Sexual Roulette Ch. 04

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(It would benefit the reader to read the first three chapters before diving into this portion of Missy’s adventure.)

Missy walked up to the garage where she knew one of George’s friends worked. Ever since making the jump and seeing George as more than just a friend, she had been having the desire to repeat that night’s initial attempt at a sexy game of roulette with her on the table as the target. She had already tracked down by total accident his friend Roger when he came by with his delivery. It was in her mind to invite the other participants as well so they could replay the event, only with a better and more fulfilling outcome.

George initially was excited about the idea except that he thought the other guys might have been sadly disappointed. They were able to deposit their loads onto her face, but there wasn’t really much done besides that and he feared getting them all together would be a challenge. Missy was raised on challenges and conquering them was what made her a prized employee at the different agencies she worked at. Already, Roger was invited and because she guaranteed his wife wouldn’t find out, he agreed. Of course having her suck him off again in the back of his Fed Ex truck may have helped just a little bit. It just left three more guys and one worked at the garage she was standing at the door of.

As she walked into the garage, she noticed how there was only one bay and only one vehicle being worked on. Missy wasn’t very educated on classic cars, so the fact that it had a classic look only made her more curious as she walked around. She almost missed the shape of the mechanic underneath the chassis as she walked around. She looked at the lump on the ground hiding under a set of dark blue coveralls. George only told her that his name was Dan and that he worked there, but neglected to tell her which cock he belonged to.

She looked around seeking to find a clue, but only found the different posters showing tools and parts and the obligatory calender with the barely clothed women posing around some muscle car. It was then she heard the sound of a phone ringing. Almost on instinct, she walked over to the work table and picked it up. The voice at the other end was grumbly, ancient sounding. He grumbled a question about where Dan was. It was then she could feel his presence behind her. He gently took the phone from her and talked into it.

“Mr. Williams? Yeah it will be done this afternoon. Oil changes for these models take a while just because they weren’t built for convenience…Uh huh…I know you have a show this weekend…Yes I know you have to bahis firmaları wax and polish it. I am almost done. No the girl wasn’t my wife who answered. She was just visiting and talking while I worked. Sir, give me two hours. I am almost done. Ok, Bye.”

The phone was hung up a little aggressively as Dan scoped Missy out. It didn’t take long for him to put two and two together.


“Hello Dan.” She finally figured out that Dan was definitely one of the smaller guys from the party. This was starting to get interesting already.

“So have any plans for Saturday night?” she asked as she scoped him out. His body was hiding under his coveralls, but you couldn’t miss his solid jaw nor his green eyes that flashed under his short blond tresses. As Missy began to mentally remember his body from the party, she could hear the hesitation in his voice.

“I thought George told me you were off the market.” That smirk, that’s how Missy remembered him. She remembered him smirk as he shot his payload onto her tits that night. That’s what made him look so cute like the surfer dude he portrayed. She was getting moist just remembering it.

“Well, I’m not asking you for a date. I’m inviting you to a party.” There, she said it. Now she just wanted him to say yes so she could go back to her car and masturbate while remembering what his dick looked like.

“I can’t.” Like a shot to the stomach, her mood changed.

“Why not?” Her mind started racing through possible scenarios to change his mind, including possibly opening a button or two on the half shirt she wore.

“I have plans with my family. It’s little sister’s concert night and I wanted to go check it out.” George sure knew how to pick em. He was a mama’s boy, but not married. It was then Dan started moving back to the car.

“Missy, I appreciate your visit, but Mr. Williams needs me to finish this and I still have to empty the oil reservoir. You can come back anytime for a visit. Really.” There was no way Missy was giving up that easily. As Dan went to get back on his crawler to slide back under, Missy found a tire with very little grease on it and sat watching. She could hear him with some tools turning as he then cursed for the deluge of oil that decided to conveniently cover his face. He slide the crawler out and turned as Missy grabbed a few rags and started wiping his face as he sputtered, every third word a curse word. He then opened his eyes and saw Missy.

As he began to open his mouth, Missy placed one finger on his lips and smiled. He was in a very compromising position and it was going kaçak iddaa to take a ton of help to release him from her grip. But the thought of kissing his lips while they were covered with grease was a definite turn off. Missy smiled as she started wiping his lips with the rag in her hand.

“Has George ever told you that under florescent light, you look angelic?” What a pick up line. Shame she was already interested in him before he opened his mouth. She slowly kept wiping his lips until she noticed the pool of fluid forming under the car. Dan turned his head to see what she looked at.

“Oh MY God!!!!” Dan frantically grabbed the kitty litter from a blue beat up trash can nearby and started pouring it all around to catch the spill before it set in. He then got back on the oil covered crawler and slid under to survey the damage. A few moments later, he slid back out and reached over for a new filter to cover the hole. He was a machine at this point moving fast enough to get the job done. Apparently, having an angel watching from a tire was motivating him. Missy thought to herself that he finally put the two thoughts together as she could glance and see a bit of a familiar bulge in his coveralls as he moved. He wiped down the car and looked at the clock.

“So, did you have an appointment this afternoon you needed to run to?” That familiar smirk was on his face as he looked at her, his arms sliding down the zipper of his coveralls to show off a white t shirt underneath. Missy slides off the tire and walks over as her hands immediately reached for him before his hands grabbed them.

“Not here,” he said as he guided her towards an office towards the back of the shop. All Missy could see was a beat up chair as well as a cluttered desk. A picture of him when Dan was younger was on the wall with four people surrounding him. She thought she recognized “little sister” as a girl she worked with. It was then she completed the equation in her head.

“Are you Lawrence Johnson’s son?” The shock of being recognized shocked him. But his hands were faster as he grabbed her shirt and tore it apart so her breasts were exposed. Missy was glad she forgot to wear to wear one today in case she needed to persuade him more. His mouth found one of her nipples and grabbed it with his teeth pinching it. The pain was immense, but it was enough to make her gasp as his hands slipped under her skirt and found the g string covering parts of her anatomy.

Her eyes were closed as he plunged his finger into her wetness and began to roughly plunge into her. She was moaning louder now as he was egging kaçak bahis her on, calling her names like slut and whore while his fingers kept toying with her. She fell into the chair with legs spread open as he pulled down the coveralls to the flood. He was wearing a pair of blue flowery trunks underneath his coveralls. They were slowly slipped down, his manhood standing at the ready as he edged closer.

Missy wasn’t even thinking when he slid into her, his cock pounding her like this would be his last fuck ever. Missy’s legs were on him, her feet resting on his shoulders as the back of the chair reclined enough to where she was getting a nice rub on her spot every time he entered into her. Missy looked down to see his fingers rubbing her pussy while he fucked her. She felt the orgasm come faster than lightening as it over took her. His cock slid out and started to pulse as he started shooting his seed on her stomach. Missy sat up breathing heavy as she sat up. Her mouth was at the right level for her to slowly clean off his dick, sucking it teasingly until it was hard again.

“Ready for round two?” he asked. In a flash, she was against the desk, a container of baby oil being poured down her rear entrance as she gasped. He again didn’t take his time as he slid into her ass roughly. It had been a while since she was taken so roughly and Missy was moaning from the thoughts of how they looked. His cock was burying itself in her rear entrance stretching it until she could feel the tell tale signs of his second coming arriving. This time, he stayed inside her as shot after shot exploded from his tool. Missy sat there, still bent over the desk as he slowly removed himself and pulled his shorts back up.

“Dan?” a voice yelled from the front. Dan quickly ran up from the office and Missy watched from the mirrored window as he gave the keys to the elderly gentleman. She recognized him as a partner in the law firm that Dan’s father owned and her present workplace. As Dan turned back towards the office, Missy grabbed a spare shirt from the office closet and turned to see Dan smiling.

“So you guessed my secret?” Dan asked. Missy sat there, the blue button down mechanic’s shirt hiding her nakedness as she sat there. Dan then began to talk about how instead of sharing his dad’s passion for law, he always wanted to work on classic cars and how even though he was wealthy, his dad allowed him to indulge in this hobby. Missy sat there listening as she admired the fact that he hooked up with George and that she figured out another connection.

Missy then asked,”So what time is your sister’s concert?”

Dan answered,”6pm, why?”

Missy sat up and kissed him.”Come by at 9 to get your shirt back.” Dan watched as she sashayed her way out of his shop. Missy had her guy for this one. Only two more to go.

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