Sex around the House

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You enter through the front door from work in a suit and tie carrying a briefcase. I stand in the hallway wearing black lacy lingerie with a matching gown, striking a seductive pose. You turn to see me. You drop your briefcase and saunter to me with desire in your eyes. You place your hands on my waist while you check me out. I put my hands on your chest.

“What’s the occasion?” you ask.

“I,” I say brushing my lips against yours.

“Just,” my lips move across your cheek.

“Want,” moving to your ear.

“You,” I whisper in your ear.

“Dinner?” you ask.

I move to your face.

“We can reheat,” I answer.

You grin then kiss me hungrily. My hands slide up to your neck pulling you closer. Your hands glide over my exposed skin and you gently take off my gown. Our kiss deepens as I unbutton your shirt. You shrug it of and move us towards the laundry.

The machine is on as you sit me on it. I tug at your belt, [pull it away and take out your penis. I pull away and take a condom from my bra. You take it from me and put it on. You kiss me as your hands move down to my panties. I lean back and you follow, taking my panties of. You enter me and follow the rhythm of the machine. I pull you closer, wanting more of you. The machine güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri slows but beads of sweat trickle down my spine. We moan and murmur each others name. You pick me up and carry me to the kitchen. Our eyes never leave the others. You lay me on the kitchen bench and I push the appliances out of the way. You climb on top of me. I arch my back as you enter me. We kiss slowly but with passion. I slide down you leaving kisses as I go. I reach your pants and take them off with your boxers. I slide back up to you. You pull me closer as you slide off the bench. You’re standing and my ass is on the edge. I place my hands on your shoulders and your hands are on my hips. You thrust hard and fast into me. I scream your name as my head rolls back. You lift me up and I wrap my legs around you.

We kiss with a higher intensity than before. You walk us to the Dining Room. I rub myself slowly against you making you moan. I let go of you as you lay me on the table which stops us from kissing. You hold onto me and thrust hard into me. I recurl my legs around you pulling you closer. My hands travel along my thighs, over my stomach and up to my breast. I take off my bra and rub them in circles moaning for effect. Your hands slowly güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri move up and I arch my back to help you. They travel up my stomach to my breast. I close my eyes, relishing your touch. Together we move my breasts in circles. Again I moan but for real. I sit up and push you gently on your chest. I smile at you and you smile back. I take your tie and tug you toward the Lounge Room. You stop me and pull me closer to you. My head rolls onto your shoulder. You leave kisses along my neck. You hot breath enters my ear. I melt into you and you place my hands behind your head.

Your hands roam my body up and down. My inner thighs. My hips. Over my stomach. Over my breasts which makes my nipples harden. Your tie dangles from your neck so I take it and lead you to the Lounge Room. We reach the end of the couch. I turn us around and push you onto the couch. I come after you, watching you intently as I roll off the condom. I suck and tease your cock, making you moan and call my name. I replace the condom. I make my way up to you and kiss you fiercely, you kiss me back and roll us onto the carpet. I laugh as you land gently on me. You enter me and hump me gently. I moan and run my fingers through your hair. You take my hands güvenilir bahis şirketleri and hold them above my head. Your tongue slides down my throat, between my breasts to my belly button. You suck and tease it while you run your fingers up and down my thighs. I moan and arch my back into you. I can feel a massive orgasm coming but you come back up to me.

“Want dessert?” you ask.

“Uh-huh,” is all I can manage, “in bed,”

We get up and reach the bedroom. I push you into the door frame. I push up against you, kissing you passionately. Your left hand cups my face while your right grabs my left leg, it folds besides you. My hands land on either side of your neck. I ride you slowly then speed up. You call my name as I feel your cock harden and swell inside of me. I moan and murmur your name. You walk backwards and lower us onto the bed. You are on you back while I’m on top. You roll me onto me. You let go of my leg and I wrap both legs around you, wanting you inside of me. You lightly move both your hands down my body till you gently caress my thighs. My fingers rake up and down your back. Both of us moan as you thrust into me. You roll us onto our sides so we’re facing each other.

“Do you want dinner now?” I ask. As you brush your fingers up and down my arms. I shiver in delight and move closer to you.

“Why don’t I smother you in garlic sauce and eat you?” you answer then I kiss you lightly.

“Sounds delicious,” I say, my lips brushing against yours.

You kiss me and wrap me in your arms. We stop after awhile and go to sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32