Sisterly Love Ch. 01

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All Jessica could hear in the SUV she rented out was the wine of her engine in low gears while she went up a mountain in the middle of winter, and the groan of the shocks absorbing the unexpected dips and bumps. With the snow being about six inches, it was hard to tell where she was going, let alone what the path looked like. But Jessica knew where she was going. They always went up to this winter cabin every year with the exception of last year. She could find her way.

She stopped the car and looked around a bit. She was slightly loss, and was trying to find the lightning-struck tree they used for guidance when the mountains got hit with snow. She checked her GPS to see how high she was, and noticed she took a wrong turn. she was going up the other side of the mountain. As she backed up, she thought about her family that she would finally get to see after a year and a half.

Jessica went into college last year, and decided not to come home. She liked being her own adult, having parties with her fellow classmates, and being accomplished. However, people think she is a prude. While most of her classmates have had sex, and quite frequently are naked during the parties, the most she would take off was her top. And she never had sex. Mainly because no one would understand that she as different. She was a hermaphrodite.

Thats right. 5’5, Darkish brown hair with highlights, blue eyes, cup size 30-C, and weighed in at 145 pounds. She had a body to die for, besides the 6 inch cock that was between her legs, just north of her pussy. The only people who knew were her parents. Even with all the things she tells her sister, that was one thing she never mentioned. Because of this huge secret, it was hard for her to connect with a lot of people. No one would understand. That was her fear anyways.

She tried to push the dark, lonely thoughts of her mind to the back as she approached the cabin. She was finally here. She still had a bitter taste in her mouth though, as she called her sister, Adrianna. “Get out here and help me unpack, its fucking cold out here!” She said, as her sister excitedly yelled hello.

“Sure thing sis, give me a second.”

Jessica kept the Heat in the car running as she fished some of her stuff from the back seat. A bag of personal toiletries and toys, as well as her electronics, like laptop and cell phone. There was no electric up here, but she could still use her phone’s 3G to connect to the internet so she could get a bit of college work done.

Adrianna skipped through the snow, her blonde hair swaying back and forth in a pony-tail. Her sister, yanking the driver side door opened and gave her a huge hardcore porno huge. “Hi sis!” She said excitingly.

“Hey. Long time no see. Can you get my clothes out of the back?”

“Sure!” She said, as she opened the door and got two more bags of clothes. “Where have you been all my life? how’s college?”

“Oh you know, work, homework, homework, and did I mention homework?” Jessica said with an exasperated sigh. “I actually have a bit to do over this break.”

“No fair!” She pouted. “That is why I didn’t want to go to college. I’m perfectly fine where I’m at.”

That was one thing Jessica envied her sister with. She has the talent to work with their father as a paralegal. In the state they lived in, Paralegals could open up their own business, with just a certification. Her father hates that fact, because much of his competition are incompetent, and he is always fixing their work. Adrianna had the skills, and the personality, to work the family business. So with a little bit of tutoring, Adrianna got certified, registered, and became a full fledged paralegal.

“Yea. Too bad I don’t have your talent.” Jessica said.

“Sis .. It is not THAT hard.” she said, and poked Jessica’s side.

Jessica just smiled as they walked into the door of the cabin. It was a nice, quaint place. Small living room, with a modern wood burning stove, kitchen just big enough to prepare food so you can cook on a grill outside. Dining room couldn’t fit more than the four of them, and two small bedrooms they slept in.

“I’m going to need this.” Jessica said with a sigh.

“Good. I’ll make sure it’s better.” exclaimed Adrianna.

Jessica went into the room that she would be sharing with her sister, and put her belongings on her twin sized bed. Adrianna dropped the rest of Jessica’s belongings on her bed.

“Need any help unpacking?” she asked.

“Nope. I got it. Go get the ski’s ready.” She suggested. As Adrianna went out and did just that, Jessica put away all of the private things she did not want her sister seeing first, before really unpacking everything she brought. She was almost done when Adrianna came barging in.

“Ready to shred some?” She asked, in almost full gear.

Jessica laughed. “In a bit, one second.”

Jessica finished up unpacking, before gearing up to take to the slopes with her sister. She enjoyed the day, but as the sun got lower they had to get back to the cabin. You did not want to be outside in the middle of winter where they were at. As they got out of their gear and put it away, their parents smiled at them.

“Dinner is in 5 minutes.” Their mother hd porno said. so they help set the table, and had a wonderful baby back rib day. with the dishes in the sink, Jessica went outside and got about five galleons worth of snow to bring in for her mom to boil and then wash the dishes.

“I’ll be in my room, doing some homework.”

Jessica said, and her sister groaned, and her parents nodded.

She worked on her General Education homework. She did not know what to major in yet, so she was just taking the essentials: Math, English, History, Science, Spanish. She worked on that throughout the evening, and her sister came into her bedroom. “Still working?” She said, clearly not happy that the first night she didn’t get to spend time with her.

“Yea, but I promise tomorrow will be all you.” Jessica said with an apologetic smile.

“I could only hope.” She said, as she changed in front of Jessica. Adrianna has a more athletic body to Jessica’s fuller body. 40 B cup, toned body, and a smaller waist, she is what every guy wanted. add in her mother’s blue eyes and blonde hair, and she becomes a goddess. What Jessica did not anticipate was her body’s reaction to seeing her sister undress. Jessica was, thankfully, covered. But she started to get an erection, and quite rapidly as well. She shifted to hide it a bit better, as she stared at her sister up and down. she could just barely see her pussy lips and the neatly trimmed trail of hair led to, as her waist was pointed away from her, and her perky boobs were at attention in the cold night. as her sister turned around towards her, Jessica quickly paid attention to her homework again.

But it was too late. Adrianna noticed. “Is it getting too hot in here?” Her sister teased. When Jessica refused to say anything she giggled. “I didn’t think my sister was a lesbian.”

“I am not a lesbian!” Jess said exasperated. but then she realized denying it like that would just make everything even worse.

And it did. “It’s ok sis. Your secret is safe with me. Although, I might call you lesbo, instead of Jessy now.” She said with a giggle, before putting on a thick nightgown for the night. Adrianna got into her bed and winked at Jessica before wrapping herself up like a burrito. It took a couple of minutes, and then she fell asleep, with the only tale sign was her breathing slowing, and the occasional snore.

Meanwhile, Jessica tried to get Homework done, but with the erection that won’t go away. With her sister’s body permanently engraved, she figured she would have to finish it later. She saved all of her work on the laptop, closed everything out, and opened an latina fuck tour porno Incognito Tab in Google Chrome. there she searched for regular porn.

As her 3G Internet was loading, she got her toys out. a nice sized vibrator, with a silicone pussy for her dick would do the trick for tonight. she looked at her Laptop, and was trying to find something good, but every time she thought she found something, there wasn’t enough flare. No fire in her groins when she usually found something good. it wasn’t until she stumbled upon a father step daughter video. As she watched it, she got into it, but the fire wasn’t quite there. With a quick glance at her sister, she figured out what she wanted. what her body wanted. She looked up sister on sister porn.

As it was loading, her groins were feeling tingly, and she positioned her legs in a diamond. With the laptop sitting up on her ankles, her headphones in her ears, she slowly began rubbing her penis on the tip, while rubbing her outer pussy lips. As the video begun to play, her dick was rock hard, as well as her pussy became drenched. If she wasn’t turned on that much before, she was now. As the intro of the porn was done, she was more wound up then a cat ready to pounce on a laser.

As she Porno went on, the sisters in the video went from denying each other’s love, to curiosity, to full blown eating each other out, and fucking each other with dildo’s. Jessica tried for as long as she could not to orgasm. She loved to edge herself before the final Big-O. But while the sister’s in the porno were fucking each other with dildo’s, Something inside of her erupted. She pumped her dick hard and put her vibrator on full power. When the Orgasm hit, she kept her mouth shut tight as much as possible, while her whole body tightened up. The Orgasm was so powerful, that she actally started to hump into the air. Once she was coming down from her orgasm, she plopped down on the bed, and was shaking slightly from her intense orgasm. She had never felt anything quite like it. then she looked at the mess she made.

Because she had no balls, she didn’t cum through her penis. She didn’t even pee through it. so it was just sweaty. But her bed where her pussy was was another story. it was soaked. she must have squirted. but she never got a chance to hear it because she had her ear phone in. Then she was wondering with horror if her sister heard. When she took a quick glance, it looked like she was asleep … but couldn’t be for sure. Just how much noise did she make with the bed possibly squeaky, or her vibrator, laptop, and other things. she was so filled with joy and fright at the same time, she thought her heart was going to give out. She quietly cleaned up as much as possible, but the bed kinda frosted over before she could do anything. It was freezing at night. She wrapped herself in a Blanket, and tried to go to sleep, but with the porno on repeat in her head.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32