Shower Time

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Coming in from a long day of classes, I can hear the water in the bathroom running. I follow the sound and find you standing in the shower. The room filled with steam. The air thick with moisture. Your dirty clothes piled up in the corner, the mirror fogged over, a thin layer of fabric separating your naked body from mine.

I peel off my clothes and pull the curtain aside. Your glistening bare back is on the other side. You spin around and greet me with a depraved smile and a growing erection. Stepping into the shower and under the water, I press myself against you. Our skin touching ignites a fire that is only fanned on by the heat of the water that is pounding on our bodies.

Looking down at me you laugh and say, “So is this going to top our fuck in the kitchen?”

In response, I lean forward and kiss you. Pressing our bodies closer. Harder. Moving together, you spin me around and push me against the tile wall. With my back against the wall, I brace myself for what’s coming next. You nudge my legs apart, run your fingers over my pussy, and shove your fingers in my mouth.

Sucking on your fingers, moan on them. Trying to swallow them whole. Extracting your fingers from my mouth you hold your right arm up. I realize you want me to kick my leg up and place it on there. You lift my leg up to your shoulder. Open wide for you, you tease my pussy with your cock.

Low, deep moans escape from my lips. The touch of your skin. The constant kaçak iddaa stream of water. You cock teasing my pussy. It’s all too overwhelming.

“FUCK! FUCK ME! PLEASE TAYLOR! FUCK ME!” The sensations hit me hard, a tear trickles down my cheek, almost lost in to shower water. The desperation for you cock is too much for me. You notice the tear, feeling bad you decided to give me what I need.

You slowly slide your cock in my pussy. I can feel every inch of you as you slide yourself in. The tip of your cock plows its way though. I am filled with your cock. I let out a scream of release. I’ve never felt more complete with you in me.

Thrusting in and out, you are pressed up against me. And I against the wall. Grabbing at your back, I feel your muscles tensing up. I beg you not to stop. I don’t want you to cum yet. I don’t want it to end.

You let me down off the wall, two feet on the ground but still weak in the knees from the fucking. You spin me under the water. The water rushes down my head, flooding my eyes. Closing them, I realize I’m handing over everything to you.

Leaning in with a bar of soap, you begin washing my chest. Covering it in suds, massaging my breasts. Touching every inch of flesh. I shutter every time your skin touches mine. Tracing your fingers down my stomach you reach around to my back and pull me in closer.

I can’t tell what your doing, but I’m excited none the less. I feel this moist, warm sensation on my kaçak bahis pussy. Your tongue is lapping away at the juices that are now flowing freely from me. Licking through each fold, you send shocks through my body. I feel your tongue pressing into my pussy. It feels wonderful. I’m so close to cumming for a second time. Removing your tongue from my pussy, I’m upset. But I don’t have a chance to vocalize my disappointment.

You clamp down on my clit. Sending me into an earth shattering orgasm. My body doesn’t know how to handle you biting my clit so it begins to shake. The shaking only adds to the feeling because now my clit is being pulled on, making me cum even harder.


After a solid minute of convulsing, I start to come down from my orgasm. I realize that I must repay this act.

“Step… under… the water.” We slide pass each other, and as soon as your clearly under the water, I start getting a lather going with your cock. No soap. Just my mouth. My mouth and tongue are working hard to bring you to the edge. My hands start gently tugging and stroking your balls. I work my way down your shaft, eventually with my lips pressed against your balls. I decided why not, I relax my throat a little bit more and try to swallow your cock and fit your ball in my mouth.

The surprise of this makes you tip back, hitting the shower head controls illegal bahis behind you down. The water suddenly stops pouring down on us. The roar of the water is no longer drowning out your animalistic groans. Not wanting to cum in my mouth, you remove your cock from me and push me back.

I fall to the floor of the shower with my legs flying up in the air. You kneel down in front of me and grab my legs before they have a chance to come down. Kneeling above me you position your cock over my asshole. Pressing yourself in, you can feel me tense up. To remedy this issue you plunge two fingers in my puss and start thumbing my clit. Immediately I let you a sigh of relief and start meeting your thrusts.

With your dick in my ass and two fingers in my pussy I can’t help but come for a third time. As I’m shaking you decided to try something out. Quickly you slip a third finger in my pussy. When I don’t react negatively, you slide a fourth in. Tucking your thumb up, you curl your fingers into a fist and slid your hand. Looking down, I realize your fist is in my pussy, your cock is in my ass.

From your fingertips to your wrist is currently thrusting in and out of me. I ask you to cum with me. I beg you to shoot your load in my ass and let me cum on your hand. As my fourth orgasm rocks through me, I clap down on your cock and hand with both orifices.

I can feel ropes of cum filling my ass. Your dick, your cum, your fist are filling me. You slide your fist out of my pussy with a loud audible pop, followed by your cock from my ass.

“Which one do you want me to clean first?” You laugh and lay down next to me in the shower as I begin licking your fingers clean.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32