Sister-In-Law Sylvia Ch. 02

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I just got back from a week long vacation with the wife. She was now gone on a business trip for a couple of days. There I was at home a lone with several bottles of wine that was for my sister-in-law. A new jacuzzi that I and the wife used only once before your trip. It has been a couple of months since Sylvia and I did it at her place. Neither of us had ever talked about it but things where different between us. I noticed that she would stand closer to me with her double d’s than she did with anyone else when giving hugs. Even with her sister and they were best friends.

I called Sylvia but she did not answer, I left a message telling her to come over to pick up her wine. But did I tell her to bring some clothes for the jacuzzi?

It was not long before Sylvia was knocking at the door. Dressed in her usual High collard shirt with white baggy shorts. “Hello” She said, and with a short pause “Where’s my wine.” She came inside giving him a hung pushing her large tit tightly into me.

“Do you want a glass?”I asked.

“Yea, I can only have one. I can’t stay long” Sylvia said as she sat down. “Where is my sister?”

“She’s in L. A. for work.” I told Sylvia, handing her a glass of wine.

An hour later and two glasses of wine. “Do you want more?” I asked.

“Sure. It’s good what kind is it?”she replied to me.

As I was pouring the wine into her glass that she was hold. I spilled (or poured) some on her paints. Prefect landing, on her crouch.

I grabbed a towel. A towel I had handy. I took the towel and started to rub her crouch. At first she aloud me to clean the spill, than she finished it herself. “You need to take off your shorts and wash them. Or the stain will set in” I said to her.

Just female agent porno what I was waiting for. She unbuttoned her short, unzipped them. Showing the top of her black panties then she stopped “I’ll take them off in the laundry room. Just get a pair of my sisters short.”

I came back with a pair of shorts and two T-shirts. The zipper on the shorts where broke, one shirt was too small for her and the other was a thin white shirt. Prefects for the jacuzzi. “Here” handing her the shorts. “Let’s get in the jacuzzi” then handing her a white T-shirt.

“A white shirt, my boobs will show” she said with an erotic smile.

“I don’t think this one will fit.” Handing her the orange one.

She made me leave, so she could change clothes. When she came out, she had on the orange shirt. It was tight around the breast even making the soft nipples stick out. The shorts fit her a little tight also. After she moves around a little bit, the zipper will come down.

Before getting into the jacuzzi we had another glass of wine. The water was perfect, cool for a hot day. And for making nipples stick out. Nothing better then a girl in a tight shirt in a jacuzzi. For most of the time Sylvia only kept her head out of the water. But when she sat up her hard nipple where easy showing.

Sylvia wanted another glass of wine. I told her it was her turn to get it. When she stood up, the zipper was down and open. Nothing but skin showing. I watched her small round ass in the tight short as she walked into the house. It didn’t take long for her to return. Nipples still hard and the zipper still down.

We stayed in for a little while longer and changed clothes right away. Sylvia couldn’t put her short female fake taxi porno back on because they were in the dryer.

“I need to go home now” she said.

Taking her keys from her “Can’t go, you had too much to drink” I told her. “Anyway you don’t have any pants on.”

“Wow where are my pants?” as she pulled up her shirt. Reveling her hairless slits through the black see through panties.

“Stay a while and I will fix steaks to eat”

“OK, but I think I need to lie down”

I took her into the extra bedroom.”You can’t sleep

in that shirt. You might wrinkle it”

Before I could grab the bottom of the shirt she turned her back to me and put her hands over her head. This time I grabbed the bottom and made sure I also grabbed her panties. With a small giggle she said “Ouch. You got my panties”

I let go and started over. I removed her shirt brushing against her tits with my hands. She let out another giggle. Undoing her bra before she could reject. I was unable to remove her thong that was still pulled up into her butt crack. She laid face down legs closed on the bed. I started to massage her neck moving to her shoulders. She let out a moan. I massaged her back before returning to her neck and working my way down again. This time I put my hands halfway down on her sides working my way down and then back to her neck. I put my hand as far as they would go on her sides. She lets out a louder moan.

I gave her a kiss on the back of her neck. Another moan. I worked my hand down her back to her panties. Without resistance she opened her legs and raised her butt. I was then able to remove Sylvia panties. She closed here legs. I massaged her thigh and butt. fuck in traffic Each time I tried to get in between them. After several attempts she opened her legs a little. With one finger I was able to run my finger along her pussy. A louder moan and she was wet. Now I was able to stick my finger inside.

After a few minutes of shoving my finger into her, I turned her over. With ease I was able to put my finger back into her dripping wet pussy. I took into my mouth as much of Sylvia’s large tit as I could. Sucking on one of them and then going to the other.

“Yes, yes. Harder” Sylvia had said.

I started to pound my finger harder and sucking on her tit harder. The harder I did, the louder she moaned. I had to stop I was afraid someone would hear us.

“Don’t stop”

I didn’t need help getting hard I was already hard all I had to do was to get undressed. And I didn’t need help or did it take any time. I was undressed and on top before she could ask for more. I stuck my dick into her wet and slipper pussy. I lied on top of her grabbing a hand full of hair.

“Harder. Faster. Harder.” She would moan.

The more she asked for, the louder she moaned. The harder and faster I went. Just as I felt her tighten up, I stopped. Getting off her and having her gets onto her hands and knees. I had to take a little time my self or it would be all over. For a minute I stuck me a finger into her pussy. Taking my finger out and getting started again; I bit her on the butt. Sylvia giggled. It only lasted for a few more minutes but I pulled out right in time cumming on her butt.

I collapsed on top of her. I never had fucked so hard or fast before. I tried to get in the shower with her but she pushed me back and locked the door.

Dinner was quiet with a few giggles here and there. “Thank you.” Sylvia said with a big smile.

“For what.”

“For.” Her smile got bigger and a small giggle. “Today.”

“The wine, Dinner.” I asked her.

“All of it.” As she played with her breast.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32