Shooting with Helena Ch. 07

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[Helena and Cassie have taken their revenge on Jack. But now, confronting him with the evidence, danger becomes all too real]

Jack was in the back seat of the car when he woke up, groggy from his drug and alcohol induced hangover.

“Hi Jack!” Helena said, brightly. “Hello Cuz” I drawled.

Jack blinked his eyes several times, staring at us groggily. We were in a deserted part of a parking lot a couple of miles from Sasha’s studio. A run-down estate of outlets nearby had no visible patrons. Helena and I were in the front seats, and Jack was just starting to pull himself up into a proper sitting position in the back. He winced as he did so.

“Wha’ th fuck..?” he slurred. We just kept on smiling at him, waiting for him to realize where he was, and who he was with, then try to recall what had happened. It took a few long seconds, and he made a lot of involuntary faces as he did so. Eventually, settling on ‘frustrated rage’, he leant forward in the seat.

“You fucking bitches!” he shouted. “You fucking fucking lesbo freak whores! What the fuck did you do to me? What the fuck happened? You fucking freakos. I’ll get you, you freako cunts. What did-“

Blah blah blah. So it went on for another few minutes. Eventually, Helena held up one hand to draw his attention. He stopped, panting as though out of breath.

“We didn’t like what you did, stealing my webcam file.” she said.

“We don’t like you much at all.” I added.

“And” said Helena, “We’re not the kind of dumb girls that think you’d never do anything nasty with that file, or use it for just jacking off now and again.”

Jack clamped his mouth shut, shifting uncomfortably in his seat.

“So” said Helena, tossing her ash-blonde hair a little, “We decided to get our own back. Don’t be angry, Jack. You got to see us doing something no-one else has ever seen. You got to see a side of us that love each other more than we’re willing to admit. Yet. So don’t feel cheated. We promised you a show, and by fuck you got one, right?”

Jack’s face was like thunder.

“You’re so gonna get it, bitch” he said. “When I send that dirty little file to Aunt Phoebe, she’s gonna shit a brick! She’s-“

“Oh yeah” said Helena, breezily. “About that file. You kept it on your gaming console thumb drive, right? Hope you got that stored in a good place, huh?”

Jack looked nervous for the first time. “Damn right!” he said. “I’ve got it back at the house, just waiting for me to pick it up, and there’s nothing either two of you freako bitches can do to stop me. I-“

“No, no, no” said Helena, wagging a finger at him. “Don’t start lying Jack. It’s not at home, ‘cos you just couldn’t resist the chance to try and film us having sex with each other, could you? I’m not sure what your plan was; maybe sneak into Sasha’s studio and download her computer or something, but there it was. Of course, Cassie and I checked your pockets. I even checked your shorts to see if you’d put it somewhere really safe. But it wasn’t there, was it?”

Helena shifted a little in her passenger’s seat and I stole a glance at the long, tanned legs stretching out into the foot well. She looked stunning, especially when she was being clever.

“We really spent some time looking for it, Jack. Had just about given up too. Was ready to call it a day and just have this chat with you in the car. But then Cassie took out the trash for Sasha, including the beer cans you drank when you watched us. Boy, do they make a rattling noise, huh?”

Jack was going red in the face, as though he could see where this was leading.

“But one of them made a funny kind of clunking noise” Helena continued. “Isn’t that right, Cassie?”

“Yup” I said. I pulled from my jeans pocket the thumb drive that Jack had dropped into his first can of beer. It was small enough to stay hidden in there, and to get it out again, and I bet Jack thought he was being really clever.

I held it out to him and he snatched it off me, grinning madly. Then he looked at it and turned it in his hands.

“That’s the problem with trash” said Helena, sympathetically. “Doesn’t take much to ruin such a sensitive piece of equipment.”

The little thumb drive was scored along its input port, rendering the thing useless.

“I can get the file retrieved on this” said Jack defiantly. czech streets porno Helena shrugged. We’d had Sasha wipe the drive before we scored the input port so it wouldn’t plug in.

“And even if I can’t I’ve got a copy back at your house”

“I don’t think so” said Helena, softly. “And, even if you do, you are never going to watch it, share it or talk about it to anyone ever again.”

Jack shook his head, smiling slowly. “That’s where you’re wrong, freako. As soon as we get back, I gonna tell mom, and aunt Phoebe, and then I’m gonna go to your college and tell everyone there, and then I’m-“

“No you’re not, Jack.”

“Yes I am.”

“No, you really aren’t.”

“Yes I fucking well am!” he shouted.

Helena let the silence settle for a few moments, then gave me a nod of her head. “Sasha let us borrow this, so we could show you what happened when you got a little drunk”

I reached down to my own foot well, to the little DVD player there. Jack snorted.

“If you think you can blackmail me with pictures of me swigging a beer, that’s small fucking fry to what will happen to you freaky Lesbos when I tell-“

Jack eventually shut up as I flipped the screen and turned on the player. Those next few moments, watching Jack watch himself on the screen, were pure magic.

The screen flickered into life with a panned sweep of Sasha’s studio. Then it cut to Jack, settling into the couch Sasha had directed him to. Of course, at the time, he had no idea that a static camera was positioned exactly on the spot where he sat. But he watched himself in the video as he sat down, looked around and picked up his first beer. He cracked it open and the scene jumped to the opposite doorway where Mike, in his shorts and vest, all muscular and gorgeous, walked through the doorway and smiled softly, winking.

“Hey Jack” said Mike, as though in greeting. He stroked the natural bulge in his shorts. “Like what you see?”

The camera ‘returned’ to Jack.

“Whoa yeah; look at that. Whoo-ee!”

“You got time for some fun, Jack? Did you bring me anything from Nebraska?”

“…Mmm. Nice big cock here.” said Jack, then;. “Can I have some cock, please? Do you want to fuck my ass?”

The camera went back to Mike, who was biting his lip as though holding back his emotions.

“…ooh, you dirty bitch, Jack.” he said. “First I’m gonna get me some of your hot dick.”

There was a brief shot of Mike walking toward the camera, then it cut to the (real) scene of Mike sucking Jack’s cock. In real time, I watched cousin Jack’s face drain of all color as he saw his semi-limp cock being taken into Mike’s mouth and sucked. He was too stunned to move, so just kept on watching, transfixed at his own horror.

The camera scene jolted back to Jack’s face; flushed and excited (as it was when he was watching Helena fuck me on the bed).

“Oh yeah, baby. Oh yeah, I like that. I like it.” He said. Mike looked up from Jack’s cock and smiled.

“Then it’s time you got some too” he said. The camera zoomed in on Mike’s huge member as it rose to full strength.

“Oh my fucking God, it’s so big!” Jack exclaimed, flushed and excited.

“All yours, baby.” said Mike, clambering back up the sofa. There were some grunting sucking noises and then we were treated to the sight of Mike’s cock dipping in and out of Jack’s mouth.

“Sweet Jesus.” said Jack. Only this time it was the real-time Jack, watching the screen as his lip quivered. I glanced over at my sister, who grinned back at me and winked. Back on-screen, Mike was talking about Jack kneeling up over the sofa ready for some bare-back action. It cut to a shot of Mike positioning his huge cock at the crack of Jack’s ass.

“…what, all of it?” said Mike, his eyes wide. “Okay big boy, close your eyes.”

Then we saw Mike steady himself and dip his wick into Jack’s hole.

“Sweet mother of God.” the real Jack whimpered, as he watched the body-building porn actor ream his ass. He squirmed in his seat in the car and closed his eyes.

“Turn it off, turn it off! Jesus, please turn it off!” he said.

“Hmm. There’s a great scene at the end. I think they call it the ‘money shot’ or something.” said Helena. “Be a shame to miss it.”

Jack swiped at the DVD player czech taxi porno and screwed his eyes shut, clamping his hands against his ears to block out the squelching noises from the cut video.

Helena reached over a finger and pressed the ‘stop’ button. I folded down the lid and put the DVD player into Helena’s footwell, stroking her bare leg as I did so. We waited a few moments for Jack to stop crying.

“Jack” Helena said, eventually. “Jack, we need to talk.”

Jack opened up his eyes and dropped his hands to the seat beside him. At first it looked as though he was going to collapse, then some deep well of anger took over and his face turned very ugly.

“You dirty fucking miserable fucking bitches!” he said, trembling a little.

“Now Jack, don’t go doing anything-“

“You fucking evil whores! I’ll fucking kill you for what you did to me!”

Jack was faster than I thought. Before I had a chance to react, he had lunged forward in the seat and had grabbed a fistful of my hair, jerking my head painfully backward. The pain was immediate, but worse than that, I felt Jack’s other hand clamp onto my throat and begin to squeeze. I felt the air begin to drain as he tightened his grip on my throat and began to strangle me. I couldn’t see what Helena was doing but my mind was racing. Why wasn’t she pulling him off? Why was she letting him hurt me like this? Did she want him to murder me?

Stars were dancing in front of my eyes and my vision started going dim at the edges. I was convulsing, desperately retching for air but Jack had my head pinned back and was using his strength to hold on to my throat as I flailed against him. I felt my fingertips go cold, then numb as my throat leaped and jumped underneath Jack’s unrelenting fingers.

At a point where I was sure I was going to die, Helena’s soft voice cut through the moment.

“Jack. Jack, let go of my sister or I’ll shoot you.”

The pressure on my throat lessened immediately and I drew in several tiny rapid gulps of air. Stars were still dancing in front of me and Jack still had a firm grip of my hair. I glanced to the side and saw that my sister was holding a gun. A real gun.

“You let her go, Jack, or I will shoot you.”

“Fuck you, freako bitch!” I heard him spit. Helena cocked the gun.

“Jack, let me make this clear. If you do not let my sister go right now, I am going to shoot your dick off. I am not kidding you. Cassie is more precious to me than anything, and I will happily go to jail if it means protecting her. Let her go. Now.”

There was a pause, then I felt a sharp, painful tug as Jack tore his hand away from my hair. I tumbled forward, then somehow managed to work the door handle and fall onto the tarmac outside. I knelt on the floor, curling myself into a tight ball against the pain from my scalp and the throbbing hurt from my throat. I was dimly aware of the other car door slamming shut and then there was Helena; my beautiful little sister, dropping to the floor beside me; holding me. The gun was discarded at our feet.

“Cassie?” she said. “Cassie, sis, are you okay? Oh Jesus, Cassie I’m so sorry. I never thought Jack would ever do something so stupid. I never- Oh God, Cassie, tell me you’re all right!”

I let her hold me; let myself be enfolded in my sister’s loving arms, and felt somehow that as long as Helena was with me, I’d be okay. Eventually, after hearing her voice break, I held up a hand and nodded.

“‘m’okay” I whispered hoarsely. It hurt to speak. Hurt a lot, but I had to let her know that I was all right. Helena hugged me again, and helped me to sit more comfortably on the floor. I looked up through pain-filled eyes at Jack, who had locked himself in my car and who was searching for the keys. They were in my pocket.

He scrambled ineffectively then, changing tack, grabbed the DVD player and ripped it out of the machine, snapping the disc in two. He looked out at us and his eyes weren’t angry any more. They were desperate and wild. The eyes of someone at the very edge of his last desperate hope.

“There are a lot more copies Jack” Helena said, still holding onto me. Jack sat for a moment in the driver’s seat, looking for something to do. His body was still active with adrenaline, but his brain had effectively ceased to provide digitalplayground porno instructions for it.

Making sure I was okay, and with a kiss on my forehead so tender that I barely felt it, Helen got up and rapped a knuckle on the window. The gun was still on the floor a few feet away from me.

“Jack. Open the doors Jack. Stop being such an ass. We need to talk. Set things straight. C’mon Jack. Enough of this.”

And so it went on. For quite a few minutes. Helena trying to entice Jack out of the car he’d locked himself into. Eventually, he pulled the lock release, opened the door and got out. He stood dejectedly at the side of the car.

“Jack?” said Helena, peering at him as though examining a recently traumatised patient. “Jack, you’re not going to go ape on me now, are you?”

Jack shook his head slowly. Helena extended one arm, palm facing upwards.

“Jack, I think I owe you this.” she said then, before Jack had a chance to react, she whipped her hand forward and drew a stinging slap across his face. Jack reacted in shock, bringing up his hands to his quickly reddening cheeks. Before he could utter a word, Helena had stepped in close to him and kneed him with eye-watering viciousness between his legs. He crumpled, instantly, to the ground, clutching unsuccessfully at his face and groin at the same time.

“The slap was for trying to blackmail us” I heard Helena say. “The other was for hurting my sister. You got off lightly, Jack. Now get up.”

Immediately, every inch of him the beaten puppy, Jack got up from his knees and stood by the door, swaying slightly.

“We’re going to go home now.” said Helena. “We’re going to keep our distance and smile for our moms when we have to and we are never, ever, going to mention anything slanderous about me or Cassie, right?”

Jack nodded silently.

“We’re going to forget that you tried to blackmail us. We’re going to stop acting such an ass, and we’re going to tell us everything we know about my mom – Aunt Pheobe.”

At that, Jack shot my sister a startled look as though, despite everything, we had just discovered his darkest secret. Helena smiled.

“Cassie saw you with mom, Jack. And you’re going to tell us everything. Everything you have to blackmail our mom, or we will send copies of your little gay fuck tryst to everyone we know. We will ruin you forever Jack, unless you do exactly what we say.”

I struggled off the floor, reaching out as I did so to pick up the gun. I stood, close to my sister, with the gun hanging loosely at my side Jack gestured toward it.

“Just end it.” he whispered hoarsely. “Just finish it.”

My finger twitched on the trigger. It really did. It was involuntary and, later on, I would be glad that it wasn’t already pointing in Jack’s direction otherwise it might just have fired.

“Uh-uh” said Helena. “You aren’t ever going to live this down that easily. You have answers to give us. Besides, you will come out of this with two things you can treasure forever.”

Jack gave her an unsure look. I gave her an unsure look.

“When Cassie comes home with those bruise marks on her throat” Helena explained, “You can claim all the credit for fighting off the three guys who tried to mug her. That should make you sufficiently heroic for your mom.”

Jack snorted, but whether that was from relief, or from irony, I couldn’t tell.

“And the other thing that you can treasure forever,” Helena continued, stepping up to him to prod him in the shoulder, “is the memory of watching the two most beautiful women on the planet fuck each other right in front of your eyes. Don’t think that will ever be a cheap memory, Jack. You will never see better.”

Helena gestured for Jack to get into the car, and he did so; quietly, sheepishly. As I was moving to get round to the passenger seat, I felt my finger squeeze a little and pull on the trigger.

My heart skipped a beat and I braced myself for the sharp crack of the bullet discharge. But there was nothing; only the click of an empty chamber. I felt my hand begin to tremble, and suddenly everything; everything that had happened in a day that seemed to go on for ever, struck me all at once. I leaned against the bonnet of the car and felt all my strength drain away. I closed my eyes for a moment, trying to clear my thoughts above what seemed to be a pounding headache and heard a dull clattering sound. I hadn’t even felt the gun drop from my fingers.

I tried opening my eyes but found that they were shut tight and, when I slipped down across the side of the car and hit the floor, I didn’t even feel the impact.

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