Shower Time

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While I’m in the bath massaging shower gel into my wet skin, you are standing watching me through the space between the bathroom door and the door frame. I haven’t noticed you. My hands gently caressing my breasts, my nipples stiffen, as I get turned on. My right hand lowers down onto my pussy, my fingers easing between my lips. My fingers intensely rubbing my clit, I moan quietly with pleasure. You pop your head around the door to enquire if I need any help, I turn my head round to you with a sultry look upon my face. As you undress my eyes are transfixed on every part of your body, the longer I gaze at you the more I want your body close to mine. To feel your body move in time with my own.

You step into the bath and sit in front of me, facing me. You’re sitting on the calves of your legs. You slide me down the bath until my ass is resting between the space in your thighs. You use the tip of your thumb to stimulate my clitoris as you reach round with your free hand and grab the shaving gel. You cover my hot throbbing pussy with the gel and reach for the razor. Gently you start to shave around the outside in slow stroke, firstly shaving towards my opening then shaving up towards my pubic bone. There aren’t very many hairs to shave away as it was only done two days previous but it has became slightly stubbly and it irritates your nose when you go down on me. But bahis firmaları you also know that when I shave down there I get very turned on, you want to see if you have the same effect on me. When you have finished shaving me, you slide me back off your legs and stand up to switch the shower on. I remove the plug from the bath. You bend down to help me up, as I stand I rub my body against yours.

With the water from the shower beating down between us, we kiss so passionately that I feel your length throb against my pelvis. Your hands that were once holding each side of my face as we kiss have now moved down my back pulling me closer. One of your hands moves round to the front of my body and explores my shaved hotness.

As you lower your body, you reach for a towel to put on the floor of the bath so your knees are comfortable while you lick me out. My back is lent against the wall, my hands rested on your head, pulling you in closer. My hips trembling as I cum, my moans echoing against the walls. Gasping for breath as I beg you to invade my hot, wanting pussy with your long, hard cock. You look up at me and shake your head while murmuring “no, not yet”. Circling your tongue around my entrance you slowly push your tongue in and out of me, slowly to start with, then quicker and harder. It’s not long before I feel myself explode all over your face again. kaçak iddaa My legs begin to feel weak from my last powerful orgasm and you stand up and sit me on the window sill.

Without removing eye contact, you start to tease me with your length, rubbing it up and down the insides of my thighs, then rubbing the tip of it against my clit. I beg you to put it in me, but you just smile and decline by shaking your head. You are having too much fun teasing me, paying me back for my naughty behaviour the previous morning. I pull your face closer, start teasing your lips with my tongue then letting your tongue touch mine. I show you how much I want you to please me by the way I start massaging your tongue with mine. I cum almost instantly as your cock enters me with one long, slow, hard stroke. Your touch feels so magical, so passionate that all I feel between us is an intimacy that can only be shared by two people that truly love one another. This feeling between us heightens our orgasms tremendously, as we both shake in each others arms. I can feel your length aching inside me as your orgasm hits its peak, my love tunnel contracts pulling you deeper inside as you pound against me slow and hard.

Your skin tingles after cumin deep inside me, goose-pimples appear on your skin where the water is hitting you. My skin is glowing after reaching the most thrilling passionate kaçak bahis orgasm in my life.

I jump off of the window sill to stand under the shower with you. Picking up the shower gel and put some on my hands I massage it into your back, moving my hands round to your front to rub it into your chest as well. My hands move further down, rubbing your stomach, I notice that you have not lost your hard-on. I turn you round, gently kiss your lips, but unable to remove the grin from my face. I kneel down and take your length in my mouth, massaging it with my tongue. I grab your ass and pull you closer to me, taking as much of your cock in my mouth as possible. Sucking you off till you can’t take anymore, you scream that you’re going to cum. I look up at you and wink. I like your taste so much that I suck you harder till you explode in my mouth, letting me swallow your cream.

We get out of the shower and dry each other with warm big white fluffy towels. With the towels wrapped around us, we go upstairs to our bedroom. You take my towel off of me, lay me gently on top of our bed and part my legs. Your tongue starts to explore my wetness, my body trembles with the anticipation of another orgasm. Your fingers push up inside my pussy, hitting off of my g-spot, I find it difficult to control myself as I reach yet another climax. Near the point of not being able to handle anymore, my body writhes around the bed, I grab the back of your head as I start to fuck your face with my pussy. I cum so hard that my juice runs down your fingers, your arm reaches up to let me suck my cum off of you.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32