Sex is Fun

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It certainly wasn’t the first time I did it. It HURT like hell and it lasted like, nothing. He said it was NOT his first time, but… He got in, that’s when it hurt like hell, grunted, made a funny face and collapsed on top of me.

With time I learned that sex was not like that all the time. Experience makes a BIG difference. I had been enjoying myself quite a bit ever since I discovered what sex could really be.

Let me backtrack a moment. I guess I should tell you who I am.

My name’s Alice. I am 19 years old and live in rural South Carolina. I’m not gonna give you the name of the town. Don’t wanna you come down here and look me up. Just suffice you to know that a total of 50,000 people live in our county and that the nearest big town is at least an hour drive away. Also, this is BIBLE country, and that will come in our story big time.

To describe myself, I gotta say I am quite hot. I mean, I’m not supermodel material but no fatso or uglo here. 5 ft. 6, 34 C boobs that stay upright and like to be touched. 25(ish) inch waist and a nice butt, or so I’ve been told. Work around the farm keeps me in shape. To complete the package I have shortish blond hair and big, sexy, warm, brown eyes.

Now you really wanna come down and look me up right?

So back to sex is fun.

As you may understand, the amount of possible mates in the area is limited. My HS was small and I hooked up with the most desirable male specimens there. You know, football team mostly, not the brightest but most fit. The problem came after I graduated, that was about a year ago. The latest guy I was enjoying came up with ideas that since we were out of HS we were gonna get hitched or something. Not what I am looking for, I got a life to LIVE before I settle down. So he showed up drunk under my window screaming nonsense about love, and here comes the BIG problem, our SEX life.

Well, my pa quickly ran him out of the farm with a couple of shots in the air, and then came to me. He had heard what that idiot was screaming; about how many times we had done it, how it had changed his life and even some graphic description of a few of the positions we had used. That would not do to my bible clutching father.

First he locked me in my room, then he took away my keys to the pickup truck I share with my brother and finally he announced that my plans to attend the university of South Carolina were definitively cancelled. For the time being I was gonna stay at the farm, work my butt off (literally) and the names of the most christian, conservative, bible studies only, colleges in the south started to be thrown around.

I did not take it well.

Did I say that sex is fun? Well, once you get used to having fun being cut off cold turkey ain’t fun no more.

The next step was to take me to church, even more that I already was czech harem porno going. I discovered that there are women only bible study meetings Wednesday afternoons. Women only meant women and our local pastor. After my pa told him what had happened he started giving me looks that were definitively not christian-like. He was practically drooling looking at me. I was in withdrawal, but… he’s like a hundred, bald and must weigh five times as much as me. Sex is fun, but with the right guy you know.

So for the past year my life has become a routine of farm work and bible study. The only males in my life were my pa, the lecherous pastor and… my little brother.

Here goes the description of my little brother. Justin just recently turned 18. He’s 6 ft. 1, around 180 with close cut blond hair and brown eyes just like me. He recently graduated from HS where he was in the football team, so, yeah, fit. Oh, and he is really pissed at me.

You see, after the screaming guy incident, our parents lost all faith in not just me, but their kids in general. My brother was supposed to go straight to college after HS, where I was supposed to be already. Now we are both stuck in farm-work and bible study, and christian college is appearing as a possibility for him as well.

Once again, back to sex is fun. No sex is no fun.

No boys or girls were allowed in the farm after the incident. I started using and abusing my fingers to give me some joy. Nice but not enough. The only moment I had was in the shower. No locks on the doors of course.

Orgasms are nice and all, even from my own fingers, but my body wanted something inside. No truck meant no chance to drive to the next big(ger) town to the sex shop. All packages were received by my pa, so no chance of ordering a dildo by mail. Netnanny was installed in both our computers, so not even the possibility of surfing for some . Other than that, in a farm sex is all around you. Animals mate constantly. That’s what a farm is all about. We have rabbits, chicken, sheep, horses; they were all having more fun than me. I was having sex dreams all the time, wether I was sleeping or not. In bible study I think I actually had a sex dream with out pastor, yeach, disgusting.

One mid-summer afternoon I thought I was hallucinating when I saw a naked guy in our barn; a HOT naked guy. Well, you guessed it, t’was my brother.

Cold turkey no sex was hard for me. I cannot imagine for my brother. They say teenage boys have sex in mind 24/7. They are gonna burst or something if they don’t let it out daily. So he was pulling one out in the barn. And that’s when my sex starved brain noticed the solution to my problem, I had a working cock next door.

I know, this is weird, my brother and all. You gotta think about the situation my pa and his bible had put czech mega swingers porno me into. No sex, no fun, no NOTHING for a year already.

Now my sex starved brain started thinking how I was gonna get that cock next door into me. Nooo, I couldn’t really think of that as a real possibility, could I?!?!?!?

I did my best to dismiss the whole thing. I told myself that it is not right, that he’s my baby brother, I even thought about the bible. Seeing him naked pleasuring himself had changed something in me. Now, no matter how hard I tried, every time I saw him I flashed back to the barn. I started looking at his muscles, at his smile, at the bulge in his denims.

How was I going to pull this off.

I realized that I was smiling at Justin every time I saw him. I think I actually had a dumb daydreaming expression when I was with him. The other thing I realized was that he often was blatantly staring at my chest. How could I have not noticed this before. He had the same dumb expression as me. So, when my parents were not around my blouse was just a bit more unbuttoned. Also I started to touch him from time to time. No, not like that! I’d just put my hand on his biceps or his back as we were doing some chore around the farm.

At first when I “touched” him, he looked at me funny, then he started touching me back. Nothing daring, just the occasional hand on my knee or forearm.

It was becoming more and more difficult not to jump him.

One day we were done with our chores and were hiding in the barn when conversation turned to boys and girls.

Justin told me that he was really pissed at me. Because of me being boy crazy I had ruined his life. He was now stuck at the farm instead of the free and wild life he was hoping for; instead of finally having sex as he got to college. Wait what? FINALLY having sex? My 18 years old brother was a VIRGIN?!?!?

This was my in!

“Justin, what do you mean finally having sex. Do you mean you never had sex before?”

He looked like a deer caught in the headlights.

“Well, no, maybe, you know, it’s a small town. There are so few girls here. Also, they don’t really put out. You know, the church, the bible, the parents…”

He was stammering. Of course I had to push on.

“So you said you are not a virgin, or maybe you are…”

“Well, there was this time with Sue, d’ya remember Sue? The doctor’s daughter? Well, we went on a date. At the end of the date we parked near her house. I was touching her over her clothes and she grabbed my … dick over my denims. She moved her hand a few times and … and … and I came in my pants.”

I looked at him, the poor guy was really embarrassed. He was red all the way up to his ears. I felt sorry for him, but my mouth was faster than my feelings and my czech pool porno brain so I just blurted it out.

– “Justin, that’s NOT sex. You ARE still a virgin. We gotta get you LAID!!”

At first he just stared at me open mouth, then he blew up.

“How the fuck am I goin’ get laid if I’m stuck here in the farm with you because you are such a whore…”


He kept going.

“Before at least I had porn, now I don’t fucking even have that!”

Man was he pissed. But as I said before, my brain had decided that this was my in.

“OK… I’m sorry Justin… I really am. I had no idea that idiot was gonna show up drunk like that. How `bout I make it up to you.”

The fateful words.

At first he did not catch the meaning. He kept screaming.

“How the fuck are you going to make it…”.

And that’s when it hit him.

He stared at me.

– “Well, I am you big sister, but I AM a girl. I DO have girl parts you know. Maybe you would like to look at me some, you know, since you have no porn anymore because of me.”

I was nervous as hell.

I went red and he went white.

It looked like all blood drained from his face, and I can guess where it all went because his denims started bulging.

Still he just stared at me with his mouth open. It felt like for hours.

“Please say something Justin. I did not want to offend you. I just feel responsible. I just want to help you.”

I am such a good actress.

“Also, it could be good for me too. You know, I have been stuck here as well. I also have NEEDS.”

The hook was in.

He was sweating, and with a whisper he said.

“How would you propose to help me… Alice?”

FUCK ME NOW! I wanted to say. For once my brain was faster than my mouth so it became a stuttering:

– “Well, I have seen you trying to get a look at my chest, so maybe I could show you my boobs for a while. You know, so you would have something to think about LATER when you …”


I took it as a yes and started to unbutton my blouse. As a blouse it was nothing special, this was a farm working day, but I think it fitted me quite well and it had a LOT of buttons. One by one I popped them open. Finally my blouse fell to the floor and I stood in front of my brother in just my bra.

Still silence.

I reached back, unhooked my bra and let it fall leaving me completely bare from the waist up.

Justin looked like he was seeing the face of god.

– “Alice… You are so beautiful… They are so amazing… So perfect…”

There is something so fucking great at being looked at like that, so admired; I felt tingling all inside of me, all the way to my pussy.

His pants were showing his thoughts. I felt so wet it’s surprising it did not show through my pants

After a few minutes I put my blouse back on and left him. I would have liked to sneak back in the barn, I was sure he was going to masturbate and I wanted to see him, but I also HAD to masturbate as soon as possible. It was time for a shower and for my fingers to get to work. It was the BEST orgasm I had had in months.

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