Sexual Siblings

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Oliver and Elizabeth Faber were 3 years apart and had been practically inseparable as children. They’d had countless adventures together in the woods beyond their small farm, frolicking in the stream that coursed through the forest. Out of the adoration they’d had for each other came their nicknames, Oli and Bit. When Elizabeth was 9, and Oliver 12, they had built a makeshift fort out of spare wood and brush collected from the clearing. The fort was located just off of Elizabeth’s favorite riding path, hidden from view by a few large trees. The siblings had returned to the fort to play almost every day for three years, up until the time that Oliver turned 15. That was when things began to change between them.

Oliver began to drift apart from his sister when 15. He was a freshman in high school, and suddenly too cool to play with his little sister all the time. He spent more time doing chores on the farm, lifting heavy feed bags and fixing up the old pickup behind the barn. He hit a growth spurt and lost the residual baby fat he’d carried as a preteen, and suddenly the girls in school had started to notice him and his tall, muscular build. Over the next few years, he’d accumulated a group of boisterous friends, and a girlfriend, Becky, who occupied all his time. The drift between Oli and Bit gradually widened, until they had seemingly lost that special bond.

One afternoon, shortly after Bit had turned 18 and was busy filling out college applications, she decided to take a break and venture into the woods, for old time sake. Her mare, Tinka, was too ornery to be ridden that day, so she walked the familiar path alone. She sang softly to herself as she made her way deeper into the forest, thinking back to all the times that she’d made this journey alongside her brother. Where is Oli? she wondered. He and Becky had arrived at the house after school, just after Bit, and disappeared shortly thereafter. Ever since Oli had turned 21, he’d spent all his time with Lauren, a girl he’d met at college. Elizabeth’s thoughts strayed to Billy, one of Oliver’s friends from school. He, like Oliver, was in the his senior year of college, and came by the house periodically during holidays. Oliver and his friends never paid much attention to Elizabeth, but once, Billy had brushed against her in the hallway leading to the bathroom, and glanced back at her, a strange look on his face. Then he blushed and ducked into the bathroom. That had been weeks ago, but since then, he’d been on Elizabeth’s mind. She wondered what it might be like to kiss him, and if he too had a girlfriend like her older brother. Innocent as they were, young and nieve Elizabeth guarded her thoughts from her brother, only writing them in her journal.

Elizabeth looked up, smiling. She had happened upon the turnoff for the fort. She turned and made her way toward the clearing, feeling nostalgic for her childhood afternoons spent in the fort. She was only a few feet away when she heard it. A human sound, a moan- from the fort? Had someone else discovered it? She stood completely still for a moment, unable to decide whether or not to go inside and see what was going on. She decided she ought to; the fort was her property anyway. She crept quietly toward it, and ducked inside the low doorway. She gasped at what she saw. Oliver lay on his back, his shirt off and his pants around his ankles. Becky also was topless and had her skirt bunched around her waist. She sat atop Oliver, her hands on his chest, the two of them writhing and groaning strangely. When Elizabeth gasped, Oliver looked up and saw his sister in the doorway.

“Holy shit!” he exclaimed, scrambling to cover himself with his discarded shirt. “What the fuck are you doing, Bit? Get out of here!” he yelled, turning red as Becky shrieked and leapt up. Elizabeth was frozen, speechless. At Oliver’s command, she turned on her heel and sprinted toward the path, running all the way home without stopping once. She stormed through the house and shut herself in her room, panting and sweating. She had seen a few sex scenes in movies before, but nothing like that. Her shyness had always been an obstacle, and as a consequence she was rather inexperienced with boys. Her heart beat in her throat and she thought she might be sick. Shocking as it had been, it sparked a tiny inkling of curiosity somewhere deep inside her.


Elizabeth shifted in the uncomfortable wooden chair, hating the fact that she’d been sitting in it for so long. Stretching her arms high above her head, she let out a little yawn. She wrinkled her nose in disgust as she returned to the thick book she was reading. Turning the page, she scribbled down a few notes. The library was deserted except for her. She was used to being the last one there, having been the case for the past few nights. She’d quickly grown accustomed to the resounding silence that engulfed her while she researched. The occasional student would trickle in, but would usually leave soon after. There was nothing to distract her, and so Elizabeth dove back into her work, thankful for the break that started the next day.

Elizabeth cleared her throat and rummaged in her bag for her water bottle, finding it near the bottom. She took a sip and dropped it back in her bag, marks head bobbers porno resuming her note taking. Her hand moved furiously across the paper, and she was so consumed by her reading that she didn’t notice the quiet sounds of creeping footsteps behind her. She suddenly felt a pair of large hands on her shoulders and yelped, jumping out of her chair.

“Oli!” she stammered, her hand held against her thumping heart. Her brother was doubled over in laughter. “Jesus Christ! You almost gave me a fucking heart attack. What are you even doing here?” She was happy, surprised, irritated, and confused at his sudden appearance. He was supposed to be at college in Pennsylvania, not in the library of Elizabeth’s college.

“I’m sorry, Bit,” he said, having caught his breath. “I came home for spring break. I wanted to surprise you. Mom and Dad told me you’d be here.”

“You almost killed me,” she confessed, allowing herself to smile at him. “Some surprise.” He smiled and hugged his little sister before peering over her shoulder.

“Looks like you’ve got a lot of work, there. What’re you writing?” he asked.

“Oh, that? Just notes for a paper,” she replied, closing up the books.

“On what?” Oliver asked, curious to see what his sister had been so busy doing.

“Human sexuality,” she said simply, looking up at him. He felt a little shiver run through his body. “It’s my major.”

“Oh, wow. I bet that’s interesting.”

“You know it.” She winked at him, jokingly and bent over to pick up her bag. Oliver couldn’t help noticing her ass, and looked away, flushed. “So, you’re staying at home for break?”

“Uh, yeah. I figured I’d come back for your birthday.”

“Oli! That’s so sweet.” She reached her arms around his neck and hugged him, her chest pressed against him.

“Hey, 19 is a big year. How could I miss it? You’re all grown up,” he observed, smiling as he quickly checked her over. She was longer and lankier than he remembered. Her longs legs, muscled from horseback riding, were clad in a tight pair of black jeans, and she wore a form fitting gray T-shirt that hugged her breasts. Subconsciously, he judged them to be a very full B cup. Her green eyes sparkled excitedly as she let her long, sandy blonde hair down from its ponytail. She’d matured quite a bit since he last stopped to look at her, and he couldn’t remember when that had been. Years, it seemed.

“Well I’m so excited you’re here. I feel like I haven’t seen you in forever!”

“Yeah, something like that,” he said. He’d made it home for a few days over Christmas break, but beyond that he’d been too busy at school to come back. They’d called him when he’d turned 22 two months ago, and Elizabeth hadn’t spoken to him since. “Let’s get out of here. You hungry?”

“A little. I ate a late lunch,” she said, hooking her arm through his as they strode out of the library and into the breezy spring evening. She followed him to the pick-up and slipped into the passenger seat, placing her school bag between them. They sat in silence while Oliver started the car, pulled out of the parking lot, and started down the road.

“I remember when you fixed this piece of shit,” Elizabeth laughed, straightening in her seat.

“Me too. It’s still running, so I’d say I did a damn good job,” he replied, smiling. He recalled that time in his life; he’d spent a lot of time working outside with his shirt off, trying to build up his muscles so he could impress the girls at school. There was another prolonged silence between them before Oliver spoke.

“So, how are you liking college? Anything exciting going on?”

“It’s a lot of work, but it’s good. I like my major a lot,” she admitted, laughing at her own words.

“I don’t think anybody could dislike a human sexuality major,” he replied, feeling a little mischievous as he spoke.

“Last week, a guy came up to me, asking if I needed help studying,” she said, giggling.

“What did you tell him?” Oliver wondered aloud.

“No, of course!” Elizabeth felt her cheeks grow warm.

“Well I’m sure you’ve got tons of boys chasing after you. Have you got a boyfriend?” he asked, feeling curious. They had so much to catch up on.

“Nope. I don’t have a lot of time to date, actually. I was seeing this one guy, Charlie, a couple of weeks ago…”

“And?” Oliver found himself wanting to ask if they’d had sex, suddenly realizing the possibility that his sister might be a virgin. But he said nothing.

“It wasn’t that great. I told him I liked him as a friend.”

“Ouch. Poor Charlie,” Oliver said, grinning ruefully at his sister as they pulled up behind the barn and parked. “Sounds like you’re a heartbreaker, sis.”

“I am not!” Elizabeth giggled, getting out and heaving her bag over her shoulder. “We parted on good terms.”

“Let me take that,” he offered, sliding the bag off of her shoulders and lifting it with ease.

“Thanks, Oli. My shoulders are killing me,” she admitted as they walked up the steps onto the front porch.

“I can give you a massage later,” he replied, his hand brushing against her lower back as they entered the house. Before Elizabeth could even reply, their massage porno parents were upon the two of them.

“Oh good, you’re both home!” their mother chirped, ushering them into the kitchen.

“Were you surprised to see your brother, Elizabeth?” their father asked, clapping Oliver on his broad shoulder.

“You have no idea. I almost died!”

“I sneaked up on her in the library and scared the crap out of her,” Oliver admitted, bashfully.

“What if I’d had a heart attack?” Elizabeth demanded, trying not to smile.

“I’d have revived you, don’t worry,” Oliver assured her. The family laughed, happy to be reunited, and sat down to dinner.

Oliver lay in his bed later that night, looking around his familiar room. It had remained virtually unchanged since he’d left for college. He still had the same posters on his walls, the same CDs on the shelf, the same dirty magazines stashed beneath his bed. He’d checked, just out of habit, and laughed when he found them untouched. He absentmindedly stroked his cock, remembering the use he’d gotten out of them in high school. It seemed like that had been so long ago. Now he was in his senior year of college, and he couldn’t imagine being back in the 9th grade again.

His cell phone buzzed on the dresser, and he got up, reluctantly removing his hand from his boxers. He flipped it open to find a text from Billy, one of the few friends from high school that he’d actually kept in touch with. The text read ‘you coming home for break?’ Oliver quickly sent a reply: ‘back already’. Several moments later, he received another text from Billy. ‘Sweet. I’ll call you tomorrow. Tell your sister I say hi ?’ Oliver shut the phone and dropped it on his bed, shaking his head. Some time during his junior year, Billy had gotten the hots for Elizabeth, and still joked about it today. Oliver had never bothered to acknowledge this, unable to see any distinguishing qualities in his kid sister. Had she always looked as good as she did now? Dismissing the thought from his mind, he turned to leave, figuring he’d hang out with his sister for a while. It was only 11, too early for the two of them to be in bed anyway. He strode down the hall to her room. He didn’t even pause before opening her door, and so he found her on her bed, her hand working furiously beneath her panties as her face contorted in pleasure. He made the slightest noise of surprise and she jumped up, startled.

“S-s-sorry,” he stuttered, slamming the door shut and hurrying back to his own room, mortified. I’m such a fucking idiot, he thought. I should have knocked. He shut off the lights and slipped into bed, not wanting to cause any more trouble for one night. He felt embarrassed for what he’d done, but it didn’t even compare to the shame he felt for returning to his room with a thunderous erection.

When he awoke the next morning, Oliver found the house silent. His parents had already left for work and Elizabeth was nowhere to be seen. He traipsed into the kitchen and scarfed down a banana while putting a bagel in to toast. He poured himself a glass of orange juice and tried to ignore his morning wood. He could hear the sound of hoofbeats outside, and figured that Elizabeth was out riding Tinka. He finished his breakfast and got dressed before going out to join her.

When he approached the fence, Oliver was surprised to find that Elizabeth was, in fact, not riding Tinka, but a larger black horse that he didn’t recognize. The horse was being fiesty and difficult, but Elizabeth was in complete control. When she looked up to see Oliver, she blushed, and his feelings of embarrassment returned.

“Who’re you riding?” he called, determined to smooth things over. Elizabeth slowed the horse to a walk and urged him toward the fence where Oliver stood.

“I’m calling him Footsy for now. We just got him,” she replied, jerking at the reins as the horse threw his head up. “He’s a stallion, if you can’t already tell. He’s being rather fresh this morning. I’m planning on getting off in a couple minutes.”

“Carry on, then.” Oliver watched fixatedly as she asked the horse to canter, entranced by the way her breasts bounced as she rose and fell in the saddle. He took careful note of her back arching erotically, her hips rocking sensually with the horse’s stride. He felt his penis stir in his jeans, a red flag. Simmer down, Oliver told himself. To his relief, Elizabeth stopped the horse and hopped off, leading him out of the ring and toward the barn. Oliver readjusted the crotch of his pants as his sister put the horse away. When she came out, the silence between them was palpable.

“Bit…I’m sorry about last night,” Oliver blurted nervously. “I, uh, shouldn’t have just barged in there. I didn’t, um, realize…”

“Oli, it’s ok,” she replied, smiling warmly at him. “Shit happens. I mean, I guess that makes us even.”

“Even? What do you mean?”

“I, uh, walked in on you once. Now you’ve walked in on me.”

“What are you talking about?” he asked, genuinely confused. “When have you walked in on me?”

“You don’t remember?” she asked, suddenly confronted with an obstacle. She had hoped she wouldn’t actually have to talk about that incident, that meet-suck and fuck porno he would still remember. “You know, that time I , uh, found you. In the fort. With Becky.”

“Ooooh, right,” he replied, both eyebrows raised. He remembered now, like it was yesterday. Elizabeth had found him fucking Becky in the fort. She had been so young then, he found himself feeling bad for her having to witness that. “I’m really sorry about that, by the way. We never talked about that. I’m sure it scarred you for life.”

“It seemed like it, at the time. Actually…”

“What?” Oliver demanded, wanting her to finish her sentence.

“Now I realize that it kind of…kind of made me curious.”

“Uh…what do you mean?” Again, he was feeling a response in his pants. He tugged his shirt down in an effort to conceal the slight bulge. “Have you been having sex out in the fort?”

“No! Nothing like that.” Elizabeth turned deep crimson, and Oliver realized how few things they talked about. “I just mean that I became interested in sex, and stuff. That’s why I’m majoring in human sexuality.” Oliver’s penis swelled even more. The thought of his sister being so greatly influenced by his own sexuality was strangely stimulating.

“Bit, have you had sex?” He figured that if he was ever going to find out, it might as well be now. It was almost as if he’d had no control over the words coming out of his mouth.

“Oli! That’s so…personal.” Elizabeth felt heat creeping up her neck and into her face. She wondered why her brother was asking her this. They’d hardly talked about anything since they were kids, and now he wanted to trade secrets?

“Sorry, I just thought-” He was interrupted by the sound of a car, fast-approaching. Billy pulled up to them and cut the engine.

“Oliver, my boy!” Billy called as he got out of the car. Out of the corner of his eye, Oliver saw his little sister retreating toward the house.

“Bit, wait!” he called, desperately wishing he could have finished the conversation. She glanced back at him over her shoulder before entering the house.

“What’s up, man?” Billy and Oliver slapped hands in greeting.

“I was just, uh, talking to Bit,” Oliver replied. “I’m such an idiot.”

“What do you mean?” Billy raised an eyebrow, curiously.

“Well, last night I kind of…well, I went into her room without knocking. I found her masturbating.”

“That’s totally hot, man! If I walked in on some chick playing with herself, I’d be eternally grateful,” Billy replied enthusiastically. Oliver had to laugh at his friend’s ceaseless horniness. More often than not, Billy seemed to be lacking a moral compass.

“Bit’s my sister, though. It’s not exactly the same thing. I was trying to talk to her about it just now, and I stupidly asked her if she was still a virgin.”

“What’s so wrong with that? If virginity’s the problem, I can help her out with that,” Billy offered, smiling.

“You’re so fucking skeevy, man,” Oliver said, punching his friend in the arm.

“Hey, no worries. You can do the honors, if you want.” Billy burst out laughing and Oliver tried to hide his grin. “Seriously, though, your sister is hot! I mean, she was cute in high school, but she’s a babe now. She may be your sister, but you can’t tell me you didn’t get off thinking about her last night.” Oliver laughed, realizing he was cornered.

“Billy, you know me too well.”

“I knew it!” Billy exclaimed, slapping Oliver on the back. “See, you agree, she’s sexy as hell.”

“I wouldn’t go that far…” Oliver said, more for his own conscience than out of actual protest.

“You know, I bet you could do her.”


“Hey, I’m just saying, is all. You could put on some music, give her a little massage. Before long, she’d be begging you to fuck her.” Oliver felt his cock stiffen in his jeans.

“First of all, she’s my sister. Do you know how illegal that is? Secondly, she’s just barely a legal adult.”

“Her birthday’s in a couple days, right? That takes care of one problem right there. The sister thing? Just a technicality, as far as I’m concerned.” Oliver shook his head at the ridiculous idea, trying desperately to push it out of his mind.

Inside, Elizabeth was just getting in the shower. She relished the feeling of the scalding water coursing over her body, little rivulets running across her supple skin. She grabbed a bar of soap and began to lather her body as she thought about the conversation she’d been having with Oli. Did other brothers and sisters talk about that stuff? Was she just a prude? As kids, she and Oli had been the best of friends, telling each other almost everything. But then again, they didn’t have any real secrets then. He’d caught her masturbating the night before in her room. Why should she hide the fact that she was a virgin from her big brother? Elizabeth felt her pussy becoming moist, and not from the shower. She let her hand drift over her stomach down to her slippery snatch, running a finger along the slick lips. She inhaled deeply as she pushed a finger into her waiting hole and rubbed her thumb against her clit. With her free hand, she massaged her breast as her breathing became increasingly shallow. Inside her head, the image of her brother, shirtless, surfaced. She couldn’t stop herself from imagining him naked, pleasuring himself. Feuled by her shame, she slid her finger in and out faster and faster as she drew closer to her climax. Bucking against her own hand, water pouring over her, she lost control.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32