Show , Tell Ch. 15

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The two weeks in Florida were great, very relaxing and just what I needed. I only hoped that Elle would feel the same, especially when I had to spend most of another week in North Carolina on business, before I came back…, alone!

I’d also read the pamphlet that Kat had given me, found it very interesting and I’d done some research. If it turned out to be legitimate…, well, let’s just say it might lead to some entertaining evenings.

Naturally, Elle called me on Monday, telling me how much she’d missed me and then asked if I could see her on Thursday? “I’m taking a “Personal,” day because I have a doctor’s appointment…, maybe you can take me?”

“Do you think that’s a good idea?” I asked. “I’m sure he or she knows Todd so….”

“No, he doesn’t know Todd and they’ll never run into one another so…, it would make me feel better if you came with me.”

We planned a time and place to meet, a shopping center in an adjacent town, “…, would be best,” she told me and she refused to say any more.

Lexi had also been thrilled to have me back, two stories every night to make up for the ones she’d missed while I’d been away and I got a lot of work, and a few personal responsibilities, done during the ensuing two days.

Thursday we met, Elle late by about fifteen minutes. “Sorry,” when she got into my car, followed by a huge hug and kiss.

She had directions to where we were going.

When I asked, all I could get out of her was, “Todd isn’t happy with my decision…, as a matter of fact he isn’t speaking to me. But I told him it was something that I’d been thinking about for years…, and I have really been thinking about it, so if he wasn’t happy…, too bad.”

It took us a half hour to get to the medical center and by the time we were in the physician’s suite…, I knew what we were there for.

Plastic surgery!

As she explained it, since Kat was the first to broach the subject, on our second trip to 2Hot, “Remember her telling me, “You have such a beautiful body…, you should think about having your tits done.”

“Kat…?” I said, “Yeah, I remember…, but I really don’t see anything wrong with your breasts.”

“I know that and thank you?” she replied, “But like I said, I’ve looked at myself in the mirror and wondered…, ever since Kim was born…, why have my boobs flattened out? I’m too young to look like a grandmother. Then, last time we were there, when the dancer was in the dressing room with me, she and Kat told me I’d really like the way I looked after I had it done. It was Jeanne, the dancer, who recommended this doctor. She said he’s done just about every stripper in three states and there’s never been one complaint about his work.”

The biggest problem we encountered in her hour long consultation…? What size did she want!

She just wanted to fill in what she’d lost, “…, so I’ll look like I did when I was twenty two.”

The doctor and his nurse both suggested that she go up at least, “…, one inch in ban size, which would add one cup size, but we should work toward, preferably two cup sizes.”

When I asked, “Wouldn’t that be a bit of dramatic?” They both laughed, the doctor saying, “The biggest post recovery complaint we have is…, “I should have gone bigger!”

They then took some pictures of Elle topless and entered them into a computer program. A minute later her pictures were on the computer screen and the nurse was able to project how she would look with: Just a restoration of her present size. How she’d look with an inch increase and one cup size increase. And finally, what the doctor had suggested, one inch and two cup sizes.

She listened to her doctor.

The surgery was scheduled for the school vacation week, along with how long she should expect her initial recovery to take. In addition, she should also expect that it could take a full year for her breast to finally look, “natural.” However, he added, “…, given your age, the fact that you’ve kept yourself in great physical condition and your epidermis is quite elastic, it probably won’t take you three to four months to achieve that, “natural,” look.” She then signed the necessary consent forms and paid a deposit on the price agreed upon.

I found the whole process very stimulating. Especially since it had been Kat and Jeannie who’d been the antagonists!

Since we were in the city anyway, I drove to another store I’d seen advertised in the Phoenix newspaper, this one, “Seductive Nights,” claimed to specialize in, “Clubwear.”

As it turned out, the store I was looking for was one of four similar retail outlets, all in a two block area and all selling the same type of merchandise. The one advertised just happened be have the nicest selection, which was well displayed and presented. That store also had a young and diverse sales staff and…, best of all, dressing rooms on the sales floor, with the added bonus of cloth curtains instead of doors.

A young Asian ataşehir escort bayan girl approached and offered, with a pretty smile, “You need any help, please ask.”

“Just looking right now,” I answered, “but I’ll holler if we need anything.”

I hollered in about two minutes!

That was how long it took Elle to find about twenty things she liked.

Her name was Hue and she was Vietnamese/American. Less than 5′ tall, with smooth cocoa skin, a cute body and an already established pretty smile. Like Kat, she was immediately smitten with Elle, the two of them off on their own, leaving me standing outside the dressing rooms waiting for their return.

That turned out to be a good thing, one of the other salesgirls leading a Latina to the closest dressing room, causing me to move back into an aisle with a display shelf between the dressing room and myself. The salesgirl was also Latin, the two of them speaking Spanish, with enough, “Buenos,” thrown in that I knew they liked what the girl had tried on. When the salesgirl opened the curtain to fetch something, shoes it turned out, the customer was facing out, and the front of the blouse she was wearing hadn’t been fully buttoned, leaving her rather ample chest almost completely exposed! If she noticed me looking, she didn’t acknowledge it and when the sales girl returned with the shoes…, that point became moot when she said something to the salesgirl and they left the curtain askew. Watched her put on the shoes, button the blouse, admire herself in the mirror and then step out to…, look at me and ask, “Es bueno?”

“Es muy bonita…, como tu!” I answered, using up almost my entire Spanish repertoire!

I guess she was suitably impressed because she replied, “Gracias,” and left the curtain open enough that I watched her strip off everything but her thong!

Luckily, she’d already gotten dressed, gave me a smile and a wink when she exited, and was at the checkout when Elle and Hue returned with an armload of clothes.

Only one dress, the rest mini skirts, blouses, a sweater, a jacket and a pair of jeans. While Elle started to get undressed, Hue went looking for, “accessories,” smiling at me. With her gone, I opened the curtain to admire Elle naked, something I was looking forward to doing a lot more of. Not surprisingly, she hadn’t been wearing any undergarments, the rule now when we went out, not the exception.

I gave her a kiss and then drew the curtain…, leaving it open more than a little bit and then went back to my observation post behind the display shelf.

Unfortunately, there weren’t any men in the store to watch her.

She modeled everything, surprising and confusing Hue by insisting on using the narrow, “Wal-Mart,” mirror mounted on a column just outside the dressing rooms, instead of the full sized, 3way mirrors, mounted on the back wall of each dressing room. And she did this no matter how revealing the garment.

It took us another visit before Hue figured it out why and only then because there was another couple in the store.

They were, seemingly, more than a bit mismatched, she large, though shapely and very boisterous, him almost diminutive in stature and reticent to the point of timid.

They were also Latino.

She was being helped by the same girl who’d worked with the first Latina I’d encountered, this customer much more of a, “fashion,” challenge. Some how, the clerk was able to put together a number of ensembles for the girl to try, having her enter the dressing room next to the one that Elle entered moments later, she and Hue having picked out an equal number items for Elle to model.

The male half of the couple stood just off to the right of his girl’s dressing room, which put him right in front of the dressing room where Elle was undressing. I was in my, now customary voyeur position, one aisle away from the dressing rooms, behind a merchandise display, with a direct view into Elle’s dressing room.

And, as was now their habit, Hue had gone to find shoes and accessories for the outfits they’d chosen and Elle had neglected to close the curtain covering the dressing room opening.

I can’t be sure, but if I had to guess, I’d say that the kid forgot I was there, or…, he saw an opportunity that he couldn’t pass up.

With both sides of her curtain drawn slightly to the middle, Elle had given the boy two chances to see her undressed and he missed neither. Backing up a step, he very casually glanced to his right just in time to see her pull her sweater over her head. And, as discussed was now the case, Elle wasn’t wearing any undergarments, a habit that made her feel both, “free,” and, “wicked.”

I’m sure the boy agreed with the latter, but could care less about the former!

The glace became a stare, which Elle naturally ignored, her focus now on her chest, more than likely on how it would look in less than a month.

I doubted that the kid was thinking escort kadıöy the same thing!

Then his girlfriend called out, “Ramon…., estas ahi?”

He was in a trance, oblivious to everything around him.

“Ramon…?” louder this time.

That snapped him out of his daze, a step forward just as Elle started to pull off her jeans, which caused him to stop before taking another step, the hesitation momentary. After pausing a tick, his next step brought him to the opening she’d left on the other side of the curtain, where he glanced to his right a second time, now finding her completely naked, still kicking off her jeans. He stopped again, this time mere inches from where his girl waited.

I could see all of this because of how Elle had left the curtain, as well as the position of the 3way mirror. She was ignoring him once again, shifting her shoulders and twisting her hips…, examining herself in the mirror.

Then three things happened almost simultaneously: Hue came around the far side of the dressing rooms carrying two shoe boxes. The Latina salesgirl walked out behind her…, and the girlfriend stepped out of the dressing room.

Because she was between the employees and Ramon, their eyes shifted from him to her immediately, while her attention was drawn to them rather than him, because he was behind her.

Ramon’s head snapped to his left, seeing the girl appear right in front of him, but with her attention drawn to the two women in front of her…, that gave him an extra second to look back into Elle’s dressing room, where now completely naked, she was doing a slow 180 degree turn to her right, first looking at me and smiling…, then completing the turn, stopped and looked to her right, where the boy stood open mouthed. Smiling now at him, she winked and mouthed, “You like?”

If he’d had more than a half second, I’m sure his reaction would have been, “Estas bromendo?” but his amphibian brain was telling him, “Presta atencion a tu novia!”

He stepped around his girlfriend, stopped and…, sounding completely serious…, said, “Camila, que es tan grande!”

Her reaction wasn’t what I expected, a giant hug, which nearly enveloped the boy and then a slow pirouette, the boy’s eyes actually widening as he took this all in.

The jeans she had on couldn’t have been tighter, the material having to be something very stretchy! Throw in the Ed Hardy design mesh pullover shirt, with a deeply cut front…, and lots of the lots of Camilla was on display.

My expectation of her reaction to his initial statement was confused by my misunderstanding of the word, “grande.” I thought it meant, “BIG,” which it does, except when used in describing something, “great.” Ramon had told here she looked, “…, great,” thus my confusion.

Meanwhile, Elle was being her usual courteous self, letting the girl have her moment before stepping out the dressing room herself.

Both sales girls gushed, echoed really, how, “great,” Camilla looked, while Hue then gave Ramon a look, letting him know that she knew what he’d been up to!

Then she looked at me, her eyes questioning my role in the incident. “What?” I mouthed holding my palms up. Scrunching her face up, she pointed a finger at me, “I know it was you,” the accusation mouthed back. I pointed at the dressing room. “Not me!” shaking my head…, “her!”

Camilla was still preening, Ramon still smiling and everyone else happy for them…, when Elle stepped out of the dressing room.

Her fashion transformation from, “Puritan,” to, “Common Streetwalker,” had been just that, a transformation. All together, it had taken just over a year and a half, a very short time everything considered.

And believe me I’m not using the term, “Common Streetwalker,” lightly.

She’s chosen, with Hue’s assistance, a black pencil striped mini skirt, emphasis on, “mini,” with a smoke grey, long sleeve button front blouse, made from a completely sheer material and matching grey “T” strap high heels.

And…, the top four buttons of the blouse…? She’d left those unbuttoned, adding nothing to the exposure, but everything to her intent.

I stood there, somewhat surprised…, not shocked, but surprised by her boldness. But what I was really thinking was…, “How good will that outfit look once her tits are done!

Since I had no idea if Hue was in on this, I returned the, “questioning look,” she’d given me only moments ago. Returning the favor, she mouthed, “Not me!” shaking her head and nodding at Elle…, “her!”

Since she knew that Elle hadn’t been wearing any undergarments on our previous visit, I had a strong suspicion that Hue was, at least, partially guilty for Elle’s fashion faux pas. But then again, she might have figured her customer wouldn’t go this far with other people right outside the dressing room, especially since one of them was a man!

That was when I saw the light bulb go on over her head! The look on maltepe escort her face said it all…, and that was that. A small shake of her head and then that same look she’d given me before, only this time it said, “You want play, “…, UNdress up…? Okay, I play that same game too!”

Unfortunately, Ramon and Camilla had gotten caught up in it too, our boy with his tongue practically hanging out and his girl now looking at herself in the mirror and thinking…, “Que ha pasado?”

But while she may have been playing, “Undress up,” nothing was going change Elle’s basic decency, so instead of flaunting herself in front of everyone, she immediately opened her arms and embraced Camilla, “My God…, you look beautiful!” She fussed over her so much that the girl was actually blushing, and it took Hue to finally get Elle back into the dressing room.

All the excitement was too much for the young couple, but they did say, “Adios,” when they left.

Elle modeled one more ensemble, another mini skirt and another button front blouse. The skirt was blue denim, the material worn and faded, even ripped in the back, the tear a few inches wide, about midway up her left ass cheek. The blouse was made from another sheer material, this one off white and just slightly more opaque, small pin dots giving it a peasant look. Since it fit her much more tightly, she’d only left the top three buttons undone which did nothing to obscure the exposure. Hue had accessorized with a wide navy blue belt and matching color, over the ankle, high heeled boots.

Again, all I could think about was…, firm, round and proud…, 34D’s!

With that in mind, I suggested that she wear what she was wearing and when she happily agreed, I let her buy everything that she’d tried on.


Because I also had a plan for lunch.

When I’d earlier parked in a lot at the end of the street I noticed a couple of things. One was a tavern on the corner and the other a construction site, an old hotel being renovated, in the middle of that same block. As we walked past, on the opposite side of the street, a number of workers were unloading a delivery truck, all turning their attention to Elle, who basically ignored them.

Now…, having just exposed herself to Ramon, I wondered how she would react to the construction workers who’d be on the sidewalk checking out the local talent at lunchtime.

“Want to try the Tavern across from the parking lot?” as I looked and saw a half dozen workers loitering in front of the site.

“Sure,” she replied holding the front of her coat sweater closed to ward off the chill.

As we walked, she was describing the young boy’s antics while watching her undress in the store. Just as she was getting to his boldness with his girlfriend stepping out of the dressing room right in front of him…, she noticed the workers all staring at her!

She tightened her grip on the front of the sweater, her eyes looking down…, frightened? Then she actually had to step around one of them when he moved into her path, a few remarks not too subtly made as we wove our way through the gauntlet.

She didn’t relax until we were seated inside the tavern.

Once we’d ordered drinks and we were looking at the menus, I asked about her reaction to the workers? “They’re pigs!” her response in a disgusted tone.

“Why would you say that?” my question sincere.

“Did you see them and hear them? They were like animals. I’ve never had a man, any man, look at me that way…, or talked like that to me. It was degrading.”

Sitting back, “Really,” I asked, “how did Ramon look at you? Was he looking at you like you were his mother or sister? How about the men at 2Hot? How were they looking at you?”

“That’s different!” she protested, “I was exposing myself to them on purpose. It was my decision, not theirs.”

“Actually, the second guy was your choice. The UPS guy was Kat’s idea. So how does that make it different here on the street?

The waitress delivered our drinks and it took us a few seconds to decide on lunch. Once that was done, Elle answered, “Those men were only out there because they were hoping that some girl came along so they could make those remarks and leer at her. The men in Kat’s store were there…, they were there innocently. That makes it different.”

“One guy was working, so he had to be there. The other guy was there with his girl or wife, so he had to be there too. The men in front of the building? They were out on the sidewalk because they’d worked all morning inside, demolishing all the stuff that you can find in the dumpster on the side of the building. They’re eating their lunch and…, sure, if a pretty girl comes along, they’ll look and a couple of them might make a remark. But…, they are just like the men at 2Hot. If given a chance to peek, they’ll peek.”

She was quiet, seemingly digesting my point. And…, what I’d told her was the truth. Sure it was winter and most of the girls and women were dressed like Eskimos, but that wouldn’t stop them, just as it wouldn’t stop a bunch of college kids, or lawyers, or doctors, or any group of men standing together on a sidewalk, from checking out a pretty woman walking past. That’s what men do!

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