Siblings with Benefits Lex Talionis Ch. 04

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Authors note;

This chapter contains parts 6-8 of Lex Talionis. I apologize for the lousy tag lines in Lex Chapter 3. I had Pt4 A fateful Encounter, and Pt5 A Timely intervention. They fit in the space fine, but Lit chose to change them to “Part 4 and Part 5” Also I made a typo in the chapter itself calling them pts 3,4. Also please check my bio page, the new picture there is a rough draft of what I hope to be the cover of a published version of SWB let me know what you think. It’s based on Megan’s “Broken” painting from Chapter 18. On another note this series is pretty dark to say the least and Chapter 5 will be the worst by far. Keeping that in mind I added something a bit lighter hearted at the end of this. Part 8; “Mark puts on a show” is just plain old good dirty fun, and honestly to me serves a purpose in the Mark/Megan “continuity” (sorry I used to own a comic book store this is why I am big on things like “origins and continuity”) If you have read the Halloween one shot “Samhain” Mark has sex in front of close to 30 people and has no problems at all “performing” part 8 is the story of his first public display so I hope you have fun with it. P.S. I don’t say much about myself personally, because well let’s face it no one really cares, your just reading my story, but on the previous note; Not only did I own a comic book store, but obviously I write pornography, have a sword collection, a dozen tattoo’s and like my characters follow the basic philosophy of Anton Levay. FBI profilers take note I am a dream come true. Now as always thank you so much for reading! Lovecraft68

Part 6: Megan’s Journey Continues.

I pulled into my parking spot behind Mitch’s and, getting out of the car, stretched my arms over my head wincing at how stiff I was. It was one am and had been a long ass day. The start to it was pleasant enough as I woke up at six am with my beautiful sister lying naked in my arms. Although Megan had been staying up to all hours painting, and seemed more asleep than awake, she didn’t seem to mind me slipping first my fingers, then my cock into her insatiable little pussy.

As she had been doing every morning during the two weeks she had staying with me, Megan got up with me for a little while; first sitting and reciting the Ave Satanna with me, then having a cup of tea and asking what I would be doing during the day. I could tell she was exhausted and wanted to go back to sleep, but wanted more to stay up with me. Ever since she had talked me down from making the mistake of a lifetime, going after Max, my sister had been spending as much time with me as possible and I have to say I was enjoying it.

Max, I frowned and, leaning back against the car, pulled a cigarette out and lit it. Mistake of a lifetime was what I had just thought. I kept telling myself that my sister was right; I would have been risking an amazing future to put that animal out of his misery, but on the other hand, deep down there was a part of me that still wanted to do it. The thing that scared me most about that was I couldn’t even blame The Voice for those thoughts, as, true to its word, it had been nowhere to be found. To my surprise I found myself a little put off that there was no sign of it.

Several times in the last two weeks while meditating I had gone into my attic to find the door to the Voice’s room wide open, the room itself completely empty. I had checked all the other rooms, even risking, not only the room of pain, but also removing the brace that held the dog’s door shut and taking a quick peek inside. The room of pain contained only that, an assortment of bad memories.

Before I could step out a couple of them leapt out at me. I was assailed by the vision of walking into my mother’s room at the age of five and seeing her naked with her face in the lap of a man I had never seen. When mom had seen me she had yelled at me to leave. The man seeing me quickly jumped up and pulling his pants up yelled something at my mother and, after throwing some money at her, stormed out. My mother had given me a hell of a spanking and told me to never come into her room again. I was also struck by one of the most recent additions to the room; the terrifying image of the needle marks I had seen in Megan’s arm several months ago.

The dog’s room was pitch black and contained the musky aroma of a large animal. I could see nothing at first but after hearing the stealthy sound of padded footsteps turned to see a pair of blood red eyes regarding me from a corner of the room. As I stood looking into those burning eyes the dog let out a low growl, that was so deep and powerful I could practically feel the room vibrate, at which point I quickly exited making sure to rebar the door. The Voice was not present in either room and I found myself wondering where the hell it could go. Had it created its own room somewhere that I couldn’t find?

I would have thought that I would be thrilled to be without The Voice, but somehow was disturbed by its absence. As I stood there smoking it occurred to me that monsters of cock porno it wasn’t so much that I was upset it was gone, the problem was it had left on its own, which meant it could just spring up again whenever it wanted to. This also proved the room I created for it really had no hold whatsoever. Apparently it really could come and go when it pleased. The only hole in that theory was if that was the case why would it leave me alone for prolonged stretches of time?

I shrugged and, dropping the cigarette ground it out with the heel of my boot, decided to enjoy the night air a little longer as I recalled the day. After my morning romp with my sister I had worked out for two hours, and then had gone back and picked Megan up to go visit Doug and Denise. The visit had gone well except I got stuck helping Doug clean out his garage, which consisted of him pointing at things then conveniently having to go back into the house for something while I moved them. From there I had my Tai Kwon Do class, which on Saturdays featured open sparring.

This was one of the few times I missed the Voice. When I needed to I could always, as I had done at Carson’s, “slow things down”. Well when I tried that today nothing happened except for me getting whacked in the head while I was waiting for it. I fought four times, winning them all; although the last one, a full contact match, had been a tough one against an ox of guy who was slow as hell but had to weigh three hundred pounds. I won on points, which I was not thrilled with as I had really gotten some hard shots in and I don’t think he even noticed, on the other hand he had landed some vicious body shots that eight hours later I was still feeling.

I had gone home to shower and had panicked when I didn’t find Megan there, but when I went into the kitchen found a note on the fridge that she had gone out to supper with Tommy. Megan came home at six, but I had only enough time to give her a kiss and tell her I’d see her later as I had to work the door at Baby Head tonight. My shift was six to midnight and it was boring as hell, not that as tired as I was I wanted any trouble, but the occasional brawl did at least make the night go by. Then again who was I kidding, the thought of my sister’s long legs, full lips, and smooth pink pussy waiting for me at home had made for a long night as well.

On that note I sighed and went upstairs to my apartment. When I entered I had fully expected Megan to be in the living room painting, especially since I had seen the light on from the street. The living room was empty, although Megan’s easel was set up and some of her paints were out. I approached the painting and shook my head. Megan was painting the “Tortured Soul” that she had sketched while in the clinic, she had finished most of the monsters but hadn’t gotten to the river and the boat with its sole occupant yet. I was in awe at how detailed the painting was, how eerily real. Megan was talented beyond belief and I had no doubt would be famous someday.

Turning from the painting I felt another twinge of unease. Megan had been doing amazingly well the last two weeks; going to meetings every night, staying away from bars and clubs, and even just sitting and sipping at a soda when she kept me company at Mitch’s. Still in the last couple of years Megan had pulled several vanishing acts. Usually right after a stretch like this when everything seemed great and it finally seemed she was getting her shit together. The next step in the pattern would be her slipping and either getting drunk or doing a few lines, then rather than get back up and try again she’d feel terrible and, too guilty to face me or her parents, would leave.

In the beginning she would just hide out at some friend’s houses, and then resurface. The last few times however had been New York and usually with Tommy, who had a bunch of party hound friends up there. I took a deep breath and seeing the bathroom door closed went over and lightly knocked. I didn’t get an answer and opening the door slowly half expected another note in lipstick on the mirror. The bathroom was empty and the twinge became a sinking feeling. Of course the last time Megan had disappeared it had been after drugging me and taking my rent money, by far the lowest point she had sunk to.

I was turning to head for the bedroom when I happened to glance into the small kitchen and see another note on the fridge, walking slowly over I picked it up half expecting it to be some type of good bye letter. Instead it read;

Little Brother,

Was getting tired so I figured I would call it a night. Feel free to wake me up!

With a sigh of relief, I went into the bathroom and, after taking a quick shower, walked naked over to the bedroom door and quietly let myself in. The room was aglow with the flickering light of the several candles that were on the nightstands and, as I gently closed the door behind me, my eyes were immediately drawn to the sight of my sister lying in my bed. Megan looked absolutely naught america porno amazing; she was lying on her stomach, her ivory skin a beautiful contrast to the black sheet drawn up to just under the small of her back, just low enough to expose her Baphomet tramp stamp tattoo. Just as sexy was her long raven black hair fanned across the smooth flesh of her back.

Megan’s long extremely well shaped right leg was sticking out from the covers and as I slowly approached the bed, my cock rising with each step, my eyes eagerly devoured that long leg starting at her bright red toe nails and ending at her creamy upper thigh. I made my way to the side of the bed, and after very gently getting onto it, lied down on my side. After taking another moment to admire the soft curve of Megan’s back, and of course to inhale her strawberry scented hair.

Leaning over I placed a gentle kiss on her shoulder, then sliding her hair away from it, placed another on the back of her neck.

“Hmmm.” Megan groaned then asked softly;

“Little brother, are you looking for something?”

“Nah,” I replied as I began kissing the middle of her back between her shoulder blades. “I’m pretty sure I found what I want.”

After saying that, I slid down the bed so that my lips could trail all the way down to the small of her back.

“Ooooh.” Megan cooed. “Are you getting fresh with your big sister?”

“Damn straight I am.”

Tossing the sheet off I rolled over and slid even further down the bed so that I was lying between Megan’s legs.

“Yeah Mark, you ohhhh!”

Megan groaned as spreading the cheeks of her amazing ass I flicked my tongue teasingly across her asshole.

“Oh look at you, being a bad boy and tonguing your sister’s ass!” Megan whispered.

As she spoke Megan drew her other leg up under her, lifting her ass higher and giving me better access to her smooth pink pussy. Sliding my tongue from her ass I trailed it down between her wet lips to find and lightly tease across her swollen clit. As she let out a soft sigh of pleasure I breathed deeply, inhaling the intoxicating scent of my sister’s pussy. I could feel my hard cock pushing down into the mattress and I had to resist the urge to just slide up onto my knees and just start fucking the shit out of my extremely hot big sister.

Instead I let my tongue wander back down and plunge into her soaking wet pussy. Keeping my tongue rigid I pushed it in and out several times then stopped.

“Aww,” Megan whimpered. “Please don’t stop little brother.”

I pushed my tongue inside and held it there. Taking her cue Megan began to rock slowly back and forth pushing my tongue in and out of her hot little hole. As she continued to help me tongue fuck her Megan reached down between her legs and spreading her pussy open for me said;

“You know where that tongue needs to be little brother, be a good boy and suck on your sister’s clit.”

Pulling my tongue out I whispered;

“Damn that looks good.”

Megan hadn’t just spread her lips but had pinched her clit between her long red fingernails framing it perfectly for me.

“Oh yeah Mark, oh baby just like that!” Megan gasped out as my eager tongue started swirling in slow circles around her hard clit.

As my tongue worked its magic I spread Megan’s ass further apart and, sliding my right hand down, dipped two fingers inside of her dripping pussy. As Megan groaned and her hips started rocking back and forth into my face again, I worked the middle finger of my left hand into her unbelievably tight ass.

“Oh, you like that don’t you little brother?” Megan asked as pushed her ass back, driving my fingers deeper into her. “You love knowing you’re the only one that can touch your sister’s ass!”

My response was to start pumping my fingers in and out of my sister’s tight little holes, while sucking her tender clit hard into my mouth. Megan moaned in pleasure as I began rapidly working her clit in and out of my mouth, matching the rhythm of my fingers. Megan’s hand left her pussy and I knew she had slid it back up to join her other hand to play with her nipples. Megan’s breath started coming in short gasps and I could feel her thighs starting to tremble against my pussy soaked cheeks.

“Oh, oh right there Mark!” Megan moaned out in between those sexy little gasps. “Oh don’t stop ohhhh I’m almost there!”

Sucking her clit into my mouth harder than before I held it there swirling my tongue around it. At the same time I pressed the finger that was in her ass against the ones in her pussy through the thin flesh that separated them. With a long loud squeal Megan began to cum. I squeezed her ass harder and buried my face even deeper into her gushing pussy so I could keep sucking her off as her hips began bucking wildly in my face.

“Oh Mark of please keep licking oh my, Ohhh!”

I was moaning myself as I felt Megan’s pussy and ass contracting around my fingers. Even better than that was with each contraction my face nubiles porn was being coated with more and more of her sticky cum. Feeling her orgasm cumming to an end I couldn’t resist pulling my fingers out and plunging my tongue back into her steaming slit. Megan let out a long shuddering moan and I felt her go limp in my face. I swirled my tongue around inside of her pussy, lapping up even more of her delicious juices.

“Hmmm,” Megan cooed. “Someone likes how his sister tastes.” She moaned again as I slowly slid my finger from her ass then said;

“As good as that feels little brother, you know what your nasty girl needs now.”

As she spoke Megan drew her legs up all the way so that her knees were tucked up under her stomach and her small beautifully shaped ass was pointing up in the air. I let out a sigh of anticipation as while I got to my knees my eyes locked onto my sister’s pussy, which was so wet it was dripping down her thighs. By this time my cock was so hard it was aching and with no hesitation I grabbed her hips and in one smooth motion buried my cock deep inside of my sister’s amazing pussy.

“Oh fuck yeah!!” Megan cried out as I drove myself so far into her I could feel my balls slap against her wet pussy.

Grabbing Megan around her narrow waist I started slamming the shit out of her. I would have loved to have taken my time and teased her with my cock, but I needed my sister’s pussy and needed it bad. Megan didn’t seem to be complaining, as she was letting out loud yelps of pleasure each time my huge dick pounded into her incredibly hot tight pussy.

“Oh yeah little brother!” Megan exclaimed. “Oh look at you fucking the shit out of your big sister!!”

Looking was exactly what I was doing; admiring the sight of my long thick cock sliding in and out of my sister’s welcoming flesh. Megan’s pussy was so wet my cock was not only glistening with it, but was making a moist sucking sound every time I pulled out and slammed myself back inside. I moved my hands from my sister’s hips and, placing them on her back, started pushing down onto her back in rhythm with my thrusts so that she was bouncing back up into me and my cock was being driven into her even harder.

“Yes!! Oh yeah Mark you slam that fucking pussy!!”

“Yeah sis?” I asked her as I continued to shove her down into the bed. “You like your little brother fucking the shit out of you?”

As I spoke Megan pushed herself up against my hands, getting up onto her hands and knees and, turning her head, looked at me over her shoulder. My breath caught at how hot Megan looked; her long black hair was hanging in her sweat streaked face, but through it I could see her all but transparent blue eyes staring at me with a look of pure lust in them. Megan’s mouth was open as she panted and moaned with every pump of my hard cock, and as I watched she licked her full lips and shouted;

“Come on Mark, don’t hold back, take it!! Claim your big sister’s pussy, go ahead and… mmm.”

The rest of what Megan was going to say went into the pillow as, leaning forward, I grabbed her wrists and yanked them back causing her to fall face first to the bed. I pulled Megan’s hands back until they met at the small of her back, quickly grabbing both her thin wrists in one of my hands. I reached down and, catching a hand full of her long sweat dampened hair, pulled on it bringing her face back up as I reared back and started really hammering into her hot little box.

“Oh shit!!” Megan yelled. “Oh goddamn that’s hard!!”

“You think that’s hard sis?” I asked.

Letting go of her hair I leaned back onto my right hand and, pulling hard on Megan’s wrists, brought her up onto her knees. I was bent back as well resting on my elbow and at this angle my cock was driving almost straight up into her.

“Oh my fucking god that’s deep!!” Megan screamed as I started thrusting my hips up into her.

I was pumping my sister with everything I had and at this point her yelps contained that delightful mix of pleasure and pain that drove me wild. As I stared at Megan’s hair plastered against the sweat streaked ivory skin of her back, and listened to her whimpers of pain mixed with loud squeals of pleasure, I could feel myself getting close to cumming. Leaning back as far as I could I gave Megan’s wrists a hard yank, causing her to cry out sharply in pain.

“Oh ow!!” She whimpered then, knowing exactly what I was looking for, yelped out; “Oh please little brother! Oh please it hurts!! You’re hurting me, oh please stop Mark, pleeeeese!!”

Hearing my sister begging me to stop and moaning in pain sent me over the edge. I gave her a couple of more savage pumps that elicited another delicious wail of pain wracked pleasure, then, unable to hold back anymore, I buried my cock balls deep into her incredible pussy and felt myself explode inside of her.

“Oh damn!!” I groaned loudly as I felt the first enormous shot of cum shoot deep up inside of my sister’s already sopping wet pussy.

“Oh yes oh give it to me baby!!” Megan shouted.

I moaned again as Megan began bouncing up and down on her knees driving my spurting cock even further inside of her. I moaned again as I continued to paint the walls of my sister’s amazing pussy with my hot sticky load. As good as it felt Megan made it even better as she whimpered out;

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