Sinful Degrees of Separation Pt. 10

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In this chapter father and daughter share the most intimate and intense sexual encounter.

Hailey Tells Her Story.

As my father took in the sight of my body dressed in my white garter outfit, I was looking at the most handsome and distinguished man I’d ever seen. My body was on fire as he looked over every inch of me deliberately and with a hunger that had me so turned on.

I watched his eyes slowly roam up from my cream colored pumps, up my stocking covered legs to the long garter straps attached to my bustier, then over my big 36DD breasts. I was so turned on by his chiseled face, and his sexy, slender physique, and his deep penetrating blue eyes.

“You are so fucking sexy Hailey,” my father said in a deep, resonant voice as he looked me over slowly and deliberately. “Very fucking sexy,” he added with a confidence that sent an electric shock through my body.

I felt so hot knowing where this was all leading. He then than took me into his arms and we began kissing in the most passionate way I have ever experienced. As soon as our lips met our tongues started to snake and flick against each other’s. Kissing him caused sparks to go off inside my pussy.

During our heated kiss, I couldn’t stop moaning for a second, as the tips of our tongues worked in small slow-moving spirals for a few minutes, before the pace of the flicking increased. As our tongues intertwined our breathing got deeper, and more intense, until our mouths were wide open with our tongues flicking wildly across each other’s.

Just the tip of my father’s tongue against mine was sending shock waves deep into my already turned on, soaking pussy. After ten minutes I felt his hands run along the length of my garter straps.

“Very sexy Hailey. So mature,” he growled from me being dressed the way I was.

“Oh fuck,” I groaned as we went back to kissing.

The feeling my fathers fingers against my skin and along the material of the lace, garter straps drove me wild with lust. He was taking his time with me. He wasn’t going to rush this and it was driving me wild.

The feeling of his finger tips on my skin then on my garters was making me crazy.

“Such a sexy girl,” he said kissing my neck as his hands roamed over my garter and stockings.

“Oh fuck,” I groaned and instantly threw my head back from the way my father was thrilling me.

I was moaning like crazy as I thought about how he was driving me wild with lust. It caused me to think about the stories I heard about him fucking my best friends and how huge he was. As we kissed hotly and he ran his hands over me I knew this was a man who really knew how to really fuck.

At this point I didn’t know if I was just another teen pussy to him. I desperately wanted to be his, but I knew my father fucked all the time. For the next ten minutes we continued to kiss. It was the sexiest kiss ever. My father and I were kissing like sex-starved lovers. We kissed in the open foyer, without a care if anyone was watching us.

With the foyer door wide open we kissed hotly as my father ran his hand across my ass, and over the long straps of my garters. With just his hands on my ass, and his lips skillfully kissing my neck I groaned as I felt my pussy spasm.

“Such a sexy girl Hailey….A very sexy girl,” he said in a deep resonant voice as he stood back and took in the sight of me again.

“Oh fuck, you are turning me on like crazy,” I moaned heatedly, as he pulled me close and ran his hands over my ass cheeks, then pulled my thong far away from my ass then let the material go as it snapped back into place, between my ass cheeks.

“So sexy Hailey,” he groaned in a low voice. “I can’t wait to fuck you,” he snarled which sent my body into a mini-orgasm.

Even the way he played with my thong was his way of turning me on.

“Ohhh fuck, I moaned from the skill my father had. He knew just what to do to make me crazy.

After a few more minutes of this my pussy began to tighten and release as the backs of my feet lifted out of my pumps and I had a spasming cum. It was a sign of just how incredible my father was at turning me on, how skilled he was at fucking a girl up, especially his own daughter.

“You needed that sexy cum didn’t you Hailey,” my father said with a confident tone of voice.

“Oh God, I’ve needed it bad…so bad,” I groaned, amazed at his ability to make me instantly explode.

“I guarantee you’re going to love the way your pussy cums when my mouth is on it and my big cock is fucking you deep,” he said in a confident tone.

“Oh God,” I heard so much about your huge cock and how you fuck,” I groaned out loud.

“Yes, lots of pussy Hailey, but you’re the one who has haunted me sexy,” he said as he bent down and began licking the tops of my exposed breasts.

“Oh God,” I groaned from hearing him say that and the feeling of his mouth on my 36DD breasts.

He kissed the tops for almost twenty minutes and as he kissed them he would break off every realitykings porno few seconds and kiss me.

“You need to have these sexy nipples of yours sucked on, don’t you baby?” he said with a self-assured voice.

“Oh fuck yeah,” I groaned as he rolled down my bustier and exposed my pink, bud-like nipples that were sticking straight up to the ceiling.

“Beautiful nipples Hailey,” he said hotly, looking at them admiringly as they each stuck straight up. “Your nipples are so sexy,” he said softly, as he gently kissed each one.

Hearing him call me by my name was driving me crazy, and then feeling his pouty lips kiss each of my nipples drove me insane.

“Oh God baby,” I groaned as he then began his amazing technique of licking the top of each of my excited nipples than meeting my tongue for a wild kiss. Just the flick of his tongue against the top of my nipple had my pussy squirming like crazy.

For the next half hour my father would trace his tongue around the base of my engorged nipple, barely touching the side, and then brake away to meet me for a kiss. I was going wild and he knew it, but knew exactly how he wanted to turn me on and make me cum.

“Such sexy tits Hailey,” he said as he cupped both of my 36DD breasts.

I was groaning uncontrobally as my father kissed each of my breasts right to the edge of my nipples.

“Seeing these sexy tits as you walked by me braless in all those sheer blouses or in those skimpy bikinis was torture for me sexy,” he said as he kissed my lips.

“Oh fuck, suck em baby. You’re driving me crazy. Oh God, please suck em,” I pleaded as groaned over and over.

“Such a tease you were Hailey,” he said in a deep voice as he went back to kissing each of my breasts right to the edge of my aching nipples.

“Oh God, I wanted you so bad,” I said in a low groan letting him know that I was purposely trying to turn him on all those times. Finally, after pleading to the point of going insane he began to softly suck on one of my overly-sensitive nipples. The second his mouth touched my nipple I threw my head back and practically came.

“Oh fuuuck,” I groaned.

“Such sexy tits,” he groaned as he kissed each of my aching nipples.

He then went back to kissing me. He continued this insane teasing for another hour.

I was in a constant state of arousal and lust, and could not stop thinking how incredible my father was at turning me on. He then began to push the sides of my tits together, bringing both my nipples close together, then began alternating between sucking one than the other, giving each one enough attention to generate a burning fire in my pussy that could only be put out by a wild burst of cum.

“Oh fuck,” I groaned, as I threw my head back for the next ten minutes of this exquisite feeling shooting through my aching nipples, down into my pussy.

Finally my father implored with a demanding voice, “Cum Baby,” and then bit each nipple a little harder. This caused an avalanche to flow in my pussy then explode violently.

For the next three minutes I came in the sexiest orgasm I ever had, as my father broke away from my nipples and met my tongue in a wild, flicking encounter, in the air as his hands cupped my swollen breasts.

After I came we kissed heatedly, as our tongues explored each other’s for another ten minutes. At that point my father reached back and shut the door behind him, as I took his hand and guided him to the bar area in our house. As we walked to the bar, my high heels clicked on the tilled floor, filling the room with the sexy sounds of two lovers who were going to fuck.

“So sexy Hailey,’ my father said in a deep voice with his arm around my narrow waist.

We stopped to kiss every few feet. While we kissed we played with each other our hands were roaming all over each other. At a few stops along the way, my father would squat down behind me and kiss all over my ass, telling me how sexy it was as he kissed all over it. The feeling of my father’s lips all over my ass drove me wild, as I moaned excitedly.

“Such a gorgeous ass Hailey. I’ve always thought you had a perfect ass,” he groaned then added in a hot, deep voice, “This ass has driven me crazy for much too long sexy.”

“Oh fuck,” I groaned, thrilled that my father was so close to me ass.

“Yes Hailey, this is a million dollar ass,” he said in a deep voice as he ran his hand over it.

“Ohhhh,” I groaned out loud.

“I know this is an eighteen year old ass, but you have such a mature way of showing it off baby,” he said as he ran his hands over my stocking tops and long garter straps and across the string of my thong.

I was so thrilled to hear him say it. I knew he had so many girls and wanted to seem very mature for him. Dressing sexy for him was my way of showing how mature I was. He then began kissing my ass as he told me how sexy it was.

“My daughter has the most perfect ass,” he said in a deep voice.

“Oh rip her up porno fuck, that’s so sexy. You’re making me so hot,” I moaned lustfully, as his mouth made soft, popping sounds on each of my ass cheeks.

“I can’t wait to fuck you baby,” he groaned as he kissed my ass.

“Oh fuck,” I groaned out loud in a hot voice. “I can’t wait,” I snarled. “I’m so ready for your huge-assed cock…So ready for you to fuck me,” I groaned out loud.

“This hot body is always on my mind,” he said as he spread my ass cheeks and ran his tongue over my thong as it rested between my ass.

“While you fuck all those teens,” I groaned as he continued to kiss my ass seductively.

“Hailey, whoever I fuck, you’ve always haunted me.”

“Oh fuck,” I groaned from the thought of him thinking of me when he was fucking one of my friends or a young teen.

Feeling my father’s tongue running over the crack of my ass and over my asshole had me lifting the backs of my pumps off the marble floor.

“Oh god, you’re making me crazy baby,” I howled, as I enjoyed the exquisite feeling of his tongue in the crack of my ass and on my asshole.

“What a perfect ass,” he groaned as the tip of his tongue circled around my asshole, over my thong which caused me to explode.

I felt my ass explode. I was delirious, and came as I groaned out loud, “Ohhhhh god.”

He was amazing, like no other guy I ever fucked. A few weeks before I fucked my ex-boyfriend’s father, Mr. Powers. He did similar things to me and drove me insane but it wasn’t close to the kind of thrills that were now shooting through my body.

It took almost two hours for us to reach the bar, which was only twenty feet away from where we were in the foyer. As we worked our way there sparks flew though my body, building-up to what we both knew was going to be an incredible fuck, a long, overdue fuck. When we reached the bar, I had a bottle of champagne chilling on ice. He popped the cork and toasted,

“To the sexiest young girl I have ever seen,” he said as his eyes drifted over my body, ” the girl whose body has driven me insane, and wanted to fuck for years,” he said as my tongue came out to meet his in another fifteen minute, sexy, father/daughter kiss that had my pussy on fire.

After we sipped our champagne, we kissed for another ten minutes. I can’t begin to explain how hot it was to be locked in a deep kiss with my father. It was the sexiest and most intimate thing in the world. He was such an amazing kisser and had my body so turned on.

I remember my ex’s- father Mr. Powers and how great a kisser he was and that my pussy actually came a few times just from the way he kissed while we were making out in his Ferrari the night I ran into him in the nightclub. But my father was an even better kisser and had such an incredible effect on me when he kissed me. He turned me on so much that my nipples ached when he kissed me.

It was absolute passion and lust all wrapped up in one and as our tongues entwined and explored each other’s as my body trembled in ways I never felt before. During that hot kiss I actually came twice as I shuddered and exploded as his mouth kissed me hard.

After we broke our kiss my father spun me around and had me lean over the bar stool. He then began spreading my ass cheeks, reveling the string of my thong which had disappeared between my ass.

“Such a gorgeous ass Hailey,” he said, and for the next hour he licked each of my firm ass cheeks and ran the tip of his hot tongue directly over the thin string.

Hearing my father call me by my name and say I had a gorgeous ass made me so hot. I felt so special, knowing he had fucked hundreds of sexy teens and fucked all the time.

I then went wild feeling his masterful tongue as it swept across my asshole as he groaned in the deepest voice saying how sexy it was and that he couldn’t wait to fuck me. I was moaning like crazy, telling him how much he turned me on and that I wanted to fuck him so bad. Finally he pulled down my thong.

He pulled it down slowly as he watched the material pull away from my wet pussy lips. My pussy was so wet the satin material of the thong clung to my lips as if it was glued to my pussy.

The only other time I remember being really wet was when I fucked my ex-boyfriend’s father Mr. Powers. I remember how wet I was that night and how horny I was to fuck him. That was the only other time I was ever this wet. When my thong reached my pumps I lifted each of my high heels instinctively, as he removed my thong.

“What a gorgeous pussy Hailey,” he groaned, as I looked over my shoulder and saw him looking at my exposed sex. “Such a gorgeous cunt,” he groaned out loud.

“Ummm, so glad you like what you see,” I purred, knowing he had wanted it for so long.

“I’ve waited for this sexy pussy for a very long time Hailey,” he snarled. “Too fucking long,” he snarled in a deep resonant voice that made me shudder.

“Oh fuck rus porno I groaned,” throwing my head back as my father’s lips touching my pussy sent me into orbit.

“Yes, such a beautiful cunt,” he said in a deep voice then kissed it again.

With my head thrown back his lips met my pussy and he kissed it for a hot second.

“Oh fuuuuck,” I groaned.

“This is an absolutely beautiful cunt Hailey. I can’t wait to fuck it,” he said in a deep voice as he held my ass apart and took in the sight of my wet sex.

I was delirious from the way my father was talking to me. As he kept kissing my pussy the popping sounds filled the air around me and made it so sexy.

“Oh God, kiss it baby. Kiss that pussy for me,” I moaned excitedly. “It’s so your pussy now. No more teasing you with it. It’s yours to fuck anytime you want it baby,” I groaned heatedly.

“I’m going to want to fuck it every day Hailey…Every day and All Day!” he snarled.

“Oh fuck yeah,” I groaned,” it’s so yours.”

“It’s the only pussy I want Hailey,” the only pussy I ever wanted,” he snarled.

“Oh fuck yeah. I wanna be yours so bad,” I groaned hotly.

I was really starting to feel like my father did want me. That he wanted me as his exclusive fuck which turned me on like crazy.

For the next hour all my father did was kiss my pussy. I went insane as my deep groans let him know much he turned me on. He started at the top of my lips and worked his way down to the middle of the puffy part.

“Can’t wait to fuck you baby,” he groaned then went back to kissing my pussy.

I was delirious hearing him say he wanted to fuck me. I was going so wild and groaning uncontrollably that the backs of my feet were coming out of my pumps from the way my father was thrilling me.

“Oh lover I want you to fuck me so bad,” I groaned in ecstasy. “I want evey inch of that huge cock,” I moaned excitidily.

I was wild from his pouty lips making popping sounds on my burning cunt. I came ten times from his amazing way he just kissed my pussy, just from the way he kissed my exposed cunt. My father had me so turned on I felt like I was in a sex trance.

After I came he went back to spreading my ass, this time inserting his tongue into my burning asshole a little at a time.

I was delirious by the way my father would skillfully put the tip of his tongue into my ass and circle it around the rim, then probe deeper and deeper until his tongue bottomed out inside my asshole.

Once his tongue bottomed out inside me he began flicking it inside me which instantly had me cumming like a faucet, from the most exquisite tongue fucking I have ever experienced. He then began inserting a finger into my soaking pussy and he tongue fucked me. I was going insane, shouting how much he had my body on fire.

When he sensed I was going to cum, he backed off and stood to kiss me. The taste of my asshole on his mouth made me delirious. When he went back down on me, he started the whole process again. He did this repeatedly for the next two hours which had me in a sexual trance.

I realized my father was a master at driving a girl crazy and really fucking her up. It was as if he knew my body better than I did, it seemed. For a second a hint of jealously overcame me, because I knew he had to be the same way with my girlfriends, or any other teen he fucked. I knew he was masterful because he fucked all the time and loved fucking.

Now he was the one driving me fuck crazy, he was the one turning me on more than anyone I ever fucked, he was the one driving my body and me insane to fuck him and his huge cock.

He finally had all of his fingers and his amazing tongue working me. By now I was withering and going out of my mind. While he was eating my asshole with the tip of his tongue and his mouth, he had two fingers swirling around deep inside of my pussy, hitting that sensitive spot right on the bulls- eye.

While he was doing this his left thumb was circling my rock hard clit, which had me groaning non-stop and going wild. As he was working my body to a frenzies state he kept telling me how sexy I was and telling me to cum.

When I exploded he began to fuck my asshole harder and deeper with his tongue while he busily finger-fucked my pussy harder with his two fingers. His thumb continued to rub feverously over my huge, distended clit, until my body shook and came again in a river of climaxes that wouldn’t stop for fifteen minutes.

“That’s it. Keep cumming baby,” my father said in a hot voice as he continued to finger fuck me. “I know you have a lot of cum stored up in that sexy pussy and ass baby,” my father said in a deep confident voice as he had me so delirious. “All those years of teasing your fathers big dick with your sexy body, must have you begging to cum,” he groaned through clinched teeth.

“Oh fuck, I can’t believe how fucking good you are. How good you are at turning me on and making me cum,” I snarled as I bit my lower lip and continued cumming all over his fingers and his mouth and tongue.

After I came we kissed passionately. My groans filled the air around us as our tongues entwined setting a series of sparks off deep inside me. After a few minutes my father broke our kiss and handed my glass of champagne.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32