She Got Mine, I Got Hers

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My wife has finally allowed me to share, here on our favorite erotica site, the story of how I finally got to fuck her ass, by letting her fuck mine.

Let’s get what a lot of people are interested in out of the way, our physical aspects. My name is Rodger, and I am physically the stereotypical average American male: 5’10”, 170 pounds, brown eyes and hair, and a circumcised dick that is 5 1/2″ long and 4 1/2″ in circumference. Sorry, nothing special – like I said, average. My wife Jamie on the other hand, is anything but average. She’s 5′ 8″ and 135 pounds with blue eyes and long, curly, natural red hair. With 40D tits, a 28″ waist and 34″ hips, she attracts attention wherever she goes. What all those admirers don’t see are the relatively small areola with long nipples and a pussy with a well manicured landing strip and meaty outer lips with inner lips that just begin to peek through.

Jamie and I met during college in California and married soon after graduation, now we live in the South Bay area. We have had a happy marriage and despite an active sex life, for various reasons, never had children. Our sex life may have been active, but it was routine. When we first got together I had a problem with premature ejaculation. So, she would blow me until I came, then I would eat her pussy until I got hard again, then I could last while I fucked her; and this became our routine. With the rare occasional difference and despite it no longer being necessary, our sessions were almost always the same. She would give me a blow job until I came (and yes, she does swallow), then I would eat her through at least one orgasm of her own, then I would fuck her. Don’t get me wrong, she gives the best BJs, which she says she enjoys, and I love eating her tasty pussy; its just that I wanted a little variety. Every once in a while I’d start playing with her asshole and ask if I could fuck her there, but she always turned me down.

Over the years, Jamie would occasionally use the phrase “I wish I were a man…” when something happened to her like misogynistic comments from mechanics or when coworkers kept using sports analogies – that sort of thing. Well, the last time I asked to fuck her ass, she got mad and said “I wish I were a man so I could understand this obsession with wanting to fuck someone in the ass, and I wish you were a woman so you could understand how annoying it is to be bothered for it all the time!” To her, that was the end of it, and to which she would admit later, she hoped would be the end of me ever asking again. To me however, it was the seed of an idea. While Jamie was aware that I enjoyed having her stick a finger in my ass while she blew me, she was not aware of some of my other fantasies. First, I had a cross-dressing fantasy; I like the feel of her lingerie on her, I wondered how it would feel on me. More importantly, I had the fantasy of being pegged, or rather one of her pegging me. After a bit of internet research and a couple of trips into The City for purchasing items, a couple of months later I had what I needed.

Every other Saturday Jamie would go shopping with her best friend, go to the gym, then come home to shower shortly before dinner. I put my plan into action as soon as she left. I laid out on our bed an old suit of mine that didn’t quite fit me anymore but should fit her well enough with a belt, a shirt and tie, a pair of boxer shorts and a wife beater undershirt that I got in her sizes, a pair of socks, and most importantly, the Feeldoe strapless dildo I had bought. On top I left the following note:

“My Love,

You’ve often said you wished you were a man in order to understand something. Well, tonight you get your chance. Enjoy your shower then put on everything I’ve laid out, and just what I’ve laid out. And yes, I do mean everything.


After that I gave myself a cleansing enema and took my shower. I put on a garter belt and stockings, then inserted a butt plug to prepare my ass for later. I then put on my normal erotik film izle clothes to hide the rest and to preserve the surprise. When I was done, I went to the guest bedroom to prepare the rest of my outfit so that I could get ready quickly. Later, I started to prepare for a romantic candlelight dinner with her favorite dishes.

As soon as she came home and saw the table set for a candlelight dinner she walked into the kitchen and asked in a suspicious tone “Candles, and” -sniff- “my favorite meal? What are you up to?”

To which I replied simply “You’ll find out. Now go take your shower.”

“Uh, huh…” as she walk out staring back at me with a little smirk. Shortly after she got upstairs I hear “Rodger??…”

“Did you read the note?”


“Then just do what it says – and NO coming down until I call you for dinner.”

I soon heard the shower running and singing – which meant she was really happy. I had timed the meal almost perfectly and pulled out the roast shortly after. While the meat was resting I went and put on the rest of my outfit. I took out the plug and put on a pair of satin panties with a matching bra with falsies followed by a silk slip and a nice summer dress. To top it all off I put on a long haired wig and make-up. Then I went and prepared the rest of dinner, lit the candles and called Jamie down to dinner.

She came down the stairs with her hair in a pony tail and while the suit was a bit baggy on her she laughed at me. I asked “What’s wrong?” as I did a little twirl.

“It’s a cute outfit, but the make-up looks like it was done by a 12 year old.”

“It’s my first time putting it on. Now,” -pitching up my voice to get into the role play and strutting towards her – “how was your day at work dear?” as I loosened her tie and gave her peck on the lips.

“Did you do all this for me?”

“For us. We haven’t had a romantic date for a while, so I thought I’d do something special. If you’re nice you might even get lucky later.” as I winked at her, and she smiled.

After eating a little and talking of nothing consequential I started moving my stocking clad foot up and down her pant leg, eventually moving to her crotch. That’s when I knew she had followed my instructions and things were going to get interesting, I felt her ‘hard-on’. I smiled and while playing with it I heard her moan. That’s when I asked “Is this all for me?”

“For us. And if you don’t stop now you better be prepared for the consequences.”

“You men,” I smirked, “always so easy and fast to get going. It takes us a little longer, but lucky for you I started earlier, but you may still need to put in some work.” In fact, I had been semi-hard almost since I started laying out the clothes. “In fact,” I said as I stood, “I think its time for desert.” I took her by the hand and led the way up to our bedroom, swaying my hips as best I could.

In the bedroom we started to make out and I started to unbutton her shirt. When I had her jacket and shirt off, and I will admit a wife beater stretched over those incredible tits of hers is an amazing look, we started to kiss again and I put her hands on my ‘tits’.

“You really did go all out didn’t you” she said.

“Mmm hmmm,” I moaned into her mouth as I reached down to undo her belt and pants. When I knelt down to hold her pants so she could step out of them I noticed a wet patch on her boxers that I proceeded to lick and suck while pulled her ‘cock’ out of her fly and began to stroke it. When she moaned again I stood up and turned around and said “Isn’t it about time you got me out of this dress?” She unzipped my dress and I let it fall to the floor. “How do you like my lingerie?” I asked as I spun around.

“Sooo hot. And by that wet spot on your panties, I’d say you’re almost as ready as I am” she said as she bent down to lick the wet spot that was forming. I had to stop her quickly and pulled her to her feet. I grabbed the bottle of lube and started film izle to thoroughly lube her ‘cock’ while using it to lead her to the bed.

When we reached the bed, I crawled on to it on all fours, I pulled my panties to the side and said “I’m more than ready, now get over here and fuck me!” As she knelt behind me I added “Just be gentle putting it in.” She slowly started to insert the tip of her ‘dick’ into my ass while I tried to relax as much as I could. She pulled out a little before sticking even more of it in. Repeating this, in short order it was all the way in and I asked her to wait while I got used to the feeling. I was grateful that I had the butt plug in earlier, it helped a lot. Soon I was like “OK, start fucking me” to which she responded “I thought I already was” as she smiled but started to move her hips sawing the Feeldoe in and out of me – the sensations were amazing. Soon we reached a moderate pace that had us both moaning. Add in the sensations from my dick rubbing on the inside of the satin panties and the fact that I had been slightly aroused for most of they day, it didn’t take long for me to cum. I fell forward and turned around as her cock came out of my ass. “I think I ruined my panties” I joked – she giggled while she started to take off the under shirt and boxers.

“Take that stuff off” she stated as she pulled off the wig and started to pull up the slip.

“Why” I asked as I undid the front clasp of the bra.

“Easy,” she said as she reached for the lube, “I want to know that it’s my husband that I’m fucking.”

I may have ruined the stockings, but probably set a speed record for getting out of panties, garter belt and stockings. I started to get on my knees when Jamie said “Uh, uh. On your back. I want to look you in the face as I fuck you.” I flopped onto my back, bent my knees, and spread my legs as far as I could. She put the knob of the Feeldoe into her pussy then slid the rest of it into me in one smooth motion as we both moaned. After a few strokes she poured more lube on her cock and on mine, which was harder than it had been in a long time. She started to really pound my ass while she jacked my cock at the same time. It took a while longer this time, but the incredible feelings coming from my ass and they way she was stroking my cock, I yelled as I came, hard. Hard enough to shoot my cum high enough into the air to get into her face and hair and enough to cover both of us. She screamed in her own orgasm as I finished mine. We both lay there panting for a bit while smiling at each other when she rolled over a started to lick the cum off of my chest and stomach on her way down to my cock. Now, its been a long time since I’ve come three times in a night, but when Jamie said “I hope you can get it up again. I’m so turned on right now I’m up for anything. I want you to fuck my ass.” Well, that provided all the incentive I needed.

We got into a 69 position and as Jamie’s mouth worked its magic on my dick I slowly licked her pussy and sucked her clit to keep her amped up as I as lubed up a finger and began working it into her ass. I added a second and started to stretch her asshole to get it ready. Shortly after I had started to slowly move a third finger in and out of her ass she took her mouth off of my renewed cock and said “You’re ready and so am I. Let’s do this before you never get a chance again.” She got onto all fours and I knelt behind her as I lubed up my cock. I told her to relax as I placed the tip of my cock against her hole while I used my other hand to spread her ass cheeks. She moaned as her hole opened up and the tip of my cock went into her ass. I paused a moment to let her adjust, and when she didn’t say anything more I slowly pushed more of my dick in. Just like she did when she fucked my ass, I pulled out a little, then pushed more of my dick in.

When I was finally all the way in I stopped to allow her to get used to it and to allow myself to get used to the feelings too. Her ass was so hot seks filmi izle and tight, if I hadn’t already come twice that night, I probably would have come right away – it was that wonderful. Apparently I had paused too long as Jamie looked back over her shoulder and almost growled at me “Fuck my ass NOW!” Her command was my wish. Slowly at first, I worked up to a pace that had us both moaning and she had even started fucking her ass back at me. As I was getting close to the point of no return Jamie moaned out “Keep going, I’m almost there. My god, I can’t believe I’m going to cum from getting fucked in the ass. Keep, going…” At hearing that, I reached under her to play with her clit and quickened my pace to make sure she did.

As she screamed out “I’m cumming!!” all the muscles in her lower half must have begun contracting which triggered my own orgasm as I shot my load deep within her bowels. As my dick popped out of her chute, it remained gaping for a moment or two as a bit of my cum dribbled out her ass. If I wasn’t worn out, that sight might have got me going again. Jamie fell forward and I lay beside her for bit just stroking her and cuddling. After we had both stopped panting and regained a bit of our composure, Jamie took me by the hand and led us to the shower. We were both completely sated, so not much really happened in the shower, just a gentle washing of each other and some mild kissing. After we left the shower and entered the bedroom to see the mess that we had created, Jamie giggled and I knew she was thinking the same thing I was. We walked hand in hand naked to the guest bedroom to sleep and left the messes to be cleaned up the next day.

As we lay there cuddling and just touching each other Jamie finally spoke up. “This whole evening has been amazing. At first I thought you were just playing with me. When I saw you in the dress and how far you had gone, I thought I’d just play along and maybe teach you a lesson. Then, I saw how much you actually enjoyed being buggered and figured there might be something to it and decided to give it a try, especially since you had put so much effort into the whole evening. It was uncomfortable at first, even a bit painful, but your pauses allowed me to adjust. I was surprised when it started to feel pleasurable, and I can’t even tell how I felt when I found myself actually getting turned on and enjoying it. And never in million years would I have thought I could cum from being fucked in the ass. I think I finally understand your fantasy.”

“Well, that one at least” I smirked. I then went on to explain my pegging and cross-dressing fantasies and how they played into the evening. We talked about our feelings, fantasies, and other things well into the night.

From that night on our communications about everything in general, our fantasies and sexual needs in particular, got a lot better. We did our best to fulfill each others fantasies, she even bought me lingerie and did my makeup when I felt like indulging that particular fantasy – and she came to enjoy it too. She said it helped her address parts of her lesbian fantasies. We even began reading erotica and watching porn together to get ideas for new fantasies. To say the least, anal sex and getting fucked in the ass became a regular occurrence for the both of us. The Feeldoe got a real workout: sometimes she would fuck me with it, other times I’d use it to DP her; varying times when it would be my dick in her ass, or when I felt like fucking her tight pussy. We bought other dildos and vibrators for use on the both of us, even a double dong for when we both wanted something inside of us at the same time.

That wraps it up for this story, there are others that I am trying to convince her to let me tell. I think readers here would especially enjoy the one that began with the seed planted when Jamie was airtight with a dildo in her ass and another in her pussy while sucking my dick. She made a comment in passing that she “Sometimes wished I could have three real cocks in me at once.” I’ll let your imaginations run where they may with that one. With enough encouragement and positive comments from here, I think she might let me tell it one day.

Until then,

Rodger and Jamie

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32