Sibling Ribaldry

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I pulled my beat-up old VW into the driveway forty-five minutes before curfew. Just as I reached the front door, I heard the roar that announced Todd’s truck bringing my older sister Michelle home early from her Friday-night date as well. Her boyfriend had paid a lot of money on his engine, and had gotten a special exhaust system to show it off. I toyed briefly with the idea of waiting on the porch for her and playing wet blanket for their good-night kiss, but I just felt way too good for that. Besides, thinking about good-night kisses got me to thinking about my own date with Karen … and that was going to have to wait until after I said good-night to Mom.

Of course, Mom isn’t technically my Mom, but that’s a long story. Michelle isn’t really my sister, either. My official mother ran off with a guitar player named Viper when I was three. Dad was a structural engineer, and I guess that wasn’t exciting enough for her. Mom was a single mother then, working as a temp in the law firm that handled Dad’s divorce to pay her way through college. Pre-law, of course. She had moved up to paralegal in the same firm when Dad went back a few years later to get help making my ex-mom cough up her delinquent child support payments, and they started dating.

While that lawsuit was waiting for a court date, the Pretzel Straighteners had their first big hit, and Viper started making lots of money. So, when Dad did get her into court, the judge not only made her pay up the back money, he cranked the payments way up. After Mom (the new one) and Dad got married, they decided that it would be better if she didn’t adopt me and Pete, so ex-mom would have to keep paying.

Anyway, I went on inside the simple three-bedroom house that Mom bought with the insurance money we got after Dad was killed by a drunk driver five years ago. Mom’s salary as an assistant in the DA’s office didn’t make us rich, even with the continuing payments from my ex-mom, but we were comfortable enough. And Michelle, Pete and I wouldn’t have to scrounge to work our way through college like Mom did.

Pete is my twin brother. We had both just turned eighteen a week before. Our Dad had a kind of twisted sense of humor. How else would you explain him naming his twin sons Dick and Peter, when our family name was already Johnson? I guess it’s because his own name was Willie. Michelle is Mom’s daughter, and she’s six months older than us. So we were in the half of the year that we were all the same age. Mom liked to call us her triplets every year when that happened.

Michelle is really pretty, and she’s really smart. She wants to be a lawyer someday like Mom. But she decided to start off going to junior college to save money, and also so she could still live at home instead of paying for a dorm. She never dated much during high school, and she’d only met Todd after she started college. None of us kids were what you’d call popular. Michelle was always shy, and she insisted on playing sports instead of being a cheerleader. That plus her brains made her “weird”. Pete and I were both pretty decent athletes, but we chose to follow in Michelle’s footsteps, joining the swim team and the track team instead of going out for more popular sports. Plus, we all had flaming red hair, and Pete and I always had the problem with our names hanging over us.

I went on inside, finding Mom on the sofa in a robe, as expected. She always worries when one of us is driving, ever since what happened to Dad. Mom looks really young for her age, and she and Michelle look so much alike that people always think they’re sisters. They’re also so close to the same size that they can wear all of each other’s clothes.

She asked me how my date went, and we made small talk about the movie I took Karen to while we waited for Michelle to come in. A few more minutes of chatting and Mom kissed us both (to check for any trace of booze, of course) and said she had to get to sleep because she needed to go to the office for a while in the morning to get things ready for a big case that was going to trial Monday morning.

I headed upstairs to the room I shared with Pete while Michelle headed for the kitchen to raid the ice cream. The upstairs was just our two bedrooms plus the bathroom in-between that we shared with Michelle. The bathroom didn’t have a door into the hall, just doors at either end connecting to our bedrooms. As soon as I got into our room, Pete put down the science-fiction book he was reading and hopped down from his top bunk. “Well, how’d things go with Karen?” Pete’s girlfriend Marie was out of town with her family for the weekend, so he’d been stuck at home.

I smiled, and closed my eyes while I remembered. “I touched her tits, Pete. Not just through her shirt this time. Actual skin-on-skin.” I felt my cock springing back to full attention as I thought about it. “She had on a button-up shirt, and there wasn’t anybody around us during the movie, so she let me unbutton it and liseli porno play with her tits through most of the movie. I didn’t realize at first that she had on a bra that hooked in the front, till I made it open by accident. I panicked, thinking she’d push my hand away when it happened, but she snuggled a little closer instead. It was beautiful. They’re like little cones, big enough to fill my hand. And when I played with her nipples, they got so hard they almost felt like bone. She was breathing heavy, and kept squirming a little, but when I tried to sneak a hand down lower she pulled it back to her chest and held it there. My cock was so hard I almost couldn’t stand it, but I couldn’t figure out a way to get her to touch it without scaring her off.

“After the movie, we parked the car on that little dead-end street just past her house and started seriously making out. She grabbed my hand and pulled it inside her shirt almost before I got the car turned off. We kept that up for a while, then I started slowly kissing my way down her neck. I sucked on one of her nipples, but that was when she said we had to stop, and she put her shirt back on.” I tried to adjust my pants as my cock strained against the inside of the denim. I saw Pete doing the same thing, and I said. “Ah, the hell with it.” I kicked off my shoes and pulled off my shirt. Pete followed suit, and soon we were both naked.

We had learned a long time before that sharing a room and having bunk beds means there is absolutely no chance of ever having enough privacy to jerk off without the other knowing about it. So, we gave up trying. We started just jerking off in front of each other. Then it progressed to a competition, seeing who could come the fastest. We would always bet on it too, usually chores around the house or something like that. After a while we realized that we had it backwards, we should be trying to see who could last the longest. But when we tried that we both cheated, not really trying to make ourselves come. So we came up with the idea of jerking each other off.

Don’t get me wrong. Pete and I were both very definitely into girls. We weren’t attracted to each other at all. And seeing other guys in locker rooms made it clear that neither of us was the least bit interested in them, or in having anything to do with any of their cocks. It also let us know that our matching twin dicks were noticeably bigger than average. Not huge, just a little bit more than most of the other guys had. Which only fueled the jokes about our names, of course. But because we were both very competitive, we both worked hard at learning to control when we came. We could sometimes jerk each other off almost half an hour before one of us lost control.

I do have to admit, having someone else’s hand on my cock was better than playing with it myself. Pete knew what I liked, and how to get me really worked up, but he would also vary what he was doing, and the unexpected changes made it a lot more intense. I also have to admit that I really enjoyed the feeling of having Pete’s cock in my hand. It just felt like it belonged, and my own level of arousal always went up a notch as soon as I grabbed his dick.

So, I started describing Karen’s tits and the fun I had groping them in even more detail, and Pete reached out and grabbed my cock, saying, “Race?”

“No fair, Pete! I’m already so horny it was all I could do to keep my hands off it long enough to get home.”

“Oh, alright, I suppose I can let you off easy this time.” He ran his thumb up to the tip, and started spreading the sticky-slippery fluid that was already leaking out down along the length of me. “Or should I say get you off easy?” He laughed as he started gently stroking his hand slowly along the length of my cock. I reached out and wrapped my hand around his, stroking my palm over the tip just the way he really liked it and sliding down the length of him to lightly tease his balls with my fingernails. I slid my hand back up and gripped him just below the head, and started matching the rhythm he had started. I closed my eyes and let my mind drift back to Karen’s beautiful tits, while Pete started thinking about Marie’s. Of course, he had only ever touched hers through her bra, with his hand up under her sweater, but it was enough to help him while I kept stroking him.

Soon I was starting to move my hips to match his hand, thrusting against him. A low moan of pleasure started in my throat. “Whoa, Dickie,” he said. “Maybe we need to sit down now.”

We moved over closer to the bed, and knelt down facing each other. My knee was between his legs, and his knee was between mine. We sat back on our heels, and grabbed each other’s cocks again. We had found that this position worked really well, because it gave both of us easy access with lots of room for our hands to explore, while also removing the risk of our knees getting too weak to hold us up. Once we were settled, we got meet suck and fuck porno back to work on each other’s cocks in earnest.

While we knelt there, eyes closed and hands firmly wrapped around each other’s dicks and stroking away, the door from the bathroom opened and Michelle walked in. Pete and I both froze, our hands still full of each other’s raging hard-ons. Michelle just stood there, staring at us. Finally, she let out the breath she hadn’t realized she was holding and said, very softly, “Wow. Ho-leeeee shit.”

It was like her voice freed both of us from a trance. We both scrambled to grab something to cover ourselves with, and dropped into chairs. Michelle shut the door behind herself and said, “No! Please, that was what I …… I mean ……” She stopped, blushing furiously and staring at the floor. “I came in here to ask if I could ……. If I could look at …… your ….. you know, your things.” She finally looked up at us, still bright red and struggling to push the words out. “Please, can I see them again?”

“What?” Pete said. “Michelle, why do you ….. that’s weird.”

Michelle was almost crying. “I know it’s weird. But I wanted to touch Todd’s thing tonight, and I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t want him to think I was stupid or something, so I chickened out. I was hoping that you guys would let me see yours, so I won’t be so scared to see Todd’s. And I thought maybe you could kind of describe what I should do?”

Neither of us has ever been able to handle seeing Michelle cry. So, I dropped the pillow I was holding and went over and put my arm around her. “Don’t cry, Michelle. We’re here for you, always. You know that.” Pete hesitated a few seconds, then tossed his shirt back on the floor, too.

“You guys are so great – hey! Why aren’t they big anymore?”

I looked down. Michelle’s interruption had definitely broken the mood, and Pete and I had both gotten completely soft. “Well, they’re only big when we’re –” I struggled to find the right word.

“Horny?” Michelle asked, with a grin. She laughed at the shocked look on my face. “Come on, Dickie. I just asked to see your cock. I think it’s a little late to worry about being polite, don’t you?”

We all laughed, and I nodded. “Yeah, horny. And you kinda scared it away, y’know?”

Michelle looked a bit scared. “Is it because I’m a girl? Are you guys-” She pointed back and forth between the two of us.

It was our turn to blush bright red. “Gay? No, Sis, we’re not gay. I was just describing to Pete how Karen let me play with her tits tonight, and things got a little out of hand.”

“Actually, from what I saw, I’d say that both of your things were definitely in hands when I got here, Dickie.” We all laughed again, then she looked serious. “So thinking about Karen’s tits made them big?” We both nodded. “Well, Karen’s not here but,” she hesitated again, looking down, then swallowed hard and looked us in the eye. “Would my tits make them big again?”

“What?!?” we both said in unison.

“It’s only fair. You guys did show me yours.” With that, Michelle reached down and grabbed the hem of her sweater and pulled it over her head, then unbuttoned her skirt and let it fall. She reached behind her and took off her bra, and stood there wearing just her pink panties with the little hearts on them.

I had been on the swim team with my sister for three years, plus seeing her in running shorts all the time, but I had never actually looked at her as a girl. She was my sister. I knew she was pretty, but it didn’t mean anything. Until now. For the first time, Pete and I looked at Michelle as a girl, and we were both stunned. Michelle had a killer body. Bigger tits than either Marie or Karen, and firmer. And awesome muscle tone everywhere from swimming and running so much. We just stood and stared, and both of our cocks sprang back to life in no time.

“Wow,” Pete said. He searched for something to add, and ended up just saying “Wow” again.

“What?” Michelle asked.

I tried to answer, and found that I had a lump in my throat. My voice cracked. I cleared my throat and tried again. “Michelle, you’re gorgeous. You are the sexiest girl I have ever seen.”

“You mean it?”

I pointed at my rapidly expanding cock, then at Pete’s. “Don’t just take our word for it. Ask them. And trust me, they definitely know sexy.”

Michelle stared at our dicks for several seconds, enthralled. We spent the time staring at her body, so it was only fair. Then she giggled and said, “Wow, you guys really are identical twins, aren’t you?”

I reached out with one hand toward her, and stopped. She looked me in the eye, and moved closer until my hand landed on her naked tit. She reached over and grabbed Pete’s hand and put it on the other one. I ran my thumb over her nipple and watched as it got hard. I couldn’t help it. I moved closer and kissed her. The three mobil porno of us stayed like that a long time, Pete and I caressing her tits while we took turns French-kissing her. She put her arms around both of us, and ran her fingernails over our backs. Then her hand gradually found its way down to my ass and then around to my cock. I felt Pete’s body shift and figured I knew where her other hand was, too.

I put my arm around her, and found Pete’s arm already there, his hand stroking her ass. She pushed me back a little and pulled my hand down between us, pushing it toward the front of her panties. I stopped kissing her and looked her in the eye. “Michelle, I’ve never touched a girl there before.”

She shut me up by kissing me again, and kept pulling my hand to her crotch. I stroked her crotch through her panties, and found that the panties were soaked through. She slid my hand up to the waistband, then down inside them. I was startled to realize that Michelle had no hair there. I looked at her in surprise.

“Like it? I shaved it after the first time I let Todd put his hand up my skirt. He seemed really turned on by it.” She regained her hold on my cock. “Now feel inside me, Dickie.”

I was overwhelmed by the sensations. The incredible weirdness of the situation faded into the background, and I eagerly probed with my fingers until I was successfully finger-fucking my sister. Meanwhile Pete was kissing down her neck, headed for her tits. She put a hand on his head to guide his progress. When he got to her nipple she jumped, and pushed him away a little. “Gently, Pete, gently. Those are really sensitive. Lay your tongue flat and lick it.” She pulled his face closer again. “That’s it. Now suck on it, carefully. Not like you’re gonna bite it off.” She moaned softly. “Oh, yeah. That’s better. Mmmmmm” Her eyes closed and her head lolled back as she enjoyed the sensations of Pete’s mouth and hands on her tits and my finger probing her crotch. I felt her weight starting to push down against my hand, and spoke up. “Maybe we need to lay down, Michelle. If your knees give out while you’re holding onto me like that, it could be really bad.”

She reluctantly let go of us and laid down on the carpet. I kept my finger inside her, kneeling down with her. Once she was stretched out with my discarded pillow under her head, Pete dove right back to sucking on her tits, and she grabbed both of our cocks again. She wasn’t really jerking us off, mostly just holding our cocks and exploring them with her fingers. I stated pumping my finger inside of her, and sucking on the nipple nearest to me while Pete licked the other one. “MMMmmmmmmm! Oh, YES!” Michelle moaned. I quickly moved up and started kissing her again, afraid that Mom might hear her moaning.

The excitement really started to get to me, on top of everything else that had happened that night. I started pumping my hips, fucking Michelle’s hand with the same rhythm as my finger inside of her. Pretty soon it was hard to tell which of us needed more help muffling our moans. She started pumping her hips against my hand. My breath started coming in short gasps, and then I felt the tingle in my balls which meant I had reached the point of no return. “I’m coming!” I panted against her lips, then pumped my hips and my finger frantically. She went stiff and said, “Me too!” and I felt her muscles clamp down on my finger just as I started shooting cum all over her belly and tits. Some of it even hit Pete’s face. He didn’t even seem to notice. He was concentrating on sucking on her tits, and his hips had started pumping against her hand, too.

Michelle’s muscles clamped down around my finger, and her whole body went stiff and kind of twitched. She moaned into my mouth. Then she gradually came back to reality. She took her hand off of Pete’s cock, causing him to whine slightly. “Roll over, Petey. I wanna watch you shoot the stuff out.”

Pete rolled onto his back, and Chelley rolled over partly on top of him. She grabbed my wrist firmly and held my finger inside of her the whole time. “Don’t you dare stop, Dickie.” I obeyed, working my finger inside her tight hole the best I could in this awkward new position with my arm trapped under her.

Chelley propped herself up on one elbow, and started stroking Petey’s cock. She was half-straddling him, with my hand trapped between Petey’s leg and her pussy. His cock was only inches from her face. She studied it intently while she wrapped her hand around it and started stroking it. I squirmed closer and rolled so I could reach to put my hand over hers. “Slower, Chelley. Tease him.”

I guided her hand in long, slow strokes, from his balls to the very tip. “Loosen your grip. Let it slide through your fingers.” Petey moaned, and pushed his hips up against her hand a little more. “See? You have to make him want it. That’s it.” I squirmed a little closer and kissed the appealing curve of her neck. “Now uncurl your hand and just run your open palm up and down. That’s it. Softly, slowly. All the way up and cup the tip, then drag your thumb across the tip on the way back down.” Petey twitched and moaned again. I leaned closer, and Chelley turned to kiss me. Our hands never stopped the slow torture of Petey’s cock.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32