, she awkwardly moved herself back into a sitting position in the passenger seat and re-buckled her seatbelt. “I’m bahis firmaları thinking …. How about we skip the groceries?”

Given that we were less than 5 minutes from home, and the fact that my rigid tool was straining for anyone in a passing SUV to see, there really wasn’t much debate. With her hand again grabbing and squeezing my member, we made it home in record time.

Pulling up in front of the house, I quickly put everything back into my pants and zipped up. Not as quickly as my wife leapt out of the car heading for the front door however. Hurriedly slamming the car door behind me, I rushed through the open door to see her tight little ass bounding up the stairs. I bounded up the stairs two steps at a time behind her.

I caught up to her seconds later; already sitting on the bed and beginning to unbutton the top of her shirt, feet dangling off the side, her shoes already off. I immediately knelt down on the floor beside her and started working on the shirt buttons from the bottom.

After only two buttons, I couldn’t resist. Putting both hands around the small of her back, I leaned my face into her stomach, just below the navel. I could smell the distinct scent of her skin mixed with the coconut oil that she had put on this morning. The combination of her silky, delicious smelling skin and the firm abs underneath as she continued to hold herself in a sitting position on the bed was intoxicating. Gripping her lower back more firmly, I pulled her a couple inches closer to the edge of the bed and began to plant urgent kisses on her stomach just above the top of her belt.

Hearing her sharp intake of air as my lips and tongue brushed her smooth skin, I knew that she wouldn’t mind if I moved things along quickly. Rising up off my knees, I took my hands from her back and gently pushed her body down onto the bed, feet still dangling over the edge. I quickly undid her belt and jeans, lifted her feet up into the air, hooked my hands into the waistband of her pants, and in one smooth motion pulled her jeans straight upward and completely off her legs.

Discarding her jeans on the floor, I caught the back of her calves while her feet were still straight up in the air. Sliding my hands down her calves, over the back of her knees and then to the back of her things, my fingers and hands drank in the softness of her skin. I lowered myself back to my knees in front of her until I was staring directly as her closely trimmed pussy. My hands flat on her things mid-way between her ass and her knees, I continued to hold her legs upright and gave her slit a full, long stroke of my tongue. Starting from the very base, penetrating slightly, running the entire length of her pussy until the flat of my tongue passed firmly over her clitoris. From my vantage point it was hard to tell whether I saw or heard her eyes open wide at my very direct opening salvo.

At this point I paused briefly for both of us to fully appreciate where we were. Raising my head slightly, I savoured the tanginess that her already wet pussy left on my tongue. I love the taste of my wife’s pussy, and with years of experience, I’ve learned to enjoy the slight variations in taste. Today, I appreciated the slightly deeper tang that meant that she had been wet for a while. I took as a compliment to know that she was as turned on as I was during the drive home over the past few minutes. Looking up past her smooth stomach, I saw her breathing heavily as she continued to reel from the abrupt tongue stroke I’d just given her.

Smiling down at me, she reached over for a pillow to prop her head up, which meant we were definitively both on the same page as to how this would continue. With her head elevated slightly, she now had a better view as I lowered my head again, more slowly this time, my tongue intent on continuing to pleasure her.

Given that she liked the first long stroke, I decided to continue with that technique for a bit. Starting right at the base of her pussy just above her ass, I gave another long, teasingly slow stroke from bottom to top, again running the flat of my tongue over the now prominent clit. One stroke. Pause. Another. Pause. Another, slightly deeper this time, but just as slow. Pause. Another, this time almost to the full depth my tongue could reach. Pause.

She was squirming now. Lowering my head for yet another pass, one of her hands came to rest on the back of my head – a sign that she as much as she was enjoying the pace, she needed more. Only too happy to oblige, the next slow stroke from bottom to top didn’t end with a single brush stroke over her clit. Increasing the pace slightly, I gave her multiple strokes, still using the full length of my tongue each time. After several increasingly quick flat strokes, her hand tightening in my hair, I switched kaçak iddaa to the tip of my tongue and gave her several teasingly light, but franticly fast strokes. I would have kept going with the light and fast strokes, but the force of her hand on my head left no choice but to be more forceful, still with just the tip of the tongue, but now pressing her clit firmly, feeling her whole body move slightly with every flicker.

Her second hand now arrived on the back of my head, pressing my nose firmly into her neatly trimmed, coconut and musk scented pubic hair. Upping the ante even more, I slid both of my hands under her ass, pulling her now soaking wet pussy into my face, my chin quickly becoming very wet with her juices. For a delicious few seconds, we both pressed my mouth and her pussy together at full force, my tongue still wriggling against her clit. After briefly forgetting to breathe, she gasped and her hands let off slightly. I took this opportunity to shift my position slightly.

Tilting my head a bit, I was able to look into her eyes as she continued to watch. Keeping my left hand under her ass, I moved my right hand around so that my fingers brushed her wetness. Slowing the pace and pressure of my tongue slightly, I placed one finger on against her pussy lips and inserted it slowly, only an inch or so, putting pressure right at the base of her pussy, opening her slightly. Her fingers now grabbed my hair, but stayed somewhat slack as she let me set the pace of penetration.

I slowly built up a rhythm – continuing to lick her clit, while also stroking the inside of her pussy, pushing my finger slightly deeper with each stroke. Not too fast, but fast enough to keep the overall intensity level moving higher bit by bit. The grip of her hands on the back of my head said that I had the pace right, but that she was ready for more.

After reaching full depth with my finger moving in and out along the back wall of her pussy, I again upped the intensity but turning my hand and beginning to rub her G-spot with my now extremely slippery finger.

On first contact with her magic spot, I stopped to rest my tongue briefly as I rubbed and placed slightly greater pressure on the spot she loves so much – about two inches inside, almost under her clit. After letting her enjoy the solo G-spot sensation for a few moments, I resumed licking her clit so that she could bask in the multiple sensations simultaneously.

Typically, this is the starting point to the build-up to my favourite part of sex, her orgasm throbbing and grabbing my fingers as I increase the pace on her clit and G-spot in unison. Today however, after a few moments of this mind-altering combination, the fingers buried in my hair pulled my head back slightly.

Looking up at her face again as I reluctantly let her pull me back, she reminded me of a jungle cat about to attack. Catching her breath, she said, “I’m going to ride you.” It wasn’t a question. It wasn’t a suggestion. It was a statement of fact. Although arguing was out of the question, I did have something to add to her plans — “With your vibrator too.”

Now in complete agreement about what was happening next, there was a very brief flurry of position changing activity. I ripped my jeans and underwear off, she bounced off the bed to reach into the drawer for her favourite device, I leapt onto the bed on my back and she climbed on top of me.

As frantic as those few second were, things slowed down again. Vibrator in hand, she straddled me with her dripping wet pussy spread across the length of my erection. Turning on the vibrator, with my hardness still lying on my stomach, she slid up and down my length a couple of times. The jungle cat look had not left her eyes.

Then, in one smooth motion, she elevated slightly, reached down with one hand to position my penis and then quickly impaled herself, eyes wide. She quickly started rocking back and forth as she applied her now humming toy to her clit.

As she rocked quickly back and forth, it was plain to see that the combination of the previous pussy licking, my prick inside her and her vibrator ravaging her clit that she was coming to come very quickly — and it was going to be a big one. Reaching down with my hands, I firmly grabbed her hips and stopped her motion. “Stay still”, I said, “I want to feel you cum”.

She was in no position to argue. Now motionless, she upped her vibrator to top speed and we waited for the inevitable.

It only took a few more seconds as I could feel it building in her. With the vibrator pressed firmly to her clit, I was awash in the tight warmth and wetness of her pussy, and at the same time could feel the vibrations through her clit and into my prick. Watching her now closed eyes as she inched closer to the top of the mountain, I kaçak bahis felt the first hard, involuntary squeeze of her pussy. That pre-orgasm squeeze was a sign that she had passed the point of no return. Two more quick squeezes and then her entire body went into a breath-stealing spasm. I watched and felt her orgasm hit her like a tidal wave while I kept a firm grasp on her hips, without which she would certainly have fallen over. For what felt like a minute, her breathing stopped, her eyes opened unseeingly wide, her body shook, and her pussy squeezed my prick like a fist. It was a truly glorious sight.

When she finally inhaled sharply again, and sight started to return to her eyes, I grabbed her hips tightly and quickly rocked her body slightly backwards, grinding her clit against me and forcing my hardness deep inside her and against her G-spot. With this change in sensations, she gasped again in her second orgasm.

I watched now as this second orgasm rolled over her. It was somewhat softer, with no convulsions this time, but seeing her eyes roll completely back into her head left no doubt as to what was happening. While still riding this second orgasm, I started to rock and slide her back and forth on top of my erection not letting her body come back down completely from its peak before another wave of pleasure washed over her. I spent the next couple of minutes taking control of her movements and getting to enjoy watching her crest orgasmic wave after wave as my own peak built up.

After three (or was it four?) more orgasms, her eyes regained a bit of their focus and she decided to take a bit more control of her “ride”. Reaching down and taking hold of my hands, she moved them from her hips to the bed beside my head. Knowing that this meant she wanted to take control, I had no issue with keeping my hands to myself for a while and simply enjoying.

To emphasize the point, once she had moved my hands, she sat fully upright, placed both hands firmly on my pecs and began to move back and forth, using my chest as leverage for each sliding thrust. As she ground against me, I could hear the wet sounds of my cock grinding into her pussy, the bed becoming wet beneath us. That jungle cat bearing down on its prey look came to her face again as she literally bared her teeth and let out a low growl. She could see that there was not much more of this I could take before filling her with my cum, so with renewed force she ground against me. At a certain point in each stroke I could feel the head of my penis rub her cervix as she bore down on me, urging me as deeply inside her as possible.

The constant back and forth was constantly changing the angles where her pussy ground my penis, hitting every possible pleasurable spot. It was quickly becoming too much to bear. My legs began to unconsciously adjust as I began to add subtly to each thrust of hers with one of my own, adding yet more depth and force. Almost unknownst to me, my hands moved from where she’d put them, returning to her hips to grind myself even more forcefully into her.

Sensing that moment when I passed the point of no return, I pushed her down forcefully, while thrusting my hips and nearly lifting both of us off the bed in one final sloshing thrust. And time stopped. For what might have been two seconds, or perhaps a day I held on to her and looked into her eyes, and then it happened. There are some orgasms when I feel like I can actually visualize what is happening inside of her. This was one them. As I pressed myself into her I felt what a mighty stream of cum spray out of me inside of her. From her gasp, and the widening of her eyes, I knew that she could feel it as well.

Three, then a fourth jet came out of me, making her gasp each time as the force. After the fourth, my hips sunk into the bed, my hands went slack on her hips and she collapsed on top of me. The quivering aftershocks still made my body occasionally twitch and shiver as she pressed her entire torso against mine, her skin nearly hot to the touch. I wrapped my arms around her, one on her shoulder blade, the other absently resting on her butt cheek as we both regained our breath.

I had no idea whether we’d been home for 10 minutes or two hours, but as my mind came back to reality, I gently lifted her head off of my chest and gave her a long, soft kiss. Not really wanting the moment to end, we lingered for a minute before I said to her, “I guess we’re going to need to go out for dinner?”

She laughed, which made her pussy contract around my still hard member as it lay inside her. She looked at me, gave me another kiss, far less chaste than the last one, and moved against me ever so slightly. This was enough to remind both my mind and body that I had a gorgeous naked woman lying on top of me, and that there were still a lot of hours before Saturday was over.

As she stated to move against me again, slowly and softly, not in a rush anymore, she replied, “I think we’ll be getting something delivered ….. in a while.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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