Sibling Cinema Surprise

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Author’s Note: Erotic film debut brings unsuspecting siblings together.


“What am I going to do?” Deborah asked shakily, a grimace creasing her lovely facial features. She tossed the ripped envelope and its contents onto her dresser, one of the wartime standard-issue types adorning freshman dorm rooms all across the spacious campus at Penn State. She cupped her head in her hands, her shoulders heaving in a sob.

I strode to the dresser and picked up the crinkled paper. I immediately recognized it as the bill for second-semester tuition, room & board, fees and various and sundry other cash grabs by the school administration. The Nittany Lion on the letterhead was a dead giveaway. Some nerve the university had, plastering a mascot on a blue-and-white demand for five figures.

I made my way over to Deborah and placed a sympathetic hand on her shoulder. “So what’s the big deal?” I asked, “Tuition falling due should come as no surprise…”

She hesitated, still shaking with sobs, then stammered, “N-n-no… It’s j-j-just that I th-th-thought things would w-w-work out somehow by now…”

“Deb, what the heck are you talking about?” I queried.

“Tommy, you know how the economy’s been… Mom & Dad’s travel agency has taken a big hit. People don’t spend money on luxury vacations during tough times. Dad’s had to take a second mortgage on the house just to keep the agency afloat. There’s nothing left for tuition for Dave and me. And they made too much last year for Dave and me to qualify for financial aid…”

So that was it. She needed money to stay in school Her fraternal twin, Dave, was in the same boat. I knew him vaguely through Deb — he was also a Penn State freshman. My mind whirled with the possibility of Deb being forced to leave the Happy Valley campus, most likely losing touch with me for good. These past 3 months had seen the development of a most unusual but satisfying relationship. The stunning redhead had become my close friend, confidant and frequent fuck buddy – nothing monogamous, more as playmates than lovers, but I had a great fondness for her and she for me.

“I wish I could help,” I replied meekly, “Unfortunately, I’m as reliant on parents as the next guy.” I gave her a hug, smoothing her auburn tresses as I spoke. “We’ll think of something,” I managed weakly. She looked up at me with sad green eyes. I could tell that now was not a good time to suggest a comforting roll in the hay, so I kissed her on the cheek and said my goodbyes.

Strolling across the campus toward my room in Geary Hall, I was racking my brain for some way to assist. I couldn’t give her money, but maybe I could help her to earn some quickly. “Think, Thomas,” I cajoled myself, “WWJD — what would Jopa do?”

Ah, yes — Joe Paterno, head football coach for the last half-century and fount of wisdom — he could think of something. But somehow, I didn’t think he’d have the time of day for a nerd like me, especially if he knew it be spent primarily on preserving my main supply of ready and willing pussy for the remainder of my time at University Park.

“Jopa’s a freakin’ rock star,” I laughed to myself. I looked up and saw the Big Dipper in the dark sky. I traced its path that pointed toward Polaris, the North Star. “Star light, star bright, I wish I may, I wish I might…” I whispered. I truly was wishing upon a star for a solution. And then it hit me…

“Star… star… holy shit, it just might work!”

I reached in my pocket for my cell phone. Scrolling through the address book, I quickly found Uncle Melo’s listing and pushed the green button.

“Melo here!” came the voice on the other end of the line.

“Uncle Melo, it’s me, Tommy!”

“Hey, boy — wassup?! Hold on, don’t get cranked up — I’m in the middle of supervisin’ a shoot. Gotta make it quick!”

“That’s just what I was calling you about, Uncle Melo — a shoot. I seem to remember you doing a series of videos on college girls at big schools across the country. Are you still working your way through that?”

“Here and there — lots of campuses done, lots more to go. I’m doin’ other stuff as well.”

“Have you done Penn State yet?”

“No, actually we were heading there in a couple of weeks. Why — you wantin’ your fifteen minutes of fame?”

“No, I couldn’t risk that kind of fame with my future career headed toward politics. Actually — I’m thinking about a friend of mine. She wants to be a vet, and she’s about to have to bail out of school. For financial reasons…”

“And she wants to earn some money quick?”

“Yeah, something like that. How much do you pay?”

“Depends on what she’s willing to do on screen. Could be a couple of grand — could be anywhere up to ten grand. Could be even more if she’s good enough to sign to more fuck in traffic porno films.”

“Ten grand just might be enough…”

“And she’d be willing to be in a porn flick to earn it?”

“I don’t know about her willingness. But she could be a star if she’ll do it.”

“Tell me about her.”

“Red hair — auburn, not the orangey kind. Freckles — but cute, not distracting. Pale green eyes. Great figure. Smart as a whip. Fucks like a fiend. Seductive smile, a little wanton and a little innocent…”

“Sounds like you’re sweet on her.”

“Nah, not really. I like her a lot, but I don’t think she’d blossom in the political arena. She’s too damned honest and sincere. Wouldn’t suffer the fools one has to entertain and suck up to while climbing one’s way to the governor’s mansion. But she makes a great no-false-commitments fuck buddy…”

“And you’re okay with her being filmed getting laid by some other guy?”

I gulped. Not really — we both screwed other people from time to time, but we certainly didn’t have the opportunity to watch each other doing it. “I’m fine with it,” I lied.

“Sounds like the kind of girl I’d be looking for when I’m doing my Penn State shoot. Have her give me a ring if she’s interested.”

“Okay, Uncle Melo — thanks!”

I flipped the phone shut, a spring in my step and my yoke a little lighter as I climbed the stairs to my dorm room. I had a lifeline for her, but how to broach the subject with Deborah was another matter…

* * * * *

“So let me get this straight — you want to pimp me out as a porn star?” Deb was becoming breathless, her voice higher-pitched than I’d ever heard it before.

I was right — there had been no easy way to broach the subject.

“It’s not pimping — it’s so you can stay in school. A pimp gains his livelihood off his girls. I get nothing from this…”

“You don’t think I’m smart enough to see through you? You’re doing this so that you can keep on screwing me! Screw me over so that you can screw me again!” Her voice was reaching a crescendo.

The truth hurt, but I managed to counter in a soothing tone, “You know I really like you, Deb — a lot. And I’m trying to help you get an education…”

With that, Deb burst into tears. “Oh, Tommy,” she cried, “you really are my friend. You just have a really strange way of showing it…”

“If there were any other way, there’s no way I’d suggest this. You know the old saying, ‘Necessity is the mother of invention’…”

“Necessity yes, but you’re stupider than you look if you think your Uncle Melo invented the porn flick,” she laughed, crinkling her nose in mischief. “What the hell kind of name is ‘Melo’ anyway?”

“It’s short for Carmelo — but it also fits his attitude. He’s one mellow dude. You’ll like working for him.”

“Who says I’m going to work for him?” Her stern look was impossible to read, her eyes squinting so as not to give anything away.

“I just thought… given the options…”

She smiled primly. “Okay, okay — it just might work. But would you do it with me? At least then I’d know I could trust my partner.”

“You know I couldn’t do it, not with my future aspirations. But I could be there with you in the studio, for moral support.”

“So I’d be fucking a total stranger?”

“Well, maybe it’s best that way. You know — never have to see each other again, forget the whole thing.”

“Might be hard to forget if the video surfaces at some inopportune time down the line.”

“I know you better than that — you’re fearless. If you make a judgment that this is what’s needed now, you’re not going to let some asshole intimidate you over it later.”

“You know me too fucking well, Tommy — has it only been one semester?”

“Yeah, but with any luck it’s going to be at least seven more. And speaking of fucking well, I thought maybe you could use a little practice before Uncle Melo comes to town…”

* * * * *

Deb and I had fucked like rabbits for the last two weeks. I honestly believe the thought of starring in a porn flick had made Deb hornier than usual, and I was beginning to become accustomed to the idea as well. Truth be told, my libido was beginning to get hyperactive at the thought of watching her screw a total stranger on-screen.

The day for the filming finally arrived. The weather had begun to turn a bit nippy, and I wasn’t sure if the tumescent peaks of Deborah’s breasts outlined against her blouse were due to the cold or to her excitement.

Uncle Melo had rented an oversized hotel suite in downtown State College to serve as a studio. When we arrived, the camera crew had nearly finished setting up. There were three cameras and three men to man them, along with Uncle Melo and a couple full porno of studio hands. “Not a woman in the bunch,” I thought, “I guess equal opportunity has gone the way of the dinosaur…”

Perhaps a tinge of jealousy was overtaking me. Not only was Deb going to fuck a perfect stranger, but there would be six other men besides me witnessing it.

“You ready?” I asked Deb.

“Ready as I’ll ever be.” She caught me staring at her breasts, which could be clearly seen to be engorged through the fabric of her top.

“Busted,” I replied.

“Busty, and that’s it,” she retorted.

I raised one eyebrow in silent challenge.

She took a moment to reply. “Okay, busted — I’m ready as hell, and I’m all wet just thinking about it.”

“That’s my girl. No shit, no fear.”

“My only fear is picking up something deadly from whoever they’ve got matched up with me.”

“No worries. Melo insists on condoms for all his films.”

“If he didn’t, I would,” she said gravely.

“Time to suit up — or, suit down, I should say!” piped up Uncle Melo with a snicker.

The hotel suite had bathrooms on both ends, with a king-sized bed in between. Melo pointed at the bathroom nearest to us. “Your male lead is already in the other one, either working up his nerve or vomiting up his guts. Got here just a few minutes before you. Says it’s the first time he’s done anything like this. Hired him from the campus this afternoon. Nice-looking kid, real big dick…”

Deb pretended not to be interested. “Don’t I need a costume to change into?” she asked Melo.

“Nah — I prefer to start with the sex scenes, let my co-stars get to know each other that way, then film the clothed scenes and the disrobing scenes afterward, tailored to the kind of chemistry they have. Gotta take away the jitters by relieving the sexual tension right away.”

“Oh — I… see…” murmured Deb, suddenly looking like a deer caught in the headlights. “Don’t I at least need a robe?”

“Nobody’s gonna see anything as you stroll from the bathroom that they won’t see 30 seconds later when the cameras roll, sweetie. This business ain’t made for modesty…”

“It’ll be okay,” I whispered in her ear, “you go, girl…”

With that, she threw her head back and marched into the nearer bathroom.

“Got your cameras ready, fellas?” shouted Melo while sporting a hearty grin. Then, turning to me, he whispered, “You done good, boy — she’s just the type for me to make into a star.”

Within two minutes, the door to the far bathroom began to open. At the same time, Deb peeked out of the nearer bathroom. Shedding her inhibitions, she stood up straight, stuck out her ample and now naked chest, and made a beeline toward the bed. My eyes were fixed on her auburn bush, neatly trimmed to a landing strip. This must be a special occasion — I’d never seen her that well-groomed before.

She saw the path of my eyes and smiled. “If I’m going to be filmed, I want to look my best,” she explained as she passed by.

Suddenly, she stopped dead in her tracks. She stood motionless for half a dozen seconds, staring across the bed toward her soon-to-be on-screen lover, who had just reached the bed from the other bathroom. I heard the whirring of the cameras begin to drone in the background.

I started to ask Deb what was wrong, but then followed the direction of her stare with my own eyes. An exclamation of “Holy shit!” escaped my lips involuntarily.

“Dave!” breathed Deb in a ragged groan. Her naked brother stood wide-eyed across the bed from her.

“Deb?” His eyes lifted from the turgid peaks of her breasts to look her squarely in the eyes.

“Oh, my GOD!” shrieked Deborah. She covered her breasts with her right arm, her pubic patch with her left hand, and turned away from Dave and back toward Melo and me. Tears streamed down her face, her shoulders once again shuddering with sobs. Her red hair was matched by the flaming color of embarrassment on her cheeks.

Dave roused himself from his momentary stupor and walked around the end of the bed, placing a comforting arm around her shoulder. “I’m sorry, Sis — I didn’t know. I was just trying to make some money for next semester’s tuition. I saw the ad and thought this would be a source of some quick cash. I guess that’s why you’re here, too…”

“I’m SO embarrassed, Dave. You must think I’m such a slut…”

“If you’re a slut, then that makes me one, too. I’d like to think we’re both just pragmatists.”

“Well, we both just lost out on our chance to earn next semester’s tuition. That’s the realist in me speaking up.”

“Yeah, bummer.”

At that moment, Deb’s eye caught a glimpse of her twin brother’s massive cock beginning to assert itself through no fault of its gizli çekim porno own. “Dave, is that thing doing that for me?”

“Um, Sis — now look who’s embarrassed…”

Deb looked up into Dave’s eyes. His arm was still around her shoulder. The question marks in both their eyes were plain for all seven others in the room to see. The three cameras were still whirring. Slowly, Deb reached her hand toward Dave’s cock and began to stroke it.

“Dave, are you a realist?”

“Uh-huh,” he grunted, his prick thickening and swelling with her tender care.

“You caught what I said about the realist in me? I want a realist in me — here and now.”

“Sis… I’m not going to do this just to solve the pragmatic problem of tuition money.”

“Forget the money, Dave. I want you in me — period.”

Dave’s cock began to throb in her hand, causing her to grin broadly. He scanned her body slowly and deliberately, raising two fingers and a thumb to caress her cheek. “God, Sis — you’re as beautiful naked as I’d always imagined…”

“You’ve imagined me naked?”

“Um — truth?”

“Of course…”

“I can’t tell you how many times I’ve jerked off thinking about making love to you…”

Deb hesitated, evidently mentally processing her brother’s revelation. Then slowly, quietly, she brushed a kiss across his lips and whispered, “I love you more than anyone on this earth, Dave — but I guess it took a crazy situation like this to make me think of you in THAT way…”

Dave deepened their kiss, his tongue dipping for a dance with hers. He wrapped his other arm around her, holding her close in a demonstration of restrained passion. She moved her free hand up and down his torso, briefly cupping one of his ass cheeks.

Suddenly, her other hand still gripping his penis, Deb moved Dave’s engorged cock toward her trimmed pubic mound. “Deb, you sure about this?” asked Dave.

“Never been surer of anything in my life, Bro,” answered Deb huskily, “put it in me.”

Dave’s restrained passion immediately lost all restraint. Not pausing for oral or manual preparation for either of them, he grasped the backs of both of Deb’s thighs and hoisted her on the bed. She spread her legs wide, her knees up in the air, her ass planted on the end of the bed. Dave was still standing as he pressed his throbbing member against her moist cleft.

I noticed the cameramen coming in closer for a penetration shot. Dave and Deb seemed oblivious to the presence of anyone but each other.

“I love you, Sis,” Dave declared as he pushed his glans slowly between her dripping labia.

Deb pulled his ass cheeks from behind to plunge his shaft deeper into her channel. “I love you, too, Dave!” she cried out as she began thrusting her hips to match his rhythm.

Dave began massaging Deb’s nipples, then licking and sucking them, as his dick continued to piston in and out of her drenched pussy. I could see her pussy lips clenching in and out with his thrusts, her tits bobbing back and forth to the same beat.

“Make me cum!” she squealed. He reached one hand down to massage her clit as he continued to give her vaginal bliss with his dick.

It dawned on me that he had never put his condom on — breaking one of Melo’s cardinal rules. I mentioned it quietly to Melo, but he just shushed me with a finger to his lips. He was as entranced as anyone at what was going on.

“Sis, I’m going to shoot my load in your pussy — is that okay?” Dave shouted.

“Yes — yes! Give me everything you have, baby!”

I thought to myself that the essence of her reply was more like “Give me a baby!” She’d never let ME fuck her without a condom on.

The two of them writhed together in mutual ecstasy for another minute or so more. Their breathing became ragged, perspiration covering both of them. They reached mutual orgasm as they shouted declarations of love for each other. “She’s never told me she loved ME,” I sulked to myself, “Great idea for preserving your supply of pussy, Tommy!”

Dave, having stood the whole time he fucked his sister, flopped down on the bed beside her after dismounting her. His previously huge penis quickly deflated to normal size. Deb was lying on her back, legs still spread wide, while Dave wrapped an arm around her and trailed kisses along her cheek. She reached out to clasp his hand with hers.

I noticed one of the cameramen zooming in for footage of her well-fucked pussy, dripping with her brother’s semen. “Gotta show the evidence, since he didn’t give us a cum shot,” noted Melo in my ear, “gonna also have to dock them for so little foreplay — no cock-sucking, no cunnilingus. But, my God, they were hot — and if they’ll let me advertise it as true incest, I can make a fortune!”

“Think they’ve earned enough for tuition?” I asked hopefully.

“No doubt!”

And Melo was right. Dave and Deb were able to stay in school. She was incredibly grateful to me for what had happened, and said she’d always be my friend because of it.

And me — I decided it was time to scout out another fuck buddy…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32