Sex with an Ex

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Note: This story involves two consenting adults committing adultery. If you are sensitive to this type of thing, or are offended by it, I recommend that you find something else to read.


I was back in my hometown for a brief visit and was in the supermarket looking for birch beer since its one of those things that is difficult to find where I currently live. I briefly glanced away from my options at a guy who was passing by. He looked familiar but didn’t seem to recognize me at all, just giving me a generic head nod. It hit me as soon as I turned my attention back to the soda bottles in front of me that we’d gone to high school together, though a couple of grades apart.

“Gull?” I said, using a very old nickname, then following that with, “Robbie?”

He stopped in his tracks then turned back and we walked toward each other.

“Only a few people ever called me that,” he said, “and now I know why you looked familiar. How the hell are you?”

We shook hands then ended up in a bro hug. I don’t know how long we were standing there catching up when I spotted his wife coming up the aisle, probably wondering what in the hell had happened to him. I knew it was his wife because I’d not only also gone to high school with her but I’d also dated her before he had. Fortunately, the two of us had parted amicably and I was honestly happy that she’d ended up with Robbie because he was a good guy. It was obvious before she even reached us that she recognized me and I was happy to see her smiling. She immediately hugged me so I gave her a hug back.

“Somebody’s been working out,” she said as we parted, feeling my lats, shoulders and biceps through my shirt.

“Trying to be proactive as I’m getting older,” I replied, “I’ve already had one knee surgery.”

We chatted for a little bit about the joys of growing older, what we’d all been up to, why I was back in town and for how long. It was great to see them and catch up but there was no suggestions to get together outside of the supermarket and continue. When we finally went our separate ways, I figured that would be the end of it and I was fine with that. Later that day, I was surprised when I got a message from Michelle, Robbie’s wife. It started out innocently enough, with her just reiterating how nice it had been to see me and that I look good. I took that more as I look good for my age than “damn, you look good!” I replied that the feeling was absolutely mutual. She followed that up by asking if I’d be interested in getting together before I had to leave town to catch up a little bit more and, after I said I would, she asked if it would be weird if it was just the two of us. I didn’t automatically assume that she was trying to seduce me; I just figured that she might want to revisit some memories from when we dated, which would have been awkward around her husband.

When I assured her that I’d be comfortable if it was just the two of us, she explained that her parents still lived in the same house she’d grown up in and that she had to swing by there the next night because they were out of town, just to check on things. She thought I might like to see how the old place had changed since I used to visit her there. I did think that sounded kind of fun so I agreed to meet her there. Even when she requested that I park around the corner rather than in the driveway, I assumed it was to avoid raising questions from the neighbors more than that she was being sneaky. It was simple enough for me and would likely save her from having to answer a lot of questions.

Of course the thought crossed my mind that we’d be alone in the house where we’d not only engaged in some passionate make-out sessions, but we’d also had sex there on numerous occasions. That had all been a long time ago, though, so I could more see us casually talking about how we’d had sex there than actually being inspired to relive any of those moments. Sometimes it is really nice to be wrong.

When I arrived, Michelle let me in then just had me look around. Obviously, the basic layout of the house was the same with just some different furniture, different carpet and different paint. It wasn’t dramatically different but it had also been a very long time since I’d been there so I didn’t remember every detail about how it had previously looked. The flat-screen TV instead of the old console and the stainless steel appliances in the kitchen, along with a few other more modern additions, were obvious changes while others were more subtle. We ended up sitting on the couch in the living room while she pointed out a few other things that had been updated.

“Remember when I thought I had mono?” she asked after we’d been sitting there for a bit.

“Yeah and it was important that we limit contact and definitely don’t kiss,” I replied.

“But we were sitting here on the old couch that was new then,” she continued, “and we decided it would be worth the risk.”

“And neither of us ended up with mono,” I said, “so we kartal escort bayan were right.”

“What do you think about the risks of making out tonight?” she asked, looking hopeful.

“I guess the only things I’d be concerned about would be someone walking in on us or the potential for regret afterwards,” I replied.

“I locked the door even though it’s unlikely anyone else would have any reason to show up,” she said, “and I think I’d regret not taking this opportunity more than I would ever regret taking it.”

“Well, I guess there’s no point in trying to argue with logic and reason,” I replied. She smiled and we moved closer to each other then brought our lips together, first kissing then quickly progressing to making out. My cock was immediately stiffening so I wondered if she was getting wet or if she already had been since it didn’t seem like this had been a spontaneous idea for her. She was wearing a dress, a fairly conservative one since she was a schoolteacher and I imagine she had been wearing it all day. I was feeling pretty confident that was about to change. I brought a hand up to fondle her breast through her dress and found her nipple to be stiff. The dress had buttons running down the front of it so I started to undo them from her collar down. Once I was about down to her waist, I slipped my hand in and resumed caressing her breast, through her bra now.

Her boobs had been on the smaller side of average the last time I’d fondled them and that hadn’t changed with the passing of time or with her becoming a mom. Her nipples, though, had always been large and thick with small areolas. That obviously hadn’t changed either as her hard nipple pressed out against the thin material of her bra. As I was caressing each of them while we continued to make out, I determined that her bra had a front clasp so I quickly popped it open and was soon caressing the soft, smooth flesh of her tits along with brushing my palm over her hard nipples. She either indulged me, or savored the pleasure she was feeling as a result, for a bit before her hand dropped to my lap and caressed my stiff cock through my jeans. Not long after, she broke off our kiss to tell me something.

“I’m sure you recall that there was one thing I wasn’t willing to do back in the day,” she said, “but I’ve since gotten over the uncertainty and lack of confidence I had then and I’d love to make up for the times you asked and I refused.”

She moved down onto the floor in front of me on her knees and immediately went to work on opening my jeans. I had a really good feeling about the direction this was going since there really was only one thing that I’d wanted her to do but that she never would. Looking down at her as she was starting to work my jeans down, it wasn’t like a flashback, though, because she’d had long brown hair then and now had short blond hair. Her face was the same, obviously, as well as her brown eyes and her smile, so it was still incredibly arousing to see her down there extracting my stiff cock and gently pumping it. She ran her tongue up along the underside then engulfed it in her mouth as I moaned. As she slowly slid her mouth up and down my shaft, the feeling was absolutely incredible. I’m sure this experienced blowjob was superior to any I might have received when she’d been uncertain and trying to figure it out.

I was leaning all the way back on the couch, watching as my cock disappeared repeatedly into her hot mouth while she continued to gently pump the base. She definitely left nothing to be desired when it came to sucking cock so I wasn’t expecting to last very long and I wasn’t going to try to hold out to last longer. Fortunately, she was experienced enough by this point in our lives that she was able to draw out the pleasure that she was providing so I was able to last much longer than I would have expected. I don’t think her efforts to draw it out were necessarily entirely for my benefit, though; I had a very strong impression that she was enjoying the opportunity to have my cock in her mouth and was savoring it for as long as she could.

As my orgasm was slowly building with a high level of pleasure, I knew it was probably good that I lived so far away. I had a feeling that, if I lived anywhere nearby, I’d have been looking for any opportunity to experience pleasure like this on a recurring basis. That obviously would not be conducive to a healthy marriage though, of course, a one-time event like this I could easily rationalize and I truly didn’t expect it to ever happen again. I did, however, fully expect at the very least to return the favor and devour her pussy that night before we left her parents’ house. Aside from thinking that I definitely wanted to eat her pussy, I was way too focused on the pleasure I was experiencing to consider the potential for also maybe fucking her.

I could feel my cock becoming even thicker the closer I was getting to cumming but Michelle was completely unfazed. The only change escort maltepe in her technique was, when she realized that I was getting close to cumming, she changed from drawing out the pleasure to getting me the rest of the way to an orgasm. The pleasure I was feeling just continued to build in intensity the closer I got to cumming until I finally exploded into her mouth. She remained unfazed as she swallowed my load while continuing to suck me off. Only when I was completely spent and beginning to soften did she stop and let my cock fall from her mouth. She smiled up at me, looking like she knew just how damn good she was.

“That was well worth the wait,” I said once I’d caught my breath, “but now I want you to tell me if I’ve gotten any better.”

We switched places and I knelt before her with my spent cock still hanging out. Rather than push up the hem of her dress, I finished unbuttoning it from where I’d left off then briefly caressed her bare tits some more. I couldn’t resist the allure of her thick, hard nipples so I leaned in to lick and suck them then kissed my way down over her ribs and stomach. I ran my fingers over the front of her panties before sliding them down as she raised her ass up. The carpet definitely did not match the drapes but her brown bush was well groomed and, as I gazed at it, I could feel the blood already trying to return to my spent cock. She spread her legs and leaned back as I lowered my face toward her pussy then I ran my tongue along her slit, tasting her copious juices. She let out a moan and rested one hand on my head, running her fingers through my hair.

The last time I’d eaten her pussy, neither of us had much experience, with that specifically or with sex in general. I’m sure my sole objective back then had been to try to make her cum so all of my effort had been to get her to an orgasm. Over the subsequent years, my objective had transformed more into providing a high level of pleasure while thoroughly enjoying the opportunity to eat some pussy, which it turned out I was a big fan of. I’d gradually come to realize that, even when I was more focused on indulging my own hunger for eating pussy, my partner typically benefitted at least as much if not more than I did. As I progressed from lapping up Michelle’s juices to licking and sucking her clit while slipping first one then a second finger into her hot, wet pussy, her moaning continued to get louder and longer. She was rocking her pussy toward my face as she was clearly building toward an orgasm.

Obviously, I’d eaten her pussy before but it had been so long ago that, to me, this was like eating a pussy I never had before. Since I was also expecting that this would be my only opportunity, I was absolutely savoring the opportunity. As always, I wanted to provide her with the highest level of pleasure that I could but I also wanted to be able to recall every detail of this experience once it was over. As such, I was very focused on every sensation and not merely kicking on the autopilot and doing things the way I always did. I was very aware of how her pussy continued to not only become even wetter but also more engorged the closer she was getting to cumming. I knew that slipping my cock into her was going to feel exquisite and, by this point, I fully expected that it was going to happen.

As she started tensing up and arching her back, I knew that she was on the verge of cumming but I just continued what I was doing because it was obviously working. I didn’t necessarily want to be finished eating her, especially knowing that this was likely my only opportunity, but my cock was nearly rigid again by this point so getting to fuck her would definitely be an acceptable consolation. She went silent briefly as she apparently held her breath then cried out as her body went limp then started shaking. I was happy that it appeared that I was able to provide her with as much pleasure as I’d experienced when she’d been blowing me. Her orgasm was long and certainly appeared to be intensely pleasurable. I didn’t change my technique as she was cumming and only stopped licking and sucking her clit when it was clear that she’d finished cumming. I raised my head and slipped my fingers out of her, sucking her juices off of them as I watched her chest heaving while she was catching her breath.

“Absolutely much better than any time you’ve done that before,” she finally said, “and the reason I’m certain of that is I can’t even remember what it was like before but I know I’m going to remember this.”

I was pleased that she’d enjoyed it as much as I’d enjoyed doing it and as much as I’d enjoyed her cocksucking. I stood and she immediately noticed that my cock was rigid again so she sat up and stroked it while I was pulling my shirt off. She took my jeans and underwear down and, after I kicked off my shoes, I stepped out of them so that I was naked except for my socks. I pulled my socks off with my feet then helped her stand. I slid her dress off pendik escort and tossed it toward the end of the couch then she let her bra slide down her arms and did likewise. Both of us naked, we slipped into each other’s arms and made out for a moment before she had me sit on the couch. She straddled me and, as I was reaching for her tits, she grasped my cock and lowered herself toward it. We both moaned as my stiff cock slipped into her.

She sat there for a moment with my cock fully embedded inside her as I continued to fondle her tits, then she started to slowly move up and down. Once she got a steady rhythm going, she brought her lips to mine and we were soon making out as she rode my cock. I continued to caress the soft, smooth flesh of her tits while running my palms gently over her hard, thick nipples as I savored the feeling of her hot, wet pussy sliding up and down my cock and her tongue exploring my mouth. I certainly never expected to get laid while I was back in town and, even if I had, Michelle would have been one of the very last people I’d have expected to have riding my cock. I was grateful, however, that she’d reached out and basically made all of this happen.

Still cognizant of the fact that this was most probably a one-time occurrence, I was not only savoring the feel of her tits in my hands, her tongue in my mouth and her pussy sliding up and down my cock; I would also run my hands down over her waist and around to caress her ass as it moved up and down. I would have been more than happy to continue at this pace for the rest of the evening but the longer she was riding me, the harder and faster she was riding me. Of course I didn’t hold it against her that she was pursuing another orgasm and figured, if she had one before I was even close myself, maybe we could change things up a bit. I liked having her riding me this way but I certainly wouldn’t turn down an opportunity to fuck her in as many different ways as we could manage.

We reached a point where it was difficult to continue making out as she was riding me harder and faster so I leaned back and watched her titties bouncing while still running my hands along her waist and over her ass. Her eyes were closed but her expression was blissful, which was definitely nice to see and made me smile. I was pushing up into her to make sure she was getting the full length of my cock as she was getting closer and closer to cumming. Her pussy was becoming even hotter and wetter the longer she was riding me but I wasn’t in any danger of cumming quite yet, which was good because I wasn’t ready to be done fucking yet. Her moaning was also getting louder and longer as she clearly had no issues with expressing herself in this environment. I’m sure that part of that was, with kids at home, any lovemaking was probably surreptitious and subdued. With no one around to hear, this was the perfect situation to let it all out. Plus, it helped make it clear to me just how much she was enjoying herself.

When she finally just dropped down onto my cock and sat there, a moment later she gasped and started shaking. Since they were no longer bouncing, I brought my hands up to her tits again and resumed fondling them. Her orgasm was another long and apparently highly pleasurable one which made me happy not only to have played a part in her achieving it but also because it was a just reward for her putting all of this in motion. When she finished cumming, she remained seated on my throbbing cock until she’d recovered enough then climbed off and positioned herself beside me on all-fours. I was quickly up on my knees behind her, running my hands over her soft, smooth ass cheeks. Grasping my stiff cock, I guided it back into her from behind, sliding it all the way in until my hips were pressed against her ass.

I held her waist as I began to slide my cock in and out of her, slowly at first to savor the pleasure of her hot, wet pussy gripping my cock. Once I had a good rhythm going, I slipped my hands forward and cupped her tits, feeling her hard nipples against my palms. She reached back between her legs, presumably to caress her clit, which I thought was wisely proactive of her. I couldn’t help but think as I was sliding my cock in and out of her and fondling her tits how surreal it was to be fucking my ex-girlfriend, not only in her parents’ house where she no longer lived, but right there in their living room on their couch. If for whatever reason they’d come home without us realizing it and had walked in on us, their heads may have exploded.

She ended up taking control of the pace, pushing back harder and faster than the pace that I had been setting. I was okay with this, especially if it meant she was building up to another orgasm. Instead of trying to match the pace she was setting, I just let her push back then would give a thrust into her when her ass hit against my hips. I loved the sound of her ass smacking each time she pushed back and I ended up straightening up again, in part so that it was louder and more distinct, and in part so that I could look down at her ass as it jiggled with each smack. I still was in no immediate danger of cumming but could feel her pussy becoming hotter and wetter once again as she was pushing back harder and faster.

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