Sister Dials the Wrong Number

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I was at work one day when I felt the cell phone in my pocket vibrating. Things were going pretty slow at the shoe store I was working at so I looked to see who was calling. The screen read ‘Ashley’s Cell’. I figured my sister, Ashley, must have forgotten something at the store and was calling to ask me to pick it up. It was definitely against company policy to actually answer your cell phone at work so I just let the call go to my voicemail. Soon afterwards a cute brunette came walking into the store and I forgot all about my sister calling me.

I worked for a few more hours and by then it was 11 at night and time to close up. Quickly I was out the front door and on my way to the car. Almost out of habit I pulled my cell phone out of my pocket prepared to switch it from vibrate to ring. There looking back at me on the screen was the message telling me that I had a new voicemail message. I then remembered that my sister had called earlier and assumed that she left me a message. So with one quick push on the call button my voicemail kicked into action to let me hear the message my sister left me. What I heard stopped me in my tracks.

The next thing I knew I was listening to my 19 year old sister’s voice quietly saying “wow I’m really nervous I hope you like this Brian.” Before I go on I should explain that Brian is my sister’s boyfriend. They have been dating for about 3 months and they make it no secret that they are having sex but they always do it at his house apparently. This wouldn’t be the first time that I had gotten a message from her that was actually for Brian. My name is Brad so my number is right next to his in her phone and she sometimes doesn’t pay a lot of attention to whose name she pushes. Apparently both of our voicemails just read off our phone numbers so it’s hard to tell if you have the correct number or not.

After I heard that the message was for Brian I was about to push the delete button and not even worry about the message but I was interested. Curiosity got the best of me and I figured maybe I would get something I could make fun of her for. All of a sudden a long moan echoed out of the phone and bounced around inside my head. I then stopped dead in front of the store in shock. Several short moans later and there was not doubt that I was listening to my sister masturbating, this was something that her boyfriend was supposed to hear not her brother.

The message went on for about 2 minutes filled the entire time with moans until the very end when my sister whispered “god that felt good, I can’t wait until you get off work tonight Brian.” I just stood there completely stunned as the message ended. I didn’t even delete the message I just closed the phone and looked at it completely dumbfounded. I quickly noticed a very uncomfortable feeling in my jeans and realized that I was rock hard, my cock threatening to break the button off of my jeans.

I kept thinking to myself ‘but it’s your sister’ that thought really didn’t help though. The sounds of her moans kept echoing through my head and my cock just refused to soften until I had driven about 10 minutes of the 15 minute drive home. By the time I was pulling into my driveway I had pretty much convinced myself that it was not a big deal. I mean I knew my sister wasn’t innocent and it’s not like I was supposed to hear the message anyway. I kept telling myself that she was my younger sister and to just forget about it and everything would be ok.

The second I walked into the living room though that whole idea was blown out of the water. There sitting on the couch was Ashley in a pair of little boxers and a tight tank top. All of a sudden her moans where in my head again and I didn’t even have to look down to realize that I was hard as a rock again. I must have been staring blankly because Ashley just smiled at me and said “earth to Brad.” Her voice snapped me out of my daze and I looked at her and gave her a weak smile and said “oh hi sis what’s up?”

“Brian never called me that’s what’s up” she said all of a sudden in a very annoyed tone. “I left him a voicemail he was supposed to call me when he got off work.”

“Well did you tell him to call you in the message?” I replied without thinking knowing what message she was talking about, since it was now repeating itself over and over in my head.

“Well no but he should want to after the message I left him” she replied quickly. Then deep red crossed her tan face as she blushed. I put on my best poker face at that point trying to hide the fact that I knew all too well just why she was blushing.

“I’m sure he’ll call sis don’t worry” was all I could say as I got out of the room as quickly as possible my cock still throbbing in my pants.

I hurried quickly to my room and locked the door. As the door shut I just stood there thinking about what was happening. It didn’t take long though for my mind to wander. Soon I started to think about Ashley. Her long smooth tan legs that lead up to that small tricky masseur porno tight ass that looks so good in a bikini. Then her perfectly flat stomach sculpted by the countless miles she has swam in her life. My thoughts then drifting up to her beautifully shaped breasts, not to small and not to big just the perfect size. Finally my thoughts fell onto her beautiful face that makes her look maybe a few years younger than she actually is and her shoulder length blond hair framing it all beautifully.

Then, I suddenly came to my senses and shook my head trying to get those thoughts out. What the hell was I thinking this was my sister I was thinking about? I’ve always known she was attractive but had never thought of her that sexually before. I’ll admit I had let my eyes linger when she walked by me in a bikini but that always seemed fairly innocent, thinking about those moments now it didn’t seem nearly as innocent.

So there I stood in my room my hard on still raging in my pants not sure what to think about what had happened. Then all of a sudden I heard a knock on the door snapping me back to reality. I slowly turned to open the door and said “who is it?”

“It’s me bro I need to talk to you.” I could feel my cock jump in my pants as I heard Ashley’s voice. Slowly I opened the door and peaked my head out trying to look as calm as possible. I couldn’t help myself and my eyes slid up and down her body before I met her eyes.

“Hey sis what’s up” was all I could say without giving away the thoughts that were currently running through my head.

“Ummm I was wondering, did you get a voicemail from me tonight?” Ashley said nervously. This was when I first realized that she looked really embarrassed. She must have wondered why her boyfriend hadn’t called her back and then looked at her recent calls. This would mean that she then realized that she had called me instead of him.

“Uh yeah I did” was all I could say. Very quickly a stunned look crossed her face.

“Well did you listen to it?” I had no clue what so ever how to reply to that and apparently my silence told her all she needed. Then suddenly a little smile crossed her face and she said “well did you like it?” I didn’t even get a chance to reply to that though because suddenly she turned away walking down the hall to her room. I stood there stunned as I watched her nice little ass go down the hall away from me. I just closed me door and walked back to my bed.

I unzipped my jeans, pulled off my shirt, and laid back on my bed, laying there in my boxers. My hand slowly slid down and pulled my still rock hard cock out of the fly of my boxers. Slowly my hand started to slide up and down my length as I thought about my sisters amazing body and that little smile she gave me when she found out I had heard the message. My mind quickly wandered back to the message and my hand sped up at the same time.

Then I got an idea that probably should have disturbed me but at the time seemed really good. I reached for my cell phone and quickly dialed up my voice mail. The nice lady on the voicemail told me that I had one saved message and to push 1 to listen to the message. So I pushed 1 and the next thing I heard was my sister’s voice. With my hand still wrapped tightly around my length I started to listen to Ashley’s moans. My hand very quickly sped up and as the message came to the end I released a large load over my stomach. I then closed the phone breathing hard in complete disbelief that everything that happened tonight actually happened. After cleaning up a bit I feel asleep my sister’s moans still echoing through my head.

Things calmed down over the next few days with me keeping busy working and Ashley keeping herself busy swimming and spending time with friends. The next Friday our parents left on a week long vacation that they had been planning for almost 3 months. This was to be a second honeymoon of sorts and they decided that Ashley and I could be trusted enough to watch the house and not to get in trouble.

My parents being gone didn’t really affect my plans that much it really just meant that I would have to make a few more meals myself in place of my mom’s home cooking. I hadn’t talked about it much with Ashley; really I hadn’t talked to Ashley much at all since she left the message on my phone. I assumed she might spend a few more nights at her boyfriend’s house since mom couldn’t tell her not to.

Our parents left on Friday afternoon and when I woke at around 10 on Saturday morning it was to an almost empty and very quiet house. Ashley’s door was still closed and I assumed she was still asleep. I pulled on a pair of shorts and went into the kitchen to grab some breakfast. As is pulled the toast out of the toaster I heard the sound of feet moving across the kitchen floor. Without even looking I said “Good morning Ashley”

“Damn I was going to try and scare you” she said giggling lightly. I turned around and was türbanlı porno immediately stunned. Standing there a few feet from me was my sister wearing a tight little black tank top and a pair of pink bikini style panties. My eyes slid slowly up and down her body until she gave a fake cough and said “see something you like?”

“Sorry sis you just don’t wear anything like that around the house normally I don’t think mom would like it” I said.

“Well mom’s not here is she” she said with a smile. I just shook my head and didn’t reply instead turning around to put some jelly on my toast. Apparently Ashley wasn’t done though. She eased up next to me and sat on the counter looking at me with a very goofy smile on her face. I couldn’t help but look over and see how tight the tank top clung to her breasts which were at my eye level and were obviously covered by only the tank top. My eyes hung over her breasts a little to long and Ashley grabbed them with her hands and pressed them together pushing more of the flesh up over the top of her tank top. “You like them don’t you?” is all she said.

“What are you up to?” I said as I looked over at her suspiciously. Very quickly I started to realize that my cock had started to harden once again.

“Oh I’m not up to anything but did you like the message I left you?” A big smile across Ashley’s face as I looked up at her shocked not knowing what to say.

“You know you left that on my phone?” I said surprised at how she didn’t seem upset about it.

“Yeah I figured it out that night and judging by how hard you were when you got home you listened to all of it and you liked it.” I just stood their stunned and my sister smiled at me as she let herself down off the counter. “You know it sounds even better in person” she said as she walked away “stop by my room if you want to hear it.”

I just stood there completely in shock trying to figure out what my sister had just said. Did she just invite me to come and listen and watch her masturbate? Now I was really turned on and after trying to finish spreading the jelly on my piece of toast I dropped the knife and slowly walked down the hall towards my sister’s room. As I walked down the hall a loud moan echoed through the house. I arrived at her room quickly and peaked around the corner.

There was my sister laying on her bed one hand up her tank top and the other pushing her panties to the side 2 fingers smoothly sliding in and out of her pussy. She then looked up at me seeing me peaking into the room and smiled. Then she slowly ran her tongue along her lips. Then in a very sultry tone she said “come on in bro and watch for a while.”

I certainly wasn’t in the right frame of mind to say no and I walked slowly into her room and noticed that the chair that was normally at her desk had been rolled within several feet of the end of her bed facing directly between her spread legs. I slowly eased myself down into the chair my cock raging and my eyes glued to the spot where 2 of my sister’s fingers now rested inside of her tight shaved pussy.

I just sat there speechless as my sister resumed slowly sliding her fingers in and out of her pussy. I could tell she was soaking wet and as I watched her finger her pussy I was suddenly hit in the head with her tank top. This drew my attention up to see my sister laying there with her beautiful breasts on full display, her left nipple being pinched lightly between her fingers.

The whole time I was taking in this whole scene my sister was moaning loudly, the same moans that just a few days ago I had heard on my cell phone. My hand slowly crept down to the tent in my shorts covering the raging hard on that I had. I started to slowly massage it through my shorts until my sister said between moans “take it out bro I want to see it.”

There was no way I could say no and my cock hurt so bad pressing against my shorts so I stood up and slid them down to the floor with my boxers. My cock popped straight out and my sister stopped for a second to stare. I noticed and smiled saying “you like it?” She just nodded with a lustful look in her eyes and her fingers resumed sliding in and out of her wet pussy at a pace that seemed even faster than before.

I sat back down on the office chair the leather rubbing against my bare skin. My hand quickly slid around my cock and slowly started to slide up and down my length. I had no control over my hand anymore and was transfixed on my sister’s fingers sliding in and out of her bare pussy. Soon I realized that I was jerking my cock at the same pace that she was fingering her pussy.

It didn’t take long before my sister’s moans increased in pace and volume. Soon her orgasm took complete control of her body and she squirmed on her bed letting out short loud moans that sounded like the most erotic sounds I have ever heard. As her orgasm subsided she looked at me, smiled, and let out a low throaty moan that spoke of complete satisfaction and türk porno pleasure.

My hand kept sliding up and down my cock as Ashley laid there breathing deeply watching me with a little wicked smile on her face. I looked at her and said “so is the show over or are you going to help me with this.”

Without a response she just slid off of her bed and walked over to me. She stood in front of me for a second her beautiful breasts right there in front of my face. Then she said “so bro did you like the message I left for you?”

“Yeah I did but you didn’t leave it for me you left it for Brian” I replied as my eyes ran over her body taking in every inch not knowing if I would ever get to see it in this state of undress ever again.

Ashley then put her hand on my shoulders and looked at me, my eyes meeting hers. “Oh bro you’re so clueless, I broke up with Brian 2 weeks ago I left that message thinking of you and I knew you were going to get it. I just said Brian’s name so you wouldn’t realize right away that I wanted you.”

Before I ever got a chance to reply she lifted herself up onto my lap facing me and slid forward so that my hard cock was sticking straight up the underside rubbing against her soaked pussy. “Now fuck your little sister and don’t worry I’m on the pill so you can fill me up.”

I didn’t know what to say, my sexual instincts just took over and my hands slid down the side of her body and grabbed her hips tight. I lifted her up so that my cock head was rubbing against her pussy. Ashley held onto my shoulders tight to maintain her balance as I slowly lowered her onto me.

It was a feeling of complete ecstasy as I slid deep into my sister. Our eyes were locked the entire time as she slid down me. Finally our hips met and I was buried all the way inside her. She was tighter than I imagined she would be and it felt so good. Ashley looked at me and said “now fuck me bro like I know you want to”.

I gripped her hips even tighter and lifted her up off of my cock all the way until only my cock head remained inside of her. Then I pulled her back down onto me slowly. I repeated this motion over again faster and harder. Over and over I slid my sister up and down my hard cock, harder and faster each time. We fucked passionately, the desk chair creaking and our moans filling the room. I leaned forward and buried my face between her bouncing tits as I kept fucking her hard and fast. Ashley’s tits bounced around my face as I caught one nipple in my mouth and sucked on it lightly.

I knew I wouldn’t last long at this pace and leaned back and said “fuck I’m going to cum so hard sis.”

“Fill your little sister’s pussy” she said between moans. As I heard this my cock jerked and exploded. Rope after rope of cum shot deep into Ashley’s pussy as I unloaded. I began to breathe hard and fell back in the chair as I finished cumming. My sister looked down at me with a look of satisfaction and then said “is that all you have bro or are you ready for another round?’

I just looked at her with a smile and said “holy shit you’re incredible of course I want another round.” She gave a happy little giggle and climbed off of my cock pulling some of my cum out and I watched it slide down her leg as she moved over to her bed. She climbed onto her bed and got on all fours and looked back at me. “Well get over here and fuck your little sister doggy style big brother.” I just smiled and shook my head thinking to myself ‘damn she’s loving this.’

I quickly moved over to the bed my cock still rock hard. I got onto my knees behind her and slid my cock head along her pussy. I teased her a little with my cock head until she looked back at me and said lustfully “fuck me now, I need you inside of me.” I wasn’t going to argue with her and I slowly slid myself back inside of her with no problem, out combined juices lubricating my cock as I pushed forward.

As I buried myself inside her once again I reach around and put my hands on those young firm tits that I had lusted after for years. Then I slid my hips back and then forward starting to fuck her. With several long loud moans I picked up the pace and fucked her pussy from behind faster and faster. She let out a loud moan before burying her face into her pillow. I could still hear her moaning into her pillow as I plowed my cock deep inside of her, stretching her tight pussy around my cock. I pinched her nipples as I did and kept fucking her harder and harder.

Soon my cock tensed up and was on the verge of exploding again. Reluctantly I slid myself out of her and quickly rolled her over. She looked at me with a confused look not knowing what I was doing but then a smile crossed her face as she looked at me. I jerked my cock several times with my hand and let out a loud moan. My cock exploded again. Another large load ripped out of my cock and splashed all over my sister’s tits. I came long and hard and as Ashley watched another orgasm took hold of her body and I helped her along by rubbing my thumb against her clit. As we both finished cumming I looked down at her and just smile. Ashley smiled back, my cum all over her breasts, and scooped up some of my cum and licked it off of her fingers. “Mmmm you taste good come over here and let me clean that cock off.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32