Sin Pt. 01

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Double Penetration

Grey skies, light thunder and the cool breeze with drizzle over the city. It was a perfect evening to cozy up sip on some hot cocoa. I was on my way to pick up my girlfriend from her work. She was excited to make me meet her new friend who had just joined their company, maybe a few days ago. Georgia was really happy about her new friend and I was enough happy to see her happy. I walked from the train station to her work place which isn’t that far and better when you’re lost in your thoughts in this beautiful weather. I stopped in my way when there she was, short, petite, big round eyes and that smile. I wasn’t sure if it was her appearance or the vibe but I couldn’t stop staring at her. Her hair was tied up in a bun, no makeup and semi formal attire with those glasses bigger than her face. It was late when I realized Georgia was standing next to her.

“Sam!” She called me and brought be back.

“Meet Nika, my new friend I was telling you about.”

“Hi! It’s nice to see you. Georgia’s talked about you,” she said extending for a handshake.

Her palm was ice cold but the smile was so warm. All I could manage was ‘hi’. I never felt so stupid. I figured it was better to be the quiet guy.

We were going to the beach and I really hoped Nika would join us but she said she had made other commitments. I wasn’t sure when would I get to escort ataşehir see her again but I was sure about being poked about how I kept staring at her by Georgia. Nika turned around and walked away in her black and white polka dotted umbrella and we went on our way. It was a nice evening but I couldn’t stop wishing spending some more time with Nika.

A few days passed and I hoped Georgia would ask me to pick her from work but in vain. I figured I should try to find if Nika was on any social media. And I found her.

She wasn’t very active on social media but her posts spoke for her. Her bio was very basic and she had pictures mostly of partying with her group. Well, I found out what I wanted, she wasn’t seeing anyone. I know I was wrong, I was with Georgia and I couldn’t, I shouldn’t betray her trust.

“One text wouldn’t harm,” I thought to myself and sent Nika a ‘hello’. The usual that happens, I almost immediately regretted it and slept over it. It was all like living a movie, you do something you shouldn’t and the next day it’s the unexpected though you expect it. I wasn’t even completely awake and I reached for my phone with my eyes half open. I clicked the screen and no notifications. I fell back in bed and my phone beeps a ‘ding’. I quickly checked and there she was.

‘Hi. Morning 🙂 sorry I didn’t text kadıköy escort you earlier’

I could hear my heart thump. “What do I write her back?” I thought to myself.

‘It was nice meeting you the other day. Hope we could hang out more. Maybe next time?’ And sent.

We talked that day. She would text me almost instantly and it was so easy being friends with her. I wish my head would stop at that but I never met someone like her. I wanted to be with her, spend more time, hold her strangely cold hands again.

I got to bed sooner that night so I could keep talking to her. After a couple of days of regular chatting I asked her to meet me after work, it was the day Georgia missed work. Nika thought Georgia would be with me but she wasn’t even slightly shocked finding me alone. We talked for a while at the bookstore, she seemed to love books but her favorites were reading erotic novels. I forgot half of the things she spoke. I was so lost in her. She was beautiful and it made me stop thinking straight. I wanted to taste every inch of her. Departing was really hard for me. I went home, the ride was quiet and my thoughts were running wild. For forty five minutes till I reached my home I was lost in thoughts. Only if I could hold her once.

I got home and I was horny as fuck. Then I got a call from Georgia. Her folks maltepe escort bayan had gone out of town. ‘My lucky day’ I thought. When I reached at Georgia’s, she’d already prepared dinner and there was wine, she looked gorgeous in the purple lace gown. We ate dinner and played some music. She was light headed and we decided to call it a night. I looked over Georgia, kissed her deeply and she smiled at me. I didn’t want to stop so I went for it again with my hands slowly roaming her body. My cock was hard and I was so desperate. I pulled up her gown while kissing her neck but she stopped me.

“Stop. I don’t wanna do it this soon,” Georgia whispered.

I kissed her forehead and went to bed. It was difficult to sleep that night so I took my phone and went to the bathroom. Yes, we all know the reason. I starting checking Nika’s profile. She changed her picture to the one where she wore an off shoulder top and short shorts. Apparently she was partying again. Even looking at her picture I felt losing control over myself. I pulled my shorts down and took my cock in my hand and starting stroking gently. If I could, I’d throw her on bed, rip her top off, exposing her breasts and kiss her skin. I wanted to bite her, get a taste of her. My hands grabbing her soft curls and pulling them back while I bare her bottom, push her against the bed and fuck her so hard. I wanted to pound her till the whole room was filled with her moans. My cock was throbbing as I thought of sucking on her heavy breasts. I stroked harder while I fucked her in my head. It would be perfect I wondered as in came like never before.

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