She Knows What She Wants Ch. 02

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I have his undivided attention. Sitting there in the front row, eager as a school boy as I go through my lecture. This symposium on medieval studies is kind of a big deal, getting to demonstrate one of my lectures to the broader academic community a feather in my cap, but his attention makes it worth it.

The symposium is open to everyone, I don’t recognize him, so he’s either an archaeologist or an amateur, medieval literature is a small field, I know all of my peers. Not quite as athletic as my last conquest, but the way his gaze rests on all of me over comes any perceived imperfections.

Trying to be professional, I was dressed in a white buttoned down blouse and a simple black skirt. Just a month ago the attention would have been on my chest. The blouse was conservative but form fitting and my breasts made quite the impression. Now though I’m four months pregnant, and eyes are turning to the swell of my belly.

“In ecclesiastic literature, the main problem is that the feminine fell into a dichotomous structure. Frankly, a woman was either the virgin Mary or Eve having fallen from grace. There was no room between. This is why the name Mary Magdalene was given to the nameless woman possessed by demons of the Bible. A wanton mirror image of the mother of Christ. In the male mind of the time, I would be classified as either a Lady or a Whore.”

I held my arms tightly to my sides as I said this last part, causing my breasts to present more proudly and framing my belly as I looked at my largely male audience. The stranger I noted earlier was adjusting himself in his seat. I believe now I had his full attention. I continue my lecture, making sure to pose where I can, keeping an eye on my target. It goes on for another hour and then twenty minutes of questions after that.

When its all done I’m packing up my laptop, I can feel his presence close behind me. I turn to look at the man who has devoured me with his gaze. In my heels we’re roughly the same height, he’s got wavy brown hair, green eyes, and a beard of stubble which is either a day’s growth or just the result of careful shaving.

“A fascinating lecture, I’d love to speak with you more about it. I had planned on going to the hotel restaurant for dinner, would you care to join me?”

Normally no, I’d prefer to just fuck and forget, but I was eating for two now and was actually very hungry. I soon found myself sitting across the table from him, enjoying a bit of roast chicken breast with mashed potatoes and assorted vegetables. He ordered sparkling water for the table instead of wine, which I thought was a nice gesture. Turns out his name was Nicholas and I was right, he was an archaeologist. He fascinated me with stories of his most recent dig outside of Jerusalem where he believes he had found a Templar outpost. We talked shop for over an hour, watching his eyes sparkle with his passion for his work before turning to a different kind of passion when he looked at me, it was a real turn on. I felt my skin flush and a moistness develop between my legs.

Kicking off one shoe, I extended my foot out to his leg. He looked startled at the unexpected contact but settled comfortably when he realized it was me. He asked me questions about my lecture as I stroked up and down his calf with my foot.

“Where did you get the inspiration for your topic?”

“Current events. I looked at my current situation and thought how it would be viewed back then. The virgin Mary, always heavily pregnant but only ever seen with her virtue intact. The perfect feminine form really. Always the demure innocent, yet with ample proof of her fertility on display, her body sculpted into the full bloom of womanhood without ever knowing the touch of a man.” As I spoke my foot traveled up to his inner thigh.

“And of course you have to consider the male audience at the time, there was none of this mystery around the feminine form back then. That was a Victorian invention for the upper class who had separate rooms, who’s prudish attitude now affects our modern day. Your average medieval man would have been keenly aware to how a woman’s body changes. How the breasts grow fuller and heavier till they are ready bonus veren siteler to be filled to swollen with milk. General weight gain as her body now has to nourish herself and the life planted within. There wasn’t this obsession with waifs back then, you wanted a full figured woman as a sign of health. Then of course the widening of the hips to prepare for the birth. All of that tied up in a bow of virginal purity, must have driven men wild.”

My foot now sits on his chair between his legs and he’s doing his best not to give any outward indication that my toes are now grazing along the erection straining against his slacks.

“All that now gets contrasted with Eve or Mary Magdalene or Lilith if we’re talking medieval Jewish thought. You know as well as I the prevalence of brothels at the time. A woman committing the taboo act of enjoying her sexuality, or worse, luring men into lust. Nudity was common, again the close quarters of living, but with the promise of sex and the knowledge that you may very well impregnate this woman and be completely free of the responsibility to her child. The whore could prove the man’s virility, indulge his taboo fantasy, and then he could depart without regret.”

I was stroking him fully now, the head of him with the ball of my foot, the shaft in my arch, my heel grazing his balls. His eyes were glazed over as he slouched down in his chair, increasing the contact between my foot and his cock.

“And of course everything about her is sexualized. The whore of Babylon, riding her dragon bareback and spread-legged instead of side saddle, obviously enjoying the undulations of the long serpentine form betwixt her legs, swallowing down a wine of fornication. Magdalen, how big must she have got with all those different lives inside her. And all it would take is one Jewish friend to let you know how she may have been filled with demons. Lilith lay with devils to breed more devils. Happily taking anything into her body, always fertile, almost eternally pregnant.”

He’s biting his bottom lip, his fingers clenched tightly in the tablecloth, his eyes closed as my foot grinds against him. It may just be my fevered imagination but I’d swear I can feel him throbbing, his balls tightening till he’s just on the cusp, then I draw my foot back along his inner thigh and down his calf to come safely back into my shoe. I click the heel against the floor to emphasize that my weapon is fully sheathed.

He clears his throat once, then again, trying to regain some composure then touches the bottle of sparkling water, “You know, I have some of this fine vintage in the minibar of my room. I’m just on the second floor.”

Normally I’d have preferred my own room but I was on the tenth floor and didn’t want to wait. “Sounds nice, lead the way.”

He called the waiter and had the bill charged to his room, then we made it to the elevators at a quick trot. Unfortunately there were people on the elevator so we had to be the picture of decorum. Making small talk all the way down the hall, he fumbled with the key to his room, finally got the door open.

As the door closed behind me this eager young man pounced, pinning me to the door, his lips roughly against mine, his tongue claiming my mouth, his body pressed tightly to me. His hands roamed my body, tracing my outline from my hips up, coming forward to caress my breasts before flowing down over my swollen baby bump. He broke our kiss and started nibbling down my neck. His hands just kept caressing my stomach.

“Is that what has you so hard Nicholas? The swelling belly of a pregnant mother? I know how hard you are, felt that long, powerful cock under my foot already. Feel it now pressing into my thigh. Are you close Nicholas? I bet those balls are boiling, straining to hold back that flood of cum. You want to cum on my mommy belly don’t you?”

I felt his lips smile against my neck, just before he pulled away. I led the way to the large bed in the room and quickly undid the buttons on my blouse before shrugging it off. The cool air on my now exposed cleavage made me gasp and I felt my nipples harden and poke out through the fabric of my black lace bra.

“Nicholas, bedava bahis help Mommy with her bra.” I spoke like I would to a rambunctious five year old. I heard Nicholas groan despite himself and then his fingers were against my back as he worked the clasp. I moaned in relief as the bra opened and my ample bosom was able to relax. No sooner had the restraining garment hit the floor than it was replaced with his hands. I gasped as he groped me and my hands came up to grab his, “Not so rough, they are very sensitive right now.”

Thankfully this young academic took direction well. His hard groping turned to gentle brushing and caressing as he kissed along my neck and shoulders, all the while grounding himself into my right ass cheek. I pushed away from him and turned to look at him and allow him to see me. His sharp inhalation as his eyes devoured my lush curves made me blush despite myself. I quickly undid my skirt and let it fall to the floor. I waited a moment uncertain of my next move, I hadn’t done much in the way of trimming since getting pregnant and my once sexy little bush had grown to a massive forest of black ringlets. Watching him eagerly strip after my panties hit the floor was all the answer I needed.

“Come to mommy.” I said sitting on the edge of the bed. He complied, his erection stuck out proudly before him, a bold knight with his lance. I reached out and grabbed his shaft, brought him up as I bent forward to kiss the head of his cock. My tongue flicked out to add a bit of saliva to his precum. I rose up and leaned back, dragging his favorite head down my right breast to rub against my nipple. The feel of his sticky and wet cock against my sensitive little nub sent a shiver through my body that seemed to be echoed in his.

“You’re really close aren’t you?” I asked as I began to glide my hand up and down his shaft, while also directing it down to rub it against the taut skin of my full belly. “Does my pregnant belly turn you on? Visual confirmation that I fucked someone and let them cum deep in my wet and fertile pussy, it gets you hard? I’m just at the start, still early days, this belly is going to get so much bigger. Oh! I felt you throb at that! Such a naughty boy! Turned on by a pregnant older woman.”

I dragged him all over my belly as I slowly pumped him, listening to his breathing get labored and shallow as he tried his best to control himself. It was a noble but vain effort, I wanted him to lose control.

“Go ahead baby, let go. Cum on mommy’s tummy. I can feel that hot load, it must be weighing your balls down, give it to me baby. Just paint my belly with all your hot cum!”

He gasped and then tensed as he began to erupt like a volcano. Hot streams flew everywhere, landing on my left cheek, my breasts and belly. I was glazed like a donut and still he kept spurting. Thank goodness I hadn’t tried to swallow him, I would have drowned!

I reached up and collected the bit off my cheek with one finger, he watched as I sucked it into my mouth. Not bad, but way too much for me. “You know Nicholas, that dinner you bought me was so good and filling, I just don’t have room for another bite. Besides, a good mommy teaches her boy to clean up after himself. Clean it all up Nicholas. Here, I got some for you.” I collected a glob from my breast on my index finger and held it out to him.

He stared at that bit of white goo on my finger for a long moment and I began to worry I had taken things too far. Then he bent forward and sucked my finger into his mouth. He cleaned my digit with his tongue and sucked down his own juice. Next thing I knew I was pinned down to the mattress as he kissed and sucked and licked from my chin to my waist. I ran my fingers through his lush hair as his head moved all over my body, eliciting deep moans from me as he ate his cum off my skin. I felt his cock stir and begin to grow against my right leg as he neared completion of his taboo act.

Finishing his last lick on my belly, he slid down just a bit further and I gasped as he buried his face in my pubic hair. His right hand moved up to cup me as he slowly slid two fingers inside. I cried out at the sudden intrusion, deneme bonus my voice ringing off the walls as he began to finger my pussy, while kissing and nuzzling my mound. He would bury his face in my dark curls when he’d slide his fingers across my g-spot, making me buck into him, grinding my pelvis into him. He worked his face down by millimeters till there wasn’t a bit of skin that didn’t know his mouth and tongue.

I writhed under him, the sensations running through my body so intense it was hard to breathe. Then I felt his lips suck the hood of my clit and a scream tore from my body as it felt like I was exploding. I pulled on his hair hard to get him to release me. When I could finally focus my eyes on him his face was a mask of shock and worry.

“Are you okay? I’m so sorry, I thought…” He trailed off as I was finally able to give him a weak smile.

“Really sensitive. Come up here.” He moved to lay beside me and we kissed softly. I took his right hand, still wet from my pussy, and placed him down between my legs. We stared deep into each others eyes as I guided him, showing him how I wanted to be touched. I was so sensitive now that I was pregnant that only the lightest of touches felt good there. He just studied my face as I masturbated myself with his hand till the whole room went hazy and I knew I was close.

“Do you want mommy to fuck you?” I reached my hand down and stroked his stiff cock. He nodded his head yes. I worked my way to a sitting position, caught my breath, then stood up. Once I knew Nicholas was a bit submissive I knew I had to do this, I’m so hot thinking about it I may cum before he does.

“Spread your legs for mommy and hold your knees to your chest. That’s a good boy.” I crawl between his legs, letting my breasts and belly drag against that wonderful cock till I’m kneeling over him and he’s pressed to my entrance. A friend told me about this Amazon position and I’ve been using it ever since. I gasp as that thick cock enters me and he echoes my astonishment as I squeeze him so tightly. I move slowly till our bodies are connected again, then I start to fuck him.

“How does it feel baby? You walked in thinking you were some hot motherfucker, but now you’re the one with your legs spread, being fucked by a mother. Do you like it? You like this milf mommy claiming your cock for her own? Watching my breasts bounce and my belly sway as I use this wonderful cock has you so close doesn’t it?”

I’m humping him for all I’m worth, thrilling at the sound of my voice as I’m so full of him that my g-spot is being massaged constantly and he’s so deep I feel it in my gut on every downward thrust. Then his hands come up and he begins to rub my belly. It’s so tender and sweet in the middle of something so carnal that I lose it.

My whole body tenses up for a brief moment and then I’m obliterated in color and sound as my body loses itself to orgasm. Somewhere in the back of my mind I’m aware of him crying out also, feel him pulse and flood me with his seed, being filled with his warmth spurring me to greater heights.

There is silence when it’s all over. We lay in his bed, his body close as he spoons me, his hand on my belly. This closeness feels nice, but I know it’s time to leave. I pull away, he’s so close to sleep that I’m fully dressed before he notices I’m gone.

“Can we see each other again?” He asks.

“Maybe. Go to sleep Nicholas.” And like the good boy he is he obeyed.

I was sore in the best way possible as I walked toward the elevators. I was glad I bothered to put my panties back on as I could feel him beginning to leak out of me. I saw my reflection in the mirror polish of the doors, I definitely had ‘just fucked’ hair, but I didn’t feel much like trying to fix it now. No, a nice hot shower and then sleep.

I barely noticed the couple that walked by me as I began to get impatient with what must be the slowest elevator ever. I hit the button repeatedly in the vain hope it would move faster. I heard the one person walk back though and turned just in time to see Brandon walk up to me.

“Hi Ms. Ohara! What are you doing…” His voice trailed off as he noticed my belly. His mouth worked slowly, noiselessly as he just stared. How the hell did he end up here? The young lady he was with began calling to him as the doors finally opened and I stepped inside. “Is it mine?” He asked nervously.

“No, she’s mine.” I stated flatly as the doors closed.

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