Shhhh! Sister Finds Out Ch. 02

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At that instant, I wondered if Lynn was doing the same thing to Dad. It didn’t take long for me to ejaculate in Mom’s talented mouth.

Mom crawled up on me and snuggled, saying, “I love being with you. Damn, I wish I hadn’t wasted the years we could have had. Right now, I’m mad at you for hurting my pussy, though.”

“Oh Jeez, Mom! I’m sorry, really!”

Mom caressed my face. “I know you are. But Sweetie, it really does hurt. It’s still throbbing.”

Just then I had an idea. I use these stick on heat pads and I thought Mom could put one on her pussy to ease the pain. I rolled Mom off me and told her not to move, I’d be right back.

When I returned with the pad, Mom had a funny look. “What’s that for?”

“I was thinking you could put it on your pussy for the pain.”

“On my pussy! But, is it safe?”

I told her the low heat should help and finally she agreed to try it.

Once it was situated Mom said, “Oh my, it does feel soothing. But, it’s like those old kotex I used to wear. And I hated those things.”

“You don’t have to wear it if you don’t want to.”

“I can’t feel the throbbing anymore, so yes, I’ll put up with it. How in the world did you think of this?”

“Things just pop into my head. Sometimes they work and sometimes they don’t.”

“Well Sweetie, this one’s working.” She pulled me down next to her and kissed me. “Sit and hold me for a while.” We sat quietly, in each others arms and fell asleep. After a while I woke and tried to get up, “Mmmm, don’t move. I love it when you hold me.” We lay quietly for a while longer. “What ya think they’re doin’?”


“Your Father and Sister. What do you think they’re doing now?”

“I don’t know. Anything. They could be doing anything, or nothing.”

“Nothing, really! You really think nothing happened?”

“We don’t know. Maybe things didn’t happen. Maybe they did. We won’t know until we find out.”

“Don’t tell me you think nothing happened! Not when your Sister set this up so they could fuck.”

“Well, I’m sure they have and are. But we haven’t found out yet, have we?”

“I can’t wait to find out, and hear the details. … You know, I’m feeling a little guilty.”

“Guilty? Bout what?”

“I never let Lynn do anything with you. And, I never let her fuck her Father.”

“Why not?”

“I don’t know.”

“Yes you do. So, why didn’t you?”

“Control, I guess. I was the boss over all of you.”

“Just like dominating Dad.”

“Yes, like that.”

“And now?”

“Now? What do you mean?”

“Lynn and I have had sex. Lynn and Dad are having sex. And, you’re wearing my collar. Who’s in control now?”

Mom raised up. Caressed my face and kissed me. “You are. I want my family to be free to do what they want. I’ve surrendered to you. I’ve wanted that, since you grabbed me that first time. Everything I’ve done, hasn’t been with me in control. But, rather, with me fantasizing that you were making me do it all. You made me dominate your Father. You made me have Lynn suck your father off. You made me fuck you and eat your wife’s pussy.” Mom kissed me passionately again. “Now you know my real fantasies. They have always been you making me do everything.” Mom studied my face for a reaction. “Does that shock you?”

“No, not at all. But, I’m not comfortable with what’s been happening. I want things to settle down. You know, quit pushing it. If it happens, and it will, just go with it.”

“Are you saying, you don’t want to be my master?” Mom was pouting.

“Not hardly! I love that! So far it’s been you, doing it your way. You need to stop and let me do it my way. … And, I’m going to start punishing you, if you don’t.”

“Punishing me?”

“That’s right. Punishing you. You’ll get some of what you’ve done to Dad over the years. From now on, it’s what I say. Period!” Mom just looked at me. “Well!?”

“Yes Sir. From now on, it’s your way. And only, your way.”

I hugged her tightly. Kissed her and played with her butt. “Good. Now dress nicely, in one of the outfits, and let’s go out to eat.”

“Yes Sir.”

“Didn’t I ask you to call me something else?”

“Yes, ‘My Son.'”

I smiled, thinking, ‘This might turn out well, after all.’ And said, “I’ve changed my mind. Just call me ‘Love.'”

“Yes, Love”

We went to a smorgasbord, I liked, not one Mom liked. Afterward, we drove around so I could approach the club from a different direction. I had figured some things out. I knew Mom’s defenses would be down at the club, giving me the chance to get the truth.

As I turned on the street to the club, Mom said, “Oh my. I didn’t expect you to be taking me here.”

I just smiled and continued to the lot. After I parked, I simply said, “Leash.” Mom opened her purse and handed it to me, looking apprehensive. I clipped the leash and exited the car, pulling Mom behind me. She complied submissively. In the club, I ordered drinks and waited, without talking, until they arrived.

I handed Mom her drink, and said, “OK! I’ve been thinking about what has been happening. czech couples porno I think I’ve figured some of it out, but I’m not sure. I want to know what you’re up to.”

Mom just looked down without saying anything. We were both startled by Mary’s sharp voice, “Answer him!” We didn’t see her behind us. And both of our heads snapped in her direction. Mary quickly steeped to Mom, grabbing her face and said, “Answer him now!” She was as forceful as a drill instructor.

Mom had a fearful look, “OK! OK!” I, uh …”

“Tell the truth!” Mary interrupted.

With a fearful look Mom glanced at Mary then looked at me. “OK! I want to be yours. … I want to be yours. I’ve wanted that since the first time you grabbed me. Everything I’ve ever done has been with the overlying fantasy of you controlling me. Of my son owning me.” Tears erupted from her eyes and she looked down.

I motioned for Mary to have a seat. Knowing, that with her there, Mom would be compelled to tell the truth. “Go on! Tell me everything, Now!”

“Once I got the diagnosis, I knew I had to do something to get what I wanted. I had to quit denying my feelings.”

“Are you saying, you don’t want Dad anymore?”

“No! I love your father. I don’t want to lose him. … But, I want to be yours! I guess that means, if you tell me to leave him, I will. … Oh, Shit! I’ve never liked doing what he has me do to him. I want to be dominated, not to dominate. What I’m doing now, is giving myself to you. And, I’m giving your father to your sister.”

“That’s a twist.” Mary said.

“Huh! Explain that.” I said.

“Well, in recent years, I’ve learned things about Lynn. She is the controlling one. She controls Jim and she controls her other men. I figured, I could become yours and turn your father over to her. Lynn can dominate her father as he needs.”

“So, let me see. You want me to dominate and abuse you?”

“I don’t know if abuse is right. I want you to control me. To make me do what you want. To punish me, but not hurt me. I don’t want pain. That’s your father’s thing, to be whipped and hurt. I want to be controlled, and I want you to do it.”

“I understand what she wants.” Mary said, taking Mom’s hand. “She wants to surrender to her fantasy. And, her fantasy has always been you. Now you have to decide, if you will accept it and proceed. … So, now, what do you want?”

I looked at Mom, and took her other hand, “I want you. I want to do what you want. And, I guess that means, you are now mine.”

Mom lunged forward to kiss me, fervently.

“Now that’s what I like to see!” Mary exclaimed.

After Mom’s kiss, she was holding on to me and I asked Mary to get us all something to drink. As we waited for Mary to return, I decided to take control as Mom wanted. “From now on there will be no more of your manipulating. Do you understand me?”



“Yes, Love.”

“You will not do anything, without my permission. And I mean, anything. Understand?”

“Yes, Love.” She looked at me questioningly.

“You want to ask something?”

“Uh, what about your father?”

“Well. You are his wife and will remain so. But, you will do whatever I say, without hesitation.”

“Yes, Love.”

Mary returned with our drinks. I took her hand and guided her to sit on my lap. The look on Mom’s face told me she didn’t like it, and I said, “You don’t question what I do.”

“Yes, Love.”

I whispered in Mary’s ear, “I take it your offer is still good.”

“Oh my yes! I’ve been waiting patiently.” She then caressed my face and kissed me.

“Well, Mary. How do you suggest Mom be punished for her actions?” Mary smiled and Mom’s eyes went wide in shock.

Looking at Mom, Mary took my hand and slid it up under her blouse to her bare breast, and said, “I think she should have to get us ready to fuck.”

“What!” Mom gasped.

“That sounds good. Do you have time?”

“My Master is out of town, so I have all day.” She kissed me passionately, wiggling on my lap. When I looked at Mom she had a slight smile on her face. So, I knew her protest wasn’t wholehearted. “Drink up.” Mary said, looking at Mom. Mom took a sip and Mary said, “All of it! Hurry up, your Master needs taken care of.” Mom finished her glass and Mary filled it again, with a sly smile. Then she whispered in my ear, “Just making sure.” Mom quickly downed that glass as well. “Follow me. We can use my private room. Oh, wait. Be right back.” Mary disappeared into a side room and returned with a long stick that had a snaphook on the end. “Use this instead of the leash. We’ll do a ‘Show Walk’ around the room.”

“Show Walk?”

The stick kept Mom about four feet away from us.

“Yes. I’ll introduce the two of you and tell what’s happening.”

“AH.” I said, as if I knew what she was talking about.

As we went from table to table, Mary said, “This is S and his Mother. She needs a lesson.” Everyone smiled and a few said things like, “Make it good, Mary.” Or, “Mary knows what to do.” They all looked czech estrogenolit porno at Mom when they spoke.

We went down three hallways to the very back of the building, before coming to Mary’s private room. Once inside Mary said, “Strip.” To Mom. Mom began removing her clothes and Mary said, “Slowly. Make it enticing.” Mom began twisting, turning and glancing at us. “Better, much better.” Mary said then kissed me.

When Mom’s panties came into view, the bulge from her heating pad shocked Mary. What the hell is that? Are you making her wear some kind of vibrator?”

“Ah, No. I got a little carried away this morning and hurt her with my hand. That’s a heating pad for the pain.”

“What’d you do?”

“I pushed my hand in her pussy.” I answered remorsefully.

“You must be careful doing things like that! Not all women can take it.” Mary looked at me with soft concern. Looking at Mom she said, “Don’t worry! Your pussy is safe. The rest of you isn’t.” As Mom became totally naked, Mary said, “Leave the heels. I like them.”

Then she went to a closet and got some restraints for Mom’s wrists and ankles. She handed them to Mom and said, “Put these on.” Once Mom had them on Mary led her in front of a couch and told her to kneel. Then Mary hooked everything together, effectively hogtying Mom.

Mary walked over to me and whispered, “Now we act as though she isn’t there.”

I kept glancing at Mom, naked, bound and kneeling on the floor. Mary was talking away as she fixed drinks. We then walked to the couch and sat down.

Mary noticed I was continually looking at Mom and she leaned in front of me to whisper, “Stop it! Look only at me. Ignoring her is part of it. Talk. Kiss. Fondle. Anything you want. All of your attention needs to be on me.” She then kissed me passionately. When we parted, I could see out the corner of my eye, that Mom was smiling. It took a lot of concentration, but I was able to not look directly at Mom.

It was exciting, really. Having fun with another woman while Mom was helplessly watching. Things proceeded rapidly. Almost as though we had done this many times. We were talking. Laughing. Touching. Caressing. Making out. Removing each others clothes.

Slowly, Mary moved her head down to my erect penis. “Mmmm, your Son has a nice cock.” She stroked it and licked the swollen glans. “Mmmm, Yes. And tasty.” She took me into her mouth and pulled back. “Bet you’d like to be sucking his cock. Wouldn’t you?” Mom whimpered as Mary put me in her mouth again. “Well, you’ll just have to watch me suck his beautiful hard cock.” This time, Mom gasped, moaned and leaned forward. My hand moved down Mary’s back, over her round butt and found her already wet pussy. She pulled her head back and raised her leg. “Oh, Look. He’s playing with my pussy and not yours. Mmmm, a nice hard cock and a talented hand for me.”

Mom moaned, “Yes! Suck his cock.”

“Your Son’s cock?”

“My Son’s cock.”

“Yes. Your Son’s cock. And now you’re watching another woman please your Son’s cock. Sucking its beautiful hardness. Thinking, ‘Will he feed her his cum?’ And, wanting it for yourself.”

Mom moaned and squirmed, “Yes! Oh God Yes!”

“You just came, didn’t you? Came just thinking about eating your Son’s cum.”

Mom moaned and squirmed again, “Yes. Yes, just thinking about it.”

“Soon you’ll see your Son’s cock thrusting into another woman’s pussy. Imagining it’s yours and aching for it. Wanting it in the very depth of your soul.”

“Yes, yes! Oh God! Anything! I’ll do anything for him! Please!”

“Good, very good. Now you will be quiet and watch me suck his cock and fuck him as you should.”

Mom closed her eyes and shook while moaning loudly. When Mom opened her eyes, Mary started sucking me again, nice and slow. I was rubbing and fingering Mary’s pussy, in time to her mouth on my erection. In minutes I stiffened and my erection throbbed as I filled Mary’s mouth with cum. A deeper look of lust came on Mom’s face and she licked her lips. As my eruption subsided, Mary pulled away. I knew she was showing Mom her mouth filled with cum. Mom’s eyes closed as she shook violently, while Mary tilted her head back and swallowed.

“Like that? Huh. Did you like watching me swallow your Son’s cum?”

Mom was still trembling and I could barely hear her say, “Yes. I loved seeing him cum in your mouth.”

“You wanted it to be you, didn’t you?”

“Yes, yes, yes. Me. I want it to be me.”

“Well, if you’re good, maybe you can have his next load. After he fucks me, of course.”

“Oh, Please. Yes.” Mom moaned.

Mary turned to face me and scooted so she was laying on me from the waist up. “I think she is getting the idea.”


“You are to be pleased by her, no matter what that entails. Your wish, is literally, her command.” May began kissing me again. I put my arms around her, caressing her back and butt, and heard Mom whimpering.

After several minutes, Mary leaned back and said, “It’s time for our bath.” She stood and czech first video porno went to Mom, released the snaps and had her stand. Mom had difficulty getting up, she’d been on her knees for so long. Mary pointed to an alcove and said, “Go prepare our bath. You’re going to get us good and clean for our fucking.” Without a word Mom did as she was told.

Mary changed the music and we slow danced until Mom reappeared to tell us our bath was ready. It was strange watching Mom bathe another woman. Especially knowing, I was going to fuck her in front of Mom. It was even stranger when Mom washed me, especially since she was getting me ready to fuck another woman. When Mom had washed us both, she dutifully dried us and follwed us to the bed.

Mary once again, snapped Mom’s ankles together. Then she secured Mom’s hands behind her back and fastened a chain from them to a ring hanging from the ceiling. We got on the bed and started caressing and kissing.

Every so often Mary spoke to Mom. “This is what you want to be doing, isn’t it?” Mom would moan or whimper and softly say, “Yes.”

“You want to feel his hands on your body, don’t you?”


“To feel his lips on yours.”


“His probing tongue.”


“To press your naked flesh against him.”


“You want his hard cock in your pussy.”


“Say it.”

“Yes, oh yes. I want his hard cock in my pussy.”

“But, you’re not going to get it. I am! … I’m the one who’s going to be fucked by his beautiful hard cock! Fucked as long and hard as he wants! Fucked until he shoots his hot cum in my womb, filling me with his seed!”

Mom shook violently, tears running down her cheeks, and cried out, “OH GOD! Please stop talking about it!”

“You came. You dirty slut. You came just thinking about fucking your son. My, my, my! Well, he’s not going to fuck you. He’s going to fuck me. And if you’re good, I might let you taste my pussy on his cock. Or, suck his cum from my pussy.”

“Oh God, Please! Anything! Anything, but please stop talking!” Mom said in desperation as she strained against her restraints.

At that moment, guilt rushed through me and I wanted to get Mom out of there. But, a look came over her face. A look of pure lust. She looked me in the eyes and lustily said, “Sweetie. Fuck her for me. Fill her cunt with your sperm. Breed her, Sweetie. Breed her for mommy.” And I knew Mom wanted and needed this.

“Ah, that’s what I wanted to hear. She is truly there. Willing to do absolutely anything, because pleasing you turns her on.” Mary turned and whispered to me, “You are very lucky. Most men never have a woman surrender completely to them. Let alone have their Mother do it. Please! One day let me watch you fuck her.” Mary cocked her head, wanting an answer.

“Next time. The next time we’re here.” I said and thought, ‘Yeah, you can eat Mom’s pussy, before and after I fuck her. … Damn, I’m getting nastier!’

Mary got up, went to Mom, and motioned me to come to the edge of the bed, She loosened the chain holding Mom’s wrist and said, “He can’t fuck me with a soft cock. Get him hard so you can watch him fuck me.”

Mom looked at Mary with a puzzled look and said, “But, I’m bound and can’t move.”

“Yes you can! Work for it. Prove that you’ll do anything to please him and get your mouth on his cock. Do it! And do it now!”

Mom hopped forward and bent down. Her arms wer pulled up behind her by the chain and she yelped in pain, “I can’t! It hurts and I’m going to fall!”

Mary adjusted the chain a little more and said, “It’s supposed to hurt! And, if you fall, we’ll start over. Now, get your mouth on your masters cock! Get him ready to fuck me and be quick about it! My pussy’s aching for his cock.” Mary slapped Mom’s butt hard causing Mom to jump.

Mom gave a little hop and pushed toward me with a grimace and whimper. She was able to touch her tongue to my penis.

“More. You’re not there yet.” She pushed Mom forward.

Mom’s arms snapped up toward the ceiling, tightening the chain as her nose touched my stomach, and she let out a painful yelp.

“Now, please your master. Get him hard for me.”

Mom was like a doll on a string. Balancing on tiptoes, suspended by the chain stretching her arms up behind her. She was swiping at my now completely soft penis with her tongue, but she couldn’t quite get to it. Mary kept giving Mom hard slaps on her butt while telling her to hurry up. Finally, after several minutes, Mary pulled Mom upright and readjusted the chain.

Mary grabbed Mom’s face and kissed her before softly saying, “You should be able to suck his cock now. Do a good job and make it reeeeal hard for my pussy.” Then she shoved Mom back toward me and started spanking her. Mom was crying out louder and louder with each resounding slap to her flesh. Just as I started to say, “Stop It!” Mary quit. Mom’s head dropped as she sighed deeply. Mary began rubbing Mom’s butt, which I could see in a mirror was bright red. “Get his cock in your mouth!” Mary commanded and made a kiss to me.

Not swinging on tiptoes anymore, Mom was able to lick and nibble my soft penis before taking it in her mouth. I looked in the miror again and saw that Mary was rubbing Mom’s pussy. Mom was responding with hip movements. I didn’t like Mom being mistreated, but Mom was taking it and getting into it so I shut up.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32