Sister-in-Law in Lingerie

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If you read my last story you will know that I recently managed to fuck my sister in law and at the end I mentioned a story regarding another time we got in bed together. Well this is that story.

It was a normal Saturday for myself and my wife. We got up and got ready, got our daughter ready for her sports class and headed out. When we got to the sports class we met up with Ellie, her husband and their daughter, who goes to the same sports class. The kids went in and the four of us nipped off for a coffee in the cafe. While in the cafe my brother in law asked myself and my wife if one of us could follow him to his uni and wait while he dropped his car of there and pick some stuff up. We agreed one of us would and we went on to talk about the usual stuff.

On the drive back from the sports centre to the in laws my wife suggested she followed him as she felt like a drive as she hadn’t really driven the new car. I was fine with this as I thought alone time with the SIL could get exciting if I could somehow get rid of the kids.

When we arrived at Ellie and Paul’s house we told them the plan and unexpected both our daughters said they wanted to go and see where daddy/uncle Paul spent his week. I have to say I was overjoyed but for some reason Ellie was a little reluctant to let her daughter go but thankfully finally agreed. They set off and said they would be around 2 hours and it was up to me if I wanted to wait there or make my own way home. If you have read my last story you will know my answer.

They left and to my disappointment Ellie said she had to get ready as she was heading out that night. I decided if that was the case I would sit in there living room and watch the lunch time game of football with a beer. I went and grabbed a beer from there fridge and got comfy.

After the first beer as usual I needed a piss and headed to the toilet, just as I was about to open the door Ellie burst out the bathroom with only a pair of Pantyhose on and a pair of French knickers under them. It was the first time I had saw her glorious tits as the other 2 times we had fucked she had her bra on. I instantly said ‘wow’ with my mouth wide open but Ellie rushed past. Had something changed I thought to myself. As I used the toilet I couldn’t get the image of that perfect view out of my head and was starting to grow hard. This became very hard to piss.

I finished and went back to the football. I was sitting on the couch with this vision in my head and a hard on in my boxers. I had to do something. I unbuttoned my jeans and pulled out my cock and started slowly stroking my cock. That’s when I noticed from he side of my eye Ellie watching me. She had came through to apologise for her being naked and instead was getting a front row view of me fucking myself AGAIN. Instead of her staying to enjoy the view she disappeared after about 30 seconds.

My thoughts were slightly all over the place. Had she became ashamed of our fantastic fucking sessions.

While still in mid stroke Ellie shouted through could I pop into her room and help her with her zip. I hadn’t even started seeping pre cum yet and anyway with my thoughts all over the place I was looking my fake hospital hastane hard on.

As I stepped into the room I got the best sexiest view of Ellie I have ever got. In fact it was the greatest view of any women I have ever had. Ellie lay on her bed with a full face of make-up, a new shade of lip stick that was shouting it wanted to be colouring a dick in, nothing on top, which was letting her gorgeous breasts stand firmly out and her dark pantyhose on with nothing on under them. Now any type of nylon turn me on but pantyhose are the most incredible thing ever.

How did Ellie know about my nylon fetish. Why was I even caring. There was my Sister in Law lying on her bed with nothing but pantyhose on.

Ellie apologised for earlier saying “sorry I have been so reluctant, but with you here and no one else in the house I was scared how good it could be. Then I saw you and that wonderful cock and I need you to fuck me.” The two other times we have fucked, people have been around.. with that I walked over to Ellie and started to kiss her passionately. I moved my lips from get a and started to focus on her upper torso kissing her neck and collar bone before nipping on her ear while whispering to her how gorgeous she looked. I then moved on to her nipples and spent a good ten minutes focused on sucking and nibbling on her wonderful tits. While doing this Ellie’s sexual moaning had my cock staring on my boxers desperate to get back out.

She started undressing me. Getting me down to just my boxers. I had wanted this to be about getting her to orgasm but she was so eager that she wrapped her beautiful lips around my boxer encased cock. The feeling was strange but delightful. I could feel her saliva conning through my cotton boxer shorts. All I could think though was how I wanted a close up of her nylon covered pussy.

I pushed her off and continued taking her body in with my lips. Working down her torso past her wet pussy, down her long thick sexy thighs to her toes. Sucking on them through the pantyhose whilst feeling how smooth and heavenly her legs felt covered in nylon. Ellie was moaning in delight. I started to work back up her legs to I reached the wet spot at her delightful labia. The smell that I took in as I got there was phenomenal. She hadn’t smelt this sweet before. I wanted to know if I could taste her sweetness through her nylons. I made way to where her clit met her pantyhose and started to work wonders on it with my tongue. Ellie was immediately in pleasure. Her orgasm was getting louder and louder. She had done so well in our previous encounters while others were around to keep the noise down. I was lapping up her pussy and clit through her nylons. Her juices were running through the material. My goodness this was glorious. I had to make her gush. I had to get the sensation of her pure juices explode through these nylons. I was possessed on her clit and enjoying her noises when she grabbed my head and pulled my face tight into her hole. She was now grinding on my face and her orgasm was building up. She was screaming my name. She erupted like a volcano all over my face I could hardly breath but what an experience I was fake taxi porno having. Ellie pulled my face off her pussy and pulled me up to her face so our lips could meet and our tongues intertwined so she could taste her incredible juices from me.

My sister in law started to finally get my boxers off. My cock was in pain from how hard it was it needed relief. I had to have her precious lips round it. Ellie pushed me off her and onto the bed. Kissing my nipple. She had learned how much I loved this. With every kiss she made she left lip stick marks on me. As she approached my throbbing dick she pulled away and put more lip stick on. Ellie told me “I want to see how colourful I can make you cock.” This was a huge turn on.

Ellie started slowly on my cock, licking up and down my full 6 inches. Kissing my head. Teasing my dick. I needed to be in her mouth but was enjoying it so let her continue to work her magic. She then slowly put me in her mouth wrapping her lips tightly around me. Taking in inch by inch until my cock had fully disappeared in her mouth. Ellie started bobbing her head up and down on my member leaving a trail of lip stick over the full length of it. I had never experienced a blowjob so good. I was loving watching her mouth move up and down my cock while her eyes were fully focussed on me. This was pure pleasure. Ellie then introduced her teeth slightly dragging them up and down the full length of my dick. This was so erotic. I could feel the pressure in my balls and let her know I wouldn’t last much longer. Ellie wasn’t letting up and she wanted me to cum in her mouth. She continued to take my full length with no gagging. I wasn’t fucked her face I was enjoying this method better. The pressure had to be released and I let go filling her mouth full of my sperm.

Ellie pulled her mouth of my cock , having turned it a pinkish purple from the colour of her lip stick. She made her way to my mouth keeping the secret that her mouth was still full of my cum. Our lips met and our mouths parted. I felt the warmth of my own cum being swapped from Ellie’s mouth to mine and back. I was experiencing thing I would only ever have been disgusted with before and enjoying it with Ellie.

We stopped kissing for a second but I was still rock hard. This full session was the most erotic time I had ever had that there was no chance of my hard on going down. I felt like I had the stamina of a stallion.

I could tell Ellie wanted more. Her pussy needed to be fucked. I wanted it more than ever as well so I got back on top of Ellie. Kissing her lips and neck. She begged me “ben please fuck my, I need you inside of me.”

I didn’t want to dive straight in and anyway Ellie still had her dark nylons on. So as I kissed her I grabbed my cock and pushed it against her tights. Rubbing my raging cock up and down the full length of my sister in laws clit. Ellie was moaning slightly enjoying the pleasure I was giving her. I could feel her juices seep through her pantyhose on to my cock. This felt majestic and I so despratly wanted to be inside her while at the same time enjoying the pleasure of how good this was making her feel.

Ellie’s desperation family stroke porno to be penetrated got too much. She ripped open the crotch of her pantyhose and pleaded with me to screw the life out of her. Who was I to object. With one full thrust my full cock was balls deep inside Ellie’s glorious pussy. We started to fuck hard with our rhythms matching each other. We were both moaning in ecstasy. I could tell we were no where near close cuming but the feeling was incredible.

Ellie then forcefully pushed me off her. Telling me “I have to get on top of you. I have to ride you this way again.” With that Ellie pushed her pussy down my full length and instantly screamed in pleasure. Her moans are such a turn on.

Ellie started slowly grinding in me but I wanted her to get a more pleasurable time this time around. I took hold of her hips pushing her up my cock before slamming her back down on to my body. I done this couple of times more before Ellie got the grip and took full control. Bouncing up and down on me. This sight was magnificent I don’t know where was more sexual to look. Watching my cock disappear then reappear from Ellie’s hole or watch has Ellie’s glorious beautiful perky tits bounced in time with her rhythm. All I could think was how good she was to be with sexually. I was enjoying teaching her new things and she was a great learner.

Ellie’s pace picked up along with her noose level. She was getting closer. Bouncing up and down on my dick so hard. The screams were drowning out every other noise around. I had to make her cum soon. I wanted her juices over my body. That’s when Ellie produced her most amazing trick ever. She pulled her pussy off my cock and positioned it over my face. She was still rubbing her clit, still screaming when she gushed what felt like a river over my face and in my mouth. The smell, the taste, this was wonderful. I loved the feel of he juices all over me. The bed sheets were drenched.

My cock was still like a flag pole and I had been so close when Ellie pulled off that I still need to cum. I was a little let down when Ellie started to pull off her tights. Thinking that was us finished but I should have known better as she had yet to leave me wanting more on the last two fuckings. Ellie’s grabbed hold of my dick with her had wrapped in her nylons giving me a sensational feeling. The material working it’s way up and down my cock was too much for me to take. I was going to explode and Ellie could tell with my moans. She stood me up and got on her knees still working away on my cock with her pantyhose. I then explode a massive amount of cum with her aiming it all over her tits.

This had been incredible but we quickly noticed everyone had been away for 1hr 45 mins and we were stinking of sex never mind Ellie having my cum all over her breasts. She phoned Paul asking how long they would be and he said about 30 mins. We bother jumped in for a shower together, which was really hard as we couldn’t keep our hands off each other. Kissing and touching each other’s body. We both managed to get back into a decent way for our other half and kids getting in. Before I left to go home Ellie managed to get her cum soaked ripped pantyhose into my pocket and whispered to me “I want to see pictures of that beautiful cock with these.”

I walked away think how much lust I had for my sister in law.

I have a couple more stories about Ellie that I hope to share. Please comment and let me know what you think.

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