Shelbyville Tales: Study Date Ch. 05

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It was 11 AM before Tara awoke Saturday morning. At first she was a bit disoriented, but she rolled over and saw Josh lying next to her and the previous night came rushing back to her. Josh had managed to kick the sheets off during the night and was lying there on his back completely exposed. As she looked at Josh, Tara realized she was incredibly happy with how things had turned out and hoped that Josh felt the same way. She hoped that this was the beginning of something great.

After just staring at Josh for a few minutes while lost in thought, Tara decided it was time for him to wake up. She slid down the bed until her head was over Josh’s cock. She bent over and began to kiss it gently. Josh was already partially hard, but the light kissing made him even harder. After a few kisses, Tara took Josh’s cock into her mouth and began to suck on it.

While Tara was doing this, Josh began to dream that he was back in the pool and Tara was sucking his cock for the first time. As he slowly began to regain consciousness he realized that the feeling wasn’t going away like it often did with dreams. As he opened his eyes he looked down and realized that he was lying in bed with a naked Tara bent over his cock sucking him off. He could feel her breasts rubbing up against his leg as she moved up and down on his cock. He reached down and began to massage her breast. This made Tara stop and look up at him.

“I see that you are up,” said Tara.

“Wasn’t that what you were going for?” Josh asked as a smile crossed his face.

“You know what I mean,” Tara responded angrily as she smacked the side of his ass. “Just for that I’m just going to leave you like that.” With that Tara began to get up and move toward the edge of the bed.

Josh leapt up and caught Tara before she could get off the bed. He pushed her back down to the bed so that she was lying on her back. He was now straddling her legs and holding each of her arms up above her head with his hands.

“Now that you’ve got me, what are you going to do with me,” Tara said playfully.

“I don’t know, maybe a little of this,” Josh answered. He then bent over toward Tara’s breasts without letting her go. He began to nibble lightly on her right nipple. Tara took in a quick breath as both her nipples snapped to instant erection. Josh began to swirl his tongue around Tara’s nipple. After about 30 seconds he slowly began to kiss over to Tara’s left breast. As he did so he moved his left leg from the outside of Tara’s legs to between them. He pushed his thigh against her pussy and began to gently grind. Tara pushed back and began to move her own hips in rhythm with his leg. Josh repeated what he did to Tara’s right breast on the left, starting with some gentle nibbling followed by some sucking and licking.

“Ooo . . . Josh that feels so good . . .” Tara moaned, “I want you Josh . . . I want you inside me right now.”

“Oh? Seems like the tables have turned and I’m in control now,” Josh said as he lifted his face from her breast. “And why should I give you what you want, you were just going to leave me hanging a couple minutes ago.”

“Please Josh,” Tara begged, “Shove you rock hard cock into me and teach me to be a good girl.”

“I don’t know Tara, that doesn’t seem like much of a punishment,” Josh said.

“Please Josh . . . I will do whatever you say,” Tara replied.

“First I want you to reach down and start to play with my balls,” Josh said. Josh released Tara’s left hand and she immediately reached down and began to play with his balls. “Very good,” Josh said, “Now I want you to beg me to shove my rock hard cock into your cunt.”

“Come on Josh, shove your rock hard dick into my dripping wet pussy,” Tara begged. “You know you want to make me your little fuck slave. Just shove it in me hard and show me who the boss is.”

Josh didn’t take any more convincing than that. He pulled away from Tara long enough to line up his cock with her pussy and then with a quick fluid motion sunk it all the way into her. At first Tara was shocked by the speed at which Josh reacted. She quickly recovered though as Josh began to make quick strokes in and out of her. The foreplay had been so intense that both quickly built to the edge of orgasm. Josh only made about 4 or 5 quick thrusts before Tara began to moan.

“Josh . . . I’m about ready . . . to cum,” Tara panted.

“So am I, Tara,” Josh responded.

“Oh god Josh . . . you feel so good . . . I can’t hold it any looooonger!!” Tara exploded. As she did, she felt Josh’s cock begin to leap and could feel him spraying. This pushed her to a new level in her orgasm and suddenly she was having the most intense explosion ever.

As they both came down from their orgasms, Josh rolled off of Tara and laid on his back next to her. His dick was covered in Tara’s juices, and Tara had a little of Josh’s cum leaking out from between her legs.

“What a way to wake up,” Josh said.

“Yeah,” Tara smiled, “hopefully there will be brazzers porno more like it.” Tara leaned over and kissed Josh on the lips. The had a long, passionate kiss before they finally managed to break apart.

“Now it is time to go clean up,” Tara said as she got up and started to walk to the bathroom door. She turned around and saw that Josh was still lying on the bed. She walked back over and said, “I meant for both of us. You’re coming with me.” She grabbed Josh’s hand and pulled him after her. She opened the door to the bathroom and they both walked in.


Abby woke up around 11:15 AM. She laid their groggily for a minute trying to remember what had happened the night before. Slowly she remembered trying to spy on Tara and Josh and what had happened with Jen in the forest. Then she remembered the incredible sensations she experienced in the living room while her sister was getting revenge on her for spying.

Suddenly, she remembered what happened when she got back to her room. She smiled and turned over to see if Jen was awake yet. What she found though was an empty spot on the other side of the bed and a note on the pillow.

“Thanks for the incredible night. Sorry I had to run this morning, but I should be able to come back by late tonight. Leave a door open for me.

– Love Jen”

Abby smiled at the thought of spending another night with Jen. “And this time maybe it would last longer.” she thought to herself. Her pussy began to leak as she thought about what might happen and she couldn’t resist playing with herself as she laid there.

As she laid there enjoying the feeling of her fingers moving over her clit and pussy, she began to hear moans and groans coming from the bathroom next door. She finally pulled her fingers away from her pussy and got up. She went over to the door and could hear the water running in the shower.

“Oh Josh, right there,” she heard Tara yell. Slowly she opened the door and could immediately see the outlines of two bodies through the shower curtain. One was bent over where Abby knew the fixtures were with their hands braced against the wall of the shower. The other was behind the first with their body thrusting back and forth and one hand reaching around. Abby felt her pussy begin to gush and was just about to close the door and rush to her bed to finish herself off when the curtain was pulled aside by the bent over figure.

“Don’t just stand there, your letting the cold in,” Tara said around the edge of the curtain, “Come in and join us.”

Abby was so turned on at this point that she didn’t think twice. She closed the door and jumped right into the shower behind Josh. She leaned back against the wall and began to finger her pussy as she watched Josh’s ass swing back and forth as he fucked her sister.

“Josh, stop and turn around for a minute.” Tara said. Josh did as he was told and turned around to watch Abby. Abby was too into what she was doing to stop from embarrassment. All she could do was watch Josh’s rock hard cock as it throbbed in front of her. Tara came up behind Josh and her hands began to worked their way so that one was playing with his balls as the other very slowly stroked his cock.

“You want to touch her, don’t you,” Tara said into Josh’s ear. All he could do was nod.

“Go ahead,” she said seductively, “Play with my little sister’s breasts.” Josh didn’t need any more encouragement. He reached out and began to knead Abby’s breasts and pinch her nipples. Abby let out a groan as she felt an orgasm growing inside her. Tara began to pump Josh’s cock harder and faster.

“I bet you are imagining your cock pistoning in and out of her pussy as you play with her breasts, aren’t you Josh,” Tara egged on, “And Abby, I bet you are imagining my boyfriend here has you pushed against the wall and impaled on his thick, hot dick.” Josh’s cock began to expand as he neared orgasm and Abby was on the edge, but neither of these facts stopped Tara. In fact she began to pump Josh’s cock harder as her other hand left his balls and she began to finger fuck herself.

“Oh yes . . . ” she moaned, “Can you feel her Josh, her pussy contracting around your cock. Can you feel her juices flowing down your length and across your balls as you both get close to cumming.”

“Oh, Josh . . . ” Abby yelled, “I’m cuuuuuummmminng!”

Abby and Tara both let out screams as their bodies shook with orgasms. Even with the water running Josh could see the juices streaming out around Abby’s fingers and could feel Tara’s running down the back of his leg. This was too much and he exploded, releasing stream after stream of cum onto Abby’s stomach and legs. Abby didn’t seem to care though, in fact each splatter pushed her closer and closer to a second orgasm until she came again, even harder than the first time. It was too much and her legs gave out, dumping her on the floor of the shower.

She just sat there for a few minutes, panting. castingcouch-x porno Meanwhile Josh had spun around and dropped to his knees. He had his face buried in Tara’s pussy and was sucking on her clit causing her to cum again and again in one big continuous wave. Tara was more experienced then Abby, but after the 5th orgasm her legs also gave out and she ended up on the floor across from Abby.

What he had just done to Tara though had gotten Josh all excited and he was ready to go again. Standing between the two girls, he turned to Tara and began frantically jerking off until he exploded into a second orgasm. This one he aimed at Tara’s face and ended up coating her in his cum, while she tried to catch as many shots as possible in her mouth. Finally his orgasm subsided and he sat on the floor too, letting the girls lift their legs and settle them back down across his once he was sitting.

They just sat there for a while letting the warm water continue to run over them. Eventually the water began to turn cold and they turned it off. They all got out and took turns drying each other off.

First Tara grabbed the two towels and handed one to Josh. They slowly ran the towels over Abby’s body, paying special attention to drying her breasts, nipples, and thighs. Then Tara handed her towel to Abby and the favor was returned (with Josh spending some extra time on Tara’s ass, much to her delight.) Then Josh handed his towel to Tara and the two girls quickly dried him off, leaving his flaccid penis until the end. They then spent plenty of extra time pampering his cock and balls, making sure they were completely dry. By the time they were done Josh was completely hard again.

“Time for breakfast,” Tara said and they all headed through Tara’s room out to the rest of the house completely naked.


Despite the circumstances breakfast was actually fairly normal. At this point the three of them were pretty comfortable with being naked around each other and with the intense session they had just had in the shower, everyone’s hormones were pretty much under control. Josh’s cock even shrank back to its flaccid state as they sat and ate together.

The conversation was sparse throughout the meal. Tara and Abby were both deep in thought most of the time. Both wanted to do something special for their new lover that night, and both were trying to figure out what that would be. Finally it was decided by all that a trip to the mall was in order for the group. They finished their breakfasts, cleaned up, and headed back up to their respective rooms.

Upon entering Tara’s room, Josh headed to sit on the bed while Tara dove into her closet. Josh couldn’t help but admire her bare ass and the slightly obstructed site of her pussy as she was bent over rummaging around in some of the bins on the floor. His cock hardened involuntarily as he watched it sway hypnotically. Finally she found what she was looking for and tossed them at him with a smile.

“I figure I can’t really force you to go to the mall naked,” she said with a smile, “as tempting a thought as that is. So here is what you can wear.”

Josh unfolded what he had just been tossed and saw that she had provided him with a pair of gray cotton gym shorts and a basic blue t-shirt. He quickly stood up and slipped them on as Tara headed over to her dresser. For herself she pulled out a pair of ass hugging jean shorts which she quickly slid up her legs, without putting on panties first Josh noted, and buttoned with a fair amount of trouble. The shorts looked like they barely covered her and both were sure that before they had walked much the bottom of her ass would find its way into the open. She then pulled out and put on a t-shirt that ended mere inches from the bottom of her breasts and left all of her midriff bare.

She turned around once she was fully dressed and looked at Josh. He was fully clothed but the cotton shorts did nothing to hide his throbbing erection, just as Tara had planned. She had to keep herself from licking her lips at the site of the tent in his shorts. Josh realized he was exposed in these shorts, but at this point new Tara didn’t intend to let him try to hide it. In fact he was sure that she had picked such a skimpy outfit just to encourage him.

Tara walked over to him with a smile. She got right next to him so his cock pushed itself between her legs and along her covered pussy. Her hand snaked up the leg of the shorts and began to play with his balls. Josh began to moan and sunk against Tara, leaning his chin on her shoulder.

“Perfect,” she cooed in his ear. She then took a quick nip at his earlobe before stepping back. “Let’s meet Abby downstairs and get going.”

They headed downstairs and found Abby standing by the front door. She had dressed much more conservatively than Tara in a baby doll T-shirt, short jean shorts that looked like they actually fit her normally, and sandals. Her eyes widened clips4sale porno as she watched her provocatively dressed sister and her clearly very aroused boyfriend come down the stairs.

“Jeez sis,” Tara said with a chuckle, “A bit overdressed?”

“I was going to say the opposite to you,” Abby shot back, “Why didn’t you two just stay naked?”

“Thought about it,” Tara said. Both Josh and Abby believed it but neither said anything as Tara walked off into the house. She returned a minute later with Josh’s shoes, wallet, car keys and a pair of sandals. They both put them on, Tara grabbed her purse from next to the door and all three turned and headed out the door to Josh’s car.


They arrived at the mall about 30 minutes later. As they all hopped out of the car, Josh tried to adjust his still hard dick so that it pointed down one leg of the shorts instead of sticking straight out. As the three of them walked through the parking lot to the mall entrance though, Josh found this was only slightly better as it seemed like any minute the shorts would ride up just a little and the head of his cock would be visible to the whole world.

“Ok, let’s split up,” Tara said as they reached the mall entrance, “Let’s all meet in the food court in a couple of hours after we have finished shopping. I know Abby said she had things to shop for and so do I, so Josh why don’t you head out and see if you can find us a couple of DVD’s for tonight.” As she said this she winked.

“You don’t mean standard movies do you.” He asked, just to make sure he was clear.

“Nope,” Tara said. With that she grabbed his hand and pulled him into a quick kiss. She and Abby each headed their separate ways and Josh was left standing alone. He quickly headed inside hoping that being away from the girls would help his erection to subside so that he wouldn’t feel so self-conscious. As he walked through the mall he tried to think of anything other than the current weekend or the mission that he had been given by Tara. It worked a bit and pretty soon he didn’t feel like he should be ducking in and out of cover behind anything he could find.

Unfortunately things changed quickly once he reached FYE. He walked in and headed back to the 18+ section of the store. He was very lucky because in this particular store that section was in a back corner, pretty well hidden from just about everything else, and empty. He wasn’t so lucky though in the fact that being a Saturday afternoon, the rest of the store was very busy. There were lots of people rummaging through the CDs and DVDs. Josh decided his best option was to go in quickly, grab a couple DVDs, and get out.

He just about ran over to the section and just started flipping through the DVDs. His nervousness did a good job of keeping him from getting erect as he focused his attention primarily on the titles. He looked for anything with Teen in the name. Not knowing what Tara would like he figured he would try to find something with characters close to their age and hopefully with a fairly standard plot line.

He was only about halfway through the section though when his eyes began to wander and he started looking at the full covers. Once that happened there was no way to prevent his erection from returning. He spent more and more time looking over each title he came to and pretty quickly his shorts were once again showing a huge tent as his cock had slipped out of the leg when it softened. He was getting too absorbed with the pictures in front of him though to notice or care. He even began to unconsciously rock back and forth a bit.

Suddenly there were a couple giggles behind him and he snapped out of his trance. He turned around and saw a couple of girls that must have been about 16 standing there with their phones up, obviously taking pictures. He looked down and discovered that at the apex of the bulge in his shorts was a wet spot caused by his precum. He felt himself turn bright red as her grabbed the couple DVDs he had set aside as possibilities, and used them to cover his crotch. This didn’t really help though as the girls continued to laugh at the guy now hiding his erection with “Naughty Teens Home Alone 3”. He quickly ran to the front of the store as the girls continued to laugh at him and walk further back into the store.

He reached the front counters and practically threw the DVDs at the cashier. She smiled knowingly and quickly checked him out. When she read his total he pulled the cash out of his wallet and got the nerve to look up at her. He could see the slightest twinkle of lust in her eyes as she took the money.

“You know, I get a break in a couple minutes and there is a maintenance hallway just next door,” she said as she handed him his change.

“I’m sorry, I’m here with my girlfriend,” was all he could mumble awkwardly.

“Lucky girl,” she said. “You should go find her and get her to take care of that,” She nodded toward his crotch.

Josh just grabbed his change and the bag and headed out the door as the cashier smiled at his back. He held the bag as normally as possible while still hiding his hard cock as he made a beeline for the Food Court. He decided it would be best to just find a table to sit and wait for the girls at.

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